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The Magic of Rafi with the Melody of Ravi

Written by Bina Krishna

Musical Nite on Dec 19th by Baar Baar Rafi

Musical Nite on Dec 19th by Baar Baar Rafi

The month of December has always been a month for celebration and anticipation for Rafi Bhakts, as it is his birthday month.

This year, with just days to go for the 85th birthday of the Master of Sur, our beloved Rafi Saab, his worshippers from the Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club of Bangalore had geared themselves up on December 19, 2009 to transform a cold winter weekend into a warm and cozy one.  On that beautiful winter evening, all roads led to Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan on Miller’s Road. Rafi Bhakts who had converged from all corners of Bangalore, not to mention from Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai, and, indeed, from several corners of the world (Toronto and Dubai), to hear The Magic of Rafi Saab, and soak in the fire of Srikant’s voice, had the added honor of being in the presence of one of the most celebrated Hindi Film Music Directors of all times, the living legend, “Chaudavin Ka Chand” Shri Ravi Shankar Sharma.

Sri Ravi Shankar Sharma

Sri Ravi Shankar Sharma

Entering a hall buzzing with people eagerly waiting to get in, I could feel the palpable excitement among the crowd.  And as we, Rafi Bhakts, settled ourselves snugly into the seats in anticipation, the curtains parted revealing a beautifully-lit stage in the backdrop of the majestic photographs of Rafi Saab and Ravi Jee that was completely and gorgeously primed up with an 18-piece beautifully arranged orchestra – all eager to give their rhythmic best to the 1200-strong audience…The aura of Rafi Saab’s presence was already there! And it reminded me of my first tryst with Rafi Intense night from BAAR BAAR RAFI on August 17, 2008, of which I still carry very pleasant memories.

Right from the first song, as Srikant welcomed the audience with gusto with Rafi Saab’s Aaja Tujhko Pukare Mere Geet Re from Geet until the curtains reluctantly dropped down with Din Saara Guzara Tore Angana Mere Yaar Shabba Khair on an audience very unwilling to get up from their seats, except for tumultuous standing ovations, the atmosphere was one of thunderous claps and boisterous ‘once more’ cries!

Rafi Bhakts and Ravi Saab

Rafi Bhakts and Ravi Saab

Rafi Saab Ki Baatein - Ravi

Rafi Saab Ki Baatein - Ravi


We Bangloreans had the marvelous fortune of having the haloed presence of Ravi Jee in our midst on that eventful Saturday evening.  Ravi Jee, who was present with his daughters and granddaughter, regaled the audience with anecdotes of his interactions with Rafi Saab.  He even sang the mukhda of ‘Door Rehkar Na Karo Baat’’ one of his best and most popular compositions, which made many a heart stop for an instant or made many a pulse race, depending upon which affected you most, the singer or the song..!!

Srikant then beautifully sang some behtareen gems tuned by Ravi Saab to perfection.. Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho, Jaane Bahar Husn Tera Bemisaal Hai, and Choo Lene Do Naazuk Honton Ko..


Ravi Saab was felicitated by the President and Committee Members of the BAAR BAAR RAFI FAN Club who expressed their gratefulness to Ravi Saab for accepting our invitation and coming all the way to Bangalore.  At the ripe old age of 83 years, his youthful attitude and the enthusiasm in his voice when talking about his songs and Rafi Saab was marvelous to behold and he is an inspiration for all us!  We were thrilled when he created a jingle and dedicated to all at Baar Baar Rafi!

Bekhudi Mein Sanam

Bekhudi Mein Sanam

Tumhari Nazar Kyon Khafa Ho

Tumhari Nazar Kyon Khafa Ho

Woh Jab Yaad Aaye

Woh Jab Yaad Aaye

Nagachandrika and Sinchan, the dulcet-voiced female playbacks accompanied Srikant, Raj and Hemanth for some awesome duets like Bekhudi Mein Sanam, Woh Jab Yaad Aaye, Tujhe Jeevan Ki Dor Se, Jo Wada Kiya Woh, Tumhari Nazar Kyon Khafa Ho Gayi.

Musicians ke baare mein kuch khaas bolna chahti hoon….The Sound of Music orchestra performed in an outstanding manner, the percussionists were in their element, the female artiste on the mandolin and sitar was exceptional, the notes of the flute and the saxophone were superb…all this led by a zealous conductor who even did a little jig with Snigdha Kemkar in Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyaar Tera….not to talk of the impromptu performers doing the twist, the cha cha cha, the jive combined with Shammi Kapoor antics…


Aur Snigdha ki toh baat hi kuch aur…Fresh from interviewing Ravi Saab on the radio, she was dazzling, at her talkative and informative best that prompted the twinkle-eyed Ravi Saab to say an impromptu shayari on her!!

The Magic of Rafi

The Magic of Rafi

The foot tappers could not resist shaking that leg

The foot tappers could not resist shaking that leg

Ab thoda un laajawaab gaanon ke baare mein bata doon jinhe sunkar hum jhoom uthe the…Bahosh-o-hawaas was mindblowing, had the audience thirsting for a repeat and Srikant-don’t-go-away shouts…melancholy melted the awestruck crowd with Sau Baar Janam Lenge, Woh Jab Yaad Aaye, Ab Kya Misaal Doon, Jaag Dile Deewana, Kya Se Kya Hogaya, and Babul Ki Duayen…and songs like Ishaaron Ishaaron, Baar Baar Dekho, Nain Lad Jayi Hain, Main Kahin Kavi Na Ban Jaaun, Dil Pukare Aa Re Aa Re Aa Re, and the Qawalli, Shirdi Waale Sai Baba had the foot tappers going wild.  Exhibiting his repertoire, Srikant was particularly awesome in two songs, the wistful and intense Yeh Mehelon Yeh Takhton and Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwaale, the true test of pitch and octave…and Srikant shone through in both songs.  In fact towards the end, with the audience’s demand for their favorite songs escalating, Srikant could manage to sing a few lines only of more than 6-7 songs, due to paucity of time..

This is what one zabardast fan has written in a feedback to Baar Baar Rafi within hours of the conclusion of the program:

“There are concerts and there are concerts. Dissect the Rafi / Ravi nite conducted by Baar Baar Rafi Bangalore on the 19th December, and you’ll not find anything more than just one more great concert – great singing, screaming fans, good orchestra.

Blessed to be in Raviji's Presence

Blessed to be in Raviji's Presence

Narayan and Ashok honoring the living legend

Narayan and Ashok honoring the living legend

But dissecting is not how you’d analyze what happened that day. It was a tribute to one of the greatest singers, and one of the greatest composers of our time. The whole atmosphere was charged with the pulse of what the music of the 50s and 60s represented; an amalgamation of the great poetry of the time, music that was scored to bring alive those lyrics, and Rafi saab’s singing that converted songs into a means of nourishing the soul.

Srikanth’s delivery, stage presence, and humility was the foundation on which the night was built, compered by the charming Snigdha, whose gentle questions made Ravi Saab tell the story of how some of these songs were created.  The end result was much more than the sum of its parts – it made us reach for our handkerchiefs as much as lent us wings to fly into that magical world where art became the food that 1200 people shared while bonding as one.

Ask not who sobbed that day: every tear came from a collective eye, every sigh from a single heart, every exclamation from a fused togetherness. It mattered not which song was sung; the feeling was exactly the same.  It was a night that allowed us to feel that we are one if we wished to be and never alone, and that unity transcends the duality of the nayyah and the toofan; of the milan and the judaai – there was no telling who the singer was and who the listener. The observer and the observed were the same.

We are still at Ambedkar Auditorium. Our bodies returned home, though.”

Need we say more?


And while still submerged in the Rafi/Ravi nasha, we celebrated the Farishta’s birthday on Dec 24th, with the same devotion that we do every year. The highlight of our celebrations this year was the program for the evening where 35 children from a charitable trust along with their staff members were invited and all of us at BBR thoroughly enjoyed their time with us…it gave us an opportunity to become children ourselves….hum bhi agar bacche hote….playing “passing the parcel” and “musical chairs” along with them.  We decorated the stage with kites of various colors, including black kites (Rafi Saab’s favorite color for kites,) and balloons, and all the members who attended contributed generously.  The gift corner was overflowing with the love shown by each and every member. The goodies were distributed to these adorable little children aged between 4 and 11. A lovely large cake was cut by the children to the singing of Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye…Members sang some peppy numbers enjoyed by all..and after a hearty dinner, the children were transported back safely to their home..


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78 Blog Comments to “The Magic of Rafi with the Melody of Ravi”

  1. manselmo says:

    i don’t unserstand that

  2. Suneil says:

    Hello I Have Created Website On Rafisahab So Please Go And Visit My Site Link Is

    So Please Visit .
    Rafisahab Zindabad .

  3. bina says:


    I too have read your article in praise of Rafi Saab that depicts your fondness for the master…keep up the good work and god bless you!

    Kabhi rulati toh kabhi hansati yeh awaaz
    Sur aur soz ke beech lehrati yeh awaaz
    Dhun ke aasmaan mein jagmati yeh awaaz
    Bharat ke ratna ko sanwaarti yeh awaaz


  4. Priya Sanyal says:

    Dear Suneil, i`m sory to read/comment ur article on rafi sahab late,as very same day I`ve read about sad deathof one of a rafian,whose post I`ve read many times before ,in my above comment, I`ve wrote this line” only blessed can understand blessing” this is her word months ago.strange!
    Anyway,I read ur article, please keep on doing such nice works.lets world know this divine voice. My blessings to u as one blesses younger ones in family!

  5. Suneil says:

    Thanks Priya Mam. I Have Written Articles On Rafisahab On I Am Sending You The Link Please Read And Leave Your Comment Mam. The Link Is :

    So Kindly Read .
    Take Care (Rafisahab Zindabad).

  6. Priya Sanyal says:

    Dear Suneil….The moment of or present is same for us all…no matter whatever our age is!….We call Rafi sahab eternal….yes I`m much older than you but I go crazy for this voice n the person Rafi when I was just 8 years old…so never count age….Only blessed can understand blessings….As even a person aged mid 80s who has sung with Rafi sahab can be seen criticizing him….so age never matter only the thing that matters is the heart n I can see that at age 25 u have realised the eternity of ur heart by appriciating our negiligible effort as a team… n the Master`s voice..we welcome u!
    Please enrich us by ur presence as younger generation is still eclipsed by media n few celebrities misleading statement for Rafi sahab!…Welcome again n thanx!

  7. Suneil says:

    Well I M Just 25 Years Old But I Love To Hear Rafisahab’s Sweet Songs.
    This article is worth appreciation. The group has been doing a very good job. Their performance is really remarkable.

  8. Rambhadran says:

    Hello Binaji,

    I had the opportunity to attend he show organised by baarbaar rafi and also rotry club on 2nd january. Ravi
    sab was kind enough to grace bangalore twice in short succession.

    I met Ravi ji at his hotel on 3rd January with my wife and
    kis. Initially he said five minutes only but later gave us 45 minutes and our talk went ack to hemanda days,
    vahan his first movie and also current music scene. He is such a down to earth human being. He also sang for us few lines of chalo ek baar on request. Finally our heart filled with joy, we left his hotel with feeling of being overwhelmed.
    He is very witty too.

    I sincerely thank baar baar rafi and ratary club for
    organising shows this way. Singe Divya Raghavan is outstanding ans so is Aniket with half ticke song, which
    is very difficult song. I am talking about 2nd Jan show.


  9. ghulam mujtaba says:

    Dear Bina ji,

    Inshallah Aman ki asha aagey barey gi. All credit goes to founders of “Rafi Foundation” and all dedicated members, writers and participents of forums Aman ki Asha will increase on globle day by day. Our choices is equal in music, films, singers, music directors, actors. Please keep it up.

    Thanks & regards.


  10. bina says:

    Ghulam Mujtaba Sahib:

    Hum bhi Aman Ki Asha rakhte hain…would be wonderful to share masterpieces from that you have in this forum…

    Long live Rafi Saab!

  11. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    bina ji …. aadab
    rafi saaheb ki nazr>>>>

    teri aawaz ki jaadugari se
    na jaane kis jahan mein kho gaya hoon
    kahan guum ho gaya hoon

    usi aawaz se jaaga tha lekin
    usi aawaz mein phir kho gaya hoon
    kahan guum ho gaya hoon

    jawaid naseem

  12. ghulam mujtaba says:

    Dearest Binaji,

    Yes I am from Old home town of Rafi Sahib (Bhatti Gate Lahore), Rafiji’s younger brother Sadique Sahib is my best friend he has seen many courses in recording room with Rafi Sahib during his visit in Bombai, He told me that he has met Ravi sahib, shanker jai kishan, modn mohan sahib during his visits. I will try to send his pics. taken during a musical session at Lahore (NUML) National University of Modern Language. and also will arrange his cassette wherein he is singing classical songs: Jane bahar husn tera bemisal hey, Baharo phool barsao etc. Thank you very much for your kind reply in response to my comments. (Rafi Sahib is a Great Great Legend even legend of legends). This forum shares piece, love and gives the regards to all participants and welcomes their valued comments). We all Pakistani loves to his followers.

    With best wishes & regards.

    Ghulam Mujtaba / Lahore Chapter. Old home town of Rafi Sahib.

  13. Siva says:

    “The voice was a gift from God to Rafi, but what Rafi made of it was a gift to God”. –Priya ji the above remark of Talat ji which you have mentioned in your post is one the best comments that we have ever heard. This summarises the essence of Rafi sahab’s career.
    It is really great of Rafi sahab to have made the best use of the voice that God gave him and more so how he contributed maximum to the society through his helping nature
    I think alongwith the above comment of Talat, there is one more by Naushad sahab( please correct me if I am wrong) : In future there could be even better singers than Rafi but there can never be one more Mohammad Rafi.

  14. bina says:

    Dear Priya:

    I have been following you passionate commentary on Rafi Saab and I am overawed by the deep and unshakeable belief that you have in the Farishta…it is indeed something that we have in common and I identify with your thoughts and feelings completely. Please accept my humble thanks for writing in and hope you have a peaceful and love-filled 2010.

    Ahamed Kutty jee:

    Yes you are right..let me also add a few songs of Ravi Jeee..mili khaak mein muhabbat, and jaane bahaar husn tera bemisaal hai, and door rehkar na karo baat…and mujhe pyaar ki zindagi denewaale..

    Jawaid jee:

    Bengalure mein hi mulakat hogi..Inshallah!

    My dear Snigdha:

    You were outstanding Snigs..Ravi Jee khud witness hain..aur kya chahiye dilwaalon ko..hai na?


  15. bina says:

    Dear Mohan Murdeshwar jee:

    Your response to my article is overwhelmingly kind and sweet…

    I want to say that the entire event was a great team effort and when BBR members get down to doing something for Rafi Saab, their sincerity and love sustains and nourishes every eager moment of such an event.

    As for my elbow, it just submits to autowriting guided by the master.

    Mr. Ketwaru:

    Living so far away, in another corner of the world, you appreciation of Rafi Saab speaks volumes for his popularity in every country where HFM is popular. Thank you so much for writing.

    Musharraf jee:

    Adaab Rafi..The video CD is getting ready. I will definitely post the songs as soon as I they come to my hand.

    Mr. Santosh:

    Shukriya for the kind words..Bilkul aapki ichha poora tayyar hote hi aapko youtube link bata denge..


    Hey thanks a ton dear friend…was hoping to recreate the program for all those who couldnt attend and glad that you could relate it to that splendid event. After seeing the song that you have posted I was exhausted watching Biswajeet and Rekha’s energetic gyrating…ha ha..and what you say is true..cos it sounds more like a SJ composition.

    Mujtaba Saab:

    You are from Rafi Saab’s home town and, yes, we at BBR are aware that Rafi Saab has a large fan following in Pakistan. Love and Music know no boundaries aur hamare liye Rafi Saab is the epitome of both. Bahut hi accha laga aapka likha hua padhkar.

    With best regards from Baar Baar Rafi, Bengaluru and India

  16. RJ Snigdha says:

    Hey Bina,

    Trust me I felt am on the stage yet again as I read your brilliantly written article with so much precision!!

    And hey am floored once all wonderful audience and presence of ravi ji made it possible for me to do my bit;-)

    Lots of love

  17. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    bina ji….aadab
    mashkoor hoon aap ki inayat ka,
    aur muntazir hoon usdin ka jab ek baar phir bangalore mein rafi sb ke shaidaiion ki aawaz sunai degi aur main bhi shayad us mehfil ka ek hissa banoon,
    duaon mein yaad rakhen
    jawaid naseem

  18. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    Dear Binaji,
    wonderful narration of the programme.if we think rafi saab and ravi saab
    the difference is only in one letter of their names but the combination
    of these two masters really give us evergreen songs.”the million dollor”
    song “chadwee ka chaand” is enough for these veterans live in the
    hearts of millions for ever.

  19. Priya Sanyal says:

    Talat Mahmood had to say about him “The voice was a gift from God to Rafi, but what Rafi made of it was a gift to God”.

    Thanx Bina Krishna feeling very nostalgic by ur great write-up n by Ravi ji presence,,I`ve witnessed Ravi ji Love n respect for Rafi sahab on various occasion,,event n almost his every interview!!

  20. Ghulam Mujtaba says:

    Dearest Bina Krishna,

    Wounderful article you have drawn all dimentions, especially the golden era of both legends. In fact Ravi ji is not asset of Bollywood, we all lovers from Pakistan have special regards to him. His historical bhajan of Asha Bhosley “Tora man dharpan kehlaai” film Kajal, “Aagey bhi jaane na tu” film Waqt, and there are so many songs like “Neel Gagan par udthe Badal ja ja” Rafi Sahib and Asha ji ni Kamal Rang bhara hamary Culture mein. There are so many examples like Yeh parda hatado, O naney sey farishty, in Aik Phool Do Mali. in this picture Ravi ji have sung his song in the title, which is so wonderful. Thanks a lot for the arranging of concert by Mohammad Rafi Lovers – Bangalore Chapter and nice write-up of article with beautiful pics, showing the warm welcome to both legends with their songs.

    Regards to all lovers and writer.

    Ghulam Mujtaba / Lahore Chapter – Old Rafi Home Town (Bhatti Gate-Lahore)

  21. krishna says:

    Dear bina,

    a very nice and splendid article on the programme. It completely makes the programme come in our memories again .

    Ravi was known for producing melodies which we even enjoy today but here is one song a rarest one of Rafi-Ravi combination completely distant from the usual Ravi style of composing. Hope Rafi lovers will enjoy this song.


  22. santosh says:

    Great Great Great work by all rafi fans of Bangalore.I salute from bottom of my heart for all the efforts to remember our dearest rafi saab,I was really thrilled to see such a large audience and above all the legend ravi saab at the occcassion.My thanks to Mr.narayanan for his efforts to make the event a succes.I remember him saying a few days back when he was in Mumbai that he is going to meet mr.ravi .Once again if possible send some vedios of the event so we too can enjoy the moments.

  23. Musharraf says:


    I shall highly appreciate if you could post one or two Rafi songs sung by Srikant on the 19th night in the website so that we could listen to them.

  24. Jai.Ketwaru says:

    I am living in the West.I am born in a musical family,and I am also a music teacher.But I have never heard a singer of an other country who can sing like Mohd.Rafi:different style and mood; low and very high ; sad and funny (for comediants) This man was not a normal human beiing.He was an Angel on earth (Farista)

  25. Mohan S.Murdeshwar says:

    Respected Bina ji– Your well articulated report on the celebration of RAFI SAHAB’s Birthday Celebrations held at Dr.Ambedkar Bhavan, Miller”s Road, Bangalore on 19th December 2009 was indeed a treat and a joy to behold !! Your superb commentary on every stage of the grand programme has virtually captured the imagination of RAFI FANS not only in India but all over the world. It were as if we were a part of those few fortunate people who witnessed the glittering show in the august presence of respected Shri.Ravi ji who is held in high esteem in the music industry. A very dignified and unassuming gentleman that he is, Ravi ji must have unravelled many a tryst which destiny presented before him in his days of struggle and eventual success in his chosen field with legendary singers like RAFI SAHAB. The fact that they jelled so well as a duo in turning out one after another melodies over the last so many years is a testimony to the vast talent of this great music director and the equally enduring and unfathomable range in the voice of our own IMMORTAL RAFI SAHAB who obviously did full justice to the evergreen tunes composed by Shri.Ravi ji.
    My compliments too, to Mr.Shrikant and the entire team of singers who regaled the packed auditorium that unforgettable evening of 19th December 2009. My congratulations to everyone who contributed in so many different ways to the success of this event.
    Last but not the least, my sincere thanks to you for giving us a deep insight into the mood making experience of that colourful evening celebrated with mirth and merriment galore.
    More power to your elbow Bina ji. Surely there is a lot we, RAFI fans will expect from you in the near future. Great Job Madam. Keep it up. Wishing you and all the innumerable RAFI fans A VERY HAPPY, PEACEFUL, MUSICAL AND HEALTHY YEAR –2010 !! MAY YOU ALL BE BLESSED AND CONTINUE TO ENJOY THE RICH AND UNENDING MUSICAL LEGACY OF OUR DEAR RAFI SAHAB !!! One very popular tune composed by the late Madan Mohan ji and rendered by Lata Mangeshkar namely ,
    Hamare Baad Duniya main yeh afsaane bayaan honge, Baharen humko doondengi, na jaane hum kahan honge…… can truly and exclusively be said of our dear RAFI SAHAB… We are still wandering in the dark knowing not where to find him, if ever…

  26. Bina says:

    Col. Javed Saab:

    You are most welcome to Bangalore and it would be our delight if you attend our future programs. Sir, this program called the the magic of rafi saab too was advertised on this very website about 15-20 days in advance of Dec 19th.

    Hope you can make it next time and many thanks for your encouragement sir.


    Hugs dear friend and hope that I can see more of your participation on this website.

    Mohan jee:

    Bahut hi accha laga mohammed rafi award ka pehla puraskar function ki ek jhalak dekhkar…all the great programs take place on dec 24 and i miissed this one, though i knew of it in advance through mumbai fans..

    Thank you for the video clip…nice to hear harish bhimani’s deep voice after a long long time..

    Ritesh jee:

    Yes, his songs are the reflections of his smiling personality..eternally youthful..


    I know you missed that program, but glad that you were able to make in on the 24th. Hip hip hurrah for Rafi Saab!

    Sanjeev bhaisaab:

    Aap bahut nek kaam kar rahen hain..Just waiting to receive that letter and put my name on khushi mein hum bhi shaamil hain aap sab ke saath!


  27. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Respected bina didi, Thank you so much for your precious affection & wish for us.we are compiling a letter for getting Bharat Ratna to our beloved RAFI saab.I will send a copy of this letter to all of you & we all RAFI lovers from all across India will send it to different concerning authorities of India.
    thanks & regards,
    -Sanjeev Dixit

  28. Srinivasan S says:

    Bina Didi,

    Very well written. Although i could not be present that day, i could easily visualise myself there, that evening by reading your article.3 cheers to Bina didi, Hipip Hurrah………

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