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Mohd Rafi and Filmi Ghazals

This article is written by Mr. A.S.Murty

For Mohd. Rafi, ghazal singing must have come naturally. Having come from an Urdu background, he must have been influenced early in life with Urdu couplets and Ghazals, just like any other boy of his background. Hindi film music has produced many great Ghazal exponents and Mohd. Rafi is one of these greats. His added gift of clarity in voice, pronunciation and diction went a long way in presenting to the Hindi film music many a great ghazal composition. Some of the very best that come instantly to mind are (1) Mujhe Dard-e-dil ka pata na tha, mujhe aap kisliye mil gaye, (2) Na kisi ki aankh ka noor hun, na kisike dil ka karar hun, (3) Lagta Nahir Hai dil mera ujade dayar mein (4) Tujhe Kya Sunaun Mein Dilruba Tere Saamne Mera Haal hai, (5) Zara Sun Hasina-e-naznin Mera Dil Tujhi Pe Nissar hai (6) Bhari Duniya Mein Aakhir dil ko samjhane kahan jayen, (7) Gujre Hain aaj ishq mein hum is makam se, (8) Naseeb Mein Jiske jo Likha Tha (9) Zindagi Aaj mere naam se sharmati hai, (10) Door Rah Kar Na Karo Baat Karib Aa jao. There are many more which readers may like to point out.

From the film GHAZAL, the evergreen – Rang Aur Noor Ki Baraat Kise Pesh Karun – is one Ghazal for all seasons. The song was not only popular in the 60s but is hummed by all Ghazal lovers and Urdu poetry followers even to this day. Other two variations of the same Ghazal one each by Rafi himself and by Lata Mangeshkar from the same film – Ishq Ki Garmiyen Zajbaat Kise Pesh Karun and Nagma our Sher Ki Saugat Kise Pesh Karun were also equally well rendered. But the soul of that film and indeed of that era was the first song from this film.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd. Rafi sang many duets which are Ghazals and with all female singers alike. Notable among them were with Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhonsle and Suman Kalyanpur. While he never tried to dominate, his superior singing always put him ahead of his female singers. Not that these three ladies did not justify themselves, they did splendidly. But they were left a notch too short when compared to Mohd. Rafi. Dile-e-betab ko seene se lagana hoga , Mijaze Garami Duwa hai aapki, Humsafar Saath Apna Chhod Chale are all examples of the highest standards of Ghazal singing by Rafi and the female singers mentioned above.

I sometimes wonder whether there will be music of any kind left in the Hindi film world after a few years. The way things are going – all noise and no sense of lyrics or compositions – leave alone any sensible singing – the doomsday is not further than a few years for the Hindi film music. The film industry must think about it seriously. They lyricists should write beautiful and meaningful poetry. The Music directors should revive the old magic of the yesteryears and the singers, for whatever they are worth, should learn from the great masters who have left behind them troves of treasurers in the form of tens of thousands of the best of music. Music companies would reap rich dividends if they compile the various moods of Mohd. Rafi life Bhajans, Romantic Songs, Sad songs, Ghazals, Patriotic songs, Qawwalis, etc. and release fresh volumes in each style.. These would sell like hot cakes and would also benefit millions of new generation music lovers who are desperately seeking to enjoy music where there is none these days.

Other notable Ghazals from the Rafi stable include – Tum Ek Baar Muhobbat Ka Intehan Toh Lo, Kal Raat Zindagi Se Mulaqat ho Gayi, Maana mere Hasin Sanam Tu Rashke Maahtab hai, Koi Nazarana Lekar Aaya Hun Main Diwana Tere Liye, etc. The list is certainly endless and I could add many more to it. But I would like Rafians out there to respond and interact by sending their comments and complete the list of Ghazals sung by the greatest singer of all times – MOHD RAFI.


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92 Blog Comments to “Mohd Rafi and Filmi Ghazals”

  1. nadeem says:

    Hi Mohd. Parvez I have this Tribute which was given by Lata, Sanjeev Kumar, Ghulzar and etc in a audio cassette.

  2. mohamed parvez says:

    dear rafi saab fans iam looking for audio version tribute program by lata ji sanjeev kumar ji gulzar ji and many others paid tribute to rafisaab it was posted on this site long time back if this available with anybody i would request u to send in my e mail id-[]

  3. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Hi friends !
    i do not want to poke my nose into this Rafi-kishor clash, because i see no end of this cold war. Rafi saab has said__”mere desh premiyon aapas me prem karo…” and kishor kumar has said__”pyar bant te chalo kya hindu kya muslim…”
    and here thier fans are digging graves for each-other. how funny !
    here we pray__May rafi saab’s soul be in peace !
    May Kishorda’s soul be in peace !
    No, they cann’t have peace watching down from heaven how their fans are
    fighting like street rowdies. They sang to give us enjoyment and we are
    fighting here to grieve their souls.
    Please wake up…..grow up…..and learn how to love each-other.

  4. unknow1 says:

    Dear RAFIAN1,
    I like KK some songs and i never said something wrong about KK yes I said something not good about KK but that are not said by me or any one else that are true about KK,i like kk as actor i saw most of KK flims and i liked that flims yes I don’t like KK as singer but i don’t mean in this that he is not good singer,offourse we should not compare Mohd Rafi with KK but we should answer what wrong said KK fans abot mohd Rafi,If KK fans want to play football in Day time and they want to on lights to play we should say them no need of lights at day…..

  5. unknow1 says:

    Dear RAFIAN1,
    I like KK some songs and i never said something wrong about KK yes I said something not good about KK but that are not said by me or any one else that are true about KK,i like kk as actor i saw most of KK flims and i liked that flims yes I don’t like KK as singer but i don’t mean in this that he is not good singer,offourse we should not compare Mohd Rafi with KK but we should answer what wrong said KK fans abot mohd Rafi,If KK fans want to play football in Day time and they want to on lights to play we should say them no need of lights at day…..

  6. unknow1 says:

    Dear RAFIAN1,
    I like KK some songs and i never said something wrong about KK yes I said something not good about KK but that are not said by me or any one else that are true about KK,i like kk as actor i saw most of KK flims and i liked that flims yes I don’t like KK as singer but i don’t mean in this that he is not good singer,offourse we should not compare Mohd Rafi with KK but we should answer what wrong said KK fans abot mohd Rafi,If KK fans want to play football in Day time and they want to on lights to play we should say them no need of lights at day…..

  7. sanjeev says:

    hi all rafians—its really good to see so many people writing so much on Rafisaab—indeed,rafisaab was a singer to reckon with.People keep talking so much as to who’s better- rafi or kishore.WHY?I really dont understand any logic behind this conversation.people have a right to their opinion but shouldn’t speak ill of other singers.Both Rafisaab and Kishoreda are GOOD.But were great singers in their own way.
    First of all,great job done in writing this article Mr. Murthy.Secondly,i am really happy to know that Narayanji and Binuji are doing a marvellous work getting all the rafians together and providing people a means to shower their love to this GREAT LEGEND in different ways.I am looking forward to the day when we will have an archive of all the songs of rafisaab and different rare materials,be it stage shows,rare recordings,concerts,etc.
    Furthermore, Binuji is also writing a biography on Rafisaab which i am eager to lay my hands on as and when its done.Keep up the good work everyone and SPECIAL THANX to UMESH MAKHIJA,BINU NAIR,NARAYANJI,VINAY KAMAL,RASHID KHAN AND G.M.ANSARI,SAYAD ZAKA RAHIM,MANOJKUMAR AND ALL THE RAFIANS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT

  8. nazeer says:

    i feel very sad to read some of the comments by kk fans thrown against rafi.those kk fans really know the gap between rafi and kk.they think that can close that gap by some bad coments.they just want to irritate rafi fan so as to stop any serious discussion onthis site

  9. Raajkumar Akela says:

    I do not know what is ghazal. i know nothing about ghazal.
    but whenever i listen to rafi saab’s these nos….
    “kitni rahat hai dil toot jane ke baad..”
    “na shouk-e-wasl…”
    “dil ki baat kahi nahi…”
    “talkhiye may me…”
    “gazab kiya tere wade pe…”
    i think yes, this is ghazal. i love rafi saab’s few private songs too…
    “Mai kab gata mere swar me…”
    “Pagal chanda…”
    “kah ke bhi na aaye…” etc. etc.
    long live rafi saab !!!

  10. Taz says:

    Mohd rafi without doubt was and still remains the greatest singer ever to have come into this world!!!

    I think the last nail on the coffin of playback singing in indian cinema has already been hammered time back. There’s no quality in the lyrics, music in the songs nowadays or even in the voice of the new generation singers.

    In order for bollywood to be blessed with a mindblowing and a stunning voice I request God almighty to send Mohammad rafi back once again to this world!!


  11. rafians74 says:

    RAFI sahab we love you

  12. RAFIAN1 says:

    Dear Rafi sahab fans,especially to the likes of irony&unknow.

    Pls keep yourself away from commenting about Kishore Kumar or any other artist in wrong way.If you people do then what is the difference between so called KK fans(I used ‘so called fans’ bcs I have a lot of fans of KK no body used to tell anything bad about Rafi sahab).We all know that Rafi sahab was a greatest humen being and he never used any bad word or played any politics in his life.He has shown us how to handle the tough situation in the life.So this my request to all fans not to skoop to their level.This site is basically for discussion & promotion of Rafi sahab among all people.If anybody see bad comments about Rafi sahab they can report to the administrator who is well known Rafi fan and surely he will remove it.

  13. unknow1 says:

    If there was no KK there was no Shammi Kapoor,If there was no KK there was no Raj Kapoor,If there was no KK there was no Naushand!!!!!!!!!???or can I say like this If there was NO KK there was no RD,SD,Rajesh Khanna and Mr Bachchan!!!?????
    Anil Biswas like KK more than Mohd Rafi boz of that KK singed in only for two flim and Mohd Rafi for seven under Anil Biswas music!!!!!!!???
    KK is better than Mohd Rafi because KK had four wifes and Mohd Rafi only one!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????
    KK had one Rs less amount than Lata Ji when KK singed with Lata jI boz KK was sure that Lata ji is better singer than him……..!!!!!!!?????
    KK can sing a song only useing one word yoodlee in ten min but Mohd rafi can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????????????
    i like kk some songs he was a good singer and better actor as think,
    If U think that KK is God than why u want to Compare God with Human!!!!!???????????


  14. P. Haldar says:

    I’d like to add a few more of my favourites to the list:

    Naushad’s “Mere mehboob tuhhe” and “Ae husn zara jaag uthi” (Mere Mehboob), Roshan’s “Zindagi bhar nahin bhoolegi” (Barsat ki Raat) and Aab kya mishal doon (Aarti) and LP’s “Hui sham unka khayal aa gaya” (MHMD).

  15. ajay kumar says:

    can anybody tell me from where we can get the live stageperformance videos of rafi sahib.if anyone has any information kindly help.thnx

  16. mohanflora says:

    Please disregard viruses like abhishek and kklan and continue business!

  17. Raajkumar Akela says:

    This Abhishek…this debjyoty…and this kkklan have proved that this is the standard of kishor kumar’s fans. They have written their best and proved
    themselves as the true fans of kishor kumar…like guru, like chela.
    see their language…and decide what short of people they are.
    actually i am surprised to see as how any nonsense letter is been published
    in this site without a censorship ! tomorrow one will write…”son of a …..” or
    “…. your ass” or “mother …..’ or anything like this. do we have to read all
    this instead of reding something nice about rafi saab ?
    actually i open this site to read some unread or something new about rafi
    saab and not to read this kind of filthy statements on a great singer like
    rafi saab.
    i would like to request those who are behind this site to please controll all
    these things. otherwise i can smell the day when this site will be a pornography site !!!

  18. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Very well said unknow1, this chap should be thrown to a mental hospital as soon as possible. Really I haven’t seen a shameless fool like Abhishek. This show his culture. How dare he write such nasty words on Rafi saheb?

  19. ajay kumar says:

    I am a devotee of rafi ji.this great legend was not only a versatile singer but also a great humble human being.We feel always deprived today in the absence of such talented personalities.singers today come and go like “gone with the wind” may it be kk or anybody else.there is no comparison between rafi ji and kishore, just like lata and ashaji.all were unique. after reading few comments from people who used filthy language i am forced to say not to carry such senseless comments as it will hurt the sentiments of millions of rafiji’s fan worldwide.

  20. ganesh says:

    Abhishek is misbegotten in this world

  21. nadeem says:

    Admin will u plz give us address of Abhishek

  22. unknow1 says:

    KK is better than Naushad ,Madan Mohan SD RD OP Nayar and LP in making music!!!!!?????,KK can sing in female voice better than Lata ji,!!!!!????KK can was better actor than mr Bachchan and Dilip Kumar!!!!!!!!???KK was great was he had four wifes,KK was great because he never singed for free,
    Do u think that i am crazy saying that?i think even a crazy will not say that kk is beter singer

  23. Ganesh says:

    Don’t worry Rafi fans Abhishek, KKKlan & Debjyoti are same person and misbegotten of some one

  24. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Abhishek, a mentally sick.

  25. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb’s voice is a God granted voice.

  26. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Stupid and useless comments from kk fans, this shows the status of kk.

  27. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Abhishek and KKKLAN, you both seem to beggars.

  28. Raja says:

    KKKLAN, haven’t you been to school? Your words are too harsh for Rafiji, the most versatile and greatest singer! Have some manners.

  29. Hussein Sheikh says:

    KKKLAN, your brain is washed, here in africa my friends including Europeans are laughing to your silly comments whilst my friends are on net reading your comments full of nonsense…. Seems mentally you are not fit! ha… ha… ha……

  30. Mohammed says:

    I am an 11 years old boy, I have listened to both Rafiji and Kishoreji. Although Kishoreji’s some songs are good, but to me (and to the entire world) Rafiji’s is the best of all singers. I enjoy Rafiji’s non film ghazal Maine Socha tha agar Maut se pehle Pehle and Jis Raat ke Khwab Aaye… Rafiji is the best.

  31. mohamed parvez says:

    i would like to add filmi gazal from chambal ki kassam music by khyaam saab sher ka husn h nagme ki jawani ho tum this is one of exellent song by my rafi saab

  32. uday rauth says:

    ye abhisek aur ye debojit kya kum the sangeet ko kalankit karne ke liye jo ek aur besura/betale kkklan aa gaya ?
    kya kkklan ke parents ko aur koi naam nahi mila apne bache ke liye ?
    Poor parents ! poor kkklan !!!

  33. Raajkumar Akela says:

    you are right. “hathi chale bazar…kutta bhounke hazar”
    recently there were a lot ob dog biting cases in bangalore and the municipality cought them all and poisoned and shot the street dogs.
    Kash, hum bhi aisa kuchh kar sakte !!!

  34. Mohammed says:

    Rafi Saheb’s filmi ghazals are extra ordinary sung by the legend. Rafi Saheb is the best of all.

  35. Raja says:

    Rafiji, I salute you…… 🙂

  36. Raja says:

    I am an 11 years old boy, and I have listened to both Rafi uncle and Kishore uncle, both are nice singers, BUT, Rafiji is the best of all. Rafiji made wonders in each and every of his song. Only Rafi Saheb will be remembered in the years coming.

  37. Hussein Sheikh says:

    KKKLAN, please open a dictionary and try to find the exact meanings of “limitations” and “versatile”. Seems you’re an another version of Abhishek or same person without having knowledge of music. KK had “shor” only in his songs. Rafi Saheb is most popular in the world.

  38. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Chandni, very well said, the whole world know Rafi Saheb is and will remain the greatest singer ever. No one (including KK) can come near to the legend Rafi Saheb.

  39. Ahmed says:

    Sure! Kishore is one of the greta singer ever in the film industry but unfortunately I cannot compare with Rafi.Rafi was popular only for his voice and just singing but Kishore Kumar was popular not only for singing but as an actor so such a person can be more popular when started singing.He also lucky to be a comtemporary for Amithab and Rajesh Kana.So he is a popular singer guy.We are only speaking abut singing so Rafi is the post clever and creative person ever for Indian music.It is vise not to deny in this.I consider all Indian singers are great and Kishore Kumar is great.

  40. binus2000 says:

    Dear Rafi saab lovers…

    A good and peaceful sunday to all rafi saab and music lovers…
    Thanks to Murthy ji a great rafi fan and now a good writer.., I wish
    him well..

    the rafi foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Mumbai with
    many affliates in many cities and a membership of 800 members.

    Mr narayan : is the national
    coordinator of the foundation and he is currently performing a great
    job in bringing together mohd rafi lovers – on a common platform.

    Rafi lovers please support the foundation and also form its
    affiliates in every town and city..

    binu nair…

  41. binus2000 says:

    Dearest Chandni….

    But these dogs can hear and understand what you and me and
    the world s a ys about them unlike the real dogs….

  42. mohamed parvez says:

    rafi saab was kishordas guru even kishorda also admitted that

  43. binus2000 says:


    Please take treatment urgently…

    binu nair

  44. chandni says:

    Husseinji, Raajkumarji, gali gali mein kutte bhonkte rehete hein. Achhayi isi mein hai ke ham ignore karke chalte jaayen; agar ham kutton ke bhonkne par aytaraz utayenge; tho kutton ko koyi farak nahin padega.

    Another ghazal I remember now is Kitni Rahat Hai Dil Toot Jaane Ke Baad; Zindagi Se Mile; Maut Aane Ke Baad.

  45. Hussein Sheikh says:

    The whole world know Rafi Saheb is the best singer, legend of legends, nothing can be changed and no one can deny this, unless some uneducated people.

  46. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Wah Raajkumar Akela, kya baat kahi aapne… jo khud apna naam sahi tarah se nahin likh sakta woh doosron ki ghalti nikaalne chala. Anpadh Abhishek.

  47. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Dear Abhishek,
    before correcting the mistake of who is great and who is greater, please watch
    any movie of abhishek bachan and know the correct spelling of your own name and then come to discuss about these celebrities. Good boy !

  48. P. Haldar says:

    Mr. Murthy, your compilation is good. I’d like to add a few personal favourites of mine: Koi sagar dil ko bahalata nahin (Dil Diya Dard Liya), Kabhi khud pe kabhi halat pe (Hum Dono), Hum bekhudi mein tumko pukare chale gaye (Kala Pani), Tumhari zulf ke saye mein sham kar lunga (Naunihal), Chaudhvin ka chand ho (CKC), Chhoo lene do nazuk hnoto ko (Kajal), Itnee haseen itnee jawan raat kya kare (Aaj aur Kaal), Jaane kya dhoondti raheti hai ye aankhen mujhme (Shola aur Shabnam), and Jo inki tamanna hai barbad hoga (Inteqam). My favourite composers for Rafi’s ghazals are Madan Mohan, Ravi, Naushad and Khayyam.

  49. AbdulWahed says:

    Dear Abhishek,

    All i can say is , you really dont have a taste of music. this is the reason you have written such un-professional words against The King of Play Back Singers (Mohammed Rafi Sahab).

    What you have written is just utter nonsence. Just point out one song of Kishore Da that can match Mohammed Rafi Sahabs Singing Rangeof this song (Chanda Ka dil tootgaya hai rone lage hain sitare)

    Bet you havent heard it. Please do………….

  50. Hussein Sheikh says:

    As I said before, Rafi Saheb was/is an allrounder. Be a romantic, sad, patriotic, qawwali, religious, comedy, classical, and ghazal or any type of high/low pitch songs sung from his throat became so hit that, even today’s generation is singing Rafi Saheb’s songs. Here in Africa, Rafi Saheb’s songs are hummed by black (negros) people! Filmi ghazals mentioned in this article are superb, why only filmi ghazals, Rafi Saheb’s non-filmi ghazals are also enjoyable even today.
    Hussein Sheikh, Burundi, Central Africa.

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