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Rafi harmonic for charming Shashi Kapoor

The is article is compiled by Mr. Biman Baruah, Sr.F&AO, ONGC Ltd., Mumbai High Asset, Mumbai.

Shashi Kapoor and Mohd Rafi

Shashi Kapoor and Mohd Rafi

Mohammed Rafi Sahab created wisdom of real playback singing in Hindi Film Music with his universal voice and great transforming quality in his voice. He is the first ever singer who eliminated the distance between acting and playback singing in Hindi Film. He also eliminated special attachment between singer-actor combinations. For instance, Mukesh as a voice of Raj Kapoor, Talat Mehmood as a voice of Dilip Kumar and Kishor Kumar as a voice of Dev Anand. He had a universal voice and can sing for any actor modulating his voice according to range of voice of the actor, so that audiences can think that the actor singing on screen. Thus, he was the only singer who can sing for three brothers universally like Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor.

Mohammed Rafi Sahab had a very high-quality singing moment for charming actor Shashi Kapoor as like his elder brother Shammi Kapoor. Rafi Saheb playback for Shashi Kapoor in wide variety of films like: Yeh Dil Kisko Doon, Holiday in Bombay, Benazir, Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain, Jab Jab Phool Khile, Pyar Kiye Jaa, Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare, Biradari, Dil Ne Pukara, Aamne Samne, Haseena Maan Jayegi, Raja Saab, Pyar Ka Mausam, Kanyadaan, Jahan Pyar Mile, Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati, Suhana Safar, Rootha Na Karo, My Love, Bombay Talkie, Patanga, Naina, Chor Machaye Shor, Naach Uthe Sansaar, Farishta Ya Qatil, Immaan Dharam, Phaansi, Do Musafir, Kaala Patthar, Swayamvar, Kali Ghata and Shaan.

Shashi Kapoor is the most handsome and humble person in the Kapoor family. He was born in Kolkata on 18th March, 1938 as Balbir Raj Kapoor and started his film career as a child artist in 19 films, like MEENA (1944), BACHPAN (1945),    AGG (1948), PATANGA (1949), SAMADHI (1950), AWAARA (1951), SHANKAR (1952), DANA PAANI (1953), etc., out of which in Aag and Awaara he played the younger edition of characters played by his elder brother Raj Kapoor. In late 1950s, young Shashi Kapoor got opportunity to work as an assistant director in the film POST BOX 999 (1958) staring Sunil Dutt and followed by DULHA DULHAN, SHRIMAN SATYAWADI where his elder brother Raj Kapoor was hero. In 1961, he made his debut as a hero with Yash Chopra’s DHARAM PUTRA and Bimal Roy’s PREM PATRA but these two films had no impact on his career. Then, he worked in five Hindi films (Char Diwari, Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath, Yeh Dil Kisko Doon, Benazir, Mohabbat Isko Kehete Hain) and two English films (The Householder and Holiday In Mumbai) out of which some were successful, but there is no hit till 1965. Though he was not performing well, well-established actress Nanda signed one after one totalling eight films with Shashi Kapoor since she had confidence about his good performance. This pair’s first two films, Char Diwari (1961), Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath (1962) did not success in box office, but highly praised as social romantic dramas followed by Juaari (1968). In 1965, this pair delivered a golden jubilee hit film JAB JAB PHOOL KHILE which established Shashi Kapoor as a big star. In the 1960s, Shashi Kapoor gave five solo hero romantic hit films with Nanda like Jab Jab Phool Khile (1965), Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain (1965), Need Hamari Khwab Tumhare (1966), Raja Saab (1969) and Rootha Na Karo (1970). In early nineties in an interview, Shashi Kapoor said, “Nanda is my favourite heroine and I regards her as one of my mentors”.

As a child, Shashi Kapoor was a great enthusiast of singer Mukesh as a voice of his elder brother and he demanded his director-brother Raj Kapoor to picturised the song “Awara Hoon” on him. When Shashi Kapoor started his career as a hero, Mukesh was the established voice of Raj Kapoor and Mohammed Rafi was the established voice of Shammi Kapoor. Therefore, both singers were hired by music directors to playback for Shashi Kapoor in his initial films along with Mahendra Kapoor. For instance, Mukesh sung for Shashi Kapoor in Prem Patra, Char Diwari, Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain; Mohammed Rafi sung for Shashi Kapoor in Yeh Dil Kisko Doon, Benazir, Mohabbat Isko Kehete Hain and Mahendra Kapoor sung for Shashi Kapoor in Dharamputra, Mehndi Lagi Mere Haath, Waqt. But golden jubilee hit film, JAB JAB PHOOL KHILE mainly recognized Mohammed Rafi as a major playback voice of Shashi Kapoor where Rafi Sahab’s singing was the major force in the success of the film and it was the first successful film in the actor’s career. The following are the some successful films of this singer–actor combination:-


Most probably, it was the first film of this singer-actor combination, in which all songs sung exclusively by Mohammed Rafi for Shashi Kapoor. The film was produced by B.D. Kapoor and directed by K. Mishra starring Ragini, Agha, Jayshree Gadkar and Jeevan. The music of the film was composed by Iqbal Qureshi in lyrics of Qamar Jalalabadi.  The starting song, “Log Kehte Hai Tu Sachch Hi Kehete Honge” and ending song, “Mera Dil Tum Pe Aa Gaya, Mere Pehlu Se Dil Gaya Gaya” both were solos by Rafi Sahab which are always hummable. The Rafi duets with Asha Bhosle and Usha Khanna,“Jab Tak Duniya Yehi Rahegi  Tera Naam Mera Naam Yehi Rahegi”, “Kitni Haseen Ho Tum”    “Kiya Hua Main Agar Ishq Ka Izhar Kiya Aap Se Pyar Kiya”  and  “Main Kaise Bhula Doon Tere Pyar Ka Alam” were also very passionate.


Jab Jab Phool Khile

Jab Jab Phool Khile

It was a love story of a poor boat man in Khasmir who falls in love with a rich tourist staying in his houseboat directed by Suraj Prakash staring Shashi Kapoor and Nanda in lead. The film was declared a blockbuster in the box office which ran for 50 weeks and celebrated golden jubilee. The main attractions force of the film was the songs composed by Kalyanji-Anandji assisted by Laxmikant-Pyarelal in the lyrics of Anand Bakshi. The premise song of the film, “Pardesiyon Se Na Ankhiya Milana, Pardesiyon Ko Hain Ek Din Jana” played three times in the film. The male happy & sad versions were sung by Rafi Sahab for Shashi Kapoor and the female version was sung by Lata Mangeshkar for Nanda. In addition to this theme song, Rafi Sahab sung three different solos and one duet for Shashi Kapoor. The fast track, “Affoo Khuda”, romantic number, “Ek Tha Gul Aur Ek Thi Bulbul, Dono Shaman Mein Rehete The” and pathos “Yahan Main Ajnabi Hoon, Main Jo Hoon Bas Wohi Hoon” are always hummable. In the romantic solo, actress Nanda shared her voice with Rafi Sahab and the duet, “Na Na Karte Pyar Tumhi Se Kar Bhethe” was sung by Suman Kalyanpur with Mohd. Rafi. The success of the film established Mohammed Rafi as an accepted voice of Shashi Kapoor and the actor’s career took off in the Hindi Films as a big star along with career of lyricist Anand Bakshi.

There are number of ins and outs relating to this film. To get ready for the role of Raja in the film, Shashi Kapoor had spent number of days with the boatmen in Kashmir to go through their lifestyle and he also had meals with them occasionally. The role of actress Nanda’s fiancée played by an actor named Jatin Khanna, therefore, later Rajesh Khanna change his real name to avoid perplexity with this actor. The team of the film, director Suraj Prakash, writer Brij Katyal, music directers Kalyanji Anandji, Mohammed Rafi and actor Shashi Kapoor with Asha Parekh again line up for another film SWEETHEART (1970) which was never released. A Rafi gem from the film, “Soniye Tera Kya Hai Jo Bhi Naam” is a notable one of this combination. The film was re-price as RAJA HINDUSTHNI (1996) directed by Dharmesh Darshan starring Amir Khan and Karishma Kapoor was became a blockbuster which won five Filmfare Awards in 1997.


Neend Hamari Khwaab Tumhari

Neend Hamari Khwaab Tumhari

The film starring Shashi Kapoor, Nanda, Balraj Sahni, Om Prakash produced by Hans Choudhary and directed by Shiv Sahni. Rafi Sahab sung a solo and two duets for Shashi Kapoor in the film composed by Madan Mohan. The solo, “Yun Rutho Na Hasena, Meri Jaan Pe Banjayegi” and two Rafi-Asha duet, “Husn Jab Jab Ishq Se Takara Gaya, Sari Duniya Par Nasha Sa Cha Gaya” “Khabhi Tera Daman Na Chodenge Hum, Chahe Zamana Kare Lakhoon Sitam” are very idealistic and always hummable.


A film produced and directed by Suraj Prakash starring Shashi Kapoor, Sharmila Tagore, Prem Chopra Rajendra Nath and Madan Puri. The music of the film penned by Kalyanji-Anandji in the lyrics of Anand Bakshi, where Rafi Sahab sung three solos and a duet for Shashi Kapoor. The three solos, “Nain Mila Kar Chain Churana Kiska Hai Yeh Kaam, Are Humse Pochoo Humko Patta Hai Ush Zalim Ka Naam”, “Mere Bechain Dil Ko Chain Tu Ne Diya, Chukriya Chukriya” and “Aajkal Hamse Roothe Hue Hai Sanam” had different flavour. The Rafi-Lata duet “Kabhi Raat Din Hum Door The” was also very romantic.      




A Shanker-Jaikishan musical hit directed by Mohan Segal starring Shashi Kapoor, Asha Parekh, Chandrasekhar, Om Prakash and Achla Sachdeva. Rafi Saheb sung two beautiful romantic solos for Shashi Kapoor. The solos “Lekhe Jo Khat Tujhe, Jo Teri Yaad Mein” and “Meri Zindegi Mein Aate To Kuch Aur Baat Hote” are became all time favourite to music lovers.      


Hasina Maan Jaayegi

Hasina Maan Jaayegi

It was the debut film of director Prakash Mehra where Shashi Kapoor played double role opposite Babita. The film was a musical hit of 1968, the songs composed by Kalyanji-Anandji fairly impressive with the trendiest melodious Rafi-Lata duet, “Bekhudi Mein Sanam Uth Gaye Jo Kadam” picturised in a stunning location. The two Rafi solos, “O Dilbar Janiye Tere Hai Hum Tere, Chupa Lenge In Aakhon Mein Sanam Hum Gaam Tere“, “Chale The Saath Milkar, Chalenge Saath Milkar, Tumhe Rukna Parega, Meri Aawaz Sunkar” and other duet “Dilbar Dilbar Kahte Kahte Hua Diwana” were also became very popular. The song lyrics were written by Prakash Mehra, Akhtar Romani and Qamar Jalalabadi.


Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati

Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati

The film was produced by Booney Kapoor’s father Surinder Kapoor and directed by Bhappi Sonie staring Shashi Kapoor and Babita. Mohammed Rafi sung three solos and two duets for Shashi Kapoor in the film composed by Kalyanji-Anandji. The solos, “Aaye Baithe Khaye Piye Khiske”, “Chandni Raat Mein”, “Kuchh Kahen To Khafa” were very comic. The two duets, “Jeevan Path Par Pyar Ne Chhedi” by Rafi-Lata and “Pyar To Ek Din Hona Tha” by Rafi-Asha were seriously romantic.


Pyar Ka Mausam

Pyar Ka Mausam

A musical comedy written, produced and directed by Nasir Hussain starring Shashi Kapoor, Asha Parekh, Bharat Bhusan, Nirupa Roy, Madan Puri and Rajendra Nath. Composer R.D. Burman had a small role in the film and Amir Khan’s brother Faisal Khan 3 years old then played Shashi Kapoor’s character as a child. The film became a silver jubilee hit due to memorable songs with the voice of Mohammed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkar composed by R. D. Burman in the fine lyrics of Majrooh Sultanpuri. The theme song of the film, “Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan Yeh Duniya Mein Aa Ke Kuch Na Phir Chaha Sanam Tum Ko Chah Ke” is the key element of the film and played numerous times in the film. Mohammed Rafi’s edition was picturised on Shashi Kapoor three times and Kishore Kumar’s edition was picturised on Bharat Bhusan twice. In addition to theme song, Rafi Sahab playback for Shashi Kapoor another two songs in the film. The Rafi solo, “Che Khush Nazare Yeh Khud Pukare Hai Yaar Ki Manzil” and Rafi-Lata duet, “Ni Sultana Re Pyar Ka Mausam Aaya, Hai Re Hari Hari Root Chaya” became symbol of this singer-actor combination with exceptional singing by Rafi Saheb.

ROOTHA NA KARO(1970):    

It was a romantic comedy starring Shashi Kapoor, Nanda, Aruna Irani, Rajendra Nath and Tuntun directed by Sunder Dar. The music of the film composed by C. Ramachandra in the lyrics of Hasarat Jaipuri and Rafi Sahab sung humorously for Shashi Kapoor. The Rafi solos “Dil Mera Le Gayi Lal Batuwe Mein”, “Mere Saqiya, Mere Dilruba” and Rafi-Asha duet “Aap Ka Chehra Masha Aallah, Julfoon Ka Pehra Suvan Aallah” were very humorous. 




It was the last notable film of this combination which was released on 12th December, 1980 after sad demise of Rafi Sahab. The film was the second blockbuster movie after SHOLEY by father-son duo producer-director G.P. Sippy and Ramesh Sippy with huge star cast where Rafi Sahab was the voice of Shashi Kapoor in two songs, one duet with composer R.D. Burman and another multi singer song. The duet by Rafi and R.D. Burman with Chorus, “Yamma Yamma, Hai Khubsurat Shama” became an unforgettable party song forever. The multi singer song, “Jaanu Meri Jaan Main Tere Qurban, Main Tera Hoon Meri Jaanu, Jane Sara Hindusthan” by Mohammed Rafi, Kishore Kumar, Asha Bhosle and Usha Mangeshkar was very humorously picturised on Shashi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Parveen Babi and Bindiya Goswami.  Another solo from the film, “Naam Abdul Hai Mera Saab Ki Khabar Rakhta Hoon” sung by Rafi Sahab for Mazhar Khan, made the actor very popular overnight in the first film appearance by his super power singing. This musical hit was nominated for Filmfare Best Music Award.

Shashi Kapoor was a top romantic hero in 1960 and 1970s greatly supported by romantic Rafi gems. Apart from Nanda he was paired with all top actresses in 1960s and 1970s. He was cast opposite Asha Parekh (Kanyadaan, Pyar Ka Mausam), Babita (Haseena Maan Jayegi, Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati), Sharmila Tagore (Aamne Saamne, Suhana Safar, My Love, Aa Gale Lag Jaa, Paap Aur Punya, Anari, New Delhi Times), Hema Malini (Jahan Pyar Mile, Abhinetri, Naach Uthe Sansar, Aap Beati, Apna Khoon, Maan Gaye Ustaad), Rakhee (Sharmilee, Jaanwar Aur Insaan, Baseraa, Bandhan Kachchey Dhaagon Ka) and Rekha (Farishta Ya Qatil, Maqaddar, Rahu Ketu, Do Musafir, Kali Ghata and Baseraa).

In early 1970s there was a curbing of singing assignments in films for Mohammed Rafi due to popularity of Kishore Kumar, thus there was a lean phase for him from 1972 to 1974. Similarly, there was a lean phase in the career of Shashi Kapoor from 1972 to 1974 due to rising of new romantic icon, superstar Rajesh Khanna. His film like PATANGA (1971) with Vimi directed by Kedar Kapoor with some memorable songs by Mohammed Rafi superbly composed by Shanker-Jaikishan unable to made any impact in the box-office. The songs of the film, Rafi solos, “Thoda Ruk Jayegi To Tera Kya Jayega”, “Jhoom Ke Gaa Yun Aaj Mere Dil”, “Sone Deti Hai Na Ye Raat” “Pee Lo Aaj Pee Lo” and Rafi-Asha duet “Patanga Jal Jal Mar Jaye” were quit popular. In the same year, his film Sharmille was a big musical hit with songs composed by S. D. Burman and playback by Kishore Kumar for Shashi Kapoor. But songs like   “Khilte Hain Gul Yahan” and “Aaj Madhosh Hua Jaye Re” more suited with the voice of Rafi Sahab. Though Kishore Kumar was also recognised as a playback voice of Shashi Kapoor from Sharmilee, Mohammed Rafi Sahab was always a preferred voice of the actor till 1980.

Akin to Mohammed Rafi, Shashi Kapoor also bounced back in 1974 with romance, drama and action in CHOR MACHAYE SHOR which was became a super hit with second position in the box office. The film was produced by N N Sippy, directed by Ashok Roy and music composed by Ravindra Jain in the lyrics of Inderjeet Singh Tulsi. In the film, Rafi Sahab sung two popular romantic duets for Shashi Kapoor, i.e. “Ek Daal Par Toota Bole, Ek Daal Par Maina” by Rafi-Lata and “Paon Mein Dori, Dori Mein Ghungaru, Ghungaru Ki Roon Jhun Bole” by Rafi-Asha superbly picturised on Shashi Kapoor and Mumtaz. Another popular song of the film, “Le Jayenge, Le Jayenge, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” sung by Kishore Kumar which became later a title of blockbuster movie. The same team again delivered another hit FAKIRA (1976) replacing director Ashok Roy by C. P. Dixit and actress Mumtaz by Shabana Azmi where Rafi Sahab sung a beautiful folk essence duet with Lata Mangeshkar for Shashi Kapoor. The beginning lines of the popular duet from the film are as follows:-

Lata : Aadhi Sachchi Aadhi Jhuthi Teri Prem Kahani ,Ya Tu Pura Sacha Ho Jaa, Ya Tu Karle Be-imani….  Sajan Farebiya, Farebi Sajana.

Rafi : Puri Sola Aane Sachchi  Meri Prem Kahani, Jis Mein Doodh Hi Doodh Nahin Jara Sa Bhi Paani….Chanchal Goriyeen, Chanedu Poriyeen   

In mid 1970s and early 1980s, Shashi Kapoor was seen more in multi-star hit films than solo hit films and Rafi Sahab also sung popular duets and multi-singer songs than solos for him. Apparently, the duets were very passionate and heart-touching. For instance, the Rafi-Lata duet, “Bahoon Mein Teri Masti Ke Dhere” from Kaala Pather (1979) from “Mujhe Chu Rahi Hain Teri Garam Sanse, Mere Raat Aur Din Mehek Ne Lage Hain” from Swayamvar (1980) was still popular. The list of popular songs of this singer-actor combination would have more, if Rafi Sahab had survived for more years.

A list of most popular Rafi solos picturised on Shashi Kapoor:-

Year Film Song Music Lyrics
1963 Yeh Dil Kisko Doon Log Kehte Hain Tu Sach Hi Kehte Honge Iqbal Qureshi Qamar Jalalabadi
1964 Benazir Dil Mein Ek Jane Tamanna Ne Jagah Pai Hai S.D. Burman Shakeel Badayuni
1965 Mohabbat Isko Kahete Hain Meri Nigah Ne Yeh Kaisa Khawab Dekha Hai Khayyam Majrooh Sultanpuri
1965 Jab Jab Phool Khile Pardesiyon Se Na Aankhiyan Milana Kalyanji Anandji Anand Bakshi
1966 Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhare Yoon Ruthoo Na Haseena Madan Mohan Kaifi Azmi
1967 Aamne Samne Nain Milakar Chain Churana Kiska Hai Yeh Kaam Kalyanji Anandji Anand Bakshi
1968 Haseena Maan Jayegi Chale The Saath Milkar Chalenge Saath Milkar Kalyanji Anandji Akhtar Romani
1969 Raja Saab Sach Kaal Raatwali Mulaqat Kalyanji Anandji Anand Bakshi
1969 Pyar Ka Mausam Tum Bin Jaoon Kahan R. D. Burman Majrooh Sultanpuri
1969 Kanyadaan Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe Shankar Jaikishan Neeraj
1969 Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati Kuchh Kahen To Khafa Kalyanji Anandji Rajinder Krishan
1971 Patanga Jhoom Ke Gaa Yun Aaj Mere Dil Shankar Jaikishan Neeraj
1973 Naina Humko Tu Jaan Se Pyari Hai Aakhen Shankar Jaikishan Hasarat Jaipuri
1976 Naach Uthe Sansaar O Diljaniya Laxmikant Pyarelal Majrooh Sultanpuri
1980 Kaala Ghata Kaali Ghata Chai Prem Rut Aayi Laxmikant Pyarelal Anand Bakshi

A list of most popular Rafi-Lata duets picturised on Shashi Kapoor:

Year Film Song Music Lyrics
1967 Aamne Saamne Kabhi Raat Din Hum Door The Kalyanji Anandji Anand Bakshi
1968 Haseena Maan Jayeegi Bekhudi Mein Sanam Uth Gaye Jo Kadam Kalyanji Anandji Akhtar Romani
1969 Pyar Ka Mausam Ni Sultana Re Pyar Ka Mausam Aaya R. D. Burman Anand Bakshi
1966 Dil Ne Pukara Humko Hone Laga Hai Pyar Tumse Kalyanji Anandji Indeevar
1974 Chor Machaye Shor Ek Daal Par Tota Bole Ravindra Jain Indeerjeet Singh Tulsi
1976 Fakira Aadhi Sachchi Aadhi Jhuthi Teri Prem Kahani Ravindra Jain Indeerjeet Singh Tulsi
1979 Kala Pathar Bahu Mein Teri Masti Ke Dhere Rajesh Roshan Majrooh Sultanpuri
1980 Swayamvar Mujhe Chu Rahi Hain Teri Garam Sanshe Rajesh Roshan Gulzar

Shashi Kapoor appeared in almost 150 films in a career crossed a quarter century. He married to British actress Jennifer Kendal who died of cancer in 1984 and they have three children: Karan Kapoor, Kunal Kapoor and Sanjana Kapoor. He was very popular and successful actor of Hindi Cinema during 1960s, 1970s and in early 1980s. In most of blooming multi-starrer films in the 1970s and 1980s, he was co-starred together with superstar Amitabh Bachchan in 11 popular films like Roti Kapada Aur Makaan(1974), Deewaar(1975), Kabhi Kabhi(1976), Immaan Dharam(1977), Trishul (1978), Kaala Patthar(1979), Suhaag(1979), Do Aur Do Paanch(1980), Shaan(1980), Silsila(1981) and Namak Halaal (1982). Both actors were last seen together in Ramesh Sippy’s AAKAYLA (1991) which was a box office disaster. He first played the role of supporting actor with Amitabh Bachchan in DEEWAR which was turned down by Rajesh Khanna and Navin Nichol. His speech line, “Mere Paas Maa Hai” in the film became one of the eminent lines of dialogue in Hindi Film. He was first Indian actor, also known internationally for acting in many British and American films like, Shakespeare Wallah (1965), Pretty Polly (1967), Bombay Talkie (1970), Siddhartha (1972), Heat and Dust (1982), Sammy and Rosie Get Laid (1987) and Side Streets (1998). He diverted some funds earned by acting in commercial films to set up own production company, Film Valas which produced some seriously commended films such as JUNOON(1978), KALYUG(1981), 36 CHOWRINGHEE LANE(1981), VIJETA(1982), UTSAV(1984) with directors like, Shyam Benegal, Govind Nihalani, Aparna Sen and Girish Karnad. As a producer he got National Award for JUNOON in 1979 where Rafi Sahab sung a beautiful song, “Ishq Ne Todi Sar Pe Qayamat” composed by Vanraj Bhatia and the actor played a role of married nawab who takes all risks for his love with an English prisoner played by Nafisa Ali. With appreciation from his friends like Amitabh and Jaya, Shashi Kapoor produced & directed a big budget fantasy film AJOOBA with Amitabh Bachchan & Rishi Kapoor which was flopped and he lost huge money & loyalty. His last film appearances were in JINNAH (1998) and SIDE STREETS (1998). He got Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award for DEEWAR(1975), National Film Award for Best Actor for NEW DELHI TIMES (1986) and Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2010. He was also honoured with the Padma Bhushan by Government of India in 2011.

The association of Mohammed Rafi and Shashi Kapoor with composers like Kalyanji-Anandji, Shanker-Jaikishan, R. D. Burman, Ravindra Jain, etc. made some great grosser films in box office like JAB JAB PHOOL KHILE, HASSENA MAAN JAYEGI, KANYADAAN, PYAR KA MAUSAM, CHOR MACHAYE SHOR. These films will always been remembered by cine-goers and music lovers for melodies music and quality romantic songs sung by golden voice of Mohammed Rafi well picturised on charming actor Shashi Kapoor.

Mr. Biman Baruah with his son and daughter

Mr. Biman Baruah with his son and daughter

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  1. andy Sah says:

    Thanks for all the effort you have made to write this blog.Really who ever M.Rafi sings you cannot say when this actor singing is not going well with the song.
    Great M.Rafi


    What an extensive article. Thank you very much Biman ji. Rafi sahab was the secret of success for all heros, music composers.

  3. shammi says:

    bimanji, thank you for writing this article. I agree with some of the comments that shashi kapoor was an under rated actor and never really got the credit he deserved but that gorgeous smile can make many a woman like me go weak in the knees. The combo with mohd rafi was beautiful and for me the most memorable songs sung in his career was by no other than the legend of all legends, the unforgettable mohd rafisahab. I hope shashi kapoors health improves.
    For me these acors af yesteryears were good looking, dashing and there was something intriguing about them unlike most of the actors today who look like school boys and not heros at all i.e shahid kapoor or it’s all about the biceps which i personally find off putting because it’s not combined with talent.

  4. Sharad Desai says:

    Rafi/Shashi beautiful combination, I really enjoyed film JJPK – Amko tumpe pyaar aya pyaar aya, Hats off to BOTH RAFI & SHASHI, Rafi picked up Shashis speaking style in the film ( Kashmiri Boatwala) and eually Shashi kapoor gave very precise/accurate, full mouth open lip movements matching fast lines like Age jike kya lena hai mere dilne jo bhi manga tha vo paya with the shout Abbo Khuda! Another song from JJPK, Yaha mai ajnabi hu also Rafis voice brought all inner feelings of Shashi kapoor. Here also perfect lip matching is done by SK.

  5. t k nandi says:

    Nice include 2 more songs frm Bombay talkies ‘tum mere pyar ki duniyame’& super song frm ‘doosra admi’ ‘kya mausam hai’ where in 60 secs he again showed his mettle pushing other singers by a mile.

  6. Anita sharmim says:

    A brilliant article, Shashi Kappor was one of my favorite actors but above all the one and only Mohd Rafi cannot be compared to anyone as he was in a league of his own. Mohd Rafi’s voice suited all actors but there was something special and magical about both shammi and shashi kapoor songs sung by Mohd Rafi.

    I hope Mohd Rafi gets the ultimate award in India by being awarded the highest award possible as no will ever be able to provide the nation with as much joy as this amazing artist has, and what a lovely man who truly was compassionate towards others and his fear in god made him the gentle giant he was. No other artist even comes a close second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Imran says:

    I am glad to see this site finally giving some much deserved credit to the often ignored Shashi Kapoor. Bollywood to has adopted this very unfair attitude giving priority to far lesser actors.

    Shashi Kapoor is the best from the Kapoor family but has always been discriminated against partly for marrying a white lady.

  8. kishore Makwana says:

    Bimanji saheeb, aap ki chahhat aur mehnaat dono ki jitni tarrif kare utni kami hongi. maan gaye saab. Badi khubsoorti se aapne Actor aur Singer ko badi hi khubi se aap ke article mein sanvaraa hai. Aap jante honge, film industry ka sabse pehla BABA shashi baba tha (the) uske baad kai babas aaye. Congrates. God bless you. Rafi saab zindabaad

  9. khaja Aliuddin MD says:

    Bimanji, well researched and very comprehensive article on these two legends.
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  10. Ahamed Kutty says:

    both the singer and the actor are having innocent faces.
    i have seen some where one fan was telling it is shameful
    we do not have another rafi saab even though our population
    has touched near 1.3 billion.i think the almighty does not
    like to have another singer like rafi saab.

  11. Ali says:

    Mohd Rafo was the only singer in the world who made actors,he was the only singer said about hin 1950″s that any song going to be sang by Mohd Rafi going to be hit, Mukesh Ji was Raj Kapoor voice that true but Raj Kapoor was a fan of Mohd rafi abd Raj ji said Mohd Rafi is the king without crown…Shammi Ji we all know….even mohd rafi gave great songs to none mohd Rafi actors like Rajesh Khanna and Mr Bachchan……

  12. drfmeerza says:

    Most of the super hits song of shashi kapoor were sing by rafi sahib and all of them was very popular at that time and of course still,today its alive and so special for rafi sahib fans

  13. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Excellent article Bimanji,
    Rafi could enter the skin of the actor he sang for. In Pyar Kiye Ja in 1968, Rafi’s song “kehne ki nahi baat” and “gore hathon pe zulm na kar” almost replicated the dialogue delivery style of Shashi Kapoor. Any listener can imagine that Rafi had sung the song keeping in mind Shashi Kapoor.

    Majority of Rafi’s songs in Shashi Kapoor’s career were composed by Kalyanji Anandji. As Shankar Jaikishan were the most expensive composers and charged high rates of fees in mid-60s, it was not possible for ordinary producers to sign Shankar Jaikishan. SJ composed music in only few movies of Shashi Kapoor like Kanyadaan, Naina, Patanga, etc.

    On the other hand Shankar Jaikishan composed music in 22 films of Shammi Kapoor and 18 films of Raj Kapoor. Had Shashi Kapoor got the scope of doing films under Shankar Jaikishan baton, the number of songs of Mohammad Rafi would definitely had increased. SJ patronized Rafi and the popularity of the pair would have rocked bollywood.

    Very good article Bimanji. Very well researched.
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

  14. K P Hassan says:

    Dear Baruaji,
    Really you have done a wonderful job through this article for giving us a detailed information about the life and career of our yesteryear actor shashi kapoor saheb. As stated by you shashiji is a very nice person. I like him and his acting especially his dancing styles. we can see his innocence while he smiling just like our great singer mohd rafi saheb.

    It is the true fact that golden voice of rafi saheb helped many actors to survive them in the film industry. rafi saheb and shammiji combination was a super hit. just like that shashiji also got fame by collaborating with rafi saheb. the songs sung by rafi sahen in the film ‘jab jab phool khile’ was a super it, and shashiji also became fame due to these songs. the golden voice of rafi saheb was very lucky for shashiji, so he never neglected rafi saheb.

    thank you for this nice article

  15. Binu Nair says:

    Painstaking efforts and lots of details about our prince charming : shashi kapoor saaheb.

    a great person and loveable personality. enjoyed reading biman ji.

    from the rafi foundation.

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