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Mudhra-Music Appreciation

By Aparna Sridhar

Mohd Rafi Tributes

Mohd Rafi Tributes

Mudhra hosted a programme yesterday, 04.03.2012, at the Infosys Hall, Chennai. A tribute to the playback legends of the North and South. This was part of their 3 day programme of music appreciation.

Such a programme is always welcome, for indeed, there are very few people who can lay claim to sing like the legends, or even represent them. Being an ardent Mohammad Rafi fan, I was delighted to be invited and thrilled that  Chandan would be representing Rafi. None better. There were other singers too. For Mukesh, for Kishore. And for Lata. And on the southern side, for TM Sounderajan, PB Srinivas, P Suseela, S Janaki.

It was with great expectations that I attended the show. There was a full orchestra too to give good support to the singers. I was deeply disappointed. For several reasons. The biggest disappointment was that Chandan sang only 2 or 3 songs, while all the other Rafi numbers were sung by some other singer. The why of it is a mystery. He was totally sidelined. or should I say, Rafi was totally sidelined? He sang the beautiful Aaj Madhosh first (a Kishore number and he sang this with so much ease and Kishore-like too!) with Usha Raj and it was a fitting opening to the beauties that were to come later. Or thats what I thought, happily anticipating Deewana Hua Badal, Vaada Karle Saajna, Tere Mere Sapne, Baar Baar Dekho which were sung.

KS Ramachandran (Chandan)

KS Ramachandran (Chandan)

Chandan is one of the best representatives of Mohammed Rafi’s songs, with a really gifted voice that resembles Rafi’s almost exactly, tremendous musical talent and with as much love for Rafi’s way of singing. He sang Baar Baar Dekho next and that really set the mood of the show. While majority of the audience was there for the Tamil songs, which were also very well sung by the various singers, it visibly swayed and clapped to Chandan’s Baar Baar Dekho. Understandable. It is a beautiful song. And when Chandan sings, it is with the easy confidence of a talented professional singer who loves what he sings and who loves Rafi and his singing. Baar Baar Dekho was sheer listening pleasure. I waited. And waited. Then the lovely Deewana Hua badal was announced. But this time, by a different singer. I really sincerely wish I could say it was well-rendered, or even faintly faithful to the original. It was disappointing. Why give this pearl of a song to someone who would not be able to do justice to it? After all, this is a professional show. It is supposed to entertain the audience in the most sincere way possible, judiciously allotting the right songs to appropriate singers. The song was a disaster. Rafi with a rough hoarse voice? Where were the nuances? The softness? The modulations? In fact, why wrest the song away from Chandan? He would have sung it so beautifully! I am not here to comment on the other singers. I am only here to vent out my disappointment at Rafi’s songs being given short shrift and the person most suitable to sing them not allowed to do so.

Tere mere Sapne… beautifully Chandan sang this. The romance and depth of feeling infused in the song by Rafi oozed out when Chandan sang the song. Perfect voice modulation, the velvety softness so evident in this song superbly delineated by Chandan. I was truly grateful that he was allowed to sing this. The medley showcasing a Tamil song with Yeh Mera Prem Patra was a dream come true. Only the first few lines of the song were sung by Chandan, but oh, how sweet. How beautiful. Rafi came alive. No less.

That was it. All the other songs were buried, cut out, what ever you would like to call it. Rafi relegated to a corner. This giant, this stalwart, genius, musical phenomenon, dismissed summarily with 3 songs. How sad.

Last, but but not least, a mention about the orchestra. There really should be a basic training course for sound and effects given to these people. The orchestra was loud, harsh, jarring to the ears and not at all supportive to the singers. It was as if they were performing a parallel programme! The singers could not be heard over the noise of the orchestra. The tablas, dholaks, the casio, all created cacophony that soared over the singers’ voices. A pity. What I wouldn’t give to listen to a well-synchronised concert showcasing the great legends, especially by accomplished and melodious singers of the likes of Chandan!

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15 Blog Comments to “Mudhra-Music Appreciation”

  1. kishore chetty says:

    Please if there any event regarding RAfi Sahab any where in the world contact me.I would like attend as well.pls check in utube Kishore Chetty

  2. Aparna Sridhar says:

    This is most interesting, Mr Dubey. You are a mine of information on Rafi. Thank you for writing about this. Please do give more info on this song of Rafi’s so we can all hear it. Thank you again!

  3. PARESH DUBEY says:

    Does anyone know that rafisaab had recorded one marriage song , written by hasart jaipuri,specially for rafisaab´s daughter fatima ,who was to get merried soon.HMV had released its recording in form of SP.I have seen that
    sp record ,and heard too.the song was composed by rafisaab himself.
    I would request to organisors of rafi radio to play that song.

  4. Binu Nair says:

    Enjoy your music :

    plsease do vote for mohd rafi saaheb and bring up the votes tally.

    off to chennai, and kerala for two shows titled : shaam-e-rafi saaheb by the rafi foundation , mumbai.

    at mumbai the same musical at matungas Mysore auditorium on

    MaY 18TH….


    the rafi foundation – mumbai

  5. andrea correa says:

    we have not ‘enjoyed’ the criticism of the organiser or of any singer at the music show . you can eugolise your favourite singer but do not take the attitude of “my way or the highway”……

    when sonu nigam did a major show on sony channel telecasted in 160 countries and liked by millions, mr chandan had written an article ’roundly criticising’ the singing of sonu nigam……….which was surely in bad taste. the article was itself un- rafian type .

    because mohd rafi would listen to many singers and pat them on the back with a good word.

    while singing songs of rafi, singers should know the humility of rafi saaheb and his sublime life.

    the tragedy often is very few people know about the real life and times of mohd rafi sir.

    the fact remains that ‘no one’ can sing like rafi saaaheb and today singers are ‘plain clones’.

    thre is a saying : one mans food is anothers poison . same with music too.

    and humility is need of the hour for singers and their audiences alike

  6. rajnish sharma says:

    aparna u r great fan of rafisahab jaankar khushi hui ki aap chandanji ki bhi bahut badi fan hai wah kya baat hai

  7. Thanks SalRafiji, Binuji and tjayarajji..for all your encouraging feedback’s.
    Just click the following link to listen to one of my renditions from my album “Chandan remembers Mohammad Rafi Saab”
    Hope you like it..
    Thanks and regards

  8. Aparna Sridhar says:

    Dear Naushad, Bhuvan, Binu, SalRafi, tjayaraj,

    Thank you very much for your comments. They are very much appreciated.

    Chandan is a very good singer. You may visit him on his Facebook page Ks Ramachandran (Chandan). You may also visit his website Chandan uploads songs almost daily on facebook and is passionate about singing, especially Rafi songs. Please visit his page and enjoy.

  9. Aparna Sridhar says:

    Dear Chandan,
    Thank you. The pleasure is all mine. I am honoured to have been given the chance to write about your singing. You are a talented singer and I am interested in seeing that true talent is showcased to the discerning public. And regarding my arranging to publish this article, it is purely due to Mr Pradeep’s generosity and goodness in having it published. I am grateful to him.

  10. tjayaraj says:

    Agree with SalRafi above.From your wrote up Chandan seems to be grat artist.Never heard him or heard about him.Where can I listen to some of his renditions of Rafi.Thanks

  11. SalRafi says:

    So much has said about Chandan, either Chandan or Aparna please upload some of the songs of Chandan. Can’t wait to listen. You may send a link to myself or youtube link.
    Thank you.

  12. Binu Nair says:

    I liked the authors passion for music, melody and mohd rafi………….

    the author Loves the voice of chandan ji….. i too have heard the singer in mumbai.

    surely there is fire in the heart of aparna ji. its to be welcomed.

    she must now organise a ‘solo’ show for her favourite singer and follow in with many more.

    for, they say art cannot be laid down – for long.

    for amitabh bachhan, mohd rafi, lata – or our own elvis priesly shammi saaheb could never – be stopped on their tracks.

    if the music is good, the heart will sing.

  13. BHUVAN says:


  14. Naushad says:

    Mr Chandan ,never heard you sing but when i go through this article, i can grasp every meaning. So why not contact those Bollywood maestro. instead of wasting so much time to make those so called singers i would say lamenting in our ears naight and day.

  15. Thanks Aparna for your article and your appreciation of my singing.. I am grateful to you and also for taking all efforts to write and arrange to publish this article..
    Thanks again

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