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Mahendra Kapoor – The Greatest Rafi Lover

This article is written by Mr. Hashim Khan

Tribute to a Legend

Tribute to a Legend

The one and only shagird of our mentor Mohamed Rafi Saheb, popular Playback Singer of the Sixties and Seventies, Padamshree Mahendra Kapoor, winner of 3 Filmfare Awards, as well as the Dada Saheb Phalke Award, who shot into fame in 1958, with the chartbuster hit Aadha Hai Chandrama, Raat Aadhi ( Navrang ) was honoured posthumously with the Rafi Memorial Award 2008. Concieved, scripted and executed by Founder President Ruhi Khan, the Rafi Lovers Circle hosted a grand musical concert in memory of the noble singer, who passed away on Sept 27, 2008.

Titled Tribute To A Legend, it was held on 30th Nov, 08, at The Indian Museum Auditorium, Kolkata. The Award was received by his son Shri Rohan Kapoor ( Star of Films like Love 86 and Faasle ) who narrated certain facts and incidents about Mahendraji’s association and devotion to Rafi Saheb which left the audience spellbound emotional, and some in tears. From an early age in Amritsar, Mahendraji would sing in Rafi Saheb’s style. When the family moved to Mumbai, he would write Rafi, Rafi, Rafi in his School Notebooks. One day he was caught by his teacher and scolded, then one of his Classmates gave him Rafi Saheb’s Bhindi Bazaar address. So he went there alone and seeing his love and devotion, Rafi Saheb took him as his disciple, and would teach him on the Harmonium, take him to his recordings and also to his shows. After this they would go to have Rafi Saheb’s favourite Lassi.

Coverage of Tribute to A Legend program on 30th Nov 2008.jpgCoverage of Tribute to A Legend program on 30th Nov 2008 (3).jpgCoverage of Tribute to A Legend program on 30th Nov 2008 (2).jpg
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As time passed, Mahendra Kapoor Saheb blossomed and was amongst a handfull of playback singers of that period who made it. However, all this fame and success did not change him. In fact he had many things common with Rafi saheb. Did not smoke or drink alcohol. Was soft spoken, gentle, kind and smiling. Lived a simple life, white was his favourite colour. Moved residence to Bandra, Both died in the month of Ramzan.

Rafi Saheb is buried in Santa Cruz graveyard and Mahendra Saheb was also cremated in Santa Cruz. The ultimate threshold of his love respect for Rafi Saheb was witnessed during a show in London, at The Royal Albert Hall which was packed to the seams. After the show, Rafi Sahebs sons who live in UK, came backstage to pay their respects to Mahendra Uncle and were taken aback when he touched their feet and said ” I am only paying respects to my Guru, with whose blessings, grooming and guidance I am here and a packed audience has come to hear me ” CAN THERE BE A GREATER RAFI LOVER THAN THIS GEM OF A HUMAN BEING. ?

Rohan Kapoor himself a seasoned singer, who always used to perform with his father in live stage programmes both in India and abroad said that during these shows, his father would always insist that he sing Rafi sahebs numbers. Rohanji was accomapnied by his teenage son Sidhant and paid his personal shraddanjali, by singing a few of his fathers memorable songs :

  • Neele Gagan Ke Tale – Humraaz
  • Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se – Gumrah
  • Meri Desh Ki Dharti – Upkaar
  • Badal Jaye Agar Mali – Baharein Phir Bhi Ayengi
  • Lakhon Hain Yahan Dilwale – Kismat ( Sung by Sidhant )

Coverage of Tribute to A Legend program on 30th Nov 2008 (5).jpgCoverage of Tribute to A Legend program on 30th Nov 2008 (4).JPG
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The function started at 6.00 pm and finished at 10.00pm. Former Additional Director General of Police, then walked up and told the audience that if anyone in the Hall says that this show did not touch his heart, he is not telling the truth. The audience of Calcutta gave Ruhanji and Sidhant a standing ovation, thanked them profusely and and blessed them forever.

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29 Blog Comments to “Mahendra Kapoor – The Greatest Rafi Lover”

  1. Shrikant says:

    One more song where both Rafi Saab and mahendra kapoors’ voices appear along with others is ” dhoom mache dhoom, aaj ki raina ” from kala patthar 1979 music Rajesh roshan

  2. Patel says:

    Respected Khan Saab! Very nice article, i love as it informs you about activites & programs associated with Mohd rafi saab.
    Like post 26 Another name that should have been mentioned is the student (shagird) of Rafisaab who is playback singer Mehboob Chohan, He recently paid tribute to Rafi saab in concert with cbso at birmingham symphony hall in 2006, kya kahoon hashim sir Rafi saab yaad agaye. A treat for you and all rafi fans. You can see his bollywood songs in youtube in the links below. Rafi Concert Playlist

  3. A S MURTY says:

    refer post 26 about the Pakistani singer – mohammed ifrahim hia. we had not known about this singer earlier, but he does sing well as can be seen from the video links given in post 26. I particularly liked the song “Aye Watan Maa Ki Terhan”, but please let us know if this gifted singer has rendered any songs of rafi sahab.

  4. Raf"n_pk says:

    Respected Hashim Saab!
    Aap shayad bhol rahe hain rafi shab ke ek aur bhi shagird hain jo aaj bbhi zinda hain aur woh pakistan main hain un ka naam Mohammad Ifrahim Hia
    aap inko youtube main dekh aur sun sakte hain.

  5. m. y. khan says:

    I am the great lover of of the god creation, the the ligendry singer ,the greatest mohammed rafi I am very surprised at that time when i see any article when the author is comparing this greastest voice with any other singer undoubtedly the rafi sahib was the crown of the all singers till date no singer can copy of mohammed rafi in the same style as mohd rafi sang other singers like mukesh , kishor kumar, manna day etc. can be copied by lot of singers in present days and in past also. other are also the good singer but please do not compare with this diamond ,you can compare mohammed rafi with lata mangeshkar only but in some songs which were saperately sung by these two singers mohd rafi is having the upper hand eg., film mere mehboob

  6. Shaheen M Khan says:

    Thank you very much Hashim Sahab.

    I wish you and your family a very Happy New Year too.
    It was a pure co-incidence that I came across this article and read it purely because it had both my ever favorite singers Janab Mohd. Rafi Sahab & Mahendra Kapoor Sahab. for Both these truest singers & humans par excellence. I am happy Mr. Venkat has clarified his stand & wish him a very happy new year too.

    Actually I belong to USA Chicago but am in Bombay for a visit to celebrate my new year here. My nephew was on the net when I read this article & my memories of meeting Mahendra Sahab in US became fresh. My husband is a leading Doctor – Surgeon there and we have very busy schedules so i may not be able to respond further but I greatly admire people like you Hashim bhai who with all your heart and soul are keeping the Legends alive. We do the same there in US too, in our own ways. My husband always sings Mahendra Sahabs songs as he has a very versatile voice. Others do Rafi Sahab, Mukesh ji, Kihore Kumar ji etc. too – ALL WERE VERY GREAT SINGERS !!

    Yes you have my email & if you ever require any information please email me. Before I end I must share that way back in late seventies my father in law – Iqbaal Sahab, was a very senior musician of the Film Industry. He developed Cancer & went through a very difficult time both health wise as well as financially. Mahendra Sahab was the ONLY singer or person who came forward to help – not only did he help morally but all his medical expenses were taken care of by him – he further went to the extent of calling the Musician Association and got my – in-laws help to run the family – this all continued for almost one & Half year. But he never backed out or got tired. As my husband was studying & his medical education was very expensive in US we could only do little financially. GOD BLESS Mahendra Sahab’s Soul – What a rare example of a Fine Soul & Singer !! Sorry venkat sahab but this is pure love for him.

    shall write to you again once in US.

    Allah Hafiz

  7. pandit ramesh chand sharma says:

    Mohd rafi a matchless singer , his voice was sweeter then honey and a very high pitch in petriotic songs I dont know why the peoples are comparing RAFI to the other singers in fact he was the angel of melody & music we see rearly, GOD creates these types creature on the earth he is immortal till the end of this earth our indian govt.should be shammed that they have not given the BHARAT RATNA TO THE MOHD RAFI till now, I am seeing from my childhood that at the time of the elections all the contestant were played the records of petriotic songs of this ligendry singer in every elections, the govt. is giving this award to those persons who are in fact are not eligible. mohammed rafi was the GOD GIFT TO INDIA he was not an ordinary man

  8. b.venkatadri says:

    Respected Hashim Saab!

    I respect your objectivity and do indeed wave the White Flag!

    And I certainly respect Mahendra Kapoor Ji, not only for the singer that he is, but more importantly, because he considers Rafi Saab as God and his own Guru!!

    In the end, I wish you and Shaheen Khan Ji a very happy new year-2009!


  9. Hashim Khan says:

    Mr Venkat,

    With highest regards to you, may I request you to please wave the white flag and bury the hatchet. We Rafi lovers must always show chivalry and grace , specially when there is a lady sitting accross the table. I acknowledge Post Nos 18, 19 & 20 and your value your assesment.

    Ms Shaheen, please understand that a critic may sometimes use certain terms or words which may sound harsh, blunt and hard to digest, but in this case, after reading Mr Vekatadi’s Post No 6, 18, 19& 20, am convinced that there was no malice towards Mahendraji, who will always remain a legend for us and his songs will be cherished by us, more so because he was moulded and guided by our beloved Rafi Saheb.

    Wishing both of you lot of happiness and prosperity in the year 2009.

  10. b.venkatadri says:

    Now that this Shaheen Khan has drawn me back in to this topic, let me also give one clarification to Hashim Saab’s post no. 5.

    Rafi Saab had always wanted that he should never be featured in the same song along with Mahendra. As I mentioned in Post no. 3, Rafi Saab’s reason for this was that both have similar voice types and some less knowledgeable listeners can mistake one for the other. This point was confirmed in various interviews by Mahendra himself as well as by Music Director, Ravi.

    And, so it happened all through only according to Rafi Saab’s wishes in this regard.

    So much so, the most comprehensive and authentic Rafi songs list by Salim-ul-Haq mentions only one Rafi-Mahendra duet and just one odd group song by Rafi Saab, Mahendra and other singers for a dubbed mythological!

    Even that lone Rafi-Mahendra duet has a story behind it. It is for the Film, Aadmi (1968). The duet, as Hashim Saab also has mentioned, is “Kaisi Haseen Aaj Baharon Ki Raat Hai” and was picturised on Dileep Kumar and Manoj Kumar.

    Naushad had recorded even this duet first with Rafi and Talat, Rafi for Dileep and Talat for Manoj. Even till date, all the popularly available audio versions of this great duet are of Rafi and Talat only.

    But, after this recording, Manoj Kumar made a big issue that he does not want Talat Mehmood on him in the Film. Hence, probably, by getting the acceptance of Rafi Saab as one single exception, the song was again recorded with Rafi Saab and Mahendra and that version was used in the Film only.


  11. b.venkatadri says:

    To add to my earler post, I wish to say this.

    OPN had said this during nineties in an interview, referring to how much he lost by replacing Rafi Saab with Mahendra from late 1966:

    “The biggest blunder of my musical career had been to keep this Farishta out of my recording room for over 3 years”

    Shaheen Khan of post no. 16, please note!


  12. b.venkatadri says:

    Dear Hashim Saab,

    Who is this Shaheen Khan (post no. 16) and what does she want to say?

    Please dissect my post no. 3. It contains 5 paras.

    1. Para no. 1–I thanked you for the write-up and I hope she or you find nothing wrong in that!

    2. Para No. 2–I stated an irrefutable matter of fact that a substantial part of Mahendra’s carreer was made up of replacing the spaces Rafi Saab had to vacate frm time to time! Again an irrefutable matter of fact. It is a neutral statement with no respect or disrespect for Mahendra!

    3. Para No. 3–Again a neutral matter of fact. Opn’s replacing Rafi Saab with Mahendra from the end of 1966 to about 1970 or so was indeed ‘disastrous’ for OPn himself, in the sense that his career started nosediving from 1967 itself. Thereafter, the Films OPn got were b and c graders like CID 909, etc. Again, in this, no respect or disrespect for Mahendra!

    4. Para No. 4–Again a neutral statement of fact.

    5. Para No. 5–Again a neutral statement of fact. However, in this para, I had contextually asserted that Mahendra’s voice is nowhere as good as that of Rafi Saab and I stand by it till the end of my life, irrespective of what some Shaheen would say!

    Finally, I too could have said ” this Shahe… Kha…, who?”, but I am more cultured than her!


  13. Hashim Khan says:

    Ref Post No 16.

    Dear Ms Shaheen,

    Thank you for expressing your sentiments regarding Mahendra Kapoor Saheb.I respect your views and agree with you that on this site, people should refrain from malice towards other singers.
    Rafi Saheb had spread the message of love and respect to all which, we Rafi Lovers, should try to emulate.

    Today on Rafi Saheb’s 84th Birth Anniversary, I am reminded of a classic song which trickles into our heart, saluting the wizard of vocals.

    Mujhe Dard -e- Dil ka Pata Na Tha,
    Mujhe Aap kis liye mil gaye.
    Mein akele yunheen maaze mein tha,
    Mujhe Aap kis liye mil gaye.

  14. Dear Hashim Sahab, Salam.

    It was great on knowing that you & your wife Ruhi are keeping the yesteryears golden music alve in the name of Mohd Rafi Lovers Club. It was a pure coincidence that I happen to read your article – I have been agreat fan of both Rafi Sahab As well as Mahendra Kapoor ji. I was realy touched by your article and the way Rohan & his son Sidhant came to your show in Calcutta. I happen to see one of Mahendra ji’s shows in Chicago year before last. He was extra ordinary on the stage. He stole the hearts of the 5000+ crowd and they gave him a standing ovation for almost 10 minutes. He was a very humble humanbeing & my husband & I met him backstage & took pictures with him & Rohan who also sang very well.
    I was very disturbed to read the comments from some Venkatdaari – who says Mahendra Sahab’s combination was disastrous with OP Nayar, I would like to humbly ask him if he has ever even heard any of the Kismet or Sambandh or Yeh raat phir na ayegi Masrterpeices ?? people should sensibly refrain from making empty sounds to show that they are very knowledgable. this comment was a shame on him for Music giants such as Mohd Rafi sahab & Mahendra Kapoor Sahab. When they had no problem with each other – who is Venke….????? talk as much as your capacity mr. whoever. We love & will always love & respect both these great singers forever…
    One more thing that if Lata Mangeshkar stopped singing with Mohd Rafi Sahab it was her loss & if anyone would sing with her otherwis was not anybodys problem so why question the Mahendra Lata duets. where is it written that if Rafi sahab only would have sung them..These are matters of each indivduals luck & Allha’s Devine grace.
    The Last that Mahendra Sahab was always loved by the great producer Director B.R.Chopra & always gave us life time memorable songs till his last film Nikah & the TV serial Mahabharta. If Mahendra Saheb would not sing there were other great singers like Mukesh & Kishore & Manna dey who could have also sung then how can you say that Rafi Sahabs song were taken by Kapoor Sahab..????
    I feel that the type of song that needed the versitility of a great singer could only be given justice to by Rafi Sahab or Mahendra Sahab… I knew Rafi Sahabs family and all their members gave immence respect to Mahendra Kapoor Sahab & Rafi sahab’s grandson also called Kapoor sahab at his last interview which the RKB show as a great fan caller – I saw this myself on the TV in Chicago.
    Sorry but with all my good support & immence love for music & truth I was forced to share my hearts feelings with all Rafi Fans specially the lovely Hashim Sahab.

    Allah Hafiz
    Shaheen Khan

  15. Imran Rustam says:

    Mehendra Kapoor is really a good shagird of Rafi Sb. He used to write Rafi Rafi & Rafi in his Note Book…what a love he had for our beloved Rafi Sb….


  16. M.Zaman says:

    Hashim Sahab & Salim Sahab ,

    here i am going to share a real fact happened with me on 19th december’08, My cell phone wall paper has been set with a Rafi sahabs smiling face , i went to chandni market to repair my sell phone as the phone was giving some problem. I went to a repair shop & asked what will be your charge to repair this , the vendor said rs. 300/- after a taugh barganing fixed with rs. 200/- ,
    on repairing the phone he asked me ” sir , r u a singer ?” i said no , he said , i have seen Rafi shabas picture on your mobile , that’s whay i asked you. i replied that i am a die hard fan of Rafi sahab and i told some story of rafi sahab as that Rafi sahab name is in the geunise book of world record , along with some other fact . you won’t belive the vendor refuse to take a singel panny after reparing my phone . i said you have to take because it’s your profession , but he detarmind not to take a single ruppe . the vendor ( Mr. Ajay Sharma ) told me sir, the fact i came to know from you it’s one million more than what i have charged you . i am also rafi sahabs fan . However , some how i managed to give him rs.100 /- with a c.d . of rafi sahab .

    It’s just a exempel how rafi sahab is still in the deep of heart of BILLION.

    ” Aee nagmo ke jaa , ahle najar youhin nehi kekte ,
    tere geeton ko dil ke hum safar youhine nehi kehate .
    dukhi the lakh , firbhe mutmain the dard ke mare ,
    tere awaj ke shabnam se dhul jate the gham sare ,
    tere taano mein husn jindeji letha tha angraee( 2 ),
    tuje allaha neh bakshe the andaj-e-masihaee,
    tuhee tha , pear ka ek saaj is nafrat ke duniya mein ,
    are ganimat the tere awaj is nafrat ke duniya mein .”

    ” Rafi Sahab ke awaj ta- kayamat hamare dileo mein mehfooj rehgee”

    mehfilo ke damano mein , sahilo ke ass pass ,
    yea sada gunje gee , sadhio tek , dilo ke ass pass.

    ( By Nausad sahab )

  17. A.T.M. SALIM says:





  18. binu nair says:

    the rafi foundation and mahinder kapoor-ji…..

    mahendra kapoor was a die hard rafi fan , the first shisya of rafi saaheb. the second shishya is mrs. usha timothy – also a daughter to mohd rafi saaheb.

    Last year mahendra kapoor ji has called up my res to know the activities of rafi foundation. we visited his house on his birthday but since he was not available, we left the flower bouquet at mahendra saaheb s house.

    i feel prieveled to say that i was among the admirers who took part in the great singers last rites, also shouldering mahinder saaheb – on his last journey. this is my tributes to the singer. and compliments to hashim khan and ruhi khan – for honouring legends of our times. in fact this is one of the motto of rafi foundation. keep up the good work. wish you more success.

    binu nair, rafi foundation, mumbai. cell : 9833 250701.

  19. DEBABRATA ROY says:

    this was one the best presentation the RLC has ever produced .Thanks to Hasim Khan,Ruhi Khan ,Sakil bhai and all others who were closely associated with this programme.We expect more such programme in the years to come.Reading this article all rafi lovers will come to know what a close relationship were present between these two legendary singers .It was great evening to see Rohun kapoor ,the singer and actor son of Mahendra kapoor saab who had great voice quaity like his father >>

  20. Narayan says:

    Well done Ruhi sahiba and Hashim saab,
    You are the inspirationfor us in BaarBaar Rafi Fan Club in Bangalore and from the club full kudos to the entire team of Rafi Lover’s Circle in kolkata.
    Thanks i received ur invite and due to office work couldnt make it..

  21. A.T.M. SALIM says:




  22. Hashim Khan says:

    Ref Post No 6 and 7.

    Our grateful thanks to Mr Bijoor and Mr Zaman. it’s for people like you, the true music lovers that Ruhi and I have taken it upon ourselves to try and revive, through our concerts in Kolkata, not only the timeless music and evergreen songs of Rafi Saheb, but show insights to his charismatic persona, and narrate classic anecdotes from his musical journey.

    Mr Zaman, as mentioned by you, Rafi Saheb’s ability to touch hearts and make people their die hard fans, even after 28 years, is something extraordinary. Our only desire is that everyone connected with music should understand that Rafi Sahab was a rare gift of God to mankind, to be respected, loved and remembered till eternity, by listening to those priceless songs from his treasury. God Bless All.

  23. M.Zaman says:

    Hashim shaab,
    I was present on this proggrem, 30th nov’08 at Indian Musium Adutorium -kolkata,
    sir , If I give u hundred salutes for this proggrem will be less , if million , also less , reasion on that day i came to know because of you of sourse, what is actual Mohammed Rafi . said by Mr. Rohan Kapoor ” My fathers first jurny in flight was due to rafi sahaab , rafi sahaab took him to kolkata by flight first time in kolkata . rafi sahaab used to sing after 3am or 3.30 am at the ead of the proggrem , as after rafi sahaab song no body like to litens others. so Rafi saahab & Mahinder kapoorji was stayed in grand hotel as the progremm was held in Netaji indoor stadium, rafi sahaab & mahindra kapoorji was sleeping in the same room , suddenly rafi shaab called mahinder , mahinder come here , mahenderji got up rom e bed and saw that rafi sahab standing on the balcony and looking up to the sky . Mahinderji rush to rafi sahaab and said HA JI , Rafi sahaab told , mahinder , asmaan ke traf dekh kitene lakho sitera , inhe jo banaya unka koie ahanker eaya guroor nehe. tho humlong keun ahankar karte hain ” after hard this version from rohanji directly , i became rafi shaab die hard fan till death.
    ones again , hasim ji and ruhi ji thanks a lot to give us such a mind blowing and informative cultural progremm. god bless you.

  24. hashim khanji a very nice & touching thoughts on the great voice Mahendra Kapoor Sab the great disciple of the greatest Rafi Saab.

    Remember the classic film AADMI in which there was a lovely song sung by both the greats together Aisee Haseen Raat — Ab Kisko Kya Mila Ye Mukadar Kee Bat Hai which was pictured on the Tragedy King Dilip Saab on the piano & Manoj Kumar Sab

  25. Hashim Khan says:

    Ref Post No 1, 3 & 4.
    Grateful thanks to Messrs Bimanji, Mr Venkatadri and Mr Murty for your kind appreciation and valuable inputs on a unparalled Guru / Shishu association which breaks spirtual barriers and touches the heart. Yes, Mahendraji stepped into many songs which could have gone to Rafi Saab, but this was his destiny which no one can deny.

    For the Aadmi duet ” Aaisi haseen aaj bahraon ki raat hai , ek chand aasman pe hai ek mere saath hai ” Naushad saheb, replaced Talat Mehmood with Mahendraji in the picturised version of the song ( Incidently this song was the opening song of our concert ).

    A special word of thanks once again, on this site, to Mahendarji’ son Mr Ruhan Kapoor and his young talented grandson Sidhant for coming down to Kolkata on hearing that the concert organisers are Rafi Lovers Circle. ( Bade miya to bade miya, chote miya subhanallah.). Without their valuable contributions, we Rafians / Rafi Lovers would not have been aware of the intensityof their famed association.

  26. A S MURTY says:

    Hashim Khan ji thanks for presenting to us all this wonderful narration of mahendra kapoor’s devotion and dedication to rafi sahab. it is rather strange that both these legends had many things in common which you have very deftly described. they were both also punjabis, perhaps that was the only piece missing in your write up. but the story of how mahendra kapoor used to scribble the name of rafi sahab in his note books while at school really moves us all. yes, he was the greatest disciple from among the known public figures. and mahendra kapoor was just as simpleton as rafi sahab himself and enjoyed while singing the songs. there was never any commercial angle to his and rafi sahab’s singing, just pure enjoyment and that is the reason for their variety in range and presentation. thanks for giving us such a lovely reporting on one of the sub-continents legends – mahendra kapoor and i also commend the rafi lovers’ circle – kolkata, to have organized such a grand show.

  27. b.venkatadri says:

    Many thanks, Hashim Khan Saab, for narrating the intimate relationship between Rafi Saab and Mahendra Kapoor. No doubt, MK had worshipped Rafi Saab like God all through.

    However, it is a travesty of fate that a substantial part of Mahendra Kapoor’s career was made up of replacing the spaces that Rafi Saab had to vacate, from time to time.

    1. OPN had never used any other playback singer but Rafi Saab from the late forties to 1966. OPN had used KK and Talat Mehmood for a few films, only because KK and Talat were themselves the actors therein. But, in 1966, on account of a misunderstanding with Rafi Saab, OPN had replaced Rafi with MK for a couple of years, but that experiment proved disastrous for OPN himself!

    2.During Lata-Rafi misunderstanding from 1963 to 1967, while mostly Lata only had to make way for an Asha or a Suman in duets, in a small number of of duets, however, MDs had replaced Rafi Saab with Mahendra.

    3. Rafi Saab always was very particular about one thing. That is, as Mahendra’s voice was of a similar type (no doubt, nowhere as good, of course) as that of Rafi Saab, he and Mahendra should not be featured in the same song. But, B.R.Chopra had once insisted on precisely this same thing that Rafi Saab did not want. He wanted Rafi and Mahendra together in a song and Rafi Saab refused, leading to a misunderstanding between Rafi Saab and B.R.Chopra. This again made BRC deploy only Mahendra in his Films, from then on.


  28. TABREJ SHAMES says:

    na fankar tere bad koi aaya ,md rafi tu bahut yaad aaya………..
    there is no clue of rafi saheb in singing field , i think the bollywood has lost a great thing on 31 july 1980.

  29. biman baruah says:

    Respected Hashin Khan Ji

    Thanks a lot for sharing of a great concert /programme to us with lot of valuable informations.

    Mahendra Kapoor saheb was a diehard fan of rafi saheb and his singing style was similar to Rafi Sahab and his voice was also very melodious. He will be immortal for his songs from the films : Navrang, Gumrah, Hamraaz, Upkaar,Yaadgar, Roti Kapra Aur Makaan, Dhund, etc. He was the best in rendering the patrotic songs .

    With Warm regards to all rafi lovers.
    Biman Baruah

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