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Photo Album

There are many photos of Rafi Sahab and various events in tribute to the legend uploaded on Hamara Photos website. These photos have been contributed by many fans, taken from their camera, mobile phones, scanned from newspapers and magazines.

To see Mohd Rafi Sahab’s photo album, please click here.

To see stills and shots of various events, please click here.

If you have any photo of Rafi Sahab or events covering tribute programs, etc not listed on Hamara Photos website, please upload it on the site or email it to us.

For speedy publishing, it is better, if you upload the pictures directly to Hamara Photos. Here are easy steps to do so:

  1. Go to Hamara Photos –
  2. If you do not have an account at Hamara Photos, go to Register – and proceed to step 3.
  3. If you have an account at Hamara Photos, go to the Login –
  4. After login, click on Upload File – which will take you to the upload feature at Hamara Photos.
  5. You can select upto 10 photos at one time to upload. Select the pictures from your computer to upload and click on “CONTINUE” button.
  6. The next screen would inform you about the status of the upload – how many success and/or how many failures. If success, click on “CONTINUE”.
  7. For each of the uploaded file, Hamara Photos will ask you details. Please enter the relevant details. Please ensure that you select “Mohd Rafi” as the album if you are uploading pictures of Mohd Rafi. If you are uploading fan’s programms, events or tributes, please upload them into “Mohd Rafi Fans” album. Click CONTINUE.
  8. After all the files are uploaded, Hamara Photos would inform you about the status of the upload.

The albums – “Mohd Rafi” and “Mohd Rafi Fans” are public albums. The photos uploaded into these albums, will go through an approval cycle. Approval is generally done within 24 hours. Incase you do not see the photos you uploaded in the respective albums, please send an email to photos{[at]}, replace {[at]} with an “@” when you are sending the email.

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