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To Heal a Broken Heart: Yeh Dil Nahin Hai Ke Jiske Sahare


Reviewing a melody like this is a real treat amidst the candy pop that is getting passed off as music in today’s films. Unfortunately that seems to be the norm with most of the Hindi film music composers. This makes one reminiscent of the golden era that Bollywood went through. The song – Yeh dil nahin hai jiske sahare jeete hain from the movie Aabroo is a great example of the magic that music makers of the yesteryears have woven.

Still from Aabroo

A 1968 release by Raval Films, Aabroo is a classic love story with the protagonists played by Deepak Kumar, Vimmi and Ashok Kumar. Though the base formula is a very vanilla love triangle, we can see the fine nuances of a pure genius in this movie. The solid star cast has ensured that the acting is superlative. Very effortless rendering of emotions by all the actors has brought the story characters to life; at some point they ceased being actors and got under the skin of the characters that they were portraying.

The song in itself is a soulful rendering of the pain that the hero is going through. Trying to drown his sorrows by sinking into the welcoming bliss of alcohol, he paints a painful but real picture that everyone can identify with. One is compelled to reach out and empathize with the troubled man. Beautifully done, this melodious piece is one of the main attractions in the album.

The music produced by Sonik Omi is one of the finest works done by him. It helps to bring the lyrics to life, giving the song a lot of credibility. The most interesting part is the way that he has used various instruments to create a wonderfully melodious song. The use of the violin and the sitar, for instance, is done expertly. Ordinarily, other directors would have been more conventional, but by merging different instruments, he has done something completely different and commendable.

Talking about the lyrics, G.L.Rawal has outdone himself with this one. The lyrics are completely capturing the emotions that the hero is experiencing- they make one feel his pain, his misery and to express something like that through words is not an easy task. The lyrics take you through various phases like flowing water, it’s a treat to listen to it and simply sink into it.

Mohd Rafi with David

Mohd. Rafi compliments the song so wonderfully; it is difficult to explain it. His charisma actually comes through in the song and he sings like a true drunk and that is a nothing but a compliment! Like all his other wonderful songs, this one too makes you sigh. A great pick from his collection.

All in all, a really nice song to listen to when you are feeling blue – makes you feel that you have a comrade in grief, which are very hard to come by.

Download: Yeh Dil Nahin Hai Ke Jiske Sahar
Film: Aabroo [1968]
Singer: Mohd Rafi
Music: Sonik Omi
Lyrics: G.L.Rawal

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  1. I just came across your post and have been browsing along. I thought I’d drop my first comment because it truly captured my focus. I am going to drop back here frequently to check for fresh content.

  2. shakeel says:

    Dear Brother kindly let me know that beautiful song of Rafi sahib
    Is Ishq o mohabbat ki original song I love to watch that
    kindly tell me its link
    shakeel sunny

  3. Manish Kumar says:

    AS Murthy ji, you should receive those rare songs shortly

  4. A S MURTY says:

    I have just now gone through the entire article and also downloaded this wonderful song. it is in winzip format and each time has to be extracted. can the author also provide the mp3 format version? I had not heard it earlier, but the song is real soulful one and full of melody. also, it is again a difficult tune to sing on. thanks for this piece on the song. pls do come up more with such articles on long lost but very good songs of rafi sahab. i can give some examples of songs which are very rarely heard (1) aaj ki raat badi shokh badi natkhat hai, (2) zara sun haseena aye nazneen, (3) saari khushiyan hai mohabbat ki zamane ke liye, etc. they are all very lovely songs, but neither they are easily available nor have they been heard often by many. if anyone has them, please send to thanks.

  5. P.Narayanan says:

    Dear Krishna,
    Kindly give me ur email id and mob num as we are compiling the list of Rafians to distribute Rafi Sahabs devoted Magazine to be published from Mumbai.
    Dear Rafians,
    The above message is applicable to all u dearest Music lovers n Rafians in India n overseas.
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  6. viswan says:

    to nadeem…..pls dont use this site as classified page

  7. asok says:

    Hi there all Rafians.I am looking for songs from movies Raakh Aur Chingari and Naach Uthe Saansar.Can any one help,please?

  8. mohamed parvez says:

    dear hussien saab do u have milaps song kahin aisa na ho by my rafissaab can u send in my mail my email address is

  9. nadeem says:

    Md rafi saab’s wonderfull collectin of 3000 songs in 250 imported audio cassette are goin to sale please contact genuine person who really loves music
    cell- 9920482737 (Mumbai)

  10. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Thanks Mr. Parveiz Mohamed, my mistake, the song from ‘Milaap’ is ‘Kahin aisa na ho…’. Sorry for the mistake.

  11. dj says:

    Hi Raajkumar, the song bolo ae zameen bolo aasman is from the movie: CHAKRADHARI. The song kanna munna kur… is from the movie TRUNKCALL

  12. mohamed parvez says:

    sorry husseien saab the song din he ye bahar ke from film honeymoon music composed by great usha khanna ji and it is sang by one and only my rafisaab

  13. Hussein Sheikh says:

    There is a song by Rafi Saheb in a film called “Milaap”, and the song goes like this – ‘Din hai yeh Bahaar ke, Phool Chunle Pyar ke… O saathi O saathi…’ it’s one of the rare songs sung by the legend, anyone need this beautiful romantic song, may contact me.

  14. Hussein Sheikh says:

    There is a song by Rafi Saheb in a film called “Milaap’ and the song goes like this – ‘Din hai yeh bahaar ke, Phool chunle Pyar ke…’, if anybody need this song, can contact me, I’ll be pleased to send it. It’s a beautiful romantic song sung by the legend Rafi Saheb.

  15. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Sorry mr. krishna, i was late, but my rafian friends have sent you
    the correct information about “MEHFIL SE…” I am thankful to them.
    Likewise… can anybody send me the information about these songs…
    1) Bolo ae zameen bolo aasman…
    2) Kanna manna kurr..tere sir ki topi furr
    3) Tera mera amar pyar hai..alakhniranjan…
    all songs sung by our beloved rafisaab.
    anyone can help me ? anyone ??

  16. KRISHNA says:

    Dear Guru Murthy and Prakash
    Thanks for the info.

  17. rafians74 says:

    salam to all RAFIANS

  18. unknow1 says:

    Dear Zeenath,
    plz don’t look from one side and don’t comapare a good singer with greatest Mohd Rafi,Maybe u like his songs more than Mohd Rafi songs but it don’t mean that he is better,he said that MohD rafi greates singer ever born………………………

  19. binus2000 says:


    Its an unneeded comment that Yesudas is better than Rafi… in a song.

    Yesudas can never come near rafi saab as yesudas hindi diction is
    b a d and he will never try to improve it .
    He told me that he has a Malayalam hindi diction which he will not
    change… and he himself does not compare himself with Rafi saab as
    yesudas says : rafi saab is the ultimate… in singing and in humality…

    You may compare rafi saab with any singer ; but the truth remains
    that yesudas is the rafi of kerala for malayalam songs.. he failed
    to get a toehold in mumbai film industry after a great start – more
    due to his diction as said earlier…

    But , he is one of the greatest singer of south india…

    binu nair

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