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Duets of Mohd. Rafi and Geeta Dutt

By: H.A.K. Walijah

Mohd Rafi with Geeta Dutt

Mohd Rafi with Geeta Dutt

Among so many female singers, Geeta Dutt name is unique and rings a different sensation. The evergreen songs like “babu ji dheere chalna“, “jaa jaa bewafaa“, “yeh lo main haari piya“, “aaeeye meherban“, “mera naam chin chin chu”,  “ae dil mujhe bata de”,  “na jao saiyan chuda ke bahiyan”, ‘tadbeer se bigdi hui taqdeer banaa le”, “jaane kya tune kahi”,  “waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam” and many more such gem like songs paved directly into the hearts of music lovers and made her name immortal in the Annals of Hindi Film Music. Geeta Dutt rendered songs from her heart making them so endearingly heart rendering. As one of the critics put it aptly “Geeta Dutt’s voice conveys the sweetness of honey and the pain of the bee sting.” Geeta Dutt sang some of the most beautiful romantic songs with Mohd. Rafi Sahab during 50’s and 60’s and they were richly splashed with her youthfully exuberant voice.  Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt made a great duet pair who had given to music lovers some wonderful and unforgettable songs. No amount of praise can ever be sufficient to express our gratitude towards the most melodious singer pair ever, for their stupendous contribution to the Hindi Film Music.

Geeta Dutt had unconventional way of singing who had this innate talent with no formal training in singing. She introduced her own brand of appealingly fresh and free flowing style of singing. Her singing was based on instincts and spontaneity, guts and feelings, and love and pensiveness that resulted in breathing life and emotion into each song she sang.  In her career spanning from 1946 to 1972, the legendary playback singer Geeta Dutt sang approximately 1500 songs (inclusive of non-film songs and songs in all languages). The years 1947 to 1959 were probably the most prolific years in her career.  Geeta ji in a short and glorious span of only few years left us with a rich legacy of thousand plus songs into which she breathed life with her unique ethereal voice that have stood the test of time and continue to enthrall generations after generations of fine music lovers all over the world.

Mohd Rafi with Geeta Dutt

Mohd Rafi with Geeta Dutt

Geeta Dutt sings so many songs with Mohd. Rafi starting from fifties till late sixties Geeta Dutt sang approximately 1200 Hindi Film songs for many composers of the forties, fifties and the sixties; and sung over 150 duets with Rafi Sahab, her highest number with any co-singer. She sang a wide range of songs from romantic to sad songs, lullabies to club songs, classical based compositions to comic songs, ghazals to sensuous songs, bhajans to teaser songs. Geeta was known to capture the mood of the song and singing from the bottom of her heart. Her classical training was not at par with other female singers of her era, but her spontaneity added that special “Geeta Dutt touch” to her songs.

Some memorable Rafi – Geeta duets –

  1. Dekh idhar ai hasina june ka mahina ( 12 o’clock)
  2. Tum jo hue mere humsafar raste (12 o’clock)
  3. Na na na tauba hum na pyar karenge (Aar paar)
  4. Sun zalima pyar humko tum se hogaya (Aar paar)
  5. Mohabbat kar lo ji bhar lo aji (Aar paar)
  6. Duniya ki nazrein hain buri zulfen (Agra road)
  7. Un se rippi tippi ho gayi dekho (Agra road)
  8. Gazab hua ram zulm hua ram dil kho baithi (Agra road)
  9. Hum hain awara to kya hai (Awara Abdullah)
  10. Awara abdullah ye pyar ka halla gulla (Awara Abdullah)
  11. Zaalim kehna maan le chakki chalna (Baraat)
  12. Shamaa jalti hai to parwaane chale (Bawra)
  13. Oonchi edi walon katte balon walon (Bedard zamana kya jaane)
  14. Gore gore galon pe kala kala ye til (Chandu)
  15. Gum nahi muskura jeene ka lele maza (Chhoo mantar)
  16. Gareeb jaan ke hum ko na tum daga dena (Chhoo mantar)
  17. Ankhon hi ankhon mein ishara ho gaya (C.I.D.)

Geeta Dutt and Rafi Sahab had a lot in common. Two voices which could express a hundred emotions, be it pathos, love or romance, despair, frustration, patriotism, devotion, courage, determination, mischief, comedy, mock, philosophy or preaching. Two of the most revered singers in the history of cine music; they continue to rule the hearts of genuine music lovers till date.  When we speaks of Geeta-Rafi duets instantly we think of  so many well known music director names with whom the singing pair had sung some  evergreen  melodious duets. There are at least 80-90 Rafi-Geeta duets that are famous and popular which they sang under the baton of music maestros like O.P. Nayyar, S.D.Burman, Chitragupt, N. Dutta, Vasant Desai and others. Now let us recollect one by one.

Rafi Sahab and Geet Dutt with O.P. Nayyar:

The trio had given us some memorable, unforgettable and beautiful songs starting from Aar Paar (1954) followed by ‘Mr. & Mrs. 55‘ , ‘Musafirkhana‘ (1955), ‘C.I.D.‘, ‘Choomantar‘, ‘Mr.Lambu‘, ‘Shrimati 420‘ (1956), ‘Bade Sarkar‘, ‘Johnny Walker‘, ‘Mai Baap‘, ‘Ustad‘ (1957) and ‘12’O Clock‘ (1958).

  1. Na Na Na Tauba Hum Na Pyar Karenge (Aar Paar – 1954)
  2. Sun Zalima Pyar Humko Tum Se Hogaya (Aar Paar – 1954)
  3. Mohabbat Kar Lo Ji Bhar Lo Aji (Aar Paar – 1954)
  4. Achha Ji Maaf Kar Do, Thoda Insaaf Kar Do (Musafirkhana -1955)
  5. Jahan Jahan Khayal Jaata Hai, Wahan Wahan (Bade Sarkar -1957)
  6. Dekho Ji Dekho Meethi Ada Se (Mai Baap – 1957)
  7. Ankhon Hi Ankhon Me Ishara Ho Gaya (C.I.D. – 1956)
  8. Gum nahi muskura jeene ka lele maza (Chhoo Mantar)
  9. Gareeb jaan ke hum ko na tum daga dena (Chhoo Mantar)
  10. Dekh Idhar Ai Hasina June Ka Mahina ( 12 O’Clock – 1958)
  11. Tum Jo Hue Mere Humsafar Raste (12 O’Clock – 1958)

Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt with S.D. Burman:

No one forget the songs in movies such as ‘Pyasa‘ (1957), ‘Kala Bazaar‘ (1960), ‘Manzil‘ (1960), ”Ek Ke Baad Ek‘ (1960), ‘Miya Biwi Raazi‘ (1960), where Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt exhibited  fantastic singing  prowess and the masterful talent in songs like

  1. Ham Aap Ki Aankhon Mein from ‘Pyasa‘ (1957)
  2. Rimjhim Ke Taraane Leke Aayi Barsaat from ‘Kala Bazaar‘ (1960)
  3. Chupke Se Mile Pyaase Pyaase from ‘Manzil‘ (1960)
  4. Bataavo Kya Karungi Main Jo Gham from ‘Ek Ke Baad Ek‘ (1960)
  5. Tu Ne Le Liya Hai Dil, Ab Kya Hoga from ‘Miya Biwi Raazi‘ (1960)
  6. Lag Gayi Aankhiyan Tum Se Mori, from ‘Jeevan Jyoti‘ (1953)
  7. Raham Kabhi To Farmaavo  Meri Laila from ‘Society‘ (1955)

Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt with Chitragupt:

Rafi – Geeta Duets with Chitragupt coming together around 25 duets which was the highest number recorded duets under the baton of Chitragupt.

  1. Ho Chat Mangni To Pat Shadi from ‘Chaal Baaz‘ (1958),
  2. Kabhi Toh Haan Haan Kaho Na from ‘Son Of Sindbad‘ (1958),
  3. Jawaab Nahin Gore Mukhde Par Til Kaale Ka from ‘Kangan‘ (1959),
  4. Teri Nazar Mein Main Rahun from ‘Band Master‘ (1962), etc.
  5. Chup Ke Chup Ke Dil Mein Mere Aane Wale from ‘Hamara Ghar‘ (1950)
  6. Dil Phanse Deke Jhanse Haay Teri Nazar Mastani from ‘Daaka‘ (1959)
  7. Zalim Kehna Maan, Lachkti Chal Na Kha Kar Paan from ‘Baraat‘ (1960)

Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt with N. Dutta:

N. Dutta composed some of the beautiful songs in movies like Dr. Shaitan, Awara Abdullah and shared special celluloid relationship with Johnny Walker while rendering the songs which are evident in the following songs:

  1. Tum Mile Woh Din Dhale from ‘Dr. Shaitan‘ (1960)
  2. Yeh Pyaar Ka Halla Gulla from ‘Awara Abdullah‘ (1962)
  3. Bachna Zara Zamana Hai Bura from ‘Milaap‘ (1955)
  4. Pandit Ho Ya Lala, Ya Gandhi Topi Wala from  ‘Rikshawala‘ (1960)

Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt with Vasant Desai:

Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt sang some duets composed by Vasant Desai in movies like ‘Sheesh Mahal‘ (1950), ‘School Master‘ (1959) and ‘Ardhangini‘ (1959).

  1. Jis Ko Dhoondti Phirti Hai Meri Nazar, (Sheesh Mahal -1950)
  2. Hello Hello O Meri Chammakchallo (School Master -1959)
  3. Dil Ham To Haare, Tum Kaho Pyaare (Ardhangini -1959)
  4. Kal Saajana, Milna Yahan (Ardhangini -1959)

Geeta Dutt remains one of the most beautiful voices ever heard in Bollywood and a soulful singer without peer. She had an incomparable voice that was different, attractive and ever capable of pleasing the listeners. She was par excellence, a genius left unnoticed and hugely forgotten by most and all. Both Rafi Sahab and Geeta Ji had remained the inspiration for many later generation singers to follow their footsteps in their singing careers.  Some more Rafi-Geeta duets with other famous music directors are –

  1. Phool Ko Bhool Ke Le Baitha Tha (‘Chunariya‘  – 1948) music by Hansraj Behl
  2. Nadi Kinaare Koyi Pukaare (Chandramukhi – 1960) music by S.N. Tripathi
  3. Un Se Rippi Tippi Ho Gayi (Agra Road – 1957) music by Roshan
  4. Legaya Dekho Dekho Dil Bhi Hamara (Samundar– 1957) music by Madan Mohan
  5. Ham Ko Chod Ke Kahan Jaavoge (Shrimati 420 – 1956) music by Madan Mohan
  6. Meri Jaan Gair Ko Tum Paan (Kundan-1955) music by Gulam Mohammed

Geeta Dutt’s voice could render a wide range of emotions and had an inner fire that vindicated the song’s existence. She could spiritualize a lyric and make it sensuous at the same time.  The last songs of her career “Mujhe jaan na kaho meri jaan”, “koi chupke se aa ke”, “Mera dil jo mera hota” (Anubhav – 1971) takes away in different land of pain and grief which was mostly reflected from her personal life.  She breathed her last on July 20, 1972. She is out of sight but many of Geeta’s songs endure in appeal even today and make us mourn in memory of her life so sadly cut short through emotional damage.  I wonder what more classics we would have been blessed with, if only Geeta Ji had not died at 42 and Rafi Sahab at 55, the world missed out on more from the geniuses.  The two great singers are now not with us but their treasure of songs still mesmerizing the retro music lovers all over the world.

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  1. Naina says:

    I’m the lucky one who know the golden voice of Geeta dutt and rafi sahab

  2. Vijay says:

    An excellent article by Walijah Sahab. It brings out in great detail the songs
    sung by the inimitable duo Mohd. Rafi and Geeta Dutt. Most of us have listened to
    CID , Kala Bazaar etc some of the more popular songs. Thanks again for this lovely article.

  3. Prem Kumar says:

    Yet again Yash Raj has proven that it lives up to its high levels of expectation when it comes to music. Their latest release, an album titled Kaisi Kategi Zindagi.. , is a musical journey comprising of some incredibly rare gems composed by the late Madan Mohanji.

    The highlight of the album is that the songs have been sung by one of India’s most beloved singers, Mohd. Rafi saab.

    Together the duo’s immense talent has provided us with some of the most critically acclaimed songs in Indian history.

    Songs like, Sawan ke mahine mein, Kar chale hum fida, Aapke pehloo mein, Meri awaaz suno, Tum jo mil gaye ho, have been in the minds and hearts of fans for many years indeed.

    The release of the album is to commemorate the legendary singer’s 31st death anniversary and these ten songs are actually recorded masterpieces, which were unreleased due to the films being stopped midway.

    This album will definitely create waves amongst fans and admirers alike and will be a worthwhile addition to our favorite CD collections.

  4. Utthara says:

    Walijah sahab, namaste. Sorry for responding so late to this wonderful article.
    It’s like a mini thesis on Geeta Dutt. It was a delight to read it. You are like an encyclopaedia. Such a wealth of information. In fact, all your articles give a lot of informatin along witha bahut khoob analysis.

    One more song __ jane kahan mera jigar gaya ji___Mr & Mrs 55. his Saturday and Sunday, Times Now ahd Geeta Dutt special–a very touching tribute to the woman with velvet voice.

    Bahut shukriya



  5. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Haldar ji, other Geeta Dutt fans and Music Lovers,

    New Channel ‘Times Now’ carries a series ‘Total Recall’, a programme dedicated to one or the other legends of golden era of music. Normally one artiste is the focus of an episode. Today it was dedicated to Geeta Dutt. It was very well compiled and excellent episode with in-depth focus on Geeta’s songs, career and life. It will be repeated at 8 PM today (Saturday) and twice again tomorrow on Sunday (12 noon and 8 PM): Please recheck the timing.

    I am sure you will greatly like the maker’s effort. I hope on the next week-end (July 30-31), the programme is going to focus on Mohammed Rafi as the day will happen to be his 31st death anniversary.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  6. Ahamed Kutty says:

    respected walijah saab,
    it is hard to acknowledge each and everybody by mentioning
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    great rafi saab.we are with you sir.we need only good article
    on rafi saab. it is our duty to comment to give you more
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    with all the best wishes.

    ahamed kutty

  7. Ali says:

    Hi all, pickup any name with mohd rafi we will find super hit….

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    Dear Rafians ,

    I take liberty to express my gratitude for the heart-warming response to my little effort from the distinguished rafians.

    @ Man Mouji Sahab, as usual your comments are more supporting my write ups as I have seen earlier to several of my articles, I simply salute you for your untiring support.

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    @ Prasad ji, Your nice comments are most welcome. I truly admire your appreciation.

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  9. Syed Zameer says:

    Walijah Sahab,

    I am very glad to read this write up, May God Bless you, you are so honest in your writing as the facts and information presented is nearly perfect.

    Muhammad Rafi Saab was an outstanding singer and one of the most influential playback singers that our part of the world has ever produced, a sweet voice which captured millions of hearts and whose songs touched all generations.

    A very nice and meaningful write up depicting the duets of Rafi Saheb and Geeta Dutt ji, no one can sing like Rafi saheb. A beautifully rendered songs though older stuff fifty to sixty years by now, the singer pair remains sweet as ever. The songs selection is superb and everyone’s favourite.

    This is a humble and gentle tribute to two great singers of golden age of hindi film music.

    Thanks and greetings to all rafi fans.

    Syed Zameer

  10. Binu Nair says:

    Post 23 Dinesh JI…. Mohd Rafi songs…..always touched the soul for it had divinity and eternity…

    I remember my early days of being a mohd rafi lover. just listening to ‘baharon phool barsao’ or ‘teri pyaari pyaari surat ko’ or ‘ehsaan tera hoga mujhpar’ was enough to turn this 15 year old in to a life time mohd rafi lover during the 70’s when kk was improving his form .

    i will wish to pray tributes to my school friend uday pillai who used to sing rafi songs of prince, khilona, jeene ki raah, aya saawan jhoom ke during our “free periods” with such superb fluency that we used to think : ” how this person gets all the lyrics and tunes of the songs before the release of a movie.”

    yes, friends. my inspiration for being a mohd rafi lover goes to my mother, sister, uday pillai and mohd rafi saheb himself – whose musicals we attended without fail.


    walijah saheb: you always write intricate articles on our music legends. its always a pleasure to read, enjoy and indulge in nostalgia of the golden era of music.
    we all love it aur ye dil maaange more….


    from the rafi foundation
    Mumbai: Cell 0 9833 250 701

  11. nafisa says:

    This is a wonderful and thought provoking article. Surely if Geeta dutt had been less troubled in her own life her output would be much more than 1200 odd songs . She added her own different colour to the songs she sang, mostly for SDB and OPN, in solos as well as duets with rafi. A few more songs that are worth mentioning here are :

    Solos :
    1. Preetam aan milo (Mr. & Mrs. 55)
    2. mera sunder sapna beet gayaa (Do Bhai)

    Duets with Rafi sahab :
    1. Chal diye banda nawaz ched kar mere dil ka saaz (Mr. & Mrs. 55)
    2. udhar tum haseen ho idhar dil jawaan hai (Mr. * Mrs. 55)
    3. Rim zhim ke taraane leke aayi barsaat (Kaala Bazaar)


  12. AHAMED KUTTY says:

    Dear walijah saab,
    you are doing an exemplary work on one of the most
    outstanding artists of the world – rafi saab. the knowledge
    and hard work – it is an asset for this divine site.

    my ardent desire is to write some articles on rafi saab
    but my poor knowledge about him and his songs did not
    permit to do so.can i request you to write about the songs
    – with pre mukda and with landing notes since both the
    ways of rafi saab’s songs are very beatiful and no other
    singer is near to of his songs with landing note
    is from the film “suhagan” “mere pyaar me tuje kyaa milaa”
    i did not know how many times i heard the song only to hear
    the landing note “yahi faisala…..”since the repeatation of
    the same word which is going high and high and the
    sweetness on the high note – only rafi saab can do it.

  13. LUCKY says:

    Dear Mr. Walijah,

    An unparalleled, classy and sheer energetic write up. Of course, the songs mentioned were the best of the best of Rafi-Geeta duets. The write up is nothing less than spirited and lively. Its characteristics distinctive and inspired. “- are smooth flowing and vibrant”. I wish it surely doesn’t make bore, goes smoothly. In other words it is effective, Impressive. Actually, same as but so much of information makes it more impressive growing from strength to strength. The signer pair certainly made with a great amount of velvety voice of Rafi Sahab and unique distinguished voice of Geeta Dutt. There is a more old-fashion feel to it. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the write up along with the highly enjoyable songs-both classical & romantic songs that take us back to 50’s and 60’s.



  14. Y. Sharif says:

    Janab Walijah Sahab,

    Rafi Sahab is the ultimate goal for music lovers. People crossing the age of 45-50 years love and adore Rafi Sahab songs because that is the right age to appreciate the singing prowess of the greatest singer of the sub-continent. Just take any song of Rafi Sahab for example and put it for repeat play and listen it for 24 hours, do not get bore or fatigue. A very experimental truth, believe it.

    Walijah Sahab, Masha’allah behad khubsoorat mazmum likha hai aapne. I am just happy to read and love the songs mentioned therein. The first 17 selected songs are the classic of Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt Ji. Marvelous, Just marvelous!!!

    Please keep enlighten us all rafi lovers with your brilliant writing and topics.

    Thanks & regards

    Y. Sharif

  15. Prem Kumar says:

    Dear Walijah Saab,

    I absolutely loved this write-up after reading it. it is bright, breezy and entertaining , and in my mind it was much more than that. And I genuinely mean it when I say it is my favourite so far, even surpassing the outstanding (if somewhat misunderstood) the earlier ones. What I loved most about Rafi-Geeta duets was its energy. The duets for me has more energy than any of the other singer pair, and its energy is truly genuine at that. Two reasons especially make it so. One is the writing, I wasn’t expecting the writing to be this sharp, breezy and informative , looking at some of the previous work the writer has penned.

    Finally, it is simply stupendous, breathtakingly refreshing richness and warmth. In conclusion, a wonderful write-up.

    Regards to everyone.

    Prem Kumar

  16. Dinesh Patel says:

    I would consider myself to be a die hard Rafi Saab fan! As far as I can remember, the first song I heard was, “Jhoom Ke Gaa Yoon Aje Mere Dil” from the film Patanga in 1972, I was born in 1969! It’s only recently that I found this songs and my wife noticed tears from my eyes, I told her it was probably the first song I heard. Family members were obviously big fans of Indian cinema/music and there was always a big debate whether Rafi Saab or Mukesh was better. To be honest, I liked various songs by all the singers but I was told that as a baby as soon as I heard Rafi Saabs voice I would stop doing whatever I was doing! I’ve had so much joy and pleasure listening to Rafi Saab, to me he’s the greatest of them all, he is GOD!

  17. RAJA says:

    Whatever appreciattion I say is very less what actually this article deserves. All that credit goes to Shri Walijah Ji whose write ups are to the point and conveys the complete meaning. That’s the reason I like his articles. His writing may be simple but effective.

    The duets of Rafi-Geeta is class of its own. All those songs mentioned in the write up is well researched and great ones. I do not want to say much otherwise it sounds as ” Chota Moo aur Badi Baat”.

    Thanks again Walijah Sahab and the rafi site to remember the glorious days of hindi film music which definitely belongs to golden period. All this credit goes to the administrator of this website. Hats off to you sir.

    Thanks to everybody… Long live Rafi Saab.


  18. P. Haldar says:

    post 19:

    Mr. Bhagchandani,

    I echo your sentiments. Life is full of twists and turns, and poor Geeta was at the receiving end. Look at the way Guru Dutt, O. P. Nayyar and S. D. Burman treated her. If it were not for what they did, Geeta would have surely been the No. 2 female singer and could have even given some competition to the No. 1 female singer. Asha is a phenomenal talent and I don’t want to take away anything away from her. She did a marvellous job in emulating Geeta in her initial years, but can you ever imagine Asha singing “Aaj sajan mohe ang laga le janam safal ho jaye”, composed by Dada in the Bengali kirtan style? Asha is extremely versatile but when you listen to her bhajans, your mind wanders away somewhere else.

    And here’s a personal view which goes against the conventional wisdom: Dada could never extract from Asha in those Lata-less years what she had extracted from Geeta earlier; from Do Bhai to Baazi to Pyaasa to Kagaz ke Phool, Geeta was outstanding. It was O. P. Nayyar who really catapulted Asha to the top before Chhote Nawab took over the reins.

    “waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam
    tum rahe na tum hum rahe na hum”

    P. Haldar

  19. Kabeer Aman says:

    Walijah Sahab,

    I am very much pleased to congratulate you for this informative write up on the duets of Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt, whose duets echoes a special sensation and masti ka alam that spread all over. My favourite song “gareeb jan kar” from Choomantar, a very lovely duet, I never tires to listen this duet and the matchless composition by OP Nayyar sahab is lajawaab. The rest of the songs are fabulous and classics. It is treat to retro music lovers.

    My hearty compliments to all rafi fans

    Kabeer Aman

  20. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    In category of female playback singers, the No. one spot will undisputedly go to Lata Mangeshkar. But in my personal opinion, the No. 2 spot does not ‘automatically’ go to Asha Bhonsle. She is ‘one of the 3 contenders’. The other two being Geeta Dutt and Suraiya. Depending upon one’s choice, anyone of the three can be chosen for No. 2 spot. My personal choice is Geeta Dutt. (I have a feeling that Haldar ji will tend to agree with me). Geeta’s voice had something ‘special’. She could sing sensuous songs without bringing the element of cheap populism. She can sound absolutely devotional in Bhajans, can bring out nuances of romance in the duets, many of which Walijah saab has mentioned in this wonderful write-up.

    O.P. Nayyar, because of her personal equation with Asha Bhonsle, almost discarded Geeta after a brilliant musical innings with her. In one interview O.P. Nayyar had conceded that when once Geeta had called him and asked why he no longer was summoning her for songs, he had no reply to this inconvenient question. And then Geeta’s personal life went through a turmoil, which ultimately led to her death at a young age of 42. But for these reasons, Geeta would have been more talked about singer than she is.

    Her duet with Rafi are in class on their own. My compliments and admiration to Walijah saab for this brilliant essay.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  21. P. Haldar says:

    Walijah saab,

    Very good article on one of the most vibrant duet pairs of hfm. Both Geeta di and Suman ji migrated from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) to Bombay, and sang numerous hit duets with Rafi saab.

    Geeta di sang several memorable songs in Bengali. Here’s a favourite of mine, composed by Hemanta Mukherjee (Hemant Kumar), picturised on Suchitra Sen:

    I’ve often said this before: Geeta’s voice had Lata’s sweetness and Asha’s sensuousness.


    P. Haldar

  22. rlarora says:

    Rafi Sahib sang songs with number of female singers and he always had the smiles. He is not with us but his songs always keep him with us. it may surprise to many that I dont listen any song where I dont find Rafi Sahib’s voice and when i switch on TV Button when i hear Rafi Sahib’s voice, i start listeing to him. He was not a man but an angel. Even after 3 decades of his death I get more and more pleasure in listening to his songs and miss him more and more. A simple, God-fearing, soft spoken and helpful to the needy that he was, it is very difficult to find another Mohd. Rafi in this universe.

  23. Narendra Yadav says:

    Dear Mr. Walijah,

    Whatever you write on Rafi website is always readable and likeable in many ways. This one the duets of Rafi – Geeta is one of the examples for that one, first of all those stuff (the songs and the rest of the information) rarely viewed and read by the net community. The subject and topic is as old as the songs itselves. All those songs mentioned in this article are not less than 50-60 years old but the touch of the singers is a classy one. The intoxication of these songs is entirely different and takes us in another world. I want to turn the attention to the first mentioned 17 songs are the classic ones. I like them all.

    I wish you all the best and God bless you.

    – Narendra

  24. ANEES says:

    A glowing tribute to Rafi Sahab and Geet Dutt from a familiar writer on Rafi Forum that is our Walijah Sahab, I just convey my thanks for the write up, it is indeed a very lovely piece of writing.

    The second one the duets I like most of the duets mentioned in it especially
    these ~
    Hum aap ki aankon main (Pyasa)
    Rim jhim ke tarane leke (Kala Bazar)
    Aankhon hi ankhon main (CID)
    Gareeb jaan ke (Choomantar)

    those are my favourite duets. A well balaned and smooth flowing article in a simplistic way. I like it, thanks again

    Regards to all rafi fans


  25. Shabana says:

    Nice and beautiful article on duets of Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt ji.

    A simple tribute to the great singers from Walijah Sahab.

    Thanks and many thanks for your great painstaking research on the article. The new generation may not be aware of the yesteryear singers, this is a nice way to revive and remember them. Rafi site is the right place to promote such encouraging efforts.

  26. A. Almas says:

    Walijah Sahab, ASA

    A very pleasant article on two great singers. The article is as light as feather but at the same time heavier than the elephant. This time you have written on the topic of Geeta Ji and Rafi Sahab whcih is very much praise worthy. The duets mentioned in the article are excellent and belong to the golden age of Hindi film music. I do not have words except to praise your articles.

    Once again thank you for posting a very nice write up for rafi fans.


    A. Almas

  27. Dear Walijah sahib, very good & informational article on geetaji and rafi sahib. rafi sahib sung duets with every leading female singer at his time and gave hundreds of memorable hits. with geetaji it was not an exception. i want to add few more… ai dil hai mushkil jeena yahaan, jane kahan mera jigar gayaji.
    regards, Birendra Singh

  28. sdchaugule says:

    Dear Walijah Sab,
    Major songs are nicely covered in brief. It took me into feeling nostalgic of my younger days. There are some beautiful songs before Aar Paar era. Ham Ko Chod Ke Kahan Jaavoge (Shrimati 420 – 1956) music by O P Nayyar. Regards.

  29. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    “Aaaye meherban” is sung by Asha Bhosle in the movie “Howra Bridge”
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  30. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    ASA, Janab Walijah Sahab, As usual very informative and well researched article. Hearty congratulations.
    The first duet of these two legends was from the movie “Maan Sarovar”, in 1946, music by S.N.Tripathi and lyrics by S.K. Deepak – Jai hind, jai hind, yeh hind ki kahaniyan.
    The last duet of Geeta ji and Rafi sahab was from the movie “Subha zaroor aayegi” in 1967, music by C.Arjun and lyrics by Jaan Nisar Akhtar – Gori milana ho milnare, nadiya ke paar, na baba na.
    This information, I took it from Mr. Saleem-ul-Haq’s book on biography of Rafi Sahab.
    Walijah Sahab, Gusthakhi maaf, I want to add two more very popoular duets from the movie “Panchaayat”, MD, Iqbal Qureshi and penned by Shakeel Noomani.
    1) Haal yeh kardiya zaalim tere tadpane ne
    2) Chunak chunak taam tai thaiya

    With reagrds to all Rafi lovers,
    A die-hard fan of Rafi Sahab,
    Shab Bakhair,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  31. santosh says:


    A great article I must say.A topic which has not been touched upon so far,And I dont have words to express my admiration for ur writing skills.They seem so simple and yet convey the meaning clearly.Great write up sir great.And greater are the singers Rafi saab and Geeta Dutt. As rightly pointed out they both left this world at a young age.Both wil remain alive through their songs.May god bless them heaven.

  32. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear walijah sab,

    Enjoyed reading a very well researched article.
    Geeta Dutt had charm in her voice had distinct qualities of naadaniyat and sharaarti.
    Rafi and geeta have given some light hearted duets that are evergreen.

    Thanks for the write-up.

  33. Shyam Chirravoori says:

    Walijah Sab,
    Nice write-up as well as topic.
    “aaeeye meherban“, I think is not sung by Geetaji.You may verify.

  34. Prasad says:

    The best of best article on the subject of duets of Rafi Sahab with Geeta Dutt Ji. I think the newer generation has to know and remember the musical legacy of Hindi Film Music which has undergone a sea change in recent times. The duets mentioned in this article are all classics. Really Geeta Ji’s life was cut short and died at a tender age of 42, as some says the life begins at 40. And Rafi Sahab left this material world too early at 55, kaash kuch din aur is duniya main rehte……….

    Walijah Sahab, a true rafi fan, depicting the colourful singing of Rafi Sahab in various shades and different aspects. well done Sir, very great write up.

    I think all those songs mentioned above mostly from the films of black & white age, we proudly call it Golden Age of Hindi Film Music.

  35. She is out of sight but many of Geeta’s songs endure in appeal even today and make us mourn in memory of her life so sadly cut short through emotional damage.

    yah khudaa – aap intey berehem kyon ho ?

    walijah sahab – laajawaab

    lagey raho – god bless you shab,

    ramesh narain kurpad

  36. Hashmat Alvi says:

    Very beautiful article on Geeta Dutt ji and Rafi Sahab. I want to thank Walijah Sahab to post this informative and knowledgeable article. I remember geeta ji’s songs that are mentioned in the beginning of the article. all those songs were very popular in those days. specially the duets “Hum aap ki aankhon main” from Pyasa what a super duet rendered by Rafi Sahab and Geeta Dutt ji and the beautiful composition of S.d.Burman Sahab.

    It is very nicely written article on the forgotten singers, and it is just the revival of the great singers on this site. I simply appreciate the writing of Walijah Sahab which is far away from pomp and show-off language. It looks very natural as if some teacher is explaining to his students.

    Very nice article…. long live Rafi Sahab

  37. Zaheendanish says:

    Walijah Sahab, This article is very nice paricularly for younger generation, they need to know so much about Rafi Sahab, your article fulfills this deficiency, and I am very much appreciate it. Rafi Sahab the legendary figure in music world have been elaborated various writers, his colorful different aspects of singing in various styles, but your style is unique and above all in simple prose. After reading this article I came to know so much about Geeta Dutt ji and her songs. Your greatness lies simply in your simplicity. Hats off to you sir, I remain

    always a Rafi Fan …..

  38. Man Mouji says:

    Janab Walijah Sahab,

    It is very nice of you to post this not so familiar subject/article. a marvelous effort to bring out the combination of Rafi – Geeta. It is generally liked the combination such as Rafi-Lata, Rafi-Asha, Rafi-suman etc. combinations that were well remembered to the maximum extent. Being in many ways the dry subject. though it is tough job to write such an article on forgotten personalities, but your article brings the color to the rafi site. you have trodden this time on the different path. I simply salute you for yet another feather in your color cap, this article that brings about the legendary rafi Sahab partnership with other popular female singers.

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