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88th Birthday celebration of the Legend Padmashree Mohd. Rafisaab by Rafi Ki Yaadein

By : Suneil K Makwana

06 Tribute To Rafisaab

Tribute To Rafisaab

88th Birthday celebration of the Legend Padmashree Mohd. Rafisaab under a banner “ Rafi Ki Yaadein” on 24-12-2012 at Juhu Jagraan Hall, Mithibai College, Mumbai. All Rafi lovers and talented singers like Shree A. Narayan (Nari), Shree Kishore Makwana, Shree Manikrao Bhise (Voice Of R.D. Burman), Master Mohd Patel, Shree Santosh & Female Singer Smt. Rani Kaur pay their homage to the legend..

How lucky and blessed people are those who are listening the songs of Rafisaab and having slightly tears in the eyes while paying their tribute to the legend because Rafisaab brought life into his songs. Rafisaab is an ultimate singer and next to God in singing. Rafisaab is the only one who can control low notes as well as high notes. . . nobody else. How many singers dare to sing without music.

Loving Rafisaab sung “Tang Aa Chuke Hai” Film :Pyaasa (1957) without a single musical instrument in background can carry the whole theme on his shoulders, sure if S.D.Burmanji would have ever thought of anyone else other than Rafisaab for this song, so simple but touching we missed our beloved Rafisaab the most. Thus all Rafi Lovers pay their homage to a legend through “ Rafi Ki Yaadein” a musical live show on 24-12-2012.

Rafisaab will always remain in the heart of his fans forever. There will be no another Rafi or Prati Rafi.
Rafisaab Amar Rahe, Rafisaab Zindabaad, Jai Rafisaaab

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29 Blog Comments to “88th Birthday celebration of the Legend Padmashree Mohd. Rafisaab by Rafi Ki Yaadein”

  1. Mumtaz says:

    Rafi Rafi Rafi I love you so much. Your Voice Matchless.I believe no one in the past or in future can come close to you.God Created you so special, probably HE Called you so early

  2. Suneil Makwana says:

    Thanks Vinod Uncleji For Your Kind Support Apka Saath, Best- Wishes Aur Rafisaab Ka Aashirwad Ho To Sab Kuch Kar Sakte Hai. Jai Rafisaab.

  3. Kishore Makwana says:

    Dear Vinod Kapoor sahaab ji, Honsla afzaai ke liye bahot, bahot sukriyaa. Jai Rafi saab.

  4. Vinod Kapoor says:

    Dear Rafisaab, O Paji Tussi Cha Gaye Ho. Kishore Makwanaji O Ho Kya Kamal Kitta O Yara Har Saal Na Aise Hi Show Kiya Karo Aur Mein Suneil Makwanaji Di Baat Ka Support Karta Hu. A To Celebration Tha Competition Nahi Aur Ko Bhi Rafisaab Nahi Ban Sakda Hai. Meri Best Wishes To, Day Saath Hai. Rafisaab Zindabad.

  5. Vinod Kapoor says:

    Dear Rafisaab, O Paji Tussi Cha Gaye Ro. Kishore Makwanaji O Ho Kya Kamal Kitta O Yara Har Saal Na Aise Hi Show Kiya Karo Aur Mein Suneil Makwanaji Di Baat Ka Support Karta Hu. A To Celebration Tha Competition Nahi Aur Ko Bhi Rafisaab Nahi Ban Sakda Hai. Meri Best Wishes To, Day Saath Hai. Rafisaab Zindabad.

  6. Suneil Makwana says:

    Thanks Sanjayji For Your Comment. Jai Rafisaab, Rafisaab Amar Rahe.

  7. Suneil Makwana says:

    I agree with Mr. Kishore Makwanaji (my dad). Andrea Correa I Dont Know Why Are You Finding Rafisaab’s Voice In Every Singer And No One Can Dare To Sing Like Him Yes He Is The King And No One Will Take His Place As I Had Mention In My Previous Article “Chamatkar To Ek Hi Bar Hote Hai Bar Bar Nahi”. I Think You Dont Know What Are The Feelings & Love Of The All Rafi Lovers For The Legend Immortal Rafisaab. Sorry To Say But I Think You Are Not A RafiLover Because A Rafilover Never Discourage Any Other RafiLover Instead He Always Give Confidence Encourage Him/Her With His Best-Wishes. I Also Think That You Dont Know Mohd Rafisaab Properly He Was Always Spreading Happiness & Best Wishes & The RafiLovers Are Doing The Same And Coming To Show It Was A Celebration Rather Then A Competition. So This Is My Very Humble Request To You Please Encourage Others And Again I Repeat My Word No One Can Be Rafisaab. Jai Rafisaab, Rafisaab Amar Rahe.

  8. Kishore Makwana says:

    Sanjay bhai, many many thanks for your heart touching comments on my guruji Rafi saab. Duniyaa mein hamare jaise karodon rafi premi jab tak ye duniyaa hai tab tak rafi saab ki saalgiraah aur unki punya tithi ke avsaar par unko unke hi gaane apni tutu-futi awaaz mein gaa kar tribute dete rahenge. Aap ke jaise log auron ki Honshla afzaai karenge to unko encouragement milenga. Baki kitne aaye kitne gaye koi Rafi saab ki jagaah bhar nahin sakta, aab ye sari duniya ko pata chal gaya hai. Kyunki Rafi naam ka Gaiki mein ek hi BADSHAAH tha. Jai rafi saab, Rafi brigade zindabaad.

  9. Kishore Makwana says:

    Andrea Correa, aap ye bhul gaye hai ke, Devon Mein Dev Mahadev aur Singeron ke Singer Pujya Shri Rafi saab hai. (yane Badshaah Hai). Badshaah ek hi hai. Aap aur mein kyun aisi badshaahat dhundhte ho. Matlab saaf hai ke aap Rafi saab kya hai wo aaj tak nahin samaj paye ho. Aap ko ek baat bataa doon ke aaj, T.V. shows mein musical programme mein Aaj ke Bachche, Rafi saab ke wo gaane gaate hai, jab wo paida bhi nahin hue the, ye har Rafi saab ke chahne wale ke liye bade GARV ki baat hai, aur bhi jo log gaate hai aur Rafi saab ke shows jyaade se jyaada karte hai wo bhi har rafian ke liye bahot hi PROUD ki baat hoti hai aur honi bhi chahiye. Rafi saab ek aisa khazaana chhod gaye hai (bahot saare Gane) jo kisi bhi insaan ko, jise gana aata hai ya nahin wo bhi gaata hai. aap bhi Koshish ki jiye agr aap rafi saab ke chahne walon mein se hai to doosron par KICHAAD mat uchhaliye. Unhe encourage kijiya. Kisi bhi singer mein Rafi saab jaisi BADSHAAHAT mat dhundhiye. Aap niraash honge kyunki Rafi naam ka sirf ek hi Badshaah tha, hai, aur rahenga. Take it easy. Jai Rafisaab, rafi saab zindabad.

  10. Andrea Correa says:

    bahut log rafisaaheb ke naam par bahut kuch karte hai. un log apne liye ‘ek stage’ bhi bana lee hai, par in me badshah rafi saaheb ka kuch gun hai? ye bataaiye.

    every one loves mohd rafi but some do self publicity too in his name. yeh bhi sach hai na doston.

  11. Kishore Makwana says:

    Dear Kutty Sahaab, do agree with shri Yesudas Ji that thousands earning their livelihood by singing the songs of rafi saab. Lekin Rafi saab ke jitne jyaada musical shows/events honge, ye “rafian community” ke liye bahot hi PROUD ki baat hai. Har rafian, ye mante hai ke, puri duniyaa mein rafi saab ke hi sabse jyaada shows hote the, hote hai aur hote rahenge. For this, Congrates to all RAFIAN including Ourselves. Kutty saab thanks for a very touching & nice comments, best wishes. God bless you. Jai Rafi saab, Jai Guruji, rafidev zindabaad.

  12. Ahamed Kutty says:

    as yesudas ji told by singing the songs of rafi saab thousands
    earning their has started years back and will
    continue for ever.more over it is a fact people can cure their
    illness by hearing the golden voice of rafi addition
    to that millions of his fans are getting energy for their day
    to day work through his golden memories.really rafi saab
    is so special through him we made the community “the rafian
    community” in which all are brothers and sisters.

    dear rafian makwanas,congradulations and best wishes.

  13. Kishore Makwana says:

    Do agree with Mohammed Akhter Sahaab. Thanks.

  14. SANJAY PARMAR says:

    I personally appreciating this good work. celebrating Rafisab’s 88th Birthday and paying musical tributes to him is really nice. Bcoz of you people and we the Fans of Rafisab his melodious voice will remain intact in millions of heart and I totally agree with K.P.Hasan sab. No one can replace RAFISAB in this film industries.He was a king of PAHAADI AWAAZ like Patthar ke Sanam…….

  15. Suneil Makwana says:

    I Agree With You Mohammad Akhterji. Jai Rafisaab.

  16. Mohammad Akhter says:

    Rafi Saab is already the Badshah-e-Sangeet to the millions of fans,or more appropriately, his BHAKTS; who cares if the government of India awards him Bharat Ratna or not. His is the shining star to numerous hearts around the globe.

  17. Suneil Makwana says:

    Thanks All. Rafisaab Amar Rahe, Rafisaab Zindabaad. Jai Rafisaab.

  18. Kishore Makwana says:

    Dear Eshwarji, Many many thanks for support for Bharat Ratna for a Legend and appreciating the 88th celebration of Immortal Rafisaab by loving fans of Rafisaab, like you.

  19. Kishore Makwana says:

    Dear, Sudhir Purohit, Many many thanks for appreciating the 88th celebration of “Rafisaab”. Planning for next show of Immortal Rafisaab, very soon. Thanking you once again.

  20. Eshwar says:

    Days will not pass on Radio and TV without airing Rafi Saab songs.

    I do agree Bharat Ratna has to be awarded posthumously.

  21. Kishore Makwana says:

    Do Agree With You Rahul Sir. Hope Rafisaab Must Receive Bharat Ratna In 2013-2014.



  23. Kishore Makwana says:

    Ali saab, you are correct, there will be no another Rafi or Prati Rafi. Kitne aaye kitne chale gaye. Rafisaab Zindabaad.

  24. Kishore Makwana says:

    Hasan Saab you are absolutely correct, definitely one fine day our saab will be honored as Bharat Ratna by our govt. Jai Rafi Saab, Rafisaab AMAR rahe, Rafisaab zindabaad.

  25. Ali says:

    Mohd Rafi is and will be the greatest singer and was great human

  26. Very nice celebration of rafi sahab’s 88 birthday to KISHORE MAKWANA AND TEAM

  27. K P Hassan says:

    I pay my heart felt tribute to the great singer mohd rafi saheb on his 88th birth day celebrations. I am very happy to see that rafi saheb’s fans around the world are celebrating his birth day every year and paying musical tributes to him by arranging functions every where. It is true that nobody can forget this ‘MAHA GAYAK RAFI SAHEB’ and his melodious songs. actually rafi saheb was a god gift and no any rafi will born here. nobody can compare to rafi saheb.

    It was very disappointed that rafi saheb was not got such recognition from our film industry or govt as he actually deserved for it. don’t mind. we all the fans already recognized him as millennium singer of this world. it is my ambition that our govt may atleast consider the case of awarding a ‘BHARAT RATNA AWARD’ to our rafi saheb on the occasion of his 100th birth day celebrations. to meet the purpose, I request to all fans that we may take up the proposal wth our govt in advance.

    wishing you all the best

  28. Suneil Makwana says:

    Thanks Sirji For Publishing Our Article On Very Famous Site Thanks Once Again From Bottom Of My Heart. Rafisaab Amar Rahe, Rafisaab Zindabaad. Jai Rafisaab.

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