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Geeta Dutt and Mohd Rafi

This article is written by Mr. Venkatadri Brahmandam (Venkat from HF).

Mohd Rafi and Geeta Dutt

Mohd Rafi and Geeta Dutt

Geeta Dutt had sung over 150 duets with the great Mohammed Rafi, her highest number with any singer. Now, Mohammed Rafi, the singer-par-excellence, needs no new introduction. He was a colossus that ruled the Indian Film Music for over three decades all the way unto his untimely death in 1980. Even after his death, he was continuing to eternally rule the hearts of genuine music-lovers of successive generations.

Almighty God had blessed Mohammed Rafi with a Voice that could modulate and mould itself horizontally and vertically, so effortlessly and at will. That was a Voice which could express a hundred emotions so beautifully, be it pathos, love & romance, despair, frustration, patriotism, devotion, courage, determination, mischief, comedy, mock, philosophy, preaching, etc.

No wonder, most Legends, be they Music Directors or co-singers, be they his contemporaries or of later times, always eulogize(d) him with so much sincere passion and never tire(d) of pronouncing him as the best singer of all times.

Geeta Dutt had combined with Mohammed Rafi so very well to give us scores of memorable duets.

While there are over 150 Rafi-Geeta duets, five Music Directors, O.P.Nayyar, Chitragupta, S.D.Burman, Hansraj Behl and N.Datta account for a half of these Rafi-Geeta duets

By the way, there is a fundamental difference between Geeta Dutt and Lata Mangeshkar. Lata Mangeshkar, with her conventionally beautiful voice, makes a huge impact on the listener instantly. Geeta Dutt, with her nasal tinge and peculiar intonation, takes a while to impress the listener and to grow upon him/her.

As one music critic had said, Geeta Dutt is Thandi Hawa and Kali Ghata rolled into one. She was completely and equally at ease with heavy, tear-jerking numbers, on the one hand, and naughty, seductive teasers on the other.

Mohd Rafi with Geeta Dutt, Suman Kalyanpur and Shankar

Mohd Rafi with Geeta Dutt, Suman Kalyanpur and Shankar

People first took note of the effectiveness of Rafi-Geeta combination, in a group song of Geeta, Rafi, S.D.Batish and others in Film: Hamari Manzil(1949), “Katen Banenege Kaliyan Katon Se Khelta Jaa“, composed by Husnlal Bhagatram.

But, when one speaks of Geeta-Rafi duets, somehow one automatically thinks of O.P.Nayyar. For it was O.P.Nayyar’s Film:Aar Paar (1954) that had delivered the first big-ticket duets of this duo. “Sun Sun Sun Sun Zalima“, “Are Na Na Na Na Aisa Tauba Tauba” and “Mohabbat Kar Le Jee Bhar Le“. This great, lively and peppy association of these three greats, OPN, Geeta and Rafi went on for many Films, Mr. & Mrs. 55 , Musafirkhana (1955); Bhagambhagh, CID, Choomantar, Mr.Lambu, Shrimati 420 (1956); Bade Sarkar, Johnny Walker, Main Baap, Ustad (1957) and 12O Clock (1958). After 1958, O.P.Nayyar, for reasons musical and not-so-musical, had gravitated towards the equally talented, but more aggressive, Asha Bhosle.

Geeta-Rafi duets under S.D.Burman are much fewer in number. But, one gets the feeling of a far higher number because some of those are of real sublime quality, such as “Ham Aap Ki Aankhon Mein” from Pyasa (1957), “Rimjhim Ke Taraane Leke Aayi Barsaat” from Kala Bazaar (1960), “Chupke Se Mile Pyaase Pyaase” from Manzil (1960), “Bataavo Kya Karungi Main Jo Gham Ki Raat Aayegi“, from Ek Ke Baad Ek (1960), “Tu Ne Le Liya Hai Dil, Ab Kya Hoga“from Miya Biwi Raazi (1960), etc.

Coming to Chitragupta, one is bound to be surprised that it was he who had created the highest number (25) of Rafi-Geeta duets. And some real good ones too, such as “Ho Chat Mangni To Pat Shadi” from Chaal Baaz (1958), “Kabhi Toh Haan Haan Kaho Na” from Son Of Sindbad (1958), “Jawaab Nahin Gore Mukhde Par Til Kaale Ka” from Kangan (1959),) “Teri Nazar Mein Main Rahun” from Band Master (1962), etc.

Chitragupta’s Rafi-Geeta duets used to be of the traditional semi-clasiical or folk type until around 1957. Thereafter, it appears Chitragupta was inspired by O.P.Nayyar’s successful and fast-paced Rafi-Geeta duets and thus he too went on composing fast, peppy, western-type duets with Rafi and Geeta.

Coming to N.Datta, who can forget his “Tum Mile Woh Din Dhale” from Dr. Shaitan(1960) and “Awara Abdullah Yeh Pyaar Ka Halla Gulla” from Awara Abdullah(1962)?

Even some very lesser-known Muisc Directors have contributed their own memorable duets with this great duo. A case in point is the pathos-laden duet by Music Director, Jimmy from Film:Payaar Ki Baazi, “Humein Pyaar Karne Na Dega Zamaana” even as late as 1966!!

Johnny Walker has the highest number of songs for any comedian-hero, a large proportion of which are even duets! No other comedian has this distinction. And as we are well aware, Rafi has a total monopoly over songs/duets featuring Johnny Walker. Geeta Dutt, in turn, had the distinction of partnering Rafi in almost all the duets featuring Johnny Walker, barring very few.

While some 80-90 duets of Rafi-Geeta are better-known and popular, there are another 50-60 of them that are relatively rare, but are as good as some of the more popular numbers.

Mohd Rafi with Geeta Dutt

Mohd Rafi with Geeta Dutt

Let us fondly recall some of these rare duets.

1) “Phool Ko Bhool Ke Le Baitha Thha, Tera Kanton Se Hai Pyaar” from Film:Chunariya (1948)-MD:Hansraj Behl

One is bound to enjoy the fresh voices of the two legends in this vintage number, with a lot of nostalgia.

2) “O Dil Zakhmon Se Choor Magar Tu Kya Jaane” from Film:Aadhi Raat(1950)-MD:Husnalal Bhagatram

This nice duet is probably one of the very few duets in which HB had deployed Geeta Dutt

3) “Dil Se Dil Thakraaye, Phir Donon Ghabhraaye“-from Film:Love Marriage(1959)-MD:Shankar Jaikishan

This is the title song of the Film and is a very nice and peppy duet. Again a very rare use of Geeta Dutt by SJ.

4) “Koyi Chand Koyi Taara, Dekha Tujhsa Na Pyara” from Film:Taxi 555(1958)-MD:Sardar Malik

Yet another peppy and lively duet.

5) “Chahe Qismat Ham Ko Rulaye, Aur Apna Paraye Samjhaaye, Chahe Duniya Lakh Sataaye, Tera Mera Pyaar Na Jaaye” from Film:Neelam Pari (1952)-MD:Khursheed Anwar

Another beautiful, pathos-laden song and an excellent rendition by both the legends.

6) “Meri Jaan Gair Ko Tum Paan Khilaya Na Karo, Mere Armaan Bhare Dil Ko Jalaaya Na Karo” from Film:Kundan(1955)-MD:Ghulam Mohammed

Another nice duet in the comedy-genre, picturised on Om Prakash.

7) “O Soniye, O Soniye, Jab Jeet Huyi Hamari To Chalo Ham Shan Se Chale” from Film :10 o Clock (1958)-MD:Ram Ganguly

A very nice and peppy duet based on Punjabi folk , quite unusually from Ram Ganguly.

8 ) “Kal Talak Ham Theek Thha, Aaj Hame Kya Ho Gaya” from Film:Detective (1958)-MD:Mukul Roy

This one is a real beautiful number, composed in OPN style by Geeta’s brother, Mukul Roy, and picturised on Johnny Walker. The Mukhda tune is bound to remind you of the old English song, “Let’s Play the Game of Love”!

9) “Un Se Rippi Tippi Ho Gayi, Yani Baat Pakki Ho Gayi, Aage Aage Dekhiye Hoga Hoga Kya” from Film:Agra Road (1957)-MD:Roshan

Another real nice and pleasant number picturised on Vijay Anand and Shakeela. Notice the soft yodeling by Rafi Saab in this duet.

10) “Nadi Kinaare Koyi Pukaare Paas Hamare Aa” from Film:Chandramukhi (1960)-MD:S.N.Tripathi

Yet another beautiful duet composed by S.N.Tripathi

11) “Kahan Chali Re Chali Re Kahan Chali, Kahan Chali Re Chali Re Meri Tarara, Ri Ri Ri Main Ra Ra Ra” from Film:Pyar Ki Dastaan (1961)-MD:Naashad

Another nice comedy number picturised on Mohan Chhoti and Helen.

12) “Jis Ko Dhoondti Phirti Hai Meri Nazar, Tu Wohi Tu Nahin” from Film:Sheesh Mahal(1950)-MD:Vasant Desai

This is another great Rafi-Geeta duet picturised on Praan and Nigar

13) “Hello Hello O Meri Chammakchallo Aao Aao Karle Pyar Challo Challo” from Film:School Master (1959)-MD:Vasant Desai

One more lively and peppy duet by Rafi and Geeta.

14) “Dil Ham To Haare, Tum Kaho Pyaare, Gaalon Ka Til Kab Haroge” from Film:Ardhangini(1959)-MD:Vasant Desai

A very nice duet and a familiar one to Vividhbharati regulars. Both the singers render this with great energy and josh.

15) “Kal Saajana, Milna Yahan” from Film:Ardhangini(1959)-MD:Vasant Desai

Yet another lovely and fast beat song.

16) “Chunak Chunak Tham Thai Thayya” from Film:Panchaayat(1958)-MD:Iqbal Quereshi

This is one other lovely, lively duet picturised on Raj Kumar and Shyaama. A familiar one to old-time, radio listeners.

17) “Haal Yeh Kar Diya Zalim Tere Tadpaane Ne, Tere Tadpaane Ne” from Film:Panchayat(1958)-MD:Iqbal Quereshi

One more very good duet from Film:Panchayat.

18) “Lag Gayi Aankhiyan Tum Se Mori, O More Balam” from Film:Jeevan Jyoti(1953)-MD:S.D.Burman

Yet another rare and nice duet.

19) “Raham Kabhi To Farmaavo, Maaavo Maavo Meri Laila” from Film:Society(1955)-MD:S.D.Burman

Another very nice duet by the duo picturised on Johnny Walker and Kumkum.

20) “Ho Lakh Museebat Rasten Mein Par Saath Apna Na Choote” from Film:Pyasa(1957)-MD:S.D.Burman

This 1:44 duration clip from Film:Pyasa is indeed a very rare, collectors’ item.

It was quite common for great MDs such as SJ and SDB to compose one musical bit or the other in one of their earlier Films and use the same bit for a full-fledged song in one of their subsequent Films. Similarly, if you hear the prelude accordion music of this rare Pyasa duet, you will notice that the duet, “Chup Ke Se Mile Pyaase“, from Film:Manzil(1960) was inspired by that prelude accordion bit. Secondly, listen carefully to that “La La La La La Lala Lalla” bit in it and you will remember the “Hay Yeh Nigahen” song from Film:Paying Guest(1957).

In addition to the Rafi-Geeta duets listed above, there are many more rare and nice Rafi-Geeta duets under O.P.Nayyar, Chitragupta and N.Datta too.

By O.P.Nayyar:

1.”Achha Ji Maaf Kar Do, Thoda Insaaf Kar Do, Dil Par Jo Teer Chalaaye Un Ka Hisab Kar Do” from Film:Musafirkhana(1955)-MD:O.P.Nayyar

A great Rafi-Geeta duet. Listen to the “Jaaao Ji Maaf Kiya, Ham Ne Insaaf Kiya” part and you may notice shades of Lata’s “Jiya Beqarar Hai, Chhayi Bahar Hai” from Film:Barsaat(1949)!

2) “Jahan Jahan Khayal Jaata Hai, Wahan Wahan Tumhi Ko Paata Hai” from Film:Bade Sarkar(1957)-MD:OPN

Oh, what a duet! Great composition by OPN and great rendition by Rafi and Geeta!

3) “Dekho Ji Dekho Meethi Ada Se” from Film:Mai Baap(1957)-MD:OPN

Another great trio by OPN-Rafi-Geeta!! A ‘must-listen’!

By Chitragupta:

1) “Chup Ke Chup Ke Dil Mein Mere Aane Wale, Ho Dekho Preet Nibhaana” from Film:Hamara Ghar(1950)-MD:Chitragupta

A real old-world melody sung so beautifully by the duo.

2) “Ham Tum Se Poochte Hain, Sach Sach Hame Bataana” from Film:Hamari Shan(1951)-MD:Chitragupta

Another great Rafi-Geeta duet.

3) “Badi Mushqil Se Aisi Sham Aayi Hai Na Chup Raho” from Film:Tarang (1952)-MD:Chitragupta

Yet another melodious number of the early fifties type.

4) “Suniye Suniye Hamara Fasaana Dil Na Jaane Kahan Kho Gaya” from Film:Daughter of Sindbad(1958)-MD:Chitragupta

A real great duet by the duo and a great romantic composition by Chitragupta.

5) “Dil Phanse Deke Jhanse Haay Teri Nazar Mastani” from Film:Daaka (1959)-MD:Chitragupta

Another pleasant, peppy and stylish duet by Rafi-Geeta.

6) “Zalim Kehna Maan, Lachkti Chal Na Kha Kar Paan” from Film:Baraat(1960)-MD:Chitragupta

One other peppy, fast beat, Punjabi folk song by the duo.

7) “Teri Taqdeer Ka Sitara Kamal Hai” from Film:Zabak(1961)-MD:Chitragupta

Yet another great trio by Rafi, Geeta and Balbeer.

By N.Datta:

1) “Bachna Zara Zamana Hai Bura Kabhi Meri Gali Mein Na Aana” from Film:Milaap (1955)-MD:N.Datta

A nice duet picturised on Johnny Walker. The Mukhda tune of this duet was inspired by the Mukhda tune of another 1955 Lata song, “Tara Rara Ram Mere Dil Mein Sanam” from Film:Hoor-e-Arab(1955).

2) “Sadke Teri Chaal Ke, Kajra Wajra Daal Ke” from Film:Mister X (1957)-MD:N.Datta

A nice Punjabi folk- type duet.

3) “Pandit Ho Ya Lala, Ya Gandhi Topi Wala, Jo Bhi Khaaye” from Film:Rickshawala (1960)-MD:N.Datta

Yet another nice duet picturised on Johnny Walker.

Not much is known, however, regarding the personal relationship and equation between Geeta Dutt and Mohammed Rafi. But, it is safe to surmise that they both shared an excellent working relationship. A straight and simple relationship, so unlike the ones that Rafi had with the two big sisters.

Actually, it must have been quite a task for any female singer to partner a Rafi Saab, who would frequently be deploying his Adayen and Harkatein, at will. It was required of the female singer to sing with a straight face in the midst of these Rafi harkatein.

Mohd Rafi with Guru Dutt, Geeta Dutt, Shekhar, Geeta Bali

Mohd Rafi with Guru Dutt, Geeta Dutt, Shekhar, Geeta Bali

Take the example of the beautiful Geeta-Rafi duet “Legaya Dekho Dekho Dil Bhi Hamara” from Film:Samundar(1957), composed by Madan Mohan. In this duet, what strikes one as cute is the way Geeta Dutt keeps singing her lines in right earnest, while Rafi Saab keeps saying his intoxicated/drunken lines, which can easily unsettle the co-singer.

Another example of this kind is seen in Film: Shrimati 420 (1956). The peppy duet is “Ham Ko Chod Ke Kahan Jaavoge, Saiyan Tum Bada Dukh Paavoge“. In this one, Rafi Saab has just interventions of the “Achha“, “Ahha“, “Ohho” type!!

All in all, Rafi and Geeta were a great duet pair who had given to music lovers some wonderful and unforgettable songs.

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  1. ashwin says:

    Superb site, worth Gold just as all the songs and their makers and singer are.
    But I need help since we have so many loyal fans here, one duet by Rafi Saheb and Geetadi, was composed by Roshan Saheb and it went something like this, unfort remember only one word

    …. laakhon something something…

    can any1 pls help and refresh which movie is this song from. I know not much to go on but some1 may just have that number in their mind 🙂

    Thx for all da help, cheers

  2. NaKiL says:

    I don’t know how to thank this site for displaying the rare pics (in one of them I vitness when workg with Guru duttjee during AARPAAR).
    His soul must be showering blessing to you…non stop…no doubt
    In addition his current generation must be obliged
    My 1000000000…hats up to you
    God bless you

  3. venketgi, ur article impressed me to a great the above mentioned songs i had not heard 90 percent of it. how cold i collect all these songs and duets of geet- rafi team?

  4. pmc thangal says:

    dear venkatji,very colour ful article! i had heard only a few of of the songs mentioned by u . i rally wish if i could hear the the remaining songs and duets of rafi-geeta pair especially music performed by ram ganguly,vasant desai, madan mohan, mukul roy, hansraj behl,sdb and n dutta & chitragupta .if my memmory is correct rafi and geeta had done a beautiful comic song under the baton of k/a the lines begins with” mai hum pappa khan… madame bil bilan ” , the filim is not known to me.

  5. mohamed parvez says:


  6. Post 24, dear venkatjee,
    The mystery man is none other than … ….. ?
    This mystery man created Guru Dutt, who in turn created Waheeda Rahman, Johny Walker & Rahman.
    This mystery man knew & understood the potentialities of ….. ….. ? and helped him to become the greatest directors our Indian Film Industry has ever produced.
    Mr Haldarjee ab to suspense khol do ya main bataoon

  7. binu nair says:

    post 26 and post 27….
    please do not talk of real “ungrateful” people in the realm of h f m .
    if ever one would list, then asha would head the list “only” for one reason. for bad mouthing our music legends.
    she once mentioned to a journo that OP NAYYAR is a very ordinary music composer compared to rd burman.
    she forgot that when even the elder sister made her sit at home, it was the indomitable and sher of punjab opn who brought out – and gave her matching songs along with mohd rafi.

    if asha was made a singer its because of only two powers – god itself first and then the god of music – op nayyar.

    the world recognises this fact but not asha – whose 75% songs are to be heard from one ear and taken out from the other. these include the songs lip synched for our padmashri winner helen, bindu, padma khanna, jayshree t. leena das, many other vamps and the many b nd c grade artists of the land.

    binus : , mumbai

  8. SA Backer says:

    the letter of pmc blamed two legend singers ie shamshad begum and asha.if it is true,ofcourse it is a great mistake and undecent work on the part of shamshad and asha. in 1950’s & 60’s rafi sab had sung so many sweet & popular songs with shamshad.similarly in her helpless begining stage it was op neyyer who protected asha by giving so many songs ,op even avoide geeta dutt for asha.

  9. pmc thangal says:

    in a vishesh jaimala programme of vivid barathi in early 1970’s geet dutt played many rafi sab’s includes a goonje ki galiya.. kahahai kahahai (filim pyasa) na kisee ki ang ka nooru hum (filim lal qillah)and some of her duets with the same year shamshad begum also presented such a visheshal jaimala programme.but in that one hour programme she had not played even a single song of rafi,instead she played two duets of with kishore.(shamshad had shared more than hundred songs with rafi sab.) this incident is equal to that of asha bosle, in vishesh jaimala programme she had not played a song of op nayyer sab.

  10. pmc thangal says:

    i adorned both these singers and mds mentioned in the article.both of them were highly photo genic and ownerers of melodious voice.

  11. b.venkatadri says:

    Haldar Ji,

    Ref. Post 21, 22 and 23.

    Is that mystery man ABRAR ALVI? If not, I give up and you need to spell it out.


  12. P. Haldar says:

    ref post 22:

    venkat ji,

    Here are the other md’s own words:

    “You see, at my peak, the lines, “music by OP Nayyar” in a film’s credits was enough to sell all territories on the day of their announcements. No one bothered about the banner, producer, director or stars, if any. When – after Pyaasa – Sahir came and pompously told me that he had made the career of S.D. Burman, I wondered what he would say to others after Naya Daur was released. I got him removed from 12 films of mine. OP Nayyar did not need anyone to sell or succeed!”

    If sd was an eccentric, op was a maverick. I thought you’d be able to identify the mystery man. Think of the person who is connected to guru dutt, sd, op, sahir, geeta, asha, pyaasa, kagaz ke phool and howrah bridge.

  13. b.venkatadri says:

    Haldar Ji, (Reg. Post No. 20)

    In Act 1, I am sure you were referrring to Guru Dutt, SDB, Sahir Ludhianvi , Geeta Dutt and Wahida Rehman.

    In Act 3, you were referring to Sahir trying to hog the credit for Pyaasa and also saying that SDB was a success because of himself, ie. Sahir. So, SDB had stopped working with Sahir.

    But, who is the other MD here, who dropped Sahir from 12 Films!! Need your clarifying input.

    In Act 4, you have referred to OPN giving up on Geeta Dutt and getting closer to Asha Bhosle, mainly from the days of Howra Bridge-1958. Of course, earlier than 1958 too, OPN had used Asha in a few Films such as Musafirkhana, Naya Daur, Bagham Bhagh, etc., but Asha then was still not his lead female singer.

    Incidentally, what a great song that Rafi-Asha duet you have referred to! “Mohabbat Ka Haath, Jawani Ka Palla, Subhanallah Babu Subhanallah”! I have a balck and white video of OPN and Qamar Jalalabadi making Rafi Saab and Asha reherse this duet!!

    Finally, the ultimate mystery and suspense is on your last sentence regarding one personality who witnessed all these events!! Who could that be? Is it Mr. Murthy, the regular cinematographer for Guru Dutt?

    Need your clarifications eagerly.


  14. b.venkatadri says:

    Reg. Post No. 20:

    Dear Haldar Ji,

    I went on reading again and again that mystery-thriller of a post from you. Highly thought-provoking, indeed.

    Please give me a day to mull over it and formulate my comment.



  15. P. Haldar says:

    Venkat ji,

    You wrote: “After 1958, O.P.Nayyar, for reasons musical and not-so-musical, had gravitated towards the equally talented, but more aggressive, Asha Bhosle.”

    Here’s my spin on it, for whatever it’s worth.

    Act 1, circa 1956. Three personalities: an actor-director who dreams of creating poetry on celluloid, a poet whose talent surpasses even his towering ego, and a music director who is known for his eccentric ways. All three much ahead of their time. Into this mix enters a singer with beautiful eyes and an enchanting smile, and an even more intoxicating voice. And an actress whose beauty can make anyone dance to her charms.

    Act 2, circa 1957: The film is being made. The actor plays the role of a poet, the protagonist in the film. No matter how sublime his poetry is, the poet is ostracised from society by vested interests and surrenders himself to the “aaj sajan mohe ang laga lo” advances of a fallen woman from the red light district of Kolkata.

    Act 3, circa 1957: The film gets released. Word gets around that the poet-lyricist has been telling people that he has “made” the music director, who in turn stops working with him after a strong association of over seven years. But the main surprise is that another music director, who has no connection with the film whatsoever, decides to stop working with the lyricist and drops him from 12 films that has been already signed.

    Act 4, circa 1958: The actor-director is in love with the actress; the singer laments “waqt ne kiya kya haseen sitam” and the action moves from the red light district of Kolkata to Howrah Bridge. A lot of water has flown down the Hooghly in one year. The other music director who enchanted music lovers with his peppy tunes sung by this beautiful singer starts looking elsewhere. After all, it is “mohabbat ka haath jawani ka palla”; all you can say is “subhanallah”.

    Act 5, post-1958: mera sundar sapna beet gaya… little did she know that when she touched everyone’s hearts with this great song more than 10 years ago, her real life would slowly start resembling the reel life she portrayed so vividly.

    One personality witnessed all these events. But being a private person, he never said anything.

  16. Dear Venkatji:
    Our beloved King of Melody Mohammed Rafi birthday falls on 24th December. On this pious & auspicious occassion I on behalf of all his fans & admirers would request you to submit your presume befitting the LEGEND

  17. lal says:

    Venkat ji,

    Good article. Could you highlight the hamar forum details of your contributions – all articles pl.

  18. raghavan says:

    Mr. Venkatadri ji,

    Thanks for you response. I am sure you will present what you have said. Indeed I observed your articles in hamara forum as well, very informative and rare melodious songs are presented by you. Great research sir. Indeed, on the other day I was going through one hamara forums wherein your fine taste of appreciating articles was noticed by me in the telugu field also regarding the great & incomparable ghantasala songs as well as his padyams in the hamara forums. Pl. accept accolades.

  19. b.venkatadri says:

    Dear MP Ji, Biman Barua Ji, Anwar-ul-Haq Ji, Haldar Ji, Khaja Aliuddin Ji, Vinaybabu Ji, Bhagchandani Ji, D.P. Bijoor Ji, Raghavan Ji, Shashank Ji, Kumar Ji, Javed Ahmed Ji, M.Bala Ji and all others,

    Many sincere thanks for your kind appreciation.

    Some of you have expressed your desire to possess and listen to some of these rare Rafi-Geeta duets. In due course, I will present some of the beter ones among those, in Audio Songs feature on this website.

    If you want to really possess the rarest of rare Rafi songs, let me assure you that the only route is to become an Angel member in It is a veritable treasure not only for Rafi songs, but for all HFM starting from the thirties and forties. I myself have built up most of my collection in

    Just stated a matter of fact as I firmly believe it. Not meant in any way to publicise Hamaraforums.


  20. M.Bala says:

    Very nice informative article by the knowledgeable Mr.Venkat. Makes us feel that we should hear these songs at once. Reading more about Rafi saab only increases our admiration towards this greatest son of India.

  21. kn.kumar says:

    Congratulations for writing a great article Venkatji. You have done a great job of research and homework.There was a great chemistry between Rafi Saab and Geetha Dutt and the duets picturised on Jhonny Walker are unforgetable and evergreen.It is pity that many of us have not heard many of the duets that you have mentioned.How do get to hear them and possess them?.In all the photographs Rafi Saab is the ever smiling jovial person.It’s a pity that both Geetha Dutt and Guru Dutt died early.Otherwise the world would have got many more beautiful songs. Please consider writing many more informative articles which would be of great help to all Rafi Fans and enlighten us on many wonderful aspects of Rafi Saab’s personality.

  22. Great article by Venkatadri, abt the duet songs of rafisahab with geetadutt. In all gurudutts films rafisahab sang many songs with geetadutt. really great, i want to request Bijoorji where r u staying, can u give me the contact number.

  23. raghavan says:

    Mr. Venkatadri ji,

    Good article. A splendid effort to bring out the not so easily available combination of geeta-rafi. Generally, lata-rafi combinations are remembered to a maximum extent. This kind of article surely brings about the great rafi’s partnership with other talented female singers. Similar article for songs between asha-rafi would be appreciated by knowledgable personality like you venkatadri ji.

  24. Mr D P BIJOOR says:

    Indeed a fantastic article Venkatji. Great research & notalgic memories of the Greatest Rafi Sahab & Geeta Dutt

  25. J.K.Bhagchandani says:

    Post No. 7: Mistakenly I attriduted the female voice in chorus song from ‘Goonj Uthi Shehanaai’ (Haule haule ghoonghat pat knole…) to Geeta Dutt. The song is sung by Lata and Rafi and not Geeta & Rafi. The error is regretted.

  26. biman baruah says:

    All respected Rafi Lovers

    Best complements of the day.

    I am looking for this rare duets of Rafi-Geeta Dutt , Venkatji or someone having in MP3 form please mail to me.

    ED MUBARAK to all

    With warm regards
    biman baruah

  27. J.K.Bhagchandani says:

    Great article indeed, reminding many rare Rafi-Geeta duets. But in the process some more known and popular ones got missed out. Some of them are “Garib jaan ke humko naa tum mitaa denaa, tumhin ne dard diyaa hai tumhin dawaa denaa…” from the film ‘Choo Mantar’, “Udhar tum haseen ho….” from the film ‘Mr. & Mrs 55’, “Ae dil hai mushkil jeenaa yahaan zara hat ke zara bach ke ye hai Bombay meri jaan….” from the film CID etc. And one chorus song of Rafi and Geeta Dutt from the film ‘Goonj Uthu Shehannai’ can also be mentioned here It is ‘Haule haule ghooghat pat khole….’

  28. Vinayababu says:

    Dear Venkat Ji

    Thanks for the well informed and researched article. A nice tribute to the great Maestro


  29. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Venkat ji,
    Another sixer. In America we call it another home run. An excellant article with lot of information. You did lot of research and presented such a beautiful and great article. Congratulations!
    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  30. P. Haldar says:

    venkat ji,

    what a great article! thank you so much for taking the time to write such an informative article. you’ve highlighted so many beautiful rafi-geeta songs. And by looking at their picture together, you can see the chemistry they shared.

    P. Haldar

  31. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Great article with so much depth.
    This article contains few rare songs which I have not listened before. Many thanks or sharing them.

  32. biman baruah says:

    Respected Venkat Ji
    great article , great pair & great duets. thanks a lot for sharing of rare songs of this combinations. “Ankhon Ki Ankhon Mein” from CID and “Rimjim Ke Tarane” from Kala Bazaar by Rafi-Geeta Dutta are my favorite. O.P.Nayyar composed lot of hit songs of this combinations which are still popular. The song mentioned in this article are everlasting.

    Long Live Mohd Rafi-Geeta Dutt Duets.

    Warm regards to all Rafi Lovers.

    Biman Baruah

  33. MOHAMED PARVEZ says:


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