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Mohd Rafi and Filmi Ghazals

This article is written by Mr. A.S.Murty

For Mohd. Rafi, ghazal singing must have come naturally. Having come from an Urdu background, he must have been influenced early in life with Urdu couplets and Ghazals, just like any other boy of his background. Hindi film music has produced many great Ghazal exponents and Mohd. Rafi is one of these greats. His added gift of clarity in voice, pronunciation and diction went a long way in presenting to the Hindi film music many a great ghazal composition. Some of the very best that come instantly to mind are (1) Mujhe Dard-e-dil ka pata na tha, mujhe aap kisliye mil gaye, (2) Na kisi ki aankh ka noor hun, na kisike dil ka karar hun, (3) Lagta Nahir Hai dil mera ujade dayar mein (4) Tujhe Kya Sunaun Mein Dilruba Tere Saamne Mera Haal hai, (5) Zara Sun Hasina-e-naznin Mera Dil Tujhi Pe Nissar hai (6) Bhari Duniya Mein Aakhir dil ko samjhane kahan jayen, (7) Gujre Hain aaj ishq mein hum is makam se, (8) Naseeb Mein Jiske jo Likha Tha (9) Zindagi Aaj mere naam se sharmati hai, (10) Door Rah Kar Na Karo Baat Karib Aa jao. There are many more which readers may like to point out.

From the film GHAZAL, the evergreen – Rang Aur Noor Ki Baraat Kise Pesh Karun – is one Ghazal for all seasons. The song was not only popular in the 60s but is hummed by all Ghazal lovers and Urdu poetry followers even to this day. Other two variations of the same Ghazal one each by Rafi himself and by Lata Mangeshkar from the same film – Ishq Ki Garmiyen Zajbaat Kise Pesh Karun and Nagma our Sher Ki Saugat Kise Pesh Karun were also equally well rendered. But the soul of that film and indeed of that era was the first song from this film.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd. Rafi sang many duets which are Ghazals and with all female singers alike. Notable among them were with Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle and Suman Kalyanpur. While he never tried to dominate, his superior singing always put him ahead of his female singers. Not that these three ladies did not justify themselves, they did splendidly. But they were left a notch too short when compared to Mohd. Rafi. Dile-e-betab ko seene se lagana hoga , Mijaze Garami Duwa hai aapki, Humsafar Saath Apna Chhod Chale are all examples of the highest standards of Ghazal singing by Rafi and the female singers mentioned above.

I sometimes wonder whether there will be music of any kind left in the Hindi film world after a few years. The way things are going – all noise and no sense of lyrics or compositions – leave alone any sensible singing – the doomsday is not further than a few years for the Hindi film music. The film industry must think about it seriously. They lyricists should write beautiful and meaningful poetry. The Music directors should revive the old magic of the yesteryears and the singers, for whatever they are worth, should learn from the great masters who have left behind them troves of treasurers in the form of tens of thousands of the best of music. Music companies would reap rich dividends if they compile the various moods of Mohd. Rafi life Bhajans, Romantic Songs, Sad songs, Ghazals, Patriotic songs, Qawwalis, etc. and release fresh volumes in each style.. These would sell like hot cakes and would also benefit millions of new generation music lovers who are desperately seeking to enjoy music where there is none these days.

Other notable Ghazals from the Rafi stable include – Tum Ek Baar Muhobbat Ka Intehan Toh Lo, Kal Raat Zindagi Se Mulaqat ho Gayi, Maana mere Hasin Sanam Tu Rashke Maahtab hai, Koi Nazarana Lekar Aaya Hun Main Diwana Tere Liye, etc. The list is certainly endless and I could add many more to it. But I would like Rafians out there to respond and interact by sending their comments and complete the list of Ghazals sung by the greatest singer of all times – MOHD RAFI.


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92 Blog Comments to “Mohd Rafi and Filmi Ghazals”

  1. sagar atre says:

    Hi this is sagar atre from Pune. I want to sort the list of Gazals sung by Raafi Sahab..Can anyone help me. I have about 20 odd gazals, know to me..plz plz plz let me know the details. … 9158867111

  2. I want to become a singer

  3. sanjay Shah says:

    Only true lover of Rafi saab can write like above. Is duniya main Rafi saab jaisa na koi hua hai or naa hi kabhi hoga. For music lovers like you and me, Rafi saab is God.

  4. npsays says:

    Excellent article and wonderful collection of songs of gods own voice – md rafi. ! Remembering – unke khayal aaye toh aate chale gaye , ye zulf agar khul ke bikhar jaye toh achha ! ..beautiful list of songs !

  5. Sunny waingankar says:

    Mohammed Rafi Sahab Ki Awaaz Ko Kabhi Nahi Bhul Payenga…. Agar Unke Gane Ki Awaaz Kaha Pai Bhi Suni Tho Vo Gane K Sath Har Koi Gun Gunayenge.

    “Sunny” My Contact No:- 917406585657

  6. Safu Ali says:

    Mohammad Rafi Saheb ki awaaz ko na hum bholayenge na bhola payenge.
    Bas inke tarane duniyan me gun gunayenge.

    “Safu” my phn No.+919986100872.

  7. Ashrafie says:

    Een zanger als mohammad rafi zal nooit meer komen Allah heeft hem gekozen als zanger de enige echte MOHAMMAD RAFI SAHEB, Ik ben zelf een grote fan van chach saheb.
    Met alle respect aan andere zangers van india wat mohammad rafi kon presteren met zijn diamanten stem kon een ander niet na bootsen,het is mohammad rafi gegeven door Allah een goed hartige mens leeft en laat andere ook leven.
    Moge Allah soebhaane we te alla mohammad rafi saheb een goed plaats geven in het paradijs en alle goede daden dat hij heeft verricht in zijn hof accepteren.Amien

  8. zain says:

    rafi sab voice is voice of heaven

  9. Noorullah says:

    god blass mohammad rafi and Ahmad Zahir the Afghan greatest singer, Mohammad rafi was the noncoming genius singer in the glob , i always listen to his nice and accepted songs , i am sure their are no singers can sing lik mohammad rafi , god send him to the nicest paradies ,

    Noorullah Azizi

  10. A S MURTY says:

    I am amazed at the comments that have been appearing at the end of my article written with a specific purpose to sing praise where praise is required. I agree that I neither have full knowledge of all the thousands of ghazals that Rafi sahab had rendered and also that I may have forgotten to add many more that are known to me. Suffice it to say, all I had intended was to write on a topic called ghazals from hindi films which were sung by rafi sahab. Sure many great comments have also followed my article and many more have given valuable inputs too. However, of the 82 comments so far received on this article, I find it very disheartening that almost half of them are not exactly comments on my article or the subject on which I had wanted rafians to react, but sadly and disgustingly they were nothing less than “war of words”. While sending a comment, the readers should stick to the theme of the article and may praise or criticize the author. But straying on to different paths and almost mudslinging one another makes no sense to me at all. I too go through all the articles that are published on the website every day and sometimes I do give my thoughts. But let us be sensible enough not to indulge in such petty squabbles as to make first timers visiting this website make it their last. We all like good music and we have the highest regards of the singers of the past, Kishore Kumar, Mukesh, Manna De, Mahendra Kapoor, K.L. Saigal and all the others from the distaff side. But still this is not the site for us to shower them with praises. There are several other websites which are devoted to musicians, singers and people from the glamour world and those who find the grass is greener elsewhere, let them stick to their fences. Why indulge in uncalled for diatribe with true rafi lovers ?? This website could more than just “moderation” before a comment is posted. It could delete a deregotary comment, if need be. That would filter most of the dirt-war that is unnecessarily generated. Think about it, Sir.

  11. Raghu Arya says:

    Hard to say becos any words or letters are not enogh to praise him the world is so unfortnate to miss him

  12. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Dear mr. sawant,
    I, on behalf of all ghazal lovers, thank you for posting such a nice and
    descried article. Your job is praisworthy.

  13. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Thank you very much Sawant Saab for the beautiful article on “GAZAL”. I feel we are using the word GAZAL very loosely and simply call every alternate song a GAZAL.

  14. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    A basic question. Can any body explain me what is actually a GAZAL?

  15. binus2000 says:

    Dear Raaj kumar akela…

    Pls. read post 71 of PEARL AND DO visit, spend
    some time and read responses to the article : Rafi vs. Kishore.

    Here some illiterates have put some roadside phrases for rafi saab
    which we vehemently object. They have no content and only limited
    vocabulary – for Kisore Kumar, you will find…
    Pearl it seems are supporting these illiterates and hence these war
    of words…. between us.. Besides some facts – about the music
    industry – upsets these narrow minded music lovers…

    binu nair
    binu nair

  16. Raajkumar Akela says:

    I wonder what this name “BINUS2000” is and what this name “PEARL” is !
    And they are biting each other…wah ! Lux kya scene hai ? Why do not they
    come out with their real names ?
    tairna hai to nadi me aao
    kinaron me kya rakha hai !
    Pyar karna hai to bahon me aao
    isharon me kya rakha hai !!
    this website is slowly changing into a battle-field where a continue cold-war
    can be seen between Rafians and KK fans.
    what a pity !
    music is a thing that takes us to heavenly mirth…but this dirty fighting is defaming music…

    rafi saab was always the best singer and a noble human being. The whole
    Bollywood knows this. Only a fool (like … … & …) can raise questions on
    Rafi Sabb’s talent and Godgifted ability.
    so friends, ignore few lunatics and enjoy the heavenly melodies of Rafi Saab.

  17. viswan says:

    debjyotis kkkalansand abhishek -all are rafi fans.they clearly know that some bad comments agaist rafi will surely ignite a detailed talk about rafi and his greatness.they are surely getting satisfaction from the subsequent discussions.some people are like this.they never say any thing straight.

  18. binus2000 says:

    Dear Pearl:

    Please Cool down and advise your debjyotis, KK kalans and abisheks to
    instead learn manners and don t call the greatest ever singer
    and humble mohd rafi — hai .. hai. Why dont you get excited when
    they call these treacherous words for Mohd Rafi…. D o you also
    belong to these sadak chaap school mr. pearl… if not… please
    disassociate from these sadak chaaps….and illiterates … who pen
    words in the Kishore Kumar website…

    You ask me whether I am a musically literate….
    Well I am a music lover… of vintage songs and of melodious songs of any genre….I speak to musically rich personalities everywhere and based
    on this, I give my views….
    I find your poser and views very idiotic and childish and I do hope
    you do not get personal in these columns……

  19. P.Narayanan says:

    To All Music Lovers n Rafians especially who are active in this great website
    We have only one birth to live and let us enjoy by listening to the greatest singing legend Rafi Sahab whose voice has mesemerised millions of music lovers across the world.
    So let us ignore Abhishek,Debojit n KKclan who are only one person and even if he cries fouly 1000 times that Rafi is ordinary compared to his favourite the Truth cannot change. Rafi Sahab is unmatched in Melody,Versatality,Range,Humility and Favourite of All listeners of Bollywood music field (except few like KKclan who blindly follows )
    Murty sir,
    Congrats for a qualitative article and no singer can match Rafi Sahab in quality n quantity Ghazal singing in films.

  20. Tahir says:

    all the song of Muhammad Rafi is very good

  21. Pearl says:

    Hi Binus,

    Sadakchhap aur musically illiterates ?

    Are you musically literate ? let me know about your musical knowledge.
    About writing the same on yoodleeyoo, haven’t seen such idiotic comparisons
    and bashing. If you can show me will do this there too.


    Hope, you will change your attitude and learn some manner.

  22. Mukesh Mehndi says:

    Rafi Sahab was a king among Singers, I don,t think somebody could be able to sing like him. He delivered thousands of songs with accurate imotions for every mood. Many many thanks to all those who shared collection of pictures and videos of Rafi sahab with others.

  23. sawant says:

    If we are talking about the filmi ghazals its ok, but if it is in general how we forget the ghazals which is composed by Mohd Rafi.
    -Chale a rahe hain vo zulfen bikere…………..there are more but I want another fan to put on his post. thx

  24. shobhit sharma says:

    u cant help yourself from listening to ghazals sung by the greatest singer ever late mohd rafi saab.They include; ghazab kiya tere vade pe aitabar kiya; yeh na thi hamari kismat; na shoke vasl ka dava hai na; kado gaqsu me shoke;unke khayal aye toh ate chale gaye; ek hi baat zamane ki kitabo me nahi; mene socha tha;teri to chand sitaron mein baat hoti hai; talkhiye main me zara talkhiye dil bhi ghole; to name a few. And as far as greatness is concern no need to say about him, for he outshines every personality in bollywood in both ways viz.talent and as a great human being.His simple yet complex style caused envy among his contemporaries including nightangle lata. Above all he is the greatest model of our secularism with bhazans of great repute.

  25. Raajkumar Akela says:

    how can i forget the scene of the movie “TEEN DEVIYAN” where my all time favourite dev saab is singing in a mushayara in a boat in kashmir and rafi saab is singing “KAHIN BEKHAYAL HOKE YUN HI CHHOO LIYA KISINE…”. double maja ! double entertainment !! one is the most handsome of all and
    the other is the most melodious of all. what a pair !!!
    jane kahan gaye wo din ???

  26. Anmol Singh says:

    Music of ‘Hum Dono’ was composed by Jaidev assistant to S D Burman.

  27. Prakash shah says:


    There are two gazal in TEEN DEVIYAN – by mohd.rafi (1) Aise to na dekho..(2)Kahin bekhayal ho ke by music director S.D.Burman,Also s.d burman given kabhi khud pe in hum dono and upar wala jan ke anjaan hai – kaala bazaar

    There are beautiful gazals by SJ in mere hazoor,aman.Ek naari ek brahmchari

    ANd LP has also given with rafiji some memorable gazals in mere hum dum mere dost,intequam,Jaal

  28. Prakash shah says:

    Tarif karoon kya unki jisne tume banaya

    This song sang by rafiji says much more for him,what else common people say about him

  29. P. Haldar says:

    The fact is that Amitabh became Amitabh on his own; forget music, he didn’t even need heroines. All the songs that have been listed in post no. 61 were sung much after Amitabh became a superstar. Anyway, none of the five songs listed qualifies as a ghazal, unless I am mistaken. In the article and the associated posts, Rafians have listed ghazals like Tujhe kya sunawoon main dilruba, Lagta nahin hai dilruba, Tumhari zulf ke saayen mein, Guzre hain aaj ishq mein, Koi sagar dil ko bahalata nahin, Kabhi khud pe kabhi halat pe, Hum bekhudi mein tum ko pukare chale gaye… and what kind of songs are being offered as comparison? Pag ghungroo bandh ke meera nache re. Rafians, let me warn you that there will soon come a day when they will say that this song is better than Madhuban mein radhika nache re. What is “de de pyar de”? I haven’t heard it; can someone tell me if it’s a ghazal, thumri or folk tune? Someone on the other forum stated that the song “Khaike paan banaraswalla” is the best folk song ever! Has the world gone crazy?

  30. Prakash shah says:

    Dear rafians,

    A film is whole teamwork,actor,director,M.director,singer,lyrics,etc.etc.

    No one can say that it is he who made sucsses,a song or a film

    Neither individual can make any thing one handedly,its a team work.

    But if one can analyisis and see whole filmy singers and hindi songs than it is naked truth that only Rafiji is versatile singers who had sings masti bhare geet,bhajans,qwallis,dard bhare nagme,gazals,with eual eas.

    Rafi sang many songs for amitabh before and after his stardom.A song from dostana – Mere dost e kissa kya hogaya is to be listen,to see that how he renderd perticular song that you can not image Kishoreda can able to sing with that depth.

    For rajesh khanna lastly he sang for mehbbob ki mahendi.

  31. Munmun Chakraborty says:

    Honestly answering…kishor was a popular singer when amitabh was just struggling. so nobody can say amitabh popularized kishor.
    but yes, when kishor sang a song “dekha na haye re …” in film “bombay
    to goa” it was a hit song. then this “jodi” gave so many popular songs like
    1. manzilen apni jagah hai
    2. ke pag ghunghroo bandh
    3. o sathi re tere bina bhi kya jeena
    4. jahan teri ye nazar hai
    5. de de pyar de
    and many many more that helped in the growth of amitabh’s popularity. i am not glorifying kishor kumar but everybody knows the fact.

  32. sumra says:

    remove the songs from, sholay,deewar,trishul, it does not make any difference.
    But with Amar Akber Anthony,the story is different

  33. unknow1 says:

    who can give one song which singed by Mohd Rafi for Amitabh and Rajesh Khanna when they were superstar and the song is not hit?plz plz take me.
    Look the greatness of Mohd Rafi he loved the Actor(Amitabh)he didn’t sung much more him and he loved the flim he didn’t sung in it…..

  34. unknow1 says:

    plz answer only if u r honest
    Kishore made Amitabh famouse or Amitabh made Kishore??plz plz plz KK fans give me one name who said that he is because of KK??????IF I am not wrong in Music the KING was Anil Biswas in 1940’s in 1950’s Naushand Ali,in 1960’s was SJ and in 1970’s was LP after Mohd Rafi there was no king in music world.
    Rajesh Roshan said once that u r saying why we don’t give good music as we gave in 1970’s because there is no one like Mohd Rafi with us.
    how can give one song which singed by Mohd Rafi for Amitabh when Amitabh was superstar and the song is not super hit and same to Rajesh Khanna plz?
    Zamana jab talak ghata rahe ga Mohd Rafi har waqt yaad aata rahe ga
    By great Naushand
    Tujhe naghmon ki jaan ahle nazar yoon hi nahi kahte
    Tere geeton ko dilon ka humsafar yoon hi nahi kahte
    Dukhi the laakh fir bhi mutmain the dard ke mare
    Teri aawaz ki shabnam se dhul jate the gham sare
    Teri tano me husne zindagi leta tha angdai
    Tujhe baksha tha allah ne andaze maseehai
    Tu hi tha pyar ka ek saaz is nafrat ki duniya me
    Ghanimat thi teri aawaz is nafrat ki duniya me
    Mahfilon ke daman me sahilo ke aaspas
    Ye sada goonjegi sadiyon tak dilon ke aaspas

  35. nadeem says:

    Respected Admin,
    I am requesting you to put an article by Guru Murthy ” Rafi Do Pehlu Geet” in you Popular Post

  36. Magic Master says:

    Mr. A. S. Murthy quiet OK, as you said there is long list of Rafi Saab Film Ghazals, I agree, but you must never forget if you write artcle on Film Ghazal You must write about “Habba Khatoon’s” Ghazal, Jis Raat Ke Khwaab Na Aaye. It shows you have little knowledge about Rafi Saab. There is also agreat film in sence of Ghazal i.e SHARABI

  37. ATM SALIM says:



  38. binus2000 says:

    Dear pearl…….

    Please write these same lines in yoodleedoodlee – Kishore kumars
    hamara forums website – where many sadakchaaps , musically
    illiterates are doing big bak baks… Pl. advise them all.. and do us
    a favour…..

    binu nair

  39. mohamed parvez says:

    dear rafi saab fans iam looking for 2 songs from film shaayadsong is khushboo hoo main phool nahi hoon another song ismain sooraj ki rashni tu chanda if it is possible please send in my mail my id is

  40. Pearl says:

    Pake huye log, pakav unke soch. Jo mar gaye hain unko leke kyun fight
    karte ho bhai ? and see how foolish they write.

    Stupid members and stupid are their posts(many not all). Bas bakte rehte hai.
    I want to see the admin and those members, want to know how idiotic they
    could be.

  41. U0012087 says:

    The best voice ever


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