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Rafi fans to pay Homage to the King of Melody

ON JULY 31ST………….
FROM : Mr.Binu Nair, Founder – Rafi Foundation, Mumbai :
Cell : 9833 250 701

Mohd Rafi

July 31 will never be the same again for Mohd Rafi”s innumerable fans the world over. For on this day in 1980, Rafi saaheb as he was fondly called, left for ever, succumbing To a massive heart attack at age 56. And Tu kahin aas paas Hai dost from Aas Paas became the last recorded song of the Singing legend.

Its 29 years since Rafi died but his songs are as fresh as the morning flower. He continues to live in the hearts and souls of music lovers.

On july 31st (Friday) hundreds of his fans from many parts of The country and abroad as well will visit the juhu garden mosque from morning onwards  –  the Burial ground of MOHD RAFI to pay homage and seek his blessings.

There will be silent homage paid to the memory of the saint singer whose early departure created a void in peoples lives And in the hindi film industry.

The city of Mumbai will witness about twenty well attended  music events Dedicated to the memory of Mohd Rafi.

Innumerous listening and singing sessions will also be held at various centres says Mr.Binu Nair, founder of the Rafi Foundation.

The Rafi Foundation has asked the Central Government to Honour Mohd Rafi with the Bharat Ratna Award for his contribution in the spheres of music and national integration.

The Rafi Foundation will also beautify the Mohd Rafi Chowk located at S.V. Road, Bandra.

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27 Blog Comments to “Rafi fans to pay Homage to the King of Melody”

  1. tapesh says:

    “Tum muze yu bhula na paoge, jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere” ……, Rafi Sahab………….. I request all my friends pl do not call rafi or mohd. rafi to our music god… it hurts a lot… my date of birth is 30th july and rafi sahab died on 31st july… for me from 1 to 10 is rafi saab no other singer even can come nearby to him……..

  2. tapesh says:

    “Tum muze yu bhula na paoge, jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere” ……, Rafi Sahab………….. I request all my friends pl do not call rafi or mohd. rafi to our music god… it hurts a lot…

  3. Mohd rafi was one . No one can replace him .There is no soul on earth , who did,t love Rafi Sahib .Rafi was god gifted to Indian music. It is only and only Rafi Sahib.

  4. binu nair says:

    Mohd Rafi can Never Die. He lives in the hearts of Music lovers. In the city of mumbai about twenty musicals were held during the week leading to july 31. All of them were sold out shows.

    Rafi foundation members paid tributes to rafi saaheb in delhi, bangalore, pune and calcutta by staging musicals. keep up the good work dear rafi lovers.

    And in september another set of Mohd Rafi shows will commence. this shows how much mohd rafi is loved. music lovers listen to rafi from their heart.

    generations will come and generations will go. mohd rafi songs will be heard by all of them.

    that’s the beauty of mohd rafi songs.

    binu nair,

  5. Imtiaz says:

    Has Mohammed Rafi saab really left us? I don’t think so. Does a day go pass by without his divine voice?

    His songs are tailer made for every moment of life, whether happy, sad, fun, hard times etc.

    Mohammed Rafi saab zindabaad!!!

  6. RJ Snigdha says:

    Here at Bangalore, we, the Rafi Fan Club members are paying their tribute to this Magnum Opus in their own small way by organising a meet and staging a show at an Auditorium where the Members( a few) would sing some of his memorable tracks and also view a documentary on this great Legend called Rafi Saab!! Am privileged to have been given the oppurtunity to Anchor the show.
    Let us all Rafi fans, all over the globe wherever possible, in whatever little way, commemorate this great day!!

    Adaab Rafi
    RJ Snigdha

  7. Raghunaath says:

    Rafisaab, u are going to remain endlessly with the Mankind all over with your ever smiling personality and of course your charismatic music.


  8. mukul mathur says:

    The best of all times!!1 I don’t have words to describe his impact of each song. My yong son is a part of talant hunt and singing rafi’s songs, i fell always good for his future.

  9. JYOTI MOHANTY says:

    To say that you are the best playback singer of all times is an under statement!
    Even after 3 decades of your mortal beings bade adieu ,you still rule a million heart!Despite of being a legend in your life time,you were most humble,down to earth,soft spoken ,god fearing & ofcourse arrogance never had touched you even!You maintained a life style which to date very few could boast of in the film industry tii date.Your ever smiling face with those eyes full of innocence says it all.
    Your songs are priceless gems & as a singer you are INCOMPARABLE.
    you are the souce of inspiration to me & to many others.

  10. Anmol Singh says:

    Long live Rafi Sahab

  11. abbas sadik masanvi says:

    dear late rafi saheb,
    when you passed away,i was just 9 years old,and from till date i am your fan a true fan,Allaha aap ko apni jawar-e-rehmat jaggah de,Amin…………

  12. Samshad says:

    Rafisaab aapki yaad bahut aati hai, aankhon sa aansu bahne lagte hai.
    Uparwale ne bahut zaldi aapko bula liya lekin ek ehsan humlogo pe kiya k aapke “NAYAAB” geet aaj v hamare sath hai..

  13. Mohd. Waseem Ansari says:

    “Jab Rafi Sahab ki yaad aati hai to dil mein ek dard sa uthta hai”

    V always remember u



  14. Saifullah says:

    Dear Binu ji,
    I know you personally and we recently met also
    I salute your dedication to The Rafi Foundation and the efforts you are taking to propagate the legacy of this great soul.
    I wish you all the best in your endeavours .
    We must do something to treasure the treasure of countless number of songs that all of us have in our collection.
    In this endeavour, I would call upon the elderly citizens who have rare songs of RAfi Saab in their collection, to share them with the new generation of Rafi lovers. This is a humble request from my side
    It’s the only way we can keep Rafi Saab’s legacy going on and on
    May God bless our RAfi Saab’s soul !!!!

  15. Priya Sanyal says:

    july the 31st,,,well, said a rafi lover on this site in article true voice,,that its not any sad day,its rather a day of eternity,so no need to be sad,,lets feel presence of this eternity of md Rafi in our hearts,,,as its the day after which Rafiji reached the level of eternity n become ever present with all of us,,,

    As rafiji himself told in a prophetic voice,,,”main koi jism nahi hoon ki jaloge mujhe, rakh ke saath bikar jaunga main duniya me,,tum jahan khaoge thokar wahi`n paoge mjhe,,,,……..Meri awaz suno,pyar ka raaz suno……….”

    Thanx everyone,,for loving Rafiji so much!!!!!!!

  16. habib from new jersy says:

    mohammed rafi sahab Lasani Glukar the aour Qayamat tak Is lasani gulakar

    ki yad baqi rahegi koi aysa din nahen youtube par unki jhalak dekhe bagair

    nahen guzarte.Allah Janat magfirat kare aour unke ahal o ayal ko saber atta

    kare.aysa koi dunyamen nahen ke koi mujhe unki live concert dvd kisi bhi

    qemat me desake,Rafi sahab ka chahne wala habib jersy 08901

  17. Imran Rustam says:

    Love U Rafi Sb..

    You will remain in our hearts forever and your voice will always be there to make us happy.


  18. Nasreen says:

    Just a few words in tribute:

    Rafi Sahab, itni oonchai par aapki aawaaz basti hai wahaan koi nahi pohonch sakta

    Par aap kitni aasaani se us oonchai se ek saaz par leherte hue hazaaron ke dilon par utarte hain

    Main uparwala se poochti hoon

    Ai khuda – kya is dukh bhari duniya ki gehri andhere ko dekh kar
    toone apni roshni is nek insaan ki aawaaz me apne haathon se daal diya

    ta ke jab bhi gham mehsoos ho, hum Rafi Saahab ki andaaz ko sunkar
    ek pal me pohonch jaate hai ek khushoo-e-chaman par
    jahan na koi gham hai na koi nami
    jahan – khushi phailaati hui sirf ek aawaaz hai – Rafi!

  19. mohmad sakir says:

    non other filmy personality, get honored . which get mohmad rafi ,

    badan main jaise dil ka martaba hota hai wasehi rafi saab ka martba
    bharatiy filmy safar main hain.

  20. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Mohammed Rafi Saheb is no more with us physically, but mentally he’s in millions of hearts. His songs are heard even today as before and will continue forever. 29 long years have passed, but, Rafi Saheb is and will be remembered all over the world. No doubt, he is the best of all, the greatest melodious singer on earth.

  21. my sincere regards to all rafilovers, kindly make it a point we are all bound to do something to keep holy memories of Rafisahaab alive such as:-
    to putforth a proposal to hon. Govt. to honour Rafisahaab with Bharatratna.
    to putforth a proposal to hon. film industry to honour Rafisahaab with Dadasaheb Phalke award.
    to think of erecting a statue of Rafisahaab at prominent place in India.
    to think of any idea to erect a memorial hall in the memory of Rafisahab.
    to think of any idea to erect a hospital in the memory of Rafisahab.
    to think of organizing frequent programmes to refresh memories of Rafisahab
    and most important is to stop comparission of anybody else with Mohammed Rafisahab the legend of Indian film music world.


    shamma-e-rafi ke parwano!
    aaj ek baar phir wohi maqaam aaya hai jisse guzarna hamaray dilon pe khanjar chalne se kam nahi, wohi manhoos 31 july,wohi din jis ne hum se hamare sooraj ko chheen liya aur music ki duniya mein taareeki phailadi. sach kahoon to ab mausiqui ki duniya mein sewa andheron ke aur kuchh bhi nahi aise mein kuchh hai to is andheron ke parde ko chheerti hui wohi noorani aawaz hai jo aaj bhi apne naghmon ke zaria hamare dilon ke andhere door kar rahi hai. kaash aisa ho paata ke allah hum jaise chund logon ki zindagi ke aiyyaam bhi rafi saheb ki zindagi mein jod deta,to aaj hum uss farishte uss aawaz ke khuda se mahroom to na hotay. naghmon ka safar to aaj bhi jaari hai, lekin woh raah-numa ab kahan??

    kahan se laaoon woh woh lazzat gayi baharon ki…
    tumharay saath gayi roshni chiraghon ki,

    aayen hum sab uss paak rooh ki taskeen ke liye milkar dua karen kyun ke ab hamare haathon mein sewa dua karne ke aur kuchh bhi nahi jo us shakhs ko nazar kar saken.

    tere geeton mein baaqi ab talak woh soz hai lekin

    woh pehle phool barsaate thay,ab daman bhigote hain


    hum tujhe yuuun bhula na payengay
    jab kabhi bhi sunengay geet tere
    sang sang hum bhi gungunaengay

    jawaid naseem


  23. Rajneesh , Jammu says:

    You are great Rafi Sahab,Aap to mein kabhi yaad nahin karta …..Kyon ki yaad to unko kiya jata hai jo bhool jata hain,you are always with me,my day starts with bhajans of rafi,…you are with me while my way to office & back with your inspiring songs,..I go to bed after having an intoxicating drink of your cool romantic songs……your voice is eternal

  24. unknow says:

    mohd Rafi will be in our heart for ever
    thanks to God who gave us Mohd Rafi and thanks God to taking M Rafi from us because we don’t deserve m rafi

  25. Na fankar tujhsa tere baad aaya…………
    Mohmmad Rafi tu buhut yaad aaya……..
    laug tujhy youn bhula na payenge………
    jab kabhi bhi sunenge geet tere ………..
    sang sang woh bhi gun gunayen ge

  26. Priya Sanyal says:

    Mr nair,,,,,thnx for ur work,,,we get so much from divine voice of Rafi all the time,,,,,,,but are unable to do anything in return,,,,but ur efforts and that of many others are really remarkable,,,,on my part,,,,I keep on thanking God uncountable times for God`s grace to us in the voice n persona called Rafiji,,,n also to provide,,all rafi saab`s lover,,especially Mr nair with the same enchanting forever-smile on the face that our beloved Rafi ji has!!!!

  27. jasbir singh zando says:

    jinki yaad hamesha dil me basi hai….woh toh amar hai…apne hazaron gaane ke madyam se…woh toh hamare amar anmol rattan hain….kabhi nahin bhulne wale sab ke bhagwan……my heartfelt tributes to this greatest voice of 20th century….govt should honour him with bharat rattan n collect his contributions for the future generation…..gaiki ka massiah will keep on living for ever……

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