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Remembering Legendary Mohd Rafi on his 32nd Jayanti

By Binu Nair

Barsi of Mohd Rafi Sahab

Barsi of Mohd Rafi Sahab

On the eve of Mohd Rafi Saaheb’s 32nd jayanti the month of July will see innumerable Rafi Musicals around the world. The President of Live Musicians Association Ashok Hande based in Mumbai has said that all auditoriums get booked months in advance in July and December for Rafi Saaheb shows.

About 12000 musical tributes will be paid to legendary Mohd Rafi saaheb. At Delhi, the tribute shows will be held on July 21, July 28 and on July 31st. Many Union Ministers have sent in request for attending the shows says ardent Mohd Rafi lover Kulwant Singh who is organising the July 31st musical tribute at Sirifort auditorium.

On July 28th, the Escort group led by Mr G.B.Mathur will fly down a group of 45 musicians for the event to be held at the Kamani Auditorium. This will be their 6th event and it will be worth mentioning that all the Delhi shows are on Invitation Basis without a single ticket being sold.  The show is backed by the Rajan Nanda Escorts group .

On the day July 31st hundreds of Rafi saaheb lovers will arrive from various parts of the world with flowers to the burial ground at Santa Cruz.

I have done a teerath said a Rafi devotee who arrived from New Jersey last month by visiting Rafi saahebs tomb said Rajeev Nanda. This was my lifes mission. Mr Nanda is not alone. Many who cannot arrive on July 31st enquire about its address from the Rafi Foundation or friends, reach there with flowers and then send a thankyou message for helping them in fulfilling their mission of their life.

Barsi of Mohd Rafi Sahab

Barsi of Mohd Rafi Sahab

Its also a heart wrenching sight to see hundreds of Rafi lovers quietly arriving with flowers, bowing down and leaving for their work.. without a word being spoken or heard. No other singer commands such great altitude of reverance other than Mohd Rafi. Day by day the Rafi aura and his inimitable songs are given a fresh leash of life.

The numerous good deeds during a span of four decades towards musicians, composers, singers and many a commoner – seem to have come back in the form of incomparable love and admiration say many a Rafi devotee and admirers.

For us Rafi Saaheb is ‘Bharat Ka Ratna’, a title very few would disagree.

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28 Blog Comments to “Remembering Legendary Mohd Rafi on his 32nd Jayanti”

  1. mohd.saqlain says:

    I am also deep devotee of greatest singer of the world “jb mohd rafi sahab”.
    I have two letters sent by my beloved Rafi sahab to me in 1978.As i have met him once in 1972 Ramadhan. Now i am a retired bhel employee from Haridwar.

    Now i want to serve Rafi foundation.I phoned shri Binu Nair recently,I am also a urdu poet who presents my songs & ghazals in All india mushairas few times also in Tv channels like Zee salam as well as Radio stations.

    Mohd.Saqlain 9997477330
    Ahbab nagar Jwalapur,Haridwar(uttrakhand)


    I want to attend programme to be held in DELHI in memory of Mohd. Rafi, pl send me details

  3. Narendera K Gupta says:

    respected suresh g

    in rafi sahib, we had a human being, a professional par excellence. i applaud your initiatives to keep his memory live through memorial service. best wishs

    i am sanguine that the younger generation would take a lead and copy HIS idols, for which he lived and left for peace for olways.

    i would be delighted to be at the event upon receipt of an einvitee for rachna, my spouse and myself. probably rachna would show her song books, which she has maintained for 40 years or so.

    let me hasten to add, that late dr ustad bismillah khan sahib was a grat fan of rafi sahib and recited some phrases of immortal rafi g.

    warm personal regards

    narendera k gupta
    vice president
    late dr ustad bismillah khan edu society [regd]
    pramesh prakash kunj
    d-130 ashok vihar phase one
    delhi 110052
    m 9810685704

  4. Lt Col Javed Sayyed(Veteran) says:

    My compliments to all Rafians for their unflinching loyalty & support to this forum & the various pgmes that are being organised regularly. Lets take this fwd each day of regular pgmes, sply for those who had to miss some much desirable pgmes. Mr Binu Nair deserves a lot of accolades & my personal compliments to him & all those associated with him in organising various events & helping out rafians at each stage.
    There cannot be anyone like Rafi sahab in all aspects of life-both personal & professional-No eccentricities, no suppressing of new comers-in fact encouraging every new comer to do well!! As a Rafian has said in earlier post- World Ke Ratna-Rafi Sahab!!! Very well said.
    Regards to all Rafians with a request to Vote for him in the Site The flow of votes here has slowed down very much-to a trickle. Pl also request your friends to do so every hour. Thats the least we can do on daily & hourly basis.
    Do Well.

  5. JS Kulkarni says:

    The news 24 programme 50 untold stories was absolute rubbish. They said SD Burman died during Aradhana, RD Burman scoreed music for Mehboob Ki mehendi and it was Anandji’s idea to use Rafi, Kishore and mukesh together for Hamko Tumse Ho Gaya Hai Pyar from Amar Akbar Anthony.I watched the programme from story number 34 and spotted 3 inaccurate stories. The least these guys can do is get basic information right. Its better not to have such tributes. Its more an insult than a tribute.

  6. nitin syal says:

    we will remember you forever…..

  7. santosh says:

    Dear Rafisaab bhakts,

    Just finished watching programme on News 24 about 50 untold story about rafi saab.My eyes are moist and I am singing rafi saab’s songs alone in my bedroom.Rafi saab was the best playback singer and will remain so till eternity.And thanks to binuji for all efforts .People may say anything about binu ji but I see it this way that what we have done for keeping memory of rafi saab live.So binuji once again thanks a lot for impromtu informations and updates.Nice to see people remember the uncrowned king of playback singing.Rafi saab we all miss u.

  8. Shekhar.Bopardikar says:

    Hi,Binu Nairji
    Thanks for posting the details of the shows.It’s a great feeling for all the Rafi fans , that even after 32yrs of his death, his voice is still very much alive.In fact for all Rafi fans Rafi is still alive and singing from heaven.
    Greatest singer of all times.
    My heartfelt tributes to this great son of India .A true “BHARAT KA RATNA”.

  9. Binu Nair says:

    all preparations done for 2 rafi saaheb events.

    the first one at kamani auditorium on sat. with many vips attending from mumbai and from escorts the sponsoring company.

    mr g b mathur will lead the singing team with a 45 strong musicians flown in from mumbai.

    the chief guest and other guests include mr rajan nanda and ritu nanda daughter of raj kapoor.

    mohd rafi had sung “baharon phool barsaao’ at the wedding of rajan nanda and ritu nanda thus: ritu ka nanda aaaya hai, baharon phool barsaao.

    the second event is at sirifort auditorium and invitation passes are available for rafi saaheb lovers.

    actor biswajit, zeenat aman, omi saaheb, anandji bhai, anu malik and many more are attending and performing.

    this is being arranged and presented by the rafi foundation and mr suresh kumar raheja.

    on 29th sunday i will be distributing the passes to rafi saaheb faithfuls and pls do call me on : 9833 250 701.


    the rafi foundation

  10. binu nair says:

    please msg me at : 9833 250 701 for the passes of delhi event. Limited passes are available.

    will be only happy to share the passes with all our dear rafians.

    i willbe there from 5 pm onwards at sirifort, delhi, asiad village.


    the rafi foundation.




  12. Mohan S.Murdeshwar says:

    It is heartening to note that loyal fans of RAFI SAHAB are organising a musical event in New Delhi this week on the occassion of the 32nd Anniversary of the great LEGEND. My congratulations to all the organisers and sponsors of this event which I am sure, will be a huge success. The name RAFI by itself spells magic to every music lover in all the nook and corners of the world and our country has been singularly fortunate to have such a towering yet most humble personality in our midst not so long ago. Indians should be eternally grateful to the Almighty that he gave us a priceless jewel like Mohamad Rafi. We could not have asked for anything better than the BEST in the world !! RAFI SAHAB YOU ARE IMMORTAL IN THE HEARTS OF INNUMERABLE FANS AND MUSIC LOVERS ALL AROUND THE WORLD. YOUR SWEET MEMORIES ARE ETERNAL AND OUR LOVE AND RESPECT FOR YOU WILL REMAIN TIMELESS !!!

  13. dr.jai.ketwaru says:

    Eek Tar Hindustaan kee Dharti Pee Zamandin diya tha aur Sitara nee Tjamakta tha aur djap talak jee Dharti reheenga Sitara nee Tjamakta reheenga.dr.jai.ketwaru

  14. dear sir,
    where i can get a pass for 31 July’12 event. i have never got an opportunity to see the programmes organised on rafi sahab’s birthday or death anniversary.
    Rafi sabah amar hai. unko saare jahan wale is duniya ke rahne tak nahi bhoolenge.
    Birendra Singh Bisht

  15. dear sir,
    where i can get a pass for 31 July’12 event. i have never got an opportunity to see the programmes organised on rafi sahab’s birthday or death anniversary.
    Rafi sabah amar hai. unko saare jahan wale is duniya ke rahne tak nahi bhoolenge.
    Birendra Singh

  16. binu nari says:

    all my friends who are the great fans of the greatest angel singer of our times:

    i am filled with emotion reading the response from mohd rafi saaheb lovers . i will not be visiting the site regularly due to pre=occupations with the delhi event on july 31at siri fort.

    i definitely look forward to see our friends of delhi at the musical and i will arrange some passes as far as possible.

    our invitation cards says “punyatithi” and i stand corrected in using the Jayanti term. mistakes are made by humans and it stands corrected now and my apologies for the same dear friends. thanks for pointing it out.

    friends, do write letters from now on to editors of news papers/channels about the 32nd punyatithi of rafi saaheb on july 31st.


    the rafi foundation. mumbai

  17. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear Binuji,
    thank you for the informations.kindly keep it up.

    “aap ka aane ki aas hei dost…………….”

    “na fankaar aap jaisa duniyaa mei aayaa….
    rafi saab,aap bahuth yaad aayaa,bahuth yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad……..

  18. vinod mehru says:

    binu ji ,
    all d best 4 show.
    vinod mehru

  19. binu ji,
    very rightly and soulfully described ” aankhon dekhaa hal “.. as rightly stated , rafi fans quietly pay their homage and share pain amongst each other for government denying “bharat ratna” to a true ratna ( jewel) of india…and yes it is “punya tithi ” as corrected by vijay ji – post 7

  20. PRAVEEN KUMAR says:


  21. Champaka Megharaj says:

    Rafi sab AMAR rahe !!

  22. vijay bavdekar says:

    Dear Friends 31st July is Rafi Sahebs Death Anniversary i.e.Punya Tithi and not Jayanti which means Janmadin.Rafi sahab 32 saal pale chale gaye ais ab kaha jayega,lekin mujhe kahna hai ”ai pyaare dost tum gaye hi kahan ho?Tum hamare hridayme parmatma jaise nivaas kar rahe ho.”

  23. Ali says:

    For u mohd rafi is Bharat ratna but for us mohd rafi is world ratna…….

  24. Rafi Saab,I feel is above all awards and recognitions.The shear range of his songs are mind boggling.I have been a Soul Fan of Rafi Sahab since the age of 3 and I am 59 now.I swear that even now I come across “new”?Rafi songs.It is scary when you think of the number of songs he has sung.A hard core fan finds it very difficult to name most superb song of Rafi Saab.My personal fantasy is to imagine Rafi Saab singing a song in a studio…it is almost impossible to imagine any one singing “log to mar kar jalte honge ,main to jeete hue jalta hun” from Aurat or “Main wohi wohi baat” from Nayi din Nayi Raat or “Tujhe kya sunaon main dilrubha” or “hai gulbadan”or “Hum tum yeh bahar”(1952 for Raj Kapur),
    or “Hum mein hai Kya ke Humen koi hasina chahe”…….I could ,or any Rafi fan could go on for ever.I am thankfull to the “Dhata” to have given me birth in a time slot along with a the life span of Rafi Saab.My son ,born in 1992,is a Hard core Rafi Saab Fan,This the unmeasurable wealth I have given him.

  25. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Binu ji,

    Thanks for updating on the proposed tributes programs planned for Rafi saab on his 32nd death anniversary. I will be attending 31st July programme at Delhi.

    12000 musical shows in Rafi saab’s memory after 32 years of his death!! Great indeed. I don’t think there is any other singer in the world to match that. The magic of Rafi saab just gets more extensive with every passing year.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  26. maulesh says:

    Great rafisaab deserves ‘bharat ratna’

  27. sanjay banerjee says:

    Cheers. The celebrations of rafi ji songs never end.

    even if the world end up – rafi ji songs shall ‘never end.’

  28. achal rangaswamy says:

    binu ji

    truly said. this is a rare phenomenon of a person becoming even more and more famous, popular and loved the world over as the years of his passing on increase.

    this is only because apart from his great talent and ability and total control over his skill, he was a truly magnanimous and warm hearted human being who taught the world a lesson in living life modestly in spite of being a huge success.

    his son was often heard to be saying that his dad was perhaps never aware, or totally unmindful of his own greatness.

    this is true greatness.

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

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