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From Gul Baloch to Aas Pass an Astonishing Career

This article is written by Mr. D.P.Bijoor

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

From Gul Baloch to Aas Pass an astonishing career spanning almost 36 long years the legendary golden & sweet soothing voice of the Greatest Ever Mohammed Rafi (We lovingly refer him as MURPHY) has over the years enthralled innumerable music lovers and his near & dear fans throughout the Globe.

From Talat Mahmood to Mahmood & including Kishore Kumar, Rafi Saab has lent his voice to almost all the artists of the Indian Screen.

An human being par excellence, God fearing simplicities and very soft spoken mannerisms has indeed made him the most cherished & lovable character of all times.

How true was it when O P Nayyar remarked Kanch ke tookde jawaher nahin ban sakte chhe bane kuch aur Rafi par nahin ban sakte (Pieces of glass cannot be converted into Gems let them take any form but can never take OR replace the form of RAFI)

Mohd Rafi with Shankar, Hasrat Jaipuri and Producer Kanak Mishra

Mohd Rafi with Shankar, Hasrat Jaipuri and Producer Kanak Mishra

How true was it when Manna Dey remarked (while recording the Great Qawali rendition Ye Ishk Ishk Hai from the film Barsaat Ki Raat & when Rafi slowly started his number Jab Jab Krishna Ki Bansee Baje Nikhale Radha Saj Ke) I almost lost/forgot my words when Rafi Saab started this rendition

Almost 28 long & patient years have since elapsed from the day Rafi Saab left all of us for his divine heavenly abode leaving behind his innumerable classics & renditions for all of us to cherish but till date no one has ever dared nor anyone will ever dare to come even an inch closer to his generosity & grace leave aside the great quality of his superb voice

While remembering the Greatest the undersigned would like to silently hum a very few of his all-time classic renditions which have been underlined as follows

Film Artist Song Music Composer
Dil Dya Dard Liya Dilip Kumar Koi Sagar Dil Ko Bahalata Nahin Naushad
Dil Ek Mandir Rajendra Kumar Yaad Na Jaaye Bite Dinon Kee Shankar Jaikishan
Kashmir Ki Kalee Shammi Kapoor Ye Duniya Usikee Zamana Usika O P Nayyar
Kaajal Raaj Kumar Ye Zulf Agar Khulke Ravi Sharma
Guide Dev Anand Kya Se Kya Hogaya S D Burman
Pradeep Kumar
Gumnaam Mehmood Ham Kale Hai To Kya Huva Shankar Jaikishan
Talat Mehmood
Madhumati Johny Walker Jangal Me Mor Nacha Salil Chaudhari
Kanyadan Shashi Kapoor Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe Shankar Jaikishan


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12 Blog Comments to “From Gul Baloch to Aas Pass an Astonishing Career”

  1. Nasreen says:


    I have just seen this sad news of Bijoor ji passing away.

    Although I did not know him personally, I have read his articles here with respect and admiration. I would like to join all other rafians to pray for his soul. May God give his family the strength to bear this loss.



  2. Binu Nair says:

    respected d p. bijoor is no more with us.

    mr bijoor ji worked with shamrao vithal bank in mumbai and was the first person to start a mohd rafi club in mumbai during the eighties. we will miss bijoor ji always.

    rest in peace dear friend and mohd rafi saaheb lover.

    from the rafi foundation, mumbai

  3. pmc thangal says:

    hi bijoor sab, this article of ur’s is good as of the privious ones connected with rafi saab.famous artists like spb. & jesudas,are ardent lovers of rafi.i firmily belive that rafi saab had not sung play back to talat mohamed .the hero of filim sone ki chidiya was talat.the song ‘raat barkahe mehman andera is not sung for him .talat had sung a duet with asha in that filim.

  4. ashar says:

    great voice ever.
    will like to include, chale aa rahy hain wo zulfain bikhaire

  5. Imran Rustam says:

    Greatness of Rafi Sb is divulged from the comments of OP NAYYAR and MANNA DAY. Both are great and their comments about Rafi Sb are also valuable.

    It is true that no one has ever dared nor anyone will ever dare to come even an inch closer to his generosity & grace leave aside the great quality of his superb voice as mentioned by Mr. D.P.Bijoor. Rafi Sb was great human being.

    Long live Rafi Sb……


  6. sudhir dwivedi says:

    nice article i don,t have words to express my fankar tujhsa tere bad aya mohammad rafi tu bahoot yad aya.suron se surili o parwaz teri bahoot khoobsurat thi awaz teri,zamane ko jisne deewana banaya mohd. rafi tu bahoot yad aya.

  7. kprem says:

    The name of real student of Rafi Sahab still not known. The Singer named Mr.Mahandra Kapoor learned as studend of Rafi Sahab. The close ralative of Rafi Sahab not opened neither singing songs so we sang songs of Rafi Sahab as his memory.

    More knowlege about Rafi Sahab is Required,Plz.

  8. kprem says:

    Knowldge about Rafi Sahab required. we love Rafi Sahab too much. may GOD give him paradise.Still many years has been passed but still no such voice / competater voice (Male) against Rafi Sahab learned.

  9. Narayan says:

    Dear Bijoor,
    Once more welcome to our Rafi sahab gharana after a break. Infact you should also be in touch with binu nair and shirish kulkarni who as Rafi foundation office bearers are doing a wonderful job..
    Infact D.P.Bijoor is the first person in India to start the Rafi fan Club way back in 1980 along with bank friends and the Savur family….
    Nice article keep it up
    Narayan Blore

  10. Zorawar says:

    Dear Bijoor Sahab,

    Nice article. Good and sincere remarks by Manna Dey Sahab considering his own position in film world at that time as a playback singer.

    Would like to fill in the blanks :
    “Sau baar janam lenger, sau baar fanaa honge” for Pradeep Kumar in the film Ustadon Ke Ustad composed by Ravi.
    Long Live Rafi Sahab !

    Zorawar Chhugani
    Rafi Foundation Memorial Society, Delhi
    # 9810224991

  11. unknow says:

    great article but I want say that From Gul Baloch to upto date still Mohd rafi with us and will be……..

  12. biman baruah says:

    Respected Bijoor Saheb





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