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‘An Ode of Love’ to Mellifluous Mohd. Rafi

By Sunil Bhatt

Mohammed Rafi

Mohd Rafi Songs are for all Seasons and Rafi lovers formed the Rafi Foundation Trust in I.C.Colony, Borivli.

The pilot of the project is Binu Nair Ex-NRI who now devotes his time for his passion – love of Rafi Saaheb and Golden Era Songs. On Dec.7th, a full house of music lovers were treated to some
exquisite romantic Rafi gems at the Probodhan Auditorium under the title : “Romantic Rafi”

It will be repeated again at the same venue on Sat.Feb 15th with some great Rafi styled singers from the city.

Universally loved mellifluous singer Mohammad Rafi left us some 33 years back but his songs remain fresh as ever – even today.
A visit to Rafi’s final resting place at Santa Cruz on July 31st his death anniversary spurred BINU NAIR a NRI, music buff and I.C. Colony resident to form a platform for Mohd Rafi Lovers called The Rafi Foundation.

“Music, Melody and Mohd Rafi beg to be said in the same breath. Apart from the legion of Rafi lovers, I wanted the younger generation of music lovers to hear golden era songs – hence
I decided to form the Rafi Foundation , ” said founder – Mr Binu Nair.

The foundation has spread to many cities last seven years and has presented their popular musical : “An Ode to Unsung Composers” and “Romantic Rafi” to discerning music lovers at many venues.

“Nowadays, every week there is a Rafi musical in the city . This was not the case before as concerts were held on Dec . 24th & July 31st – Mohd Rafi’s birth and death anniversaries”, said Mr.Nair.

The biggest award ever given to Rafisaaheb is perhaps the place he has found in the hearts of music lovers across the world. Though the prestigeous Bharat Ratna Award has eluded the singer, for Rafi die-hard fans like Mr Nair, he is Bharat Ka Ratna.

Our aim is to bring rare melodies to the fore, support aspiring singers, honour lyricists and composers of the film industry.

Golden Era music is truly back…
Catch up Romantic Rafi – Part VII at Borivli’s Probodhan Auditorium
Sat.15th Feb.

Mohammed Rafi

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15 Blog Comments to “‘An Ode of Love’ to Mellifluous Mohd. Rafi”

  1. Rashika Verma says:

    Magician of voice

  2. BINU NAIR says:



    RAFI SAAB LOVER MR Direndra in Mumbai.

    The Rafi Foundation Trust is supporting the Book and we wish Mr Direndra All The Best in the Mission.


    From : Binu Nair
    cell : + 9833 250 701

  3. SURESH THANKI says:

    Dear Mr Binu Nair,

    Great work you are doing in promoting the Legend. I am Director of Live Indian Music Promotions Company in England. I promote Mohammed RafiSaab’s music on stage and I wonder if you are able to help me enhancing the Rafi Saab’s image amongst the music lovers in the UK. I need more materials and images of Rafi Saab in order to exhibit them in the Auditorium. Please reply to my e-mail address if you can. It will be much appreciated. Thanks again in anticipation.

  4. Zafar Ahmad says:

    Dear Mr.Binu Nair,

    I am writing to you from Lahore – Pakistan.

    Please add hundred of Rafi Sahab best songs in “Muhammad Rafi Radio”
    which are not on air in this Radio. Include songs of Naushad Ali, Shanker gi,
    SD Burman, Madan Mohan, Ravi, Khayam, Roshan, OP Nayar etc. Please do early.

  5. Karamjit Singh says:

    I am a Rafi fan like any other friend and often read mention of BR here and there
    on various occasions. I think we should not beg BR for Rafi Sahab as he is way above these worldly felicitations. He is like a Kohinoor for us. Let us preserve his memory in our hearts and pass on it to the next generation. Anyways thanks to the efforts of Binu Nair.

  6. SalRafi says:

    Kudos Binu Nair, I am really greatful for all the work you are doing the greatest singer and most admired person of my life Rafi Saab.

    Why so hue and cry that he is not bestowed with BR. Do you really want to make him in par with those really nasty politicians, artists who were received BR earlier because of their influence with the government?! Think of it Rafi Saab is beyond Bharat Ratna, he is universal Ratna.

  7. shammi says:

    I agree with Jayesh and Mohd Rafi fans should not except the fact that the bharat ratna has eluded Mohd Rafi, we as die hard Mohd Rafi fans on behalf of millions of other fans should try to overturn this unjustice because as Jayesh has quite rightly said everyone and anyone worthy or not worthy is awarded a padma shree award these days and Mohd Rafi’s achievements and love from is fans even 33 years after is his death shows just how much of an impact the great man had in the industry and the Indian goverment is simply insulting his memory and causing a lot of resentment from his fans by not bestowing the bharat ratna in his name. I like millions of others think it’s an insult to human intelligence to make us think that other artists whose achievements are far less worthy have been given this award. ABSOLUTELY DISGRACEFUL!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jayesh says:

    Are you happy with the fact that rafi saheb got only padma shree and nowadays even mediocre artists get padma shree and other higher awards? Even though such awards are given on the basis of political lobbying and political influence, I still maintain that a true and most deserving person like Rafi saheb should get bharat ratna, and that too at the earliest.

  9. K P Hassan says:

    All the efforts made by Mr. Binu Nairji to establish Rafi foundation and organizing musical functions in various occasions in the memory of great singer RAFI SAHAB is very appreciable. I offer my my heartfelt congratulation to Mr. Binu Nairji. I am sure that the young generation who seek to listen good and original music of our golden era will get a chance to find out the value of our legend singers and to enjoy their melodious songs through the musical functions being held in the memory of these great singers. Really we are encouraging youngsters to enjoy the best always

  10. u.k.achan says:

    kudos to Nair Saab for starting Rafi Saab, society;I take this opportunity to tell all my co-Rafi bakhtas to forget about “BR” for him;Rafi Saab is beyond any of these Ratnas;he is a one of a kind kalakar and a superb human being;moreover seeing the kind of people who get awards nowadays ,it is better he stands alone above any thing conferred by politicians;the other day I was hearing “Jab mohabbat jawan hota hai” a 1970’s hit and I tell you “aari chalti hai dil pe” and it is 44 years since he sang that song…that is the Magic Of Rafi Saab”.

  11. soni says:

    Good day to every one here.
    I very highly commend Raj for his comment On: “An Ode of Love” to mellifluous Rafi.
    Raj, I have noticed this treatment of Moh’d Rafi by present and past Gov’t of India and it did piss me off big time. I still believe that these administrations are riddled with religious and racist fanatics in it’s structure. In 2013, I made a comment on this site about the same questions that you are now asking explanations for.

    In my comment, was the explanation you are looking for AND, much more in detail. My comment lasted for about 3 to 4 days and was taken down or deleted by fanatics who cannot see the truth. They believe that they can sweep every thing under the carpet, but as every day passes, people the world over, knows who is really a bharat ratna by merit.

    This comment cannot be retrieved now, but I have a hand written copy at home now.
    My greatest respect to Moh’d Rafi Saab.


  12. ravi kumar says:

    good luck Binu
    Continue your efforts to let youngsters get to know about the genius
    The effort should be suitably planned to ensure the message reaches all corners
    let me know if i could join/contribute is some way

  13. Raj says:

    To me Indian government is diminishing the value of Bharat Ratna by not giving Mohd. Raffi the award. He is so deserving. He is an incomparable singer who can get you in and out off any mood with relative ease. His romantic, sad, upbeat and dance, qawalis to bhajan songs are sung with such ease and fluency that no other singer comes even close. Why has Mohd. Raffi not been given Bharat Ratna is beyond my understanding. We need to challenge the institution that selects the winner and understand why. And I am sure there is no reasonable explanation.

  14. ACHARYA SHAMMI says:



  15. SYDNEY ROY says:

    A great Job done Mr. BINU NAIR. i AM ALSO a malayalee who admire you for your valuable idea to organise Rafi fans. Wish you all success.

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