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Oh What an evening!

This article is written by Ms. Usha Munshi, Mumbai.

Mohd Rafi and Madan Mohan

Mohd Rafi and Madan Mohan

Was it magical, that evening? I would say it was…

I was very excited as I readied myself to sit through a concert that was organised to pay tribute to the legend – Madan Mohan. I am a huge fan. I was naturally drawn to most of his music compositions. Ironically, till about a few years back, I wasn’t even aware that I was a fan of Madan Mohan, till a close friend, Bhushan, who works with YashRaj Films, and is a sort of pro where Hindi film songs were concerned, closely observed my likes and pointed it out to me!

Ever since, I have gone about collecting and listening to MM’s music.

Anyway, back to the evening —  somewhere I was a bit apprehensive-Will they do justice to MM’s music in an orchestra? Will Rafi, Lata and Manna Dey be well replicated? But I went, nevertheless, with high hopes.

Bhushan accompanied me. In fact, he had arranged for the tickets and all!

We reached the hall and a young guy called Akshay came with tickets… Bhushan introduced me… and I shook hands with this smiling Akshay, and very casually, Bhushan said, “Akshay, Usha is a great fan of Madan Mohanji. And btw, Usha, Akshay is Madan Mohan’s grandson.”

Grandson!???? I shook hands with someone so closely related to the great maestro??? My palms folded in a Namaste, impulsively! Akshay burst into laughter and said he himself is not great in anyway, just that he had a grandfather that was!

So Sweet!!

The evening began with no fan fare, no frills… the curtains opened and a voice welcomed a young Hrishikesh to render Manna Dey’s Kaun aaya! I sat spellbound. This young man made no attempt to make himself sound like Manna Dey, but he sang flawlessly! Fabulous voice and exactly like how the original had been sung.

I settled further into my seat. Here was an evening that promised to quench my thirst to soak up good ol’ music!

Next was Hum Pyar mein jalne walon ko….

I am not going to list out the songs rendered that evening in that order, but I can say one thing – every singer who came up that day, didn’t disappoint the audience nor did they stray away from the original rendition.

As the evening blossomed into one gem after another, I gathered a lot of lovely anecdotes about the great composer – his humility, straightforwardness, honesty and truthfulness were the striking qualities in every incident narrated.

He would apparently tell all his lyricists, “Dil se likho, to hi tumhara geet logon ke dil tak jaa pahunchegi!” And, amazingly, it seems lyricists almost always wrote better songs when MM was the composer. No wonder some lyricists did magic with words when MM composed their songs!

For one such ‘dil se likha hua geet’, Majrooh Sultanpuri got a huge pat on his back and was treated to a lovely meal cooked by Madan Mohan himself. Oh yes… he enjoyed cooking and he did a great job of it, it seems!

And the song that got such a reward was none other than ‘Teri aankhon ke siva..’! Uff what a song. That evening, the same Hrishikesh boy sang the number. And the audience made him sing the song again. They wanted an encore again and again. But, like the compere said, “aap ek hi laddoo baar baar kyon khana chahte hain…. Aaj ki shaam apke liye bahut sare mithayiyan lekar aa rahi hain!”

Mohd Rafi with Sahir Ludhianvi, Jaan Nisar Akhtar, Madan Mohan, Minoo Karthik

Mohd Rafi with Sahir Ludhianvi, Jaan Nisar Akhtar, Madan Mohan, Minoo Karthik

One person I have to talk about is the saxophone player – Manohari Singh. An old man now, he played magic – simply magic with his saxophone that evening. He played ‘Yun HJasrathon Ke daag‘ and then a few interludes in other numbers.

Apparently Manoharida, as he is known, used to play the saxophone in many of Madan mohan’s orchestra team. He also became the official music arranger for RD Burman,  later. This old, very sweet man, came on stage that evening with his glittering sax and played away, enthralling the audience.

The break brought in some more surprises and delight. Firstly of course, Madan Mohan’s family was there. His son, Sanjeev Kohli, presented a few refreshing stories about the late legend. He talked about how his father, when he died, had a heavy heart. That he never won any popular or acclaimed award, really saddened him. And he apparently died with this sorrow in heart. His son, then about 18 years of age, dreamt…

Dreamt that his father’s music reaches millions of people, releases under a big banner name, in a big film, with superstars like Amitabh Bachchan and Hema malini (the then reigning stars he knew of!), and directed by India’s biggest director.

He didn’t know how or when this dream will ever come alive, but dream he did in a big way, nevertheless.

Thirty years on, thirty years after his father breathed his last, Veer Zara released. The music director was none other than the Late Madan Mohan himself. And true to Kohli’s dreams, the music scored was for a film that released under the one of the biggest Indin film banners, again directed by one of India’s biggest film maker – Yash chopra, and what a star cast – it actually had Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini, and also one of India’s biggest super stars Shah rukh Khan! Whoever said “….Khwaab mein… sach hai kya…” wasn’t dreaming hard enough!

And, Veer Zara also won the IIFA award that year!

Sanjeev Kohli also admitted that, for his father, nothing else would have been a bigger award than seeing so many people applauding and cheering his music even after so many years!

Moments later, Kohli invited on stage his ‘bua’, Madan Mohan’s sister. Even as this thin, frail lady walked up to the stage, one couldn’t help but notice her striking resemblance to Madan Mohan. If one could draw a thing line of moustache on her face, she would look exactly like him! As she walked up the stairs, she headed straight towards her nephew and whispered something. Apparently she told him that Madan Mohan had indeed won an award during his heydays – the National award for the film Dastak! That’s the affectionate sister taking up for her bro!

The break time held yet another pleasant surprise for us. There was Bhupinder Singh, who had loads to tell us about the great Madanji. So many beautiful things about someone who loved to surprise his friends and team, who loved to have fun, who was a child at heart…!

We were lucky to get to hear Bhupinder sing ‘Dil Dhoondta Hai‘ for us and also a part of the song he sang with three other stalwarts – Mohd Rafi, Talat Mehmood and Manna Dey.

The CD, ‘Tere Baghair‘ was released that evening. Tere Baghair is a collection of 15 unreleased songs by MM – about 7 Rafi numbers, three Lata, 3 Asha, one talat and one Kishore. As I type this I am listening to the CD for the… maybe 15th time! The opening song, ‘Kaise Kategi Zindagi…’ by none other than Rafi is mesmerising. Here I am, sitting with my numb fingers that are not letting me type without faltering; with tears in my eyes, blurring my sight. What a composition. And what a singer!

The evening ended with this number by Hrishikesh (he was the solo male singer in the group!) To say he sang well would not do justice to him. He was fabulous. Madan Mohan and Mohd Rafi were somewhere up there smiling, as they listened. It was perfect!

A note on the ‘Tere Baghair‘ collection – It also has a number by Madan Mohan himself. He and only his harmonium. It’s almost like you are listening to him in your living room, in a live mehfil!

The CD pack also has the audio of ‘The Making of Veer Zaara’. It has MM composing a tune, with or without any words, which then morphs into one of the songs of the film. Then it comes back to MM composing the Antara. .. and so it goes on.

Sounds almost as if MM was there composing the song himself.

I really wonder how Lata Mangeshkar sang through the recordings without crying. I had tears welling up even as I sat listening to it…. How remotely connected I was to this great composer, and yet how genuinely his music affected me!

If this isn’t magic, what is!

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17 Blog Comments to “Oh What an evening!”

  1. Sagnik Chatterjee says:

    Very touchy personal writing. You represent ‘Aam Admi’ of India in true spirit.

  2. Imran Rustam says:

    Madon Mohan Jee was really a great musician. He knew that whose singer could be suitable for which song. Specially i like his compositions in the movie “Sharabi”……. With Rafi Sb’s great voice all compositions of this movie lasts their effects forever.


  3. Usha Munshi says:

    Dear All,

    I am so overwhelmed with all the responses. I never really imagined that what I casually wrote as a mail to my uncle (who is a great Rafi an and a great singer himself), will be received with so much love, enthusiasm and encouragement.

    Thank you so very much.
    Mr Mohapatraji, your idea o a biography is very very enticing. I would indeed love to learn more about the great Madan MOhan and spread it across the world!! I don’t know i such a possibility exists. BUt try I shall!

    Lt Col Javed Sayed ji, your idea is really great. I will try and get some of the Rafi fan group members to start a consolidated group…lets see i it works.

    Will send your viewpoint in a mail to a few Rafi fan clubs.

    Thank you for your kind words, once again

  4. gyan prakash agarwal says:

    Thanks Sundeep for addition to the list. great! let the list grow!

  5. jasbir singh zando says:

    can any rafisaab fan help me to get on stage live performance recordings of rafisaab whether in india or abroad…i am very crazy to see my god..mohd rafisaab spreading the sweet frangrance of his songs through his golden voice while singing alive….watching him will soothe me….i am still trying to get”tere bagair” ….classic masterpiece of madan mohan saab n mohdrafisaab…aapke hazaron gaanon ke saath jeelenge hum…..

  6. sundeep pahwa says:

    very expresive writeup on madanmohan by usha ji
    in the list by gyan prakash aggarwal of songs of rafi
    and madanmohan i would like to add a no written by the great
    rajender krishan in the film bombay racecourse 1966
    picturised on johnny walker
    leh gaya zalim ghadi samajh ke
    mera dhatkta dil
    sundeep new delhi

  7. Gyan prakash Agarwal says:

    Wakayee zindagi kat rahi hei, rafi saab ke behtreen doob jaane waale gaane sunkar.

    Upar waale ne bhi kya timing (programmng) ki –

    pichle saath shaalo mei –

    rafi saab jaisa mahaan lokpriya gaayak diya

    madan mohan, op nayyar, ravi, naushad, sdb, roshan, sj jaise sangeetkaar diya

    mehdi ali, saahir, majrooh, kaifi jaise geetkaar diya

    recording studio, gramophone, radio, tv, cassette, cd, vcd, dvd, mp3 diya

    computer, internet, diya

    laakho – karoro rafi saab ke fans diya

    Bas is programming me ek chook ho gayi upar wale se

    Rafi saab ko jara jaldi upar bula liya

    Aur tujhe pata nahi ye tune kya kar diya

    hazaro aane waale geeto se unki kismat chura liya

    na jaane kitne sangeetkaaro ki dhuno ko shula diya

    aur naa jaane kitne geetkaaro se unke geeto ko chura liya

    naa jaane kitne hero ki awwaze chura liya

    mujhse to mujhi ko chura liya

    mujhse to mujhi ko chura liya

    mujhse to mujhi ko chura liya

    phir bhi is baat ka shakoon hei hamei

    rafi saab ke saare gaane ham sabo ke hawale kar diya

    kishmat ne yahan kuch to hamaara saath diya

    upar wale tera bahut bahut shukriya



    tune mere jholi ko anmol ratno se bhar diya

    tanha lamho ke liye ek hamsafar, ek hamkhyal to diya

    phurshat mei dil bahlaane ke liye ek pyaara sa saathi to diya

    upar wale tera bahut bahut shukriya



    with my kindest regards to Rafi saab


    saudi arab

  8. Lt Col Javed Sayyed says:

    Congrats Ushaji for your vivid description of the great musical evening. Your emotional description of the event & Love for Our Beloved Singer Mohd Rafi Sahab was great, touching yet refreshing.
    I see a lot of Rafi Fan Clubs in various Names & cities being mentioned in the mail. Can we have a description, writeup, aim & scope of these onerous organsations from their Committees, Members etc. I came across one such org from Allahabad last July thru Newspapers offering Sharaddhanjali on July 31, 2008. These people have planned a Medical College & Hospital out there for the needy & poor aptly naming it on Rafi Sahab. Lets get all of them together, check out their benovelent aims, & contribute monetarily, physically, morally & advisorily as possible in their mission & gain from each other. Someone with good exposure to this concept needs to take the initiative. Theres a Rafi Foundation in Pune too, but they seem to have been dormant. A Chowk at the end section of the MG Road, Pune has been named after Rafi Sahab. Lets compile other such information from all over the country. A Group of 2-3 Ladies from Guwahati regularly organised A Tribute to Mohd Rafi program every year in Aug till 3 years back. Updates on this is not avlb. Any News?

  9. Anmol Singh says:

    Hello Usha Ji,

    Thanks for sharing this wonder full piece of information on the extra ordinary composer Shri Madan Mohan Ji. Its great to read such articles and going back in time imagining a wonder dream.

  10. Hara Mahapatra says:

    Dear Usha Madam,

    Your article on Madan Mohan saheb is one of the finest tribute to a great artist.
    Why dont you talk with Mr.Kohli (his son) to pen a proper biography on Madanmohan ji ! You write so well.


    Hara Mahapatra (Rourkela,Orissa)

  11. Nasreen says:

    Hi Usha, that was so interesting! ‘wish I was in Mumbai and could to these evenings and listen to these fabulous performers. Where can one get “Tere Baghair”, I really want to buy it, esp. because it has 7 songs of Rafi Saab. Madan Mohan and Rafi Saab created enough magic to last several lifetimes.

    ‘Kaise kategi zindagi”?? My response is: aap ke geet sunkar.


  12. shrirang nawathe says:


    One of the finest writeups I have come across..just great description, feeling that I myself was present at the event…Your expressions are just great..
    thank you for sharing such beautiful moments..

  13. arun bajaj says:

    A very touching tribute to Madan Mohan and Mhd. Rafi… have written it from the heart. His light compositions have the same individualistic quality as his serious songs. He composed the only way he knew to…….with great respect for each of his tunes.

    Arun Bajaj

  14. N R Padmanabhan says:


    i have said it earlier but would not resist saying it again : you have transported us to the golden times by your vivid commentary. MM’s creations invariably touch our hearts. Like Rafisahab, he too was an embodiment of humility, solely dedicated to music.

    Thanks for this report. One request, though. If possible share with us the things that the various speakers who were associated with him told about him. That will be truly a first person account.

    Thanks again.

    Padmanabhan NR
    Member,Rafi Fondation, Hyderabad & Baar Baar Rafi, Bangalore.

  15. Chandan says:

    Hi Usha
    Congrats for a well written article – so simple and straight from your heart out!
    Truly, legends are never born again and they are only remembered with their golden treasure of musical contributions. It gains weight, power and much much more lilt in their music, day by day, year by year, like an ageing liquor!

  16. Gyan prakash Agarwal says:

    very very touching ushajee. He was indeed king of the ghazal and together with another king of ghazal – RAFI SAHEB. he composed most memorable ghazals, and also some very romantic duets with Lata and Asha

    here are few of my most favourites pix from this great combo – mix of ghazals, solos and duets of md. rafi sahib majestically composed by madan mohan ji:

    Aap Ko Pyaar Chupane Neela Akash 1965
    Aapke Pehelu Mein Aakar Mera Saaya 1966
    Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Haqueeqat 1964
    Baad Muddat – Aap Aaye Jahanara 1964
    Chirag Dil Ka Jalao Chirag 1969
    Dil Khush Hai Aaj Gazal 1964
    Ek Haseen Sham Ko Dulhan Ek Raat Ki 1966
    Hoke Majboor Mujeh Usne Haqueeqat 1964
    Jis Din Se Maine Tumko Parwana 1971
    Kabhi Na Kabhi Sharaabi 1964
    Kaise Kategi Zindagi Tere Madan Mohan .. A Treasury Revealed
    Kisi Ki Yaad Mein Duniya Jahanara 1964
    Masti Mein Ched Ke Haqueeqat 1964
    Mein Nigahen Tere Aap Ki Parchhaiyan 1964
    Mein Yeh Soch Kar Uske Dar Haqueeqat 1964
    Mera Paigaam Mohobbat Ke Madan Mohan .. A Treasury Revealed
    Meri Awaaz Suno Naunihal 1967
    Mujeh Yeh Phool Na De Gazal 1964
    Qadamon Mein Tere Ay Madan Mohan .. A Treasury Revealed
    Rang Aur Noor Ki Baraat Gazal 1964
    Sawan Ke Mahine Mein Sharaabi (1964) 1964
    Tere Paas Aake Mera Neela Akash 1965
    Teri Aankhon Ke Siva Duni. Chirag 1969
    Tu Mere Saamne Hai Suhagan (1964) 1964
    Tujeh Kya Sunaun Aakhri Dao (1958) 1958
    Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho Hanste Zakham 1973
    Tumhare Zulf Ke Sae Mein Naunihal 1967
    Tumse Kahoon Ek Baat Dastak 1970
    Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil Heer Ranjha 1970
    Yehi Hai Tamanna Aap Ki Parchhaiyan 1964
    Yun Rootho Na Haseena Neend Hamari Kwaab.. 1966
    Zameen Se Hamen Aasmaa.. Adalat (1958) 1958

    a bigger list of Rafi sahib songs composed by madan mohan ji:

    Aadhi Tum Khalo Aadhi Fifty Fifty 1956
    Aakhiri Geet Mohabbat Neela Akash 1965
    Ab Agar Ham Se Khudaayi Laila Majnu 1976
    Adayen Jab Ho Khutedar Khota Paisa 1958
    Aji Bibi Ko Ghar Minister 1959
    Allah Zaalim.Yeh Diwane Ki Laila Majnu 1976
    Apna Hai Phir Bhi Bhai Bhai 1956
    Are Hansane Waalon Kabhi Parwana 1971
    Ay Musavir…Jo Dekhta Hai Naya Kanoon 1965
    Aye Hamsafar Bata De Mohar 1959
    Baad Muddat – Aap Aaye Jahanara 1964
    Bada Hi C.I.D Hai Chandan 1958
    Barbaad-e-mohabbat Ki Dua Laila Majnu 1976
    Basti Basti Parbat Parbat Railway Platform 1955
    Bol Bol Bol Bol My Little Baap Bete 1959
    Chadi Re Chadi Mausam 1975
    Chalte Hai Kaale Dhandhon Railway Platform 1955
    Chand Ki Chaal Bhi Sharaabi 1964
    Chirag Dil Ka Jalavo Chirag 1969
    Dekh Tere Bhagwaan Ki Railway Platform 1955
    Dekhta Chala Gaya Mein Gateway Of India 1957
    Dil Khush Hai Aaj Gazal 1964
    Do Do Haath Do Do Pavun Sharaabi (1964) 1964
    Do Ghadi Voh Jo Paas Gateway Of India 1957
    Do Ghoont Maine Pi Sanjog (1961) 1961
    Dulhan Hai Kalkatte Ki Anpadh (1962) 1962
    Duniya Ke Saare Gamon Se Mastana (1954) 1954
    Duniya Paagalon Ka Bazaar Chacha Chowdhary 1953
    Duniya Paagalon Ka Bazaar Chacha Chowdhary 1953
    Duniya Yeh Duniya Toofan Chacha Chowdhary 1953
    Dupatta Mera Malmal Ka Adalat (1958) 1958
    Ek Haseen Sham Ko Dulhan Ek Raat Ki 1966
    Ek Matawala Aaj Aap Ki Parchhaiyan 1964
    Gaavo Re Khushiyon Ka Samundar (1957) 1957
    Gareebon Ka Paseena Naya Aadmi (1956) 1956
    Gori Ki Akhiyan Matak Gayi Dhun 1954
    Yeh Maana Meri Jaan Hanste Zakham 1973
    Hak Maangte Hein Apne Baap Bete 1959
    Ham Abhi Aata Tum Abhi Gateway Of India 1957
    Ham Bulaate Hi Rahe Tum Dekh Kabira Roya 1957
    Ham Ishq Mein Barbaad He Aankhen (1950) 1950
    Haseeno Sambhalo Apni Ye Khota Paisa (1958) 1958
    Hasna Gana Mauj Manana Chacha Chowdhary 1953
    Hay Hay Hay Ho Tera Mukhd Minister 1959
    Hello Hello Mizaaj Minister 1959
    Hoke Maayus Tere Dar Se Laila Majnu (1976) 1976
    Hoke Majboor Mujeh Usne Haqueeqat 1964
    Husn Jab Jab Ishq Se Neend Hamari Kwaab 1966
    Idhar Tho Haath La Pyaare Aakhri Dao (1958) 1958
    Is Rehami Paazeb Ki Laila Majnu (1976) 1976
    Ishq Ki Garmiye Jazbaat Gazal 1964
    Jaav Ji Jaav Dekhe Hein Sharaabi (1964) 1964
    Jab Din Haseen Adalat (1958) 1958
    Jab Ladka Kahen Haan Aur Anjaam 1952
    Jab Talak Jal Rahe Hein Par Sanjog (1961) 1961
    Jahan Mile Dharati Aakash Se Madan Mohan .. A Treasury Revealed
    Jeete Ji Duniya Ko Chowkidaar 1974
    Jhoom Jhoom Ke Do Diwane Mastana (1954) 1954
    Jidhar Dekhta Hun Sheru 1957
    Jis Din Se Maine Tumko Parwana (1971) 1971
    Jis Karni Se Maalik Sheru 1957
    Kabhi Itlake Chale Ho Aap Ki Parchhaiyan 1964
    Kabhi Na Kabhi Sharaabi (1964) 1964
    Kabhi Tera Daman Na Chorr Neend Hamari Kwaab.. 1966
    Kahan Chali�Ek Ladki Bholi Chowkidaar 1974
    Kaise Kategi Zindagi Tere Madan Mohan .. A Treasury Revealed
    Kehana…Likhkar Tera Naam Laila Majnu (1976) 1976
    Kisi Ka Kuch Kho Gaya Dulhan Ek Raat Ki 1966
    Kisi Ki Yaad Mein Duniya Jahanara 1964
    Koyi Ek Aana Koyi Do Aana Dhun 1954
    Koyi Hai Jawani Ko Jagavo Chacha Chowdhary 1953
    Ladi Ankh Se Ankh Pocketmaar (1956) 1956
    Le Gaya Dekho Dekho Samundar (1957) 1957
    Lo Aaj Suno Apne Shahidon Minister 1959
    Lo Ek Kali Muskaayi Ek Kali Muskaayi 1968
    Maalik Mein Puchta Hoon Ek Shola 1958
    Masti Mein Ched Ke Haqueeqat 1964
    Mat Bhool Are Insaan Teri Mastana (1954) 1954
    Mein Nigahen Tere Aap Ki Parchhaiyan 1964
    Mein Yeh Soch Kar Uske Dar Haqueeqat 1964
    Mera Paigaam Mohobbat Ke Madan Mohan .. A Treasury Revealed
    Mere Baba Re So Jaa Baba Koshish 1972
    Mere Dil Mein Aane Wale Baap Bete 1959
    Mere Jaisa Nahin Milega Fifty Fifty (1956) 1956
    Mere Meheboob Kahin Gazal 1964
    Mere Pyar Mein Tujeh Kya Suhagan (1964) 1964
    Meri Awaaz Suno Naunihal 1967
    Meri Duniya Mein Heer Ranjha 1970
    Meri Hirni Jaisi Chaal Jailor (1958) 1958
    Mujeh Le Chalo Aaj Is Sharaabi (1964) 1964
    Mujeh Yeh Phool Na De Gazal 1964
    Mujh Hi Mein Chhup Kar Jailor (1958) 1958
    Nee Laa Lo Chal Mere Dil Ke Gateway Of India 1957
    Pyaar Voh Shay Hai Neela Akash 1965
    Qadamon Mein Tere Ay San Madan Mohan .. A Treasury Revealed
    Raja Ka Hathi Lele Gudiya Mastana (1954) 1954
    Rang Aur Noor Ki Baraat Gazal 1964
    Raste Mein Do Anjaane Akeli Mat Jaiyo 1963
    Ro-ro Ke Yaad Karen Mamta Mastana (1954) 1954
    Rut Mastaani Saamne Hai Anjaam 1952
    Sab Din Hota Na Ek Samaan Senapati 1961
    Saiyan Aaye Tere Dwaar Sheru 1957
    Sapna Maine Dekha Hai Sharafat Chhod Di … 1976
    Sawan Ke Mahine Mein Sharaabi (1964) 1964
    Sawan Ke Mahine Men (sad) Sharaabi (1964) 1964
    Shama Mein Taaqat Kahan Naya Kanoon 1965
    Sochne Ko Laakh Baaten So Baap Bete 1959
    Sochta Hun Piyun, Piyun Na Sharaabi (1964) 1964
    Tere Dar Pe Aaya Hun Laila Majnu (1976) 1976
    Tere Kooche Mein Tera Heer Ranjha 1970
    Tere Paas Aake Mera Neela Akash 1965
    Teri Aankhon Ke Siva Duniy Chirag 1969
    Tiggee Chaukee Panjee Mastana (1970) 1970
    Tiggee Chaukee Panjee Naa Mastana (1954) 1954
    Tu Aage Tere Peeche Fifty Fifty (1956) 1956
    Tu Mere Saamne Hai Suhagan (1964) 1964
    Tujeh Kya Sunavun Aakhri Dao (1958) 1958
    Tum Ho Haseen Kahan Ke Sharaabi (1964) 1964
    Tum Jo Mil Gaye Ho Hanste Zakham 1973
    Tum Saamne Aakar Kazanchi 1958
    Tum Saamne Aakar Jis Dam Khazanchi 1958
    Tumhare Zulf Ke Sae Mein Naunihal 1967
    Tumse Kahoon Ek Baat Dastak 1970
    Unche Unche Mehelon Wale Jaagir 1959
    Yeh Bhool Huyi Bhoole Se Fifty Fifty (1956) 1956
    Yeh Cycle Ka Chakkar Akeli Mat Jaiyo 1963
    Yeh Duniya Yeh Mehfil Heer Ranjha 1970
    Yeh Hawaa Yeh Mastaana Akeli Mat Jaiyo 1963
    Yeh Tho Kaho Kaun Akeli Mat Jaiyo 1963
    Yehi Hai Tamanna Aap Ki Parchhaiyan 1964
    Yoon Na Sharmaa Eaila Parwana (1971) 1971
    Yun Roota Na Haseena Neend Hamari Kwaab.. 1966
    Zameen Se Hamen Aasmaa.. Adalat (1958) 1958
    Zulf Bikhrathi Chali Aayi Ho Ek Kali Muskaayi 1968

    with my kind regards to Rafi sahib and all rafians,

    Gyan Prakash Agarwal
    Saudi Arab

  17. ashok parekh says:


    What an article. Indeed, you have brought your heart out while paying tribute to great Madan Mohanji and describing the wonderful musical night you witnessed in Mumbai. Being a Mumbaikar myself, I really missed an opportunity.

    It is also a great tribute to our Rafisaab when one finds that Madan Mohanji’s “Tere Baghair” CD contains maximum number of songs by Rafisaab. Really, no true hf music lover can ever forget both these legends MM and MR.


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