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Rafi and Madanmohan combination created artistic songs

By Dr. Souvik Chatterji

Mohd Rafi with Madan Mohan

There are two types of songs composed in Bollywood films. One form of the songs are those songs which are created for the sequences of the films and for public tastes. The other forms are those songs which are created to attain artistic excellence.

Madanmohan Kohli’s compositions for Mohammad Rafi fall in the second category. Majority of the songs composed by Madanmohan Kohli were in the form of ghazals.

In Bharat Bhusan’s film Jahanara, released in 1964, 2 of Rafi’s songs composed by Madanmohan were masterpieces including “baad muddat key eh ghari ayi” and “kisiki yaad me apna ko hai bhulaye hue”. In Sunil Dutt’s film Ghazal, released in 1964, all the songs sung by Rafisahab for Madanmohan were masterpieces including “rang aur noor ki baraat kise pesh karoon”, “ishq ki garmiye- jazbaat kise pesh karun”, “mujhe yeh phool na den”, “meri mehboob kahi aur milan kar mujhse”, to name a few. Sahir Ludhiyanvi wrote the lyrics of the songs. They were majestic by every musical standards. Madanmohan’s casting of Mohammad Rafi in those songs was point blank.

Rafisahab’s patriotic andaz was captured by Madanmohan Kohli in the film Haqeeqat in 1964. The songs “kar chale hum fida”, “yeh sochkar”, “hoge majboor usne bulaya hoga” still brings patriotic feeling in numerous Indians even 50 years after the creation. The romantic andaz continued in Shashi Kapoor’s film Neend Hamari Khwab Tumhari where the songs “husn jab jab ishq se takra gaya” and “kabhi tera daman na chorenge hum” were masterpieces.

In Dharmender’s film Neela Akash, in 1965, all the songs of Rafi Madanmohan combination stormed Bollywood including “akhri geet muhobbat ka sunalun”, “aapko pyar chupane ki buri aadat hai”. In Sunil Dutt’s film Chirag, the Rafi Madanmohan combination again created magic. The songs were outstanding including “chirag dil ka jalao bahut andhera hai”, “teri aankhon ke siva duniya me rakkha kya hai”. All the songs of Rafi Madanmohan combination in Dharmender’s film Dulhan Ek Raat Ki require special mention. The songs like “ek haseen sham ko”, “kisi ka kuch kho gaya hai”, were romantic in nature.

Even in female-centric films like Mera Saaya, Madanmohan and Rafisahab combination created gems like “aap ke pehlu me akar ro liye”. In films like Sharabi released in 1964, Rafisahab’s songs in intoxicating mood were captured by Madanmohanji in the right spirit, which included “kabhi na kabhi”, “sawan ke mahine me” and “mujhe le chalo”. In Bharat Bhushan’s film Naya Qanoon, all the songs of Rafisahab were gems and the magic with Madanmohan continued in the songs “unne qisa e gham” and “kuch aisi pyari shakl”.

In the 1970s also Madanmohan Kohli composed immortal tunes for Rafisahab. Some of the gems included “yeh duniya yeh mehfil” from film Heer Ranjha, “tum jo mil gaye ho to yeh lagta hai’ from film Hanste Zakhm, “barbaad muhobbat ka dua saath liye ja” from the film Laila Majnu. No one can forget the enchanting appeal of Rafisahab’s rendition of the song “tumhari zulf ke saye me sham karlunga’ another gem of Madanmohan Kohli. Madanmohan Kohli’s untimely death in mid-1970s ended the dream combination. But the songs and films are rich assets and huge amount of preservation is required to pay respect to the departed souls of Madanmohan Kohli and Mohammad Rafi.

Dr. Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article
Dr. Souvik Chatterji, the author of this article

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16 Blog Comments to “Rafi and Madanmohan combination created artistic songs”

  1. M.Meenakshi says:

    Dr. Souvik Chatterji,
    Some more songs of this magical duo come to mind. The sentimentally gorgeous
    ‘ Shamma mein taaqat kahan jo ek parwane mein hai’ from Naya Kanoon merits
    unequivocal attention. For variety’s sake ‘ Chal mere dil ke Udan Khatole ‘ from
    Gateway of India [filmed on Bhagwan] is another interesting choice. Two other
    duets from Neela Akash ‘ Tere paas aake mera waqt ‘ and the unreleased song
    ‘ Mere dilse aake lipat gayi'[both with Asha Ji] are worth pondering over on this

  2. R.Padmanabhan says:

    To Dr.Souvik’s article I may humbly add a few more shimmering gems like
    Zulf Bikhrati Chali Aayi Ho and Lo Ekali Muskayee [especially the slower version]
    from Ek Kali Muskayee. From Neend Humari Khwab Tumhare the solo Yoon Rootho
    Na Hasina for Shashi Kapoor merits mention for its romantic flavour. Who can ever
    forget the Qawwali type song [with Balbir ] ‘ Yeh Maana Meri Jaan Mohabbat Sazaa
    Hai ‘ from Hanste Zakhm in which the many harkaten in the Masters’ voice eggs you
    on to hear it again.

  3. Rohit Upadhyay says:

    very nice. I like Rafi saheb’s voice and Madanmohan ji’s composition.

  4. dr. d.b says:

    The writer mr. Souvik should be awarded the best writer award. Very informatve and entertaining artcles. Well done. May God bless u and ur family

  5. ameen yaseen says:

    Great article pay slute to there author.i think such great singer like rafi sahb need much more to inform world that why he is the greatest of all time.but this effort can not be forgoten

  6. Kapil says:

    Good to read an article on Rafi-MM but you should have mentioned some songs from the 1950s as well like Ashok Mehta did in his comment below. Although MM’s best in the 50s came through Lata, Rafi too sang a good no. of melodies for MM in the 50s. Rafi sang the following solos for MM in the 50s:

    1) Hum ishq mein barbaad hain(Aakhen 1950)

    2) Jab ladka keh da haan aur ladki keh de na(Anjam 1952)

    3) Ye dunia pagalo ka bazar sad version(Chacha Chowdhary 1953)

    4) Nazar mila le o dilruba(Dhoon 1953)

    5) Dunia ke sare gamo se begana(Mastana 1954)

    6) Mat bhool re insan(Mastana 1954)

    7) Basti basti parbat parbat(Railway platform 1955)

    8) Apna hai phir bhi apna(Bhai-Bhai 1956)

    9) Yeh Bhool Huyi Bhoole Se(Fifty-Fifty 1956)

    10) Kab tak tu bhagwan se(Fifty-Fifty 1956)

    11) Garibo ka pasina beh raha hai(Naya Aadmi 1956)

    12) Chal mere dil ke udan khatole(Gateway of India 1957)

    13) Hum abhi aata, tum abhi jata(Gateway of India 1957)

    14) Agar teri dunia mein ye gam rahenge(Sheru 1957)

    15) O maati ke putle(Sheru 1957)

    16) Aaya Karke Bhes Nirala(Sheru 1957)

    17) Idhar to hath la pyare(Akhiri Dao 1958)

    18) Tujhe kya sunau main dilruba(Akhiri Dao 1958)

    19) Bada hi C.I.D. hai(Chandan 1958)

    20) Bataa Mujhe O Jahan Ke Maalik(Ek Shola 1958)

    21) Hasino Sambhalo Apni Yeh Duniya(Khota Paisa 1958)

    22) Bol Bol Bol Bol My little dove(Baap bete 1959)

    23) Sochne ko lakh baatein soche insaan(Baap bete 1959)

    24) Haq maangte hain hum(Baap bete 1959)

    25) Oonche Oonche Mahalon Wale(Jagir 1959)

  7. Jitender says:

    Cheers for Mohd. Rafi Saheb! 🙂

  8. Ashok Mehta says:

    There are a few more rare gems of Rafi Madanmohan combination like1. Ye duniya paglon ka bazaar from Chacha Chowdhary 2. Ab vo karam Karen ke sitam from Marine Drive 3. Apna hai phir bhi apna from Bhai Bhi 4. Basti Basti Parbat parbat gata jaye banjara from Railway platform 5.Duniya ke saare ghamon se begana from Mastan 6.,Dekhta chalagaya main zindgi ki raah mein from Gateway of india 7. Mati ke putle itna na kar tu gumaan from Sheru 8. Bata mujhe o jahaan ke malik from Ek Shola .

    Ashok Mehta (8447770133)

  9. Vickash Ramsurrun (Mauritius) says:

    Rafi is my god.

  10. u.k.achan says:

    True;Madan Mohan Rafi combination was really outstanding;The Laila Majnu songs were out of this world;there was something special about these two…though we can see that goes for Rafi Saab’s combinations with Naushad,Roshan,LP,SJ….well any music director…that is Rafi Saab’s greatness.

  11. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Aliji, Rahmanji, Bhagchandaniji, Aroraji and Hemantji, thanks for the comments.
    It is very obvious that had great Rafisahab not being born, no other singer would have given right expression to the immortal songs of Madanmohan sahab. Talat Mehmood Sahab also sang great songs for Madanmohanji.

    But Rafisahab’s numbers in Bharat Bhushan’s Gateway of India (do ghari woh jo pass aa baithe), Pradip Kumar’s Adalat (zameen se yahi aasman par), Dharmender’s Aap Ki Parchaiyan, and numerous other films created benchmark of excellence.

    A level of excellence had been reached which cannot be matched.

  12. Ali says:

    Madan Mohan was a great mohd rafi fan ,

  13. M.I.Rahman says:

    Very true sirs, sometime it will not be wrong to say they were made for each other. Few other haunting ones to add to the list are Meri Awaz Suno from Nuanihal, Meri Duniya Me Tu Ayee from Heer Ranjha, Are Hasne Walo from Parwana, Tum jo Mil Gaye from Hanste Zakhm, etc. Also from the unreleased ones, Kaise Kategi Zindagi, Kadmo Me Tere Aye Sanam, Mehbooba Meri Mehbooba, etc. The depth & intoxication these 2 Legends had planted are still fresh & lively. In other words, they came together like a natural red rose & it’s natural fragrance still continues & Souvikji aptly named them as artistic songs.

  14. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Souvik ji… very good write-up on one of the most divine singer-composer combination (of Rafi saab and Madan Mohan). When movie Ghazal became a big hit, Sunil Dutt, had reportedly said, “The real hero of this movie is Mohammed Rafi, .”

    You have covered many songs of this combination. I would like add some more:

    1. Shama mein taaqat kahaan jo ek parwane mein hai… (Naya Kanoon)
    2. Tujhe kya sunaaoon main dilruba tere saamne … (Aakhri Dao)
    3. Zamin se humen aasman pat ditha ke giraa to na doge.. (Adaalat)
    4. Tu mere saamne hai teri zulfen hain khuli… (Suhagan)
    5. Tumse kahoon ek baat paron se… (Dastak)
    6. Main nigahen tere chehre se hataaoon kaise.. (Aakpi Parchhaiyaan)
    7. Chhadi re chhadi kaisi gale mein padi…. (Mausam)
    8. Jo Dekhta Hai Kahta Hai Kudrat Khuda Ki Hai…. (Naya Kanoon)
    9. Ab do dilon ki mushkil aasaan ho gayi hai… (Pooja ke Phool)
    10. Jis Din Se maine Tumhe Dekha Hai… (Parwana)

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  15. rl arora says:

    Dear Souvik ji
    you are giving great service to Rafi Saab’s fans. It not only adds to knowledge but it provides lot of entertainment. kinly keep sending such observations about our beloved Rafi Saab and I owe it to you.

    R L Arora


    Sir, songs like “Tu mere samne hai”, “Yahi hai tamanna”, “Main nigahen tere cherese” still hang around our ears even after 50 + years ! That is the Kamaal of MM (Madan Mohan-Md. Rafi) duo


    Hemant Sampagaonkar

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