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The sexiest voice ever

This article is written by Mr.A.S.Murty.

Each one of us must have heard close to a 100,000 songs in various languages, rendered by various artistes of all hues. Many great singers have entertained us with their thousands of songs over the last several decades and many more will continue to do so in the coming eras. We may not be familiar with singers of yore or the distant lands and how best they are comparable with the singers of the sub-continent. But even as we listen to Arabic songs or the Spanish ones, music lovers can differentiate between a good composition and a bad one. Or for that matter, the Gayaki of the singers is perceptible. Close to home, again we have had hundreds of exponents of all types of music – from Hindustani to Persian to Folk to Carnatic ultimately to the filmi HINDI-URDU mixture of Bollywood. Each one of them had their own distinctive style of singing. But all could not sing all the types of songs. Just imagine K L Saigal (god bless his soul) singing for e.g. TUM KAMSIN HO, NAADAN HO, NAZUK HO or a Mukesh rendering TUMSE KAHUN IK BAAT PARO SE HALKE HALKE. The head starts spinning isn’t it ?? Something jarringly is missing out there. One can imagine a Rafi singing DIL JALTA HAI TO JALNE DE but certainly not the first two examples.

Mohd Rafi

For most people the world over a sexy thing easily is a woman. For most women, it could mean either of the two sexes. But when it boils down to mere GAYIKI or simply the voice, there will be no divided opinion as to who was the sexiest singer of all times. MOHAMMED RAFI indeed. Take the following songs for instance :


The above are only a few of hundreds of the very sexy songs rendered by Mohammed Rafi in his inimitable style.

Yeah Kishore Kumar too sang a few good songs in some sexy voice for e.g. ROOP TERA MASTANA, PYAR MERA DEEWANA but they are few and far between. Rafi on the other hand was at his sexiest best both in solo as well as duet songs. I remember when the song HAI RE HAI NEEND NAHI AYE from Humjoli was at the top, the girls of that era simply swooned at the voice of Rafi. While he sings Dil Ne Dil Se Kya Kaha, the emphasis that he lays on KYA KAHA was simply marvelous. Then again, in the song – Thahariye Hosh Mein Aa Lun, Toh Chale Jaiyega – the paragraph – KAB TALAK RAHIYEGA YUN NOOR KI CHAAHAT BANKAR, PAAS AANE BHI DO IKRARE MUHOBBAT BANKAR – was not just pure magic but also something that takes us into a dreamland of our own. Then there was YEH DIL DIWANA HAI, DIL TO DIWANA HAI, DIWANA DIL HAI YEH, DIL DIWANA, a duet with Lata Mangeshkar. Here again the subtle difference in the way every stanza is rendered, every word is pronounced, Rafi excelled to the hilt. His part of the song was very sexy when compared to Lata’s portion in the song.

Well. I hope I have not created yet another furore of Rafi versus the other singers. That was not my intention at all. Readers would therefore be advised to highlight similar songs by Rafi – solo or duets – which exhibit his sexy voice. We were lucky indeed to have been born in the same era as Mohd. Rafi and will cherish his songs until the end. Generations before him have missed out on the very best in music, but generations to come will continue to listen to songs of Mohd. Rafi again and again. For, the magic that he wove with his GAYIKI was mesmerizing indeed.

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40 Blog Comments to “The sexiest voice ever”

  1. Santosh Kumar Ayalasomayajula says:

    Rafi saab’s voice is the greatest voice this world could ever witness!…matchless!!

  2. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    Sri Murty garu if you allow me I would like to make a small correction to the word SEXY you have used to express RAFI sahab’s some of the numbers. I will put it as THE MOST ROMANTIC voice to render such numbers. And hearing to such numbers a man of 70 feels that he is only 16. And thats the magic of our most loving RAFI sahab.

  3. Pappu Jee says:

    Hi Rafians,

    It is nice to read so informatic articals about our “Dear Rafi Sahib”. One thing is common in all of us taht we all love Rafi Sahib. Here i would like to share some most love song in which Rafi Sahib Voice takes you in the world of Romanticism.

    1) tari sansoon main aisi khushboo hay, with Asha Jee from the film ” mari bewi ki shadi”
    2) Bhegay huway galwoon pay aisay na nazar dalo with Asha Jee from the film Shankar Shambu
    3) Mujh say sham suhani with asha jee from the film main shadi karnay chala.
    4)Ye ap nay kiya keh diya with asha jee fomr the film “Khuda Kasam”
    5) Phool ka shabab kiya solo from the film Farz ki jang
    6) dakha hay tari ankhon main main nay piyar beshumar from “Piyar hi Piyar”

    All such songs are a treat to listen .There are many more songs wich i will share from time to time. I invite all of you to lets make one or two albums, by sharing views on this website, of such song which will be a gift of all the fans of Rafi Sahib on 31 july this year. I am looking for your response.

    I would like to suggust all Rafians to please through light on Rafi Sahib work rather then other quarrels. As rafianwe shoould convey the message of love peace and tolerance.

    Yours only Yours,

    Pappu Jee

  4. dinesh says:

    Rafi’s voice is the perfect singing voice, its not hoarse or loud, or thin. Gods gift really!!

  5. Imtiyaz A. Sharif says:

    Dear Mr. Murti,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your efforts for such a nice article. It is reaaly too good. Secondly, I fully agreed with Mr. Sahil Sharma’s comments that we should not use this “sexy” word with his miraculous voice.
    I hope it will be corrected.


  6. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Dear Rafians, please visit and read what celebrities say on Rafi Saheb.

  7. Sagar says:

    The one of the best sexy and soft number is ” PHIR MILOGE KABHI IS BAAT KA WAADA KAR LO “….. Check out how Rafi Sahab has said ” PHIR MILOGE KABHIE ” just superb Asha has failed again with Rafi Sahab.

    This particular song is very tough to sing because the entire mood is different and whenever we hear this song immediately we can visualize the cool calm face of Vishwajeet.

    Gulzar once said that their are songs written which have made singers, but Rafi Sahab is an exception as he has made those songs/MD’s and Lyricist Immortal by rendering his voice.

    Those who used KK yes I agree songs were immortal… 🙂



  8. rafians74 says:

    nice article by a.s. murthy ji..

  9. javifazl says:

    good article by a.s. murthy ji..

  10. sahil sharma says:

    Mr.. Murthy….I feel hurt by the terminology u have used…”SEXIEST VOICE” i think u should have used ‘THE MOST ROMANTIC VOICE OF THE ERA”….that should have been respectful…n a compliment to Rafi
    Sahebs voice…..I do appreciate ur article but for the use of the word…..I also greatly adore Rafi Sahebs voice n hope v cud get in tuch 2 share n exchange many of his classic numbers that i have…

  11. binus2000 says:

    a.s. murthy ji..

    For sexy song what other word is there I do not know…

    rafi saab sang songs for every genre and for varying subjects..and
    for different human emotions… giving his best in the recording
    rooms – which are incomparable….

    binu nair

  12. dj says:

    Dear rafians, i am looking for a song from the film: NIGHT IN CALCUTTA… Main budhha ho to kya hua by Rafi saab. Can anyone help me?

  13. dj says:

    Dear rafians, i am looking for a song from the film: NIGHT IN CALCUTT… Main budhha ho to kya hua by Rafi saab. Can anyone help me?

  14. uday says:

    I think this is a good article which brings out clear differentiation on Rafi Saab and the legacy he left behind. I do agree with the writer here that the objective is not to bring to the table a furore, but high light a tradition that has room only for admiration…

  15. Nair says:

    If we split that word into various components with which it is made – sensous, seductive, sybaritic, ambrosial, necratine, luscious, flirtatious – it is neither weird nor impertinent. We can then sense the good intention and deep “Rafianism” of the writer. However, I too agree with you Sirs.

    ……that voice is a solvent in which all sensory feelings are dissolved.

  16. Magic Master says:

    Yes Mr. Rajkumar you are right when i read first time this title also feel very ocward, It doesn’t suit on our Rafi Saab. Tarif karne mein itna mat bah jao ke doosru ko mauka mil jaye. i appreciate post nos 23 & 24.

  17. ATM SALIM says:





  18. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Dear friends !
    If you don’t mind, I never liked the word “SEXY VOICE” for Rafi Saab’s devine
    voice. It is the most melodious voice of the world. You must have heard Elvis,
    you must have heard Jackson, you must have heard beetles. All they are world famous artists, but vocally nobody is near rafi saab.
    then why people say this voice ‘sexy’ ?
    it is an insult.
    please use any adjective to this golden voice but ‘sexy’.

  19. Dr Bhas says:

    Dear All Rafi lovers,

    To listen to songs someone needs the gift to enjoy music. To get lost in music someone needs the blessing of god. Cheers all of you.
    I love Mohd Rafi’s …Ehsaan thera Hogaa Much Par, Dil Chaahta hai woh Kahne dho mujhe.. Tumse muhabbat ho gayi hai.. Mujhe palkom ke Chaav mein rahne dho… Ehsaan thera hogaa mujh par…
    I just cant explain with any words in my vocabulary to detail the pain or the sort of truthfulness in the voice when the song goes on as …Tumne mujhe tho hasna sikhaaya… rone kahoge tho ro lenge…
    Simply Incredible!!! Love your voice, No one can sing any song with such a virtual feeling/feel..

  20. binus2000 says:

    What the new generation is missing in music they are not aware…
    Most of them . But, as someone said : when one is 40, then the
    liking for rafi songs would begin , for the uninitiated… music lovers.

    We were lucky .. at 15 we were converts to Mohd Rafi saab songs
    and after 3 decades and a bit more, the interest is still growing…

    In the olden times a song could take one month or more to record;
    today it takes a few hours… Recording and mixing are all done
    seperately and sometimes the singers would also miss their songs
    when they are released…

    Just heard : Aaj ki raat yeh kaisi raat sung by rafi saab and saira banu
    : they are eternal songs which touch the soul….
    But, now they dont make them – any more….

    binu nair..

  21. A S MURTY says:

    Dear Anmil Singhji,

    Thanks for your comments and the list of songs. I had only tried to lay emphasis on the “sexy” tone in some of the songs that Rafi had sung and which in my opinion cannot be imitated by any other singer. He also sang very sober songs and thousands of duets too – but all cannot be termed to have the “sexy” content. Anyway, thanks again for your comments. My email id for information is

  22. nadeem says:

    Md rafi saab’s wonderfull collectin of 3000 songs in 250 imported audio cassette are goin to sale please contact genuine person who really loves music
    cell- 9920482737 (Mumbai)

  23. U0012087 says:

    Thanks for the list Anmol

    Khalid Rashid

  24. Anmol Singh says:

    Dear Murthy Great article indeed,

    A great topic for discussion as well.

    If we talk about seduction, then Rafi’s voice delivers incredible number of songs. The biggest aspect is without any vulgarity.

    To name a few duets.

    “Meri Duniya Mein Aaye” – Heer Ranjha Rafi/Lata
    “Paon Chu Lene Do Phoolon” – Taj Mahal Rafi/Lata
    “Mein Ne Shayad Tumeh” – Barsaat Ki Raat Rafi
    “Isharon Isharon Mein Dil” – Kashmir Ki Kali Rafi/Asha
    “Sun Sun Sun Zaalima” – Aar Paar Rafi/Geeta
    “Akele Akele Kahan” – Evening in Paris Rafi
    “Raat Ke Humsafer” – Evening in Paris Rafi/Asha
    “Ay Gulbadan” – Professor Rafi
    “Chalke Teri Ankhon Se” – Aarsoo Rafi
    “Yeh Aankhen Uff Yun maa” – Jab Pyar Kissi Se Hota Hai Rafi/lata
    “Gori Chalo Na Hans Ki Chaal” – Rafi/Suman
    “Mujeh Kitna Pyar Hai” – Rafi/Suman
    “Jaane Chaman Shola Badan” – Gumnam Rafi/Sharda
    “Yeh Mausam Bhiga Bhiga Hai” – Rafi/Lata
    “Dhal Gaya Din Hogayi Sham” – Humjoli Rafi/Asha
    “Mein Prem Ka Rahi Hun” – Do Premi Rafi/Lata
    “Mujeh Teri Mohobbat Ka” – Aap Aae Bahar aai Rafi/Lata
    “Kaali Ghata Chayi” – Rafi/Lata
    “Ni Sultana Re Pyar Ka Mausam Aaya” – Pyar Ka Mausam Rafi/Lata
    “Churaliya Hai Tumne Jo” – Yaadon Ki Baarat Rafi/asha
    “Pal Do Pal Ka” – Burning Train Rafi/asha
    “Pyar Ki Kasam Hai” – Dil Deke Dekho Rafi/Asha
    “Yaar Chulbula Hai” – Dil Deke Dekho Rafi/asha
    “Tum Akele Kabhi Baag Mein” – Rafi/Suman
    “Haaye Tabassum Tera” – Nishan Rafi
    “Kya Dekhte Ho Surat Tumhari” – Qurbani Rafi/Asha
    “Yeh Raat Hai Pyaasi Pyaasi” Rafi/Lata
    “Yunhi Tum Mujh Se Baat” – Rafi/Lata
    “Mujeh Chu Rahi Hai” – Swarmwar Rafi/Lata
    “Ankhon Mein Teri Masti Ke Phere” – Kala Pathar Rafi/Lata
    “Ghadi Milan Ki Aayi” – Rafi/Sulakshna
    “Aur kuch der theher,a ur kuch der na ja” – Aakhri Khat Rafi
    “Theheriye Hosh Mein Aa Lun To Chaley Jaiyega” – Mohabat Rafi/Suman
    “Kahin Ek Masoom Nazuk Si” – Rafi
    “Ye Parbaton Ke Daayre” – Vasna Rafi/Lata
    “Koi Batade Dil Hai Jahan” – Mein Chup Rahugi Rafi/Lata
    “Bahut Hasin Hein Tumhari Aanken” – Rafi/Suman
    “Abhi Na Jao Chod Kar” – Hum Dono Rafi/Asha
    “Kaan Mein Jhumka Chaal” – Sawan Badho Rafi
    “Ek Chatari Aur Ham Hai Do” – Maan Gaye Ustad Rafi/Asha
    “Is Ishq Mohobbat Ki” – Rafi/ C Mukhrjee
    “Yeh Raat Yeh Nazaaren” – Rafi/Suriya
    “Mujeh Tum Se Mohabbat Hai” – Rafi
    “Dhalti Jaaye Raat” – Razia Sultan Rafi/asha
    “Mohabbat Rang Layegi Janab Ahista Ahista” – Poonam Rafi/ C Murkhrjee
    “Ye Aap Ne Kya Keh Diya” – Khuda Kasam Rafi/asha

    There could be many more song. Perhaps information for some songs may not be correct. Requesting the readers to correct it.

  25. P.Narayanan says:

    Dear Nair Sab post 10
    We missed u all these months welcome back.
    Dear Murty Sir,
    Nice article Dil se Likha aapne.
    I can recollect Gulabi Anken and nee soniye from the film The Train,Yaa Vasle diwana from an old Firoz Khan movie music Chithragupt, Apni tho har aah ek toofan hai,Main zindage ka saath… both Dev Anand films,Badan pe sitare, ooh ooh tum se acha kaun hai, akele akele kahaan jaa rahe ho,Shammi Kapoor films, Thoda rukh jayegi, likhe jo khat tujhe, Shashi Kapoor, Lakhon hai nigahe mein, Joy mukherji to be falling under Sexy voice category.

  26. Prakash shah says:

    Nair,you are one of the most luckiest person and what you experience is a blessing of god and mediator is non other than our Rafiji

  27. shams sayyed says:

    i have no word to describe to this noble and great soul.his humbleness
    and humanity clearly reflects inhis songs.
    since last decade i had been searhing ffor live video sung by rafi.
    atlast i got that .
    lots of thanx to
    i was so thrilled and happy when i saw my hero singing infront of me.
    i cant describe that moment . suddenly tears start pouring from my eyes.
    i salute him and prayalmighty from the depthness of my heart to keep his rest soul in peaceand enter him in to paradise.
    i have listen to some great english and arabic singer and also hindi singer.
    but rafi is different from all of them.
    rafi is rafi.
    ALMIGHT ALLAH was send by almighty allah to heal broken heart.
    how world would be so beautiful if rafi was alive.
    tousand of salute to this great legend .
    history will never forget this legen.

  28. binus2000 says:

    Post 10 : by n a i r ,

    Well said.. welcome to the of yet another great
    writer and repeatition of words is requested here to make it
    more enjoyable unlike the post : some yoodledoodle….

    the point is : rafi saab is grace, humanity, saintliness, sacrifice

    Naushad told rafi saab : once : how great you sing, you are
    not a ordinary human being; you have been sent by the gods
    to the earth on a special mission….

    How true…. I have seen people choked with emotions when
    they refer to the legend……

    Every true Rafian must visit rafi saabs tomb (mazhar) especially
    on July 31st or on Dec.24 to see the peoples love for the maestro..

    Every day , people come to the tomb from far n near …. the
    fresh flowers…. says it all…

  29. sumra says:

    Who can forget ultimate sexiest song
    Jaag dilay deewana root aayee wasley yaar ki
    and door reh kar na karo baat qareeb aa jao
    the evergreen Choudhveen ka chand ho ,Awesome lyrics and Rafi sahab’s magical voice!
    Janey bahar husn tera bemisal hai,….oh my my my, that lady would go NUTSSSS (in pyar of course)
    Tumhaari zulf kay sayey may shaam kar loo gaa

    And getting closer/bolder i’ll whisper
    “Aap ke Haseen Rukh pe Aaj jo naya Noor hai,
    Mera Dil Machal Gaya to Mera kya Kasoor hai!”

    Aur agar is harkat per rooth kar janey lagi to
    ‘Na Ja Kahin Ab Na Ja Dil Ke Siva’
    hum aur tum aur yeh samaa
    kya nasha nasha sa hai
    Boli ye na boliye sab suna sunasa hai–
    And the suhag raat no.1 song
    Yeh jo chilman hai dushman hai hamari
    “Main nigahen tere chehrese hataun kaise?”
    Its simply out of world!!!

    and simply intoxicating…Aise To Na Dekho, Ke Humko Nasha Ho Jaye’.
    A very lusty song. Rafi sahab ki awaz ki khanakdasab kuchh hai is gaane mein aur Sangeetkar hain RahulDev Burman.
    “Tumhe dekha hai mai nay gulsitan may”

    “Husn Waale Tera Jawab Nahin” {The same winning combination of Shakeel Badauni, Ravi and Rafi Saab at
    work here, like in “Chaudwin Ka Chaand Ho” !

    Simti Hui Yeh Ghadiyaan… Phir Se Na Ghuzar Jaayen
    Is Raat Mein Jee Le Hum…Is Raat Mein Mar Jaayen

    Rafi Saab and Lata Mangeshkar — Together, breathes a sublime tenderness and passion into this song, that is simply IMPOSSIBLE to recreate.

  30. Nair says:

    Week end: Because of the long hours of struggle to fertilize some outdated theories, mind began to feel a negative surge. It is summer, atmosphere is moderately hot. Mind and body begged for rest. I played Mohammed Rafi’s Duet – Rim Jhim Ke Geet Sawan Gaye Haye Bheegi Bheegi Raaton Mein – in my gramophone. I reclined to my armchair, closed my eyes, and am soon transposed to another world.

    Inside an alcove; dimly lit, warm beddings in a corner, a small burning fire, I see downpour through the big window. I am standing beside the window with a steaming cup of tea. The emerald mountain guarding the entire valley looks blurred by the rain drops. Nostrils sense the mixed scent of wet earth and grass. Rain drops pounding the asbestos roof of the alcove has a rhythm. Ah, rain water sprayed into my face by the southern wind soothed my nerves. Mind, now as light as a feather, floats swiftly through an ethereal realm. All the time, a soft, deep, and mesmerizing voice filled my ears. Where am I? What am I experiencing? Is it what Rishis called bliss?

    I now hear only the sound of gramophone needles scratching. The song has been over. I feel refreshed. Thank you Rafi Sahab! (Also Lata Ji) Let me get back to theorizing.

  31. Magic Master says:

    …And one more Murty Saab from film RAJKUMAR the song is

    Dilruba Dil Pe Tu Ye Sitam Kiye Ja Kiye Ja
    Ham Bhi To Aag Mein Jalte Rahe ho ho ho”sss

    Dear Rafi fans just you listen last antra by rafi saab of this song you can never imagine that is our beloved and one and only one Rafi Saab.

  32. unknow1 says:

    The bigest loser in Bollywood they didn’t use Mohd Rafi much

    ”Aadmi Musafir Hai was the song which Amit Kummar unapble to sing it on Zee TV program was Yoodlee,Plz listen to the song u will see that the great Lata Ji is not singing the song well as Mohd Rafi did and also u will understand ‘why only song in the film singed by Mohd Rafi.
    Mohd Rafi singed for Amitab Bachan If I am not wrong he singed only 16 songs for Big B 90% was hit as I think
    1.Teri Bindiya Re,One of the best songs in 1970’s
    2. tumse door rehke, One of the best songs in 1970’s
    3. desh premiyon ,Why RD gave this song to Mohd Rafi he never gave KK
    songs to Shammi Kapoor?
    4. mile jo kadi kadi,jest listen to this song when Mohd Rafi enter to the song
    with Mr Bachchan.
    5. o jamila chamak chalo,Do u think that this song is singed for Mr Bachcan
    6. koi aur duniya mien,Not famous song but listen to it u will see.
    7. mere dost kissa,no need to say anything about this song.
    8. aye yaar sun,jest listen when Mohd Rafi singed.
    9. oonchi oonchi baton se,it also singed by KK.
    10. john johny janardhan,after this song Mr Bachchan said that Mohd Rafi
    voice can be fit for him.
    Mohd Rafi singed for Rajesh Khanna I think 95% all songs are hit as I think
    1, Ye Reshmi Zulfein.
    2. Pasand Agai Hai
    3. Danton tale
    4. aur kuch der teher
    5. ye jo chilman hai dushman
    6. aan milo sajna
    7. Chup Gaye Saare Naazare
    8. Akele Hain Chale Aao(sad song)
    Mohd Rafi singed for KK 100% hit
    1. ajab hai dastan SJ said not KK cup of tea
    2. man mora bawara.
    3. o meri maina
    Manoj kumar
    1. matlab nikal gaya hai to
    2. zulfon ko hatale chehre se
    3. Tu Raat Khadi Thi Chhat Pe
    4. door rahkar
    5. ae watan ae watan
    Raj Kapoor
    1. main zindagi main hardam
    2. shama jali parwana aaya
    3. chale jana tum door bade
    4. tera kaam hai jalna parwane

  33. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Hear the song ‘Kis ko pyar karoon kaise pyar karoon…’ from a movie called “Tumse Achha Kaun Hai”, one of the sexiest song sung by the greatest of all Rafi Saheb.

  34. sawant says:

    hi friends, nice articale Mr.A.S.Murty, I want to add one of the sexiest song which is from Roop Tera Mastana (qareeb aa zara abhi dil nahin bara) just listen this one.

  35. unknow1 says:

    the way singed by Mohd Rafi jest listen it “aaj ki raat ye kaisi raat”

  36. sanjeev says:

    great article showcasing the sexy voice of the greatest singer ever-RAFISAAB.Rafisaabs voice was so sweet and melodious that it is indeed something to marvel at.Right from the time he sang “aji dil ho kabu me to dildaar ki aisi taisi” till the time in 70’s-his voice just grew younger and younger.there was no much needed effort for rafisaab to sing any tune as it was so easy for him to render even the most complicated tunes.i really love the romantic song in Karz ‘darde dil darde jigar dil me jagaya aapne’.what a song!
    Different people have different hobbies like collecting coins,stamps,etc but i love collecting songs,rare articles,etc of rafisaab and i am proud of Rafians,if any of you do possess any rare songs or any rare recordings of any kind ,pls help me out.My email is and phone number is 09994146695.ciao

  37. Prakash shah says:

    The list is big and endless in any mood,any type,and under any category,Rafiji himself was biggest institute of Music and Ragas,and Ragini and -rest is Is rang badalti duniya main insaan ki neeyat thik nahin.KK fan has to listen this song any sexiest song by rafiji are showing pure love without vulgarity and that’s real master mastery.

  38. ismail says:

    rafisaab was the best and will remain the best in everyones heart who has heard his fantastic songs and knows how to treasure his god given voice.
    our prayers are with him in his eternal everlasting life. allah bless his soul.

  39. mohamed parvez says:

    i would like to aad the party song from benaam it is duet by my rafisaab with ashaji it was well composed by r.d. burmanji song is aarat jaty hai chupkese miljaye dono it is picturised on amithabji and helenji it is one of the exellent song

  40. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Nice article, Rafi Saheb was fully capable of singing any type of song with ease, be a sexy song and so on……… He was matchless, an all-rounder. Any song given to him, he could render it very comfortably.

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