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The Magic of Rafi with the Melody of Ravi

Written by Bina Krishna

Musical Nite on Dec 19th by Baar Baar Rafi

Musical Nite on Dec 19th by Baar Baar Rafi

The month of December has always been a month for celebration and anticipation for Rafi Bhakts, as it is his birthday month.

This year, with just days to go for the 85th birthday of the Master of Sur, our beloved Rafi Saab, his worshippers from the Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club of Bangalore had geared themselves up on December 19, 2009 to transform a cold winter weekend into a warm and cozy one.  On that beautiful winter evening, all roads led to Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan on Miller’s Road. Rafi Bhakts who had converged from all corners of Bangalore, not to mention from Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai, and, indeed, from several corners of the world (Toronto and Dubai), to hear The Magic of Rafi Saab, and soak in the fire of Srikant’s voice, had the added honor of being in the presence of one of the most celebrated Hindi Film Music Directors of all times, the living legend, “Chaudavin Ka Chand” Shri Ravi Shankar Sharma.

Sri Ravi Shankar Sharma

Sri Ravi Shankar Sharma

Entering a hall buzzing with people eagerly waiting to get in, I could feel the palpable excitement among the crowd.  And as we, Rafi Bhakts, settled ourselves snugly into the seats in anticipation, the curtains parted revealing a beautifully-lit stage in the backdrop of the majestic photographs of Rafi Saab and Ravi Jee that was completely and gorgeously primed up with an 18-piece beautifully arranged orchestra – all eager to give their rhythmic best to the 1200-strong audience…The aura of Rafi Saab’s presence was already there! And it reminded me of my first tryst with Rafi Intense night from BAAR BAAR RAFI on August 17, 2008, of which I still carry very pleasant memories.

Right from the first song, as Srikant welcomed the audience with gusto with Rafi Saab’s Aaja Tujhko Pukare Mere Geet Re from Geet until the curtains reluctantly dropped down with Din Saara Guzara Tore Angana Mere Yaar Shabba Khair on an audience very unwilling to get up from their seats, except for tumultuous standing ovations, the atmosphere was one of thunderous claps and boisterous ‘once more’ cries!

Rafi Bhakts and Ravi Saab

Rafi Bhakts and Ravi Saab

Rafi Saab Ki Baatein - Ravi

Rafi Saab Ki Baatein - Ravi


We Bangloreans had the marvelous fortune of having the haloed presence of Ravi Jee in our midst on that eventful Saturday evening.  Ravi Jee, who was present with his daughters and granddaughter, regaled the audience with anecdotes of his interactions with Rafi Saab.  He even sang the mukhda of ‘Door Rehkar Na Karo Baat’’ one of his best and most popular compositions, which made many a heart stop for an instant or made many a pulse race, depending upon which affected you most, the singer or the song..!!

Srikant then beautifully sang some behtareen gems tuned by Ravi Saab to perfection.. Chaudvin Ka Chand Ho, Jaane Bahar Husn Tera Bemisaal Hai, and Choo Lene Do Naazuk Honton Ko..


Ravi Saab was felicitated by the President and Committee Members of the BAAR BAAR RAFI FAN Club who expressed their gratefulness to Ravi Saab for accepting our invitation and coming all the way to Bangalore.  At the ripe old age of 83 years, his youthful attitude and the enthusiasm in his voice when talking about his songs and Rafi Saab was marvelous to behold and he is an inspiration for all us!  We were thrilled when he created a jingle and dedicated to all at Baar Baar Rafi!

Bekhudi Mein Sanam

Bekhudi Mein Sanam

Tumhari Nazar Kyon Khafa Ho

Tumhari Nazar Kyon Khafa Ho

Woh Jab Yaad Aaye

Woh Jab Yaad Aaye

Nagachandrika and Sinchan, the dulcet-voiced female playbacks accompanied Srikant, Raj and Hemanth for some awesome duets like Bekhudi Mein Sanam, Woh Jab Yaad Aaye, Tujhe Jeevan Ki Dor Se, Jo Wada Kiya Woh, Tumhari Nazar Kyon Khafa Ho Gayi.

Musicians ke baare mein kuch khaas bolna chahti hoon….The Sound of Music orchestra performed in an outstanding manner, the percussionists were in their element, the female artiste on the mandolin and sitar was exceptional, the notes of the flute and the saxophone were superb…all this led by a zealous conductor who even did a little jig with Snigdha Kemkar in Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyaar Tera….not to talk of the impromptu performers doing the twist, the cha cha cha, the jive combined with Shammi Kapoor antics…


Aur Snigdha ki toh baat hi kuch aur…Fresh from interviewing Ravi Saab on the radio, she was dazzling, at her talkative and informative best that prompted the twinkle-eyed Ravi Saab to say an impromptu shayari on her!!

The Magic of Rafi

The Magic of Rafi

The foot tappers could not resist shaking that leg

The foot tappers could not resist shaking that leg

Ab thoda un laajawaab gaanon ke baare mein bata doon jinhe sunkar hum jhoom uthe the…Bahosh-o-hawaas was mindblowing, had the audience thirsting for a repeat and Srikant-don’t-go-away shouts…melancholy melted the awestruck crowd with Sau Baar Janam Lenge, Woh Jab Yaad Aaye, Ab Kya Misaal Doon, Jaag Dile Deewana, Kya Se Kya Hogaya, and Babul Ki Duayen…and songs like Ishaaron Ishaaron, Baar Baar Dekho, Nain Lad Jayi Hain, Main Kahin Kavi Na Ban Jaaun, Dil Pukare Aa Re Aa Re Aa Re, and the Qawalli, Shirdi Waale Sai Baba had the foot tappers going wild.  Exhibiting his repertoire, Srikant was particularly awesome in two songs, the wistful and intense Yeh Mehelon Yeh Takhton and Oh Duniya Ke Rakhwaale, the true test of pitch and octave…and Srikant shone through in both songs.  In fact towards the end, with the audience’s demand for their favorite songs escalating, Srikant could manage to sing a few lines only of more than 6-7 songs, due to paucity of time..

This is what one zabardast fan has written in a feedback to Baar Baar Rafi within hours of the conclusion of the program:

“There are concerts and there are concerts. Dissect the Rafi / Ravi nite conducted by Baar Baar Rafi Bangalore on the 19th December, and you’ll not find anything more than just one more great concert – great singing, screaming fans, good orchestra.

Blessed to be in Raviji's Presence

Blessed to be in Raviji's Presence

Narayan and Ashok honoring the living legend

Narayan and Ashok honoring the living legend

But dissecting is not how you’d analyze what happened that day. It was a tribute to one of the greatest singers, and one of the greatest composers of our time. The whole atmosphere was charged with the pulse of what the music of the 50s and 60s represented; an amalgamation of the great poetry of the time, music that was scored to bring alive those lyrics, and Rafi saab’s singing that converted songs into a means of nourishing the soul.

Srikanth’s delivery, stage presence, and humility was the foundation on which the night was built, compered by the charming Snigdha, whose gentle questions made Ravi Saab tell the story of how some of these songs were created.  The end result was much more than the sum of its parts – it made us reach for our handkerchiefs as much as lent us wings to fly into that magical world where art became the food that 1200 people shared while bonding as one.

Ask not who sobbed that day: every tear came from a collective eye, every sigh from a single heart, every exclamation from a fused togetherness. It mattered not which song was sung; the feeling was exactly the same.  It was a night that allowed us to feel that we are one if we wished to be and never alone, and that unity transcends the duality of the nayyah and the toofan; of the milan and the judaai – there was no telling who the singer was and who the listener. The observer and the observed were the same.

We are still at Ambedkar Auditorium. Our bodies returned home, though.”

Need we say more?


And while still submerged in the Rafi/Ravi nasha, we celebrated the Farishta’s birthday on Dec 24th, with the same devotion that we do every year. The highlight of our celebrations this year was the program for the evening where 35 children from a charitable trust along with their staff members were invited and all of us at BBR thoroughly enjoyed their time with us…it gave us an opportunity to become children ourselves….hum bhi agar bacche hote….playing “passing the parcel” and “musical chairs” along with them.  We decorated the stage with kites of various colors, including black kites (Rafi Saab’s favorite color for kites,) and balloons, and all the members who attended contributed generously.  The gift corner was overflowing with the love shown by each and every member. The goodies were distributed to these adorable little children aged between 4 and 11. A lovely large cake was cut by the children to the singing of Baar Baar Din Yeh Aaye…Members sang some peppy numbers enjoyed by all..and after a hearty dinner, the children were transported back safely to their home..


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78 Blog Comments to “The Magic of Rafi with the Melody of Ravi”

  1. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Bina ji,

    Many thanks for sharing Ravi ji’s talks. It shows how greats were all those Rafi Sahab, Shakeel Badayuni, Ravi ji and Guru Dutt.

    Thanks and best regards.


  2. ritesh kuamr says:

    i am very proud to say rafi sahib is the no.1 playback singer of all times and i am a big fan of him. Daily i listen to at least 10 songs of rafi, which is in a very special mood of rafi . Rafi is the god of playback singing.

  3. mohanflora says:

    Thanks for the nice report of the programme on Rafisaab,Binaji.
    Great feeling on seeing such events being organised by the Bengalurians.
    Here is a clip on another event honoring the maestro:

  4. Annapurna says:

    Dear Bina,

    After reading your write-up all I can say is you are truly a Rafi bhakt.

  5. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Dear Ms Binaji & Members of BBR,
    such a delightful & accurate reporting of the event. Magical words that are so crystal clear as if all those activities are happening live in front of the reader. A combi of Gods gift & the highest passion for Rafi sahab! Thanks for sharing all the happenings, anecdotes in your replies to comments from us readers. Pl circulate the schedule of such programmes in advance to enable some of us from other cities to be a part of these events.
    Heres wishing U ALL & all Rafi bhakts A very Happy, Prosperous, healthy & successful 2010. Lets see the tempo being upped & many more programmes on the Legend we refer to as rafi sahab.

  6. Bina says:

    Dear Alka:

    Hey so good to hear from you. Of late, you seem to be missing most programs..kya baat hai? Kaam toh hota hi rahega..par Rafi saab ke programs tumko zaroor relax kara denge..missed u on the 19th…!

    For more photgraphs of the program do log on to

    Mr. Ranga Rao:

    I presume you stay in Bangalore and were out of station on that day. Was that why you missed the program. Both the songs that you have mentioned were sung on that day.

    Jawaid bhaisaab:

    Rafi Saab ke biraadari waalon ka salaam kubool keejiye
    Baar Baar Rafi ke naam ka salaam kubool keejiye
    Kooche se uske baashindon ne sabko yaheen se salaam kiya
    Kuch khaas toh nahi bas paigaam-e-aam kubool keejiye

    ek Meer ka line use kar liya hai..maaf kee jiyegaa agar kuch galti ho gayi ho tho..


  7. BINU NAIR says:

    A Better Tribute to Rafi Saaheb will be when the bbr team would stage a concert in an open ground with 5000 people attending in bengaraloo.
    the legend would love it.

    Kudos for the “neat” arrangements of stage and backdrop, the article and all other aspects of the programme.

    binu nair,
    rafi foundation : 0 9833 250 701….

  8. n k v ranga rao says:

    Binaji ,i felt very happy and jealous of u people because we could not attend the program. But i felt as if i was there while i was reading the review. The great singer’s some of great numbers came from RAVIJI. I have got around 50 songs of their combination, i like “jane bahar husne” and “door rahakar na karo baat”. You can forget any body but not RAFI saab.

  9. Mohan says:

    Dear Bina,

    “Ehasaan mere dil pe tumhara hai doston” is a song I should be singing to you all at BBR – Bangalore! While thanking you for the acknowledgement, Bina, let me hasten to add that your description of the event is unparalleled; what comes directly from the heart speaks in a language all on its own; and each of us could feel your excitement, your love for the music, your gentle affection for each Rafi fan as we read each line.

    Bas tum likhti jao; and keep that love for Rafi saab, his music and his fans flowing.


  10. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    bina ji aadab….
    shukriya aapke jawab dene ka, “rishte mein to hummm aap ke bhai hote hain aur naam hai ‘jawaid’….. aap poochhengi kaisa rishta?? to rafi saaheb ki parastaari ke sadqe hum sabhi chahne walay to usi zanjeer ki kadiyan hain jiska naam rafi hai.
    aapke jazbe ko salam karta hoon aur dua karta hoon ke aap is mohabbat ko yuunhi door tak baant ti chalen aur rafi saheb ki mohabbat ki roshni ko door phailati rahen.

    rafi saheb ke liye……..

    uska kirdaar hai shaffaaf aaine ki tarah
    jo bhi dekhega usay khud mein sanwar jaega

    uska chehra bhi dil aawez hai suraj ki tarah
    jis taraf dekh le woh noor bikher jaaega.

    duaon mein yaad rakhen

  11. Bina says:


    You have great faith in me and that faith is a source of great support for me..

    For you, your favorite of Rafi Saab’s

    Anil Cherian:

    We also had some fans from Kerala attend our program, whom Ravi jee very enthusiastically talked with..he thrilled them by singing some of his compostions in malayalam (not in the auditorium, but at a one-to-one meet)..i could see the love that he holds for malayalam cinema…you are so right in saying that many a time he has not got a deserved award for his wonderful compositions..

  12. dr. Jai.Ketwaru says:

    All of you, thank you very much for so much love for the singing miracle of India: Badsha Mohamed Rafi saab.I am feeling my self very Happy that we have meet each other twice ,when he was on tour in the Netherlands.My brother and I, we have writed the Dutch text on the melody of :baharoo phool barsawo”.On the stage I supported him . I was the Dutch announcer.I have learned very much from him: hospitality ;musicality;patience,etc.etc.His natural voice is more beautiful ,then via recording.I am staying this time half of the year in Surinam (South -America),and the last half of the year in Holland.So.I want to be in touch with your fanclub.Please write me on my Because I want to visit your festiva; if organising round this singin Miracle .I have a lot of data about him. Many regards, Jai.Ketwaru

  13. Bina says:

    Mohan mere pyaare bhai:

    I know you have moderated your comments because of jet lag…but let me tell you that without your zabardast contribution this article would have been incomplete..thank you for being here and with BBR and giving us the good fortune of ur company over these last few days..

    I know you will love this song and its meaning…look i have added the music..!


    More strength to your craziness…this forum is filled with likes of you..

    Sanjeev Kumar bhaisaab:

    Aapne itne pyaar se likha..aapke shabdon ne dil ko choo liyaa…bas ek Rafi Bhakt hi itni narmi aur saadgi se apni baaton mein pyaar dikha sakta hai..

    Main dua karti hoon ke Lucknow mein Rafi Foundation is kadar badhe ke aap bhi aise hi programs jald organize karen…aur Lucknow waasi uska mazaa aur anand len…bas vishwas aur rafi saab ke prati pyaar se yeh kaam palak jhapakte ho jaayega..keep up the good work Sanjeev..

    tumhari behen

    Binu jee:

    Your love for Rafi saab is very well known..our program was only a depiction…in your own words that you have put forth so beautifully..
    may a thousand flowers bloom and a musical renaissance follow…… it will be cherishable…

    Thank you so much for the unbridled support..


    For the sheer love of Ravi+Sahir, a song for you in appreciation..but in the voice of Rafi Saab’s shagird, Mahendra Kapoor..this is one of my top favorites of Ravi Saab…a tune and lyric that again and again strikes at the heart’s chords..i a am sure u too will love it..

    aap aaye toh khayal-e-dil-e-nashaad aaya


  14. Alkha Puranik says:

    Hi Bina

    The article is absolutely great. It is straight from the heart as everybody else has said.

    Compulsions at work kept me away from the evening. But I lived all the moments through you. Thank you very much


  15. Bina says:

    Dear Sabi:

    Hugs and thanks…your stoic never-say-die attitude is something that I am in awe of…need you here for the next program at BBR.

    Dear Emdad:

    I have already shared some reports of Ravi jee’s communication with all.

    One interesting story he told us was again about the song babul ki duayen…the function was the wedding and bidaai of Rajinder Kishen’s daughter..Ravi jee had promised the host that he would sing a song during bidaai and he had made all arrangements to start singing the song as soon as the wedding was over and bidaai ki rasm commenced….this was before the song or the movie was released. He sang the song and there was not a single dry eye in that crowd…Ravi jee narrates how actor Rajendra Kumar came up to him sobbing asking him from which film this song was..!!

    Dear Samina:

    You are a very dear fellow Rafi Bhakt and such a terrific young one at that….hum toh aapke fan hai…feels good that I will be seeing more of you around..

    Dear Jawaid Saab:

    Aapne hamari itni tareef ki..uske hum shukr guzaar hain aapke…hum toh bas Rafi Saab ke Bhakt hain aur jo bhi hamare zubaan ya kalam se nikalti hai woh sab Rafi Saab ka den hai..

    “jo hamaray dil, dimaag, jaan, rooh, soch aur yaadon pe raaj karta hai
    shayad yeh wohi hai jiska naam rafi hai.” yahi sachhai hai.,,

    Thank you very much on behalf of BBR…

    Dear NRP:

    You might have guessed who the zabardast fan that I have quoted was…it is, of course, Mohan…the words there came straight from the heart, so infused with emotion he was during the program…!!

    And for excellence in writing I look up to both you and Mohan..baaki sab falls in the lap of Rafi Saab…the smile on his chand sa mukhda is the real inspiration…

    Habib Saab:

    Bilkul sehmat hain hum aapke itni khoobsurat se banayi hui misrah se..


  16. Anil Cherian says:

    Thank you Binaji for a wonderful commentary of the occassion and for the follow up post# 31.
    Let me add something on Raviji’s Malayalee connection. He is much loved in Kerala and we consider him as one of our own (just as we consider Rafi sahab as one of our own). Our own Rafi (K J Yesudas) has sung many superb songs under Rafiji’s direction- one or two being tunes originally composed by Raviji for Rafi sahab. Chitra, as you mentioned, grabbed one national award under Raviji’s direction and she speaks very highly of the great (but sadly under-rated) artiste.

  17. Bina says:

    Dear MVK:

    So glad that you and Radha were able to attend this function. Doston, he came all the way from Mumbai to attend.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement.

    Dear Shashank:

    I too have heard Narayan jee talk about you. You are most welcome sir and thank you..

    Dear Vani:

    It was wonderful to have you and your relatives from Dubai that day. Your words are too sweet..smillee..

    Dear Chandan:

    Much as we missed having you with us to witness this event, I know that you had a greater celebration at Calicut on Dec 24. A million congratulations for giving a show that created frenzy among yours and Rafi Saab’s fans in Calicut!!

    Dear ASM:

    Your words and actions that are loaded with passion for Rafi Saab are always a great source of inspiration to all of us at BBR..

    We too missed having you and NRP with us, and look forward to another show with you in our midst..

    Thank you for your hausla afzaayee and there is no greater gratitude that we can express other than sharing our happiness with all of you..

    Rafi-Ravi combination ka mera ek pasandeeda gaana aap ke liye pesh karti hoon…(in fact it is really special for us all in Adaab Rafi..isnt it?)

    Dear Bijoor Saab:

    Sar jhukakar aur dil pe haath rakhkar..thank you very much for your very kind words…

    Bas aapko batana chahti hoon ke aaj subah hi sun rahi thi ek gaana Ravi jee ka banaya hua Rafi Saab ki awaaz mein…raaze dil unse chupaaya na gaya..what a beautiful song! for your listening pleasure sir..


  18. krish says:

    Dear Been:

    Par excellence!! Any writer who can cling on to the reader’s mind has won his attention. You have poured your heart out, and i am sure any one who was not fortunate to attend this function would have got a ring side view, as the events unfolded.

    Yes indeed, Ravi saab’s presence added weight, Srikant’s rendition brought back memories of the legend, the musicians’ score the blend, Snigda the glitter, BBR showed their organising class, and now your write-up summed it all up.

    I can hear the audience / readers saying, “once again”.


  19. Bina says:

    Dear Bhagchandani jee and Haldar Saab:

    Aapke comments padhkar bahut khushi mili. Bahut shukriya..
    You are absolutely right about the Ravi-Asha combination…wonderful songs…with MK too he had major hits…my favorite being aap aaye toh khayal-e-dil-e-nashaad aaya…MK gave his best for Ravi jee and gained popularity through his songs…the BR clan refused to work with Rafi Saab…par Waqt ke title song ke liye Ravi Jee insisted on having Rafi sing it aur unhone Rafi Saab ko bhi mana liya tha is gaane ke liye..


  20. Bina says:

    Anwar jee and Mr. Harshad Bhatt:

    Anwar jee, jaise aapna chaha, I would love to share with you some anecdotes of Rafi Saab, which Ravi jee shared with us…

    Harshad, Ravi jee ke coordinates abhi toh main nahi jaantee, par milte hi aapko zaroor bataa doongi.

    I will mention a few stories with you here about Rafi Saab ki baatein…Ravi jee ke zubaan mein..

    Ravi Jee did share that he has always set the tune to the lyrics, by making a number of tumes, just like you have mentioned Harshad..he never created a tune and then had lyrics written for them. Khaas kar ke, he mentioned the song Yeh Zulf Agar Khulke Bikhar Jaaye toh Acchha..Ravi Jee asked Sahir, ke Sahir Saab isnt sometihing missing from the mukhda..shouldnt it end with Acchha Hai or Acchha Ho…Sahir Saab ne kaha nahi yeh toh itna hi hai..phir Ravi Jee sochte rahe ke yeh kis tarah tune kare and jab finalize ho gaya tune toh unhone Rafi Saab se “acchha” shabd ko allag alag tareeke se gaane ko kaha,aur Rafi Saab ne usme apne kuch aur tareeke is khoobsoorati se jod diye, the result of which was bemisaal!

    In Chaudavin Ka Chand, the situation of the song was that of the hero returning home to find his wife sleeping and he breaks out into a song regarding her beauty. During those times, it was the fashion to have a song in which the name of the film appeared, so Ravi Saab suggested this to Shakeel, who gave the mukhda of this historic song over the phone! Thus he and Shakeel Badayuni together took only 5 minutes to compose this masterpiece. After recording it Gurudutt felt that because of the nasheela way in which Rafi Saab had sung it, it would not suit the scene and needed to be re-recorded. Because of Rafi Saab’s lack of availability, the recording kept being postponed. At the same time Rafi saab was doing stage shows and he made the song very popular After seeing this Gurudutt himself mentioned, “kya is gaane ko phir se record karne se yeh kya aur bhi bada hit ho jaayegi jitna ke yeh ho chuka hai?!!” .. so they kept the original recording..

    In the same sitting Gurudutt wanted to know how Mili khaak mein muhabbat was shaping up as well.. So Ravi ji sang it.. Gurudutt listened to the mukhda hundreds of times..he loved it so much…needless to say, this was his favorite song in the movie..

    Chaudvin ka chand won Rafi Saab Filmfare best playback male singer and Shakeel Badayuni best lyricist award, but the best music director award unfortunately, dodged Ravi jee, though he was nominated for it..

    Neel Kamal songs were being finalized and Rafi Saab as usual came at 8 a.m. for listening to Ravi jee’s tunes. It was the tune of Babul Ki Duayen..Rafi Saab heard the mukhda sung by Ravi and straight away fell silent. Slowly tears started forming in his eyes and when Ravi jee enquired ..kya baat hai, aap kyon udaas ho gaye, Rafi Saab told him that he had just performed the engagement of his daughter the day before, and on hearing the song it had moved him. We all do know that Rafi Saab seems to have sung this song with a heavy heart and on hearing this story, we know why too..

    Ravi jee also spoke of Malayalam Cinema.. He is fondly known in Kerala circles as Bombay Ravi and has been giving melodious music in Malayalam Cinema since last 20 years.. Infact he has won a few Kerala State awards for best music director and his song sung by Chitra for the film Vaishali has won the national award.


  21. Siva says:

    Bina ji,
    Thanks to you for giving such a wonderful report-also thanks to the entire Baar baar Rafi club for remembering our farishta in such a grand manner. i really felt bad that I was not there. Anyhow your writing compensated by making people like me to at least virtually enjoy the program.
    Recently I heard one forgotten gem by Ravi-Rafi combination in film Yeh raasten hai pyar ke–Zulf lehrai teri—after listening to that I really wonder how such a great composer never got his rightful due.
    Ravi+Rafi+Sahir=Sheer poetry dipped in honey

  22. binu nair says:

    the saint singer can move mountains and people – from around the globe – even after three decades of his leaving us.

    take a census of “great indians”who left us that long ago…… mohd rafi will quite easily nip any candidate to the popularity post.
    the government acts blind as always ( it will “not” honour rafi ji ) – but the people know “who” their real heroes are.

    long live mohd rafi….


    bina ji and the bbr team : simply great. it was nice to see bbr wish of having ravi ji with u that musical day…….. it will be remembered for a long time.
    may a thousand flowers bloom and a musical renaissance follow…… it will be cherishable…

    simply wonderful……it is.

    binu nair

  23. Sanjeev Kumar Dixit says:

    Respected bina didi,
    I am putting my hat in your feet for writing this article directly from your heart and congratulating to BBR’s members especially to mr. narayanan ji, Ashok ji and you for the great success of this programme in Banglore.
    The most important thing of the programme i think, the presence of great MD of Indian cinema Mr. RAVI JI.
    I am thinking now after reading this article- “KAASH MAIN BHI IS PROGRAMME KA EK HISSA HOTA.”
    Really you all doing a great work in Banglore for RAFI SAHAB. RAFI SAHAB ke liye jitna bhi kiya jaye kam hi hai.
    I also started to create a group of RAFI SAHAB’S fan in Lucknow, with great inspiration of Mr. A s murty, Mr. Narayanan, Mr. Binu nair.We are new at this plateform and all of yours blessing are required.
    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit
    founder, Rafi foundation, Lucknow Chapter
    ph- 09450092822

  24. Imran says:


  25. gansharma says:


    One should write music to your writing – it’s what happens when you write from the heart. Beautiful description of a magical evening; I could relive every moment of that fantastic night. The fan from Toronto is back there – but somewhere in Ambedkar stadium lies a piece of his heart, and your article made him all too aware if it.

    My heartiest congratulations – do keep it up, as I know you will.



  26. habib al saqqaf says:

    Wah bhai Wah Aap ke tamam articcles hum ne padhe Bahot Maza Aaya.

    Aaj Sari Dunya Dhoond Rahi Hai Rafi Sahab Ku Mashriq Se Magrib Talk

    Aour Shumal Se Junoob Talk Un Ka Sani Koi Nahi Hai ( Rafi Sahab ) Aap

    Ko Aap Ke Baad Zamana Dhoond Raha Hai ( Jaisa Rafi Sahab Kahe the )

    Habib N,J USA

  27. harshad bhatt says:

    Dear Binaji,

    Very nice article…..keep writing such good articles.

    I am fan of all singers but my choice is Rafi saheb.

    About Raviji, I would like to narrate an incident way back in Hyderabad in India ( now I live in florida- USA). Raviji had come to Hyderabad and we had gone to the concert. After the usual singing by the artists, he narreted how they compose music for the song. It seems, for every song Raviji composes 4 or 5 tunes for the song and then depending upon the song situation, he decides to choose the compsition for the song. He gave an example …. the song was ‘rahaa gardishon mein haradam, mere ishq kaa sitaaraa’ from movie Do Badan. It seems he had made 5 tunes for this song and he sang the same song in 5 different tunes in front of us, out of wich one tune was a caberet and sexy type of tune.!!!! We were thrilled and gave a standing ovation to him and upon strong request, he sang the song too. And what a lovely voice he has!!!! It is a known fact that Raviji used to sing the song to his singers, incase the singers were not able to perform to his expectations!

    It almost 35 years ago, I had heard Raviji. but that incident and his greatness demonstrated by his method of composing and his rendering of the song in his own voice ,is still vivid in my memories.

    Binaji, I would be highly obliged to you if you can give me his phone number and his email adress or his home adress, so that while he is alive , his fans in USA would like to invite him and listen him live .

    my email adress is

  28. Padmanabhan NR says:

    “The end result was much more than the sum of its parts – it made us reach for our handkerchiefs as much as lent us wings to fly into that magical world where art became the food that 1200 people shared while bonding as one.
    Ask not who sobbed that day: every tear came from a collective eye, every sigh from a single heart, every exclamation from a fused togetherness. It mattered not which song was sung; the feeling was exactly the same. It was a night that allowed us to feel that we are one if we wished to be and never alone: and that unity transcends the duality of the nayyah and the toofan; of the milan and the judaai – there was no telling who the singer was and who the listener. The observer and the observed were the same. We are still at Ambedkar Auditorium. Our bodies returned home, though.”

    Ecstasic, sheer magic!!For me this paragraph was the essence of your brilliant description of that evening. I have attended many concerts including two of Rafi Saahab’s. But, the one’s which remain etched in your memory – and are available for recall – are the ones where a human element is dominantly pervasive. Although I was not present on the day, the overbearing sentiments expressed by you enable me to relate to the event directly. You have a natural penchant for understanding the soul of a happening and it gets transferred to the reader also. The activities that BBR in undertaking to re- introduce Rafi saahab to all of us – even involving lesser privileged children as rememberance to him – is commendable and needs to be emulated by all and sundry.

    Thanks for sharing those moments. With each passing day, you are rediscovering yourself. Keep it up, Bina.

    Padmanabhan NR
    Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter and Baar Baar Rafi, Bangalore.

  29. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    Narayan ji aur bina ji …..bahut bahut aadab
    Narayan ji aap ki farmaesh pe kuchh likhne ki jisaarat kar raha hoon, pehle to Bina ji ko mubarakbaad dena chahoonga ke unho ne itni khoobsurti se poore show ke roo-daad ko apne shabdon mein qaid kiya aur kitne khushnseeb hain hum ke hamari “RAFI BIRAADRI” mein aise aise log hain jo khud apni zaat mein chand aur sitaron jaise hain.
    Narayan ji se baatein hui baad mein jab mila to unka diwana ho gaya,Binu ji ki jitni taareef karoon kam hai, Umesh Makhija ji ke pyar ka kya kehna, Hashim Khan jo apne aap mein ek misaal hain aur yeh saare aur hum log usi sooraj ki kirno se roshan hain jiska naam “MOHD.RAFI” hai.
    Ravi saheb ka uss programme mein shareek hona hum sabho ke liye bahut sammaan ki baat hai, Khuda unki umr daraaz karay. Rafi saheb ki aasmani aur roohani aawaz ke ek khaas andaaz ka unho ne jitni khoobsurti se istemaal kya uski misaal mushkil hai, Raha gardishon mein har dam, yeh zulf agar khul ke bikhar jaaey, jitni likhkhi thee muqaddar mein, teri aankh ka jo ishara na hota jaise bemisaal naghme Rafi aur Ravi sahebaan ki jodi ka hi aavishkaar thay.
    Srikant ki bahut tareef suni hai unhe sunne ka ittefaq ab tak nahi hosaka, agar ap log kabhi yaad karlen to shayad……..
    Bar Bar Rafi apni kaawishon ke liye mubarakbaad ke mustahaq hain

    teri judaai ke ehsaas se pagal hi ho jaate
    magar aawaz ne teri hamen sambhaal liya

    dil mein to pyar basta hai
    ragon mein khoon behta hai
    dimaag mein aql aur soch baste hain
    jism mein rooh aur jaan baste hain
    yeh kaun hai???
    jo hamaray dil, dimaag, jaan, rooh, soch aur yaadon pe raaj karta hai
    yeh wohi hai
    jiska naam rafi hai.

    jawaid naseem

  30. Samina says:

    Bina ji, kya baat hai…. Mazaa aa gaya 🙂
    You write so well, I have become your fan as well 🙂

    That concert was my first ever concert dedicated to Rafi Saab. Thanks to Manish I got ticket in the last minute and the rest is history…..

    Talking to Ravi ji in person was like a dream come true….
    Thank you Baar Baar Rafi


  31. emdad says:

    It would be very interesting and useful in future if some one writes what Mr. Ravi said about Mohd Rafi in the function. We heard many things from the Rafi fans but not many from the mds/musicians worked with Rafi. few mds worked with Mohd Rafi are still alive. If they can be interviewed exclusively talking about mohd Rafi and contemporary singers, and their comments can be compiled it would be very useful to evaluate Mohd Rafi. It will also help future biographer of mohd rafi. mds’ comments about singer carry more weights than a fan having no technical knowledge about music.

  32. sabimanoj says:

    Your article was so descriptive and captured the event so realistically, I felt,I had actually witnessed the programme and could almost hear all the songs being sung.I did not miss being there.Continue writing with the same passion always.
    God Bless You always!!!!!!!!!

  33. bina says:

    Dear Guruji, Vinatha, Devraj Saab, Raji, Mukund, Narayan, Asha, Ramesh jee:

    My dearest friends of BBR, this article is written by me as a humble member of BBR, for BBR and Rafi Saab, and dedicated to all of you and each and every member of BBR..for your enthusiasm, for your love and support, and for your encouraging participation and presence…

    baar baar shukriya mere pyaare doston aur rafi saab ke bhakton…


  34. MR D P BIJOOR says:

    Great write-up on the great show orgainsed by the Baar Baar Rafi Group. Binajee as usual you have been excellent in narrating the memorial show so effectively as if we all were their in the auditorium.
    Rafi Saabs birthday & Ravijee present on the ocassion made things virtually more sweeter than ever. It was a combination par excellance mainly since right from the first film of Ravi titled “Vachan” these 2 legends are together and have in the vicinity have given us those unforgetable gems never ever to forget.
    To sum up the issue here is a great melody from dear Rafi Saab with Ravi — “Sau bar janam lenge sau bar panam honge hai jane wafa phir bhee hum tum na jooda honge”
    Hats Off to you Binajee

  35. A S MURTY says:

    Hello Bina,

    First a STANDING OVATION to you !! There are articles and there are articles (there are concerts and there are concerts…..) but almost actually re-presenting a music show of such great magnitude just cannot come from anyone. It has to be someone who has who relished every single moment and also documented the entire programme, from start to the finish, in her body and mind. the impact that it created showed in every sentence of your article and I mean it Bina. I could go on to extensively quote several of your remarkable lines, but the article is simply loaded with these quotable quotes. I now feel as though I did not miss the programme at all. The entire team of BBR needs to be complimented for organizing such a huge and highly successful show. From the stage setting, to the fantastic banner, to the colourful and neatly seated orchestra, the sight of srikanth narayan and other singers, the jam-packed auditorium and the thorough professional way of conduct of the programme should rate it as one of the programmes dedicated to Rafi Sahab in recent decades anywhere in the country. You have described the contributions of almost all involved in the programme – from the chief guest Raviji to membes of the orchestra and from Shrikant Narayanan to all the other singers.

    BBR’s foray into some charitable activity on the 24th Dec also is very commendable and the name and image of all the Rafi Bhakts gets enhanced by such activities. Kudos to you all at BBR.

    Bina, please convey our deepest appreciation to each and everyone at the BBR and we at Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter congratulate all of you.

    Hyderabad Chapter.

  36. Chandan says:

    Excellent article! I read it many times..Dunno how many times! It was as if I was there, next to all of you..! Could’nt have narrated it better..! But almost at the same time..I feel I have missed a great evening, if it was not for my program at Calicut on 24th Dec 09.
    Many many compliments for a great article from your pen..

  37. vani murthy says:

    Bless you my dear Bina ! you have an amazing way of narrating and that too so passionately.It is a pleasure going through your articles.Rafi Saab is a true Hero who has captured the hearts of many and continues to live in them. Congrats to all those who made the evening so very memorable and a sheer joy ! Congrats Bina ,you are truly talented and such a radiant person!

  38. shashank says:

    Superb article Binaji. The fact is it is really good news from bangalore fans that you all have arranged such a remarkable programme inviting the guest like yesteryears music director Raviji with you all. What can I say, I have no words to say more. Really grt8! Keep it up u all Bangalorean fans. Soon I will join with you all.


    shashank chickermane

  39. m v krishnan says:

    An absolute gem from your mighty pen Bina! As I read your article the whole scenario of 19th DEC unfolded again in front of my eyes. I relived and relished every moment as you have included minute details of that wonderful program. Shrikant’s singing was sensational on that day and I felt he gave his best in front of Ravi Saab. Ravi with his rich repertoire of anecdotes enriched us with plenty of Rafisaab tidbits. All in all a memorable program now embellished by your beautiful write-up. Thank you Bina!

    M V Krishnan

  40. asha says:

    Hi Bina,
    As Usual Excellent write up!! I always enjoy reading your articles!! You have captured the event so wonderfully;-))


  41. P. Haldar says:


    Great write-up on a great show. My heartfelt thanks to the organisers for honouring ravi ji, who is not only one of the greatest md’s but also one of the greatest rafi bhakts. It’s also good to see our old friend narayan ji on stage.

    Happy New Year to all Rafians!

    P. Haldar

  42. binajee,

    every passing day you are blossoming into a very complete writter. aapkaa likhney kaa andaaz bhut hee original aur behtereen hai.

    i for one felt i was back to the 19th and once again going through the magical evening.

    to me personally, only two people stood out very tall and actually carried the entire evening just encompassing with their sheer personality how great an avataar was rafi sahab.

    yes – i am talking about :-

    1) Shri. Ravi Shankar Sharma
    2) Shri. Srikant.

    the former needs no adjectives as you so very beautifully said everything there is to be said about the great music composer.

    the latter is what i consider a spectacle for us in bengaluru.

    to me srikant on stage singing any of the slow melodius numbers – close your eyes – voila – the feeling i get is rafi sahab being played on the radio.

    he has an uncanny resemblance to the maestro’s voice and his humility adds to this persona of the act he performs in singing those songs.

    srikant always raises the bar for his own self every time he sings and he has never given a lack lustre performance when he takes up rafi sahab’s songs.

    ofcourse how can i forget saying a word of praise for our own honored member and rj – the classy, sizzling, shining star performer and compere – the one and only SNIGGY. she fires everybody up after setting the stage on fire.

    just imagine – even ravijee made a poem on her – isnt it cute.

    thanx binajee for a nice post – you have fully justified the magic of the evening and rafi sahab’s un paralled supremacy.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  43. Narayan says:

    Hats off Dear Bina for writing an article straight from ur heart.. You have reliven the great evening enjoyed to almost a frenzy by the 1200 audience.. The musical orhestra performed their best with the lving legend and melodious Ravi sahab enjoying every moment. The Sitar Lady was awesome, Jairamji was superb in keyboard and accordian, Alex Sir From Chennai played the Claornet and saxophone captivated all hearts, Parabhai with his long hair struck in unison with the percussion and Tabla exponent Raghu was in his elements.
    The whole show was carried well by the one and only Srikant who is following the footsteps of his Farista Rafi sahab.. And what a glory he reached with high octave songs from Pyasa and Baiju bawra..
    Srikant also took the enthusiastic crowd under his trance and we all experienced the Magic of Rafi sahab at every moment..
    He was ably supported by the female singers Sinchen, Chandrika and Hemant n Raj..
    Our prominent member snindha carried herself as we all know her as a dynamic compere and anchor which she proved it amply.

  44. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Happy New Year to you Binaji and all music lovers.

    Binaji through this write-up you have given us a perfact new year gift. I could actually feel the atmosphere of the wonderful event. Your narrations were apt and brilliant.

    Some words about music director Ravi. I feel that he is one of the musical legends. He has given us some melodious songs sung by Rafi saab (in films like Chaudavin Ka Chand, Nai Roshni, Waqt, Aaj aur Kal and many more). Mahendra Kapoor perhaps has given his best songs under the baton of Ravi. Asha Bhonsle too gave some of her gems under Ravi (apart from O.P Nayyar), though I have never heard her acknowledging it.

  45. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Bina ji,

    Brilliant narration on a great program. You beautifully conveyed the marvellous atmosphere created in that extra-ordinary program. Specially the presence of Ravi Sahab is worth noting. He was indeed one of the greatest composers of our sub-continent. Many congratulations to conduct such a fantastic program and writing this beautiful article.

    Could you please share with all of us the anecdotes provided by Ravi Sahab in that program? I think it would be great information for all of us and another beautiful article from your side. Please consider this request.

    Thanks and best regards.


  46. Mukund Pandurangi says:

    Binaji, Wow! kya baat hai. Bahut hi khusurat se pesh kiya hai aapne. The Description was so very good that it really took us back to 19th. I really feel that kahin Srikant is sent by GOD to fill some portion of the vaccum left by our Farishta. He is really doing his duty to GOD in a great way. He was just mindblowing on that day. – Mukund

  47. Raji says:

    Hey Bina,

    If there are grand singers in the group, we have as grand a human in you who writes so beautifully straight from the heart. Your article made me relive the emotions and the highs of the evening of 19th ! Thank you for not missing out any of the beauty and the charm of that day ! Enjoyed it thoroughly !


  48. M V Devraj says:

    Bina: This is indeed a perfect reporting of the atmosphere,ambience,and awesome experience the audience, that thronged Dr.Ambedkar Bhavan on December 19, 2009, had. Srikant was at his best,giving us no respite from requesting him for some more. The musicians especially the drummers were excellent.And Ravisaab’s presence and his narrating the anecdotes connected with his various songs added flavour and fizz to an intoxicating magical evening of Rafi Music. Your write up and the pictures made me relive those wonderful moments. Thanks.
    M V Devraj

  49. Vinatha Rao says:

    your review of the both the programmes have brought out the essence of the day well.The programme with Srikant had been just as you have described.I really had a great evening listening to the songs.Raviji being there was also very memorable as he spoke of the songs.he had composed.The Birthday celebrations were also special with the kids.and the special things like kites added to the celebration.

  50. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:


    Great. The article was as great as the program itself, transporting me back again to the 19th evening. How lucky we are? We have nearly 5000 Rafi songs to enjoy, Singers like Srikanth to take us back to our younger days and an enthusiastic Rafi Fans group which is ready to do ‘any thing for Rafi Saab’. Add to all these, the presence of Ravi Saab with his anecdotes. What else a Rafi Bhakt needs?

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