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Rafi with Ramanand Sagar

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Dr. Ramanand Sagar who recently passed away on December 13, 2005, was an author, film writer, actor and producer – director of various well known films. He was born on Decembe 29, 1917 at AsalGuruKe near Lahore. His initial life was full of struggle. He worked as a peon, truck cleaner, soap vendor, gold smith appentice etc durin the day and studied for his degree in the night. He won a gold medal in sanskrit and persian from the university of Punjab in 1942. In just 12 years he wrote 32 short stories, one novel, two serialized stories and a stage play.

Ramanand SagarIn 1936 he started his film career with the silent movie Raiders Of The Rail Road. In 1942 he was invited by then famous director Mehboob Khan. He shifted base to Bombay in 1949 with his family, where he stayed with the actor Sajjan.

He worked with various top names like Shakeel Badayuni, Shailendra, Hasrat Jaipuri, Sahir Ludhianvi, Indivar and Anand Bakshi. He also worked with the poetess Maya Govind, Ravindra Jain and Hassan Kamaal. Maya Govind worked with him in her first film release, Jalte Badan. Ravindra Jain worked with him in TV Serials and Hassan Kamaal worked with him in Salma.

Lets discuss some of the songs where Rafi Sahab was involved. Saagar’s excelled musicals were Rajendra Kumar and Vyajantimala starrer Zindagi released in 1964, Arzoo with Rajendra Kumar and Sadhana released in 1965, Dharmendra and Mala Sinha starrer Aankhen released in 1968, 1970 released Geet starring Mala Sinha and Rajendra Kumar, Charas released in 1976 starring Dharamendra and Hema Malini.

Before starting on about the top movies, Ghunghat of 1960 was probably the first Ramananand Saagar movie in the musical lane. Ravi is the music director and Shakeel Badayuni as the lyricist. Yeh Zindagi Ka Mausam with Asha and the famous and poignant solo Haaye Re Insaan Ki Majabooriyan are the two numbers from this movie.

1964, Zindagi has popular numbers whose music is scored by Shanker Jaikishan and lyrics by Hasrat and Shailendra. It was then that Sagar films were equated with musical merit and his profitable association with Shanker, Jaikishan, Shailedra and Hasrat Jaipuri in this movie and Arzoo began the frames. How can any one fail to recollect Ghungharva Mora Chham Chaam with Asha, Rafi singing for Rajinder making Vyajantimala believe Pehele Mile The Sapnon Mein Aur Aaj Saamne Paaya Haaye Kurbaan Jaavun, Pathos laden Hamne Jafa Na Seekhi with raising emotions. Looking at few of the lesser popular ones were Aaj Bhagwan Ke Charanon Mein along with Asha penned by Hasrat Jaipuri.
Arzoo, 1965 had Rajendra Kumar and Sadhana amongst other good star casts. Music again provided by Shanker Jaikisan and lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri. It was in this movie that the legendary musical quartet excelled. A grapewine here goes regarding Shanker and Jaikishan. Jaikishan separated by Shanker charged a hitherto and novel sum of Rs. 5 lakhs for the songs of Arzoo. Later Ramanand Sagar approached Shankar for a single song – a mujra and the egoistic ex-partner Shanker demendad an equal amount for just one song which is based on Raag Adaana. The song: Jab Ishq Kahin Ho Jaata Hai by Asha Bhonsle and Mubarak Begum. It was the Jaikishan flock of melodies that really stormed the charts and till today rock on the shelves of the music emporia. It had colossal evergreen solo numbers by Rafi Sahab: Ay Nargise Mastana, Ay Phoolon Ki Rani, Aji Hamse Bachkar Kahan Jaayiyega and Chalke Teri Aankhon Se.

Dharamendra and Mala Sinha’s Aankhen of 1968 whose music is scored by Ravi and lyrics by Sahir. Us Mulk Ki Sarahad Ko Koyi Chhu Nahin Sakta is the only patriotic number by Rafi in this movie. Ravi’s choice, Rafi excelled in all types of songs. Patriotic numbers when sung by Rafi Sahab would ooze out every individual’s patriotic feeling towards their motherland. Ramanand Saagar won the best director filmfare award for this movie.

1970 Geet of Mala Sinha and Rajendra Kumar with the title track Aaja Tujhko Pukaare Mere Geet Re composed by the team Anand Bakshi and Kalyanji Anandji. Other musical numbers from this movie would be Hamko Hanste Huve and Naa Itna Sitam with Asha. A line from the title track that is so often remembered Naam Na Jaaun Tera Des Na Jaanu, Kaise Mein Bhejun Sandes Na Jaanu, Yeh Phoolon Ki Yeh Jhoolon Ki, Rut Na Jaaye Beet Re… Aaja Tujhko Pukaare Mere Geet Re.

Sticking with the time and the situation based movies Ramanand Sagar created Charas in 1976 with Dharamendra and Hema Malini in the lead. This probably is the final musical winning film from Ramanand Sagar. Here is one timeless song with Lata Ke Aaja Teri Yaad Aayi. The music for this song and the film is scored by Laxmikant Pyaarelal. This song has an introductory passage sung by the legendary lyricist Anand Bakshi. As we all know Anand Bakshi as a lyricist; how many of us know him as a singer? Since 1972 till about 1976, Anand Sahab has lent his voice for 4 movies, totalling for 5 songs. Two from Mom Ki Gudiya: Baagon Mein Bahaar Aayi and Mein Doond Raha Tha Sapnon Mein. One from Balika Badhu: Jagat Musaphir Khana Laga Hai Aana Jaana; one from Charas as mentioned and the last from Maha Chor: Suno Banto Meri Baat.

Coming back to the topic; another song that comes to mind is Waada Bhool Naa Jaana from Jalte Badan sung with Lata. Lyrics by Maya Govind and music by Laxmi Pyare. Saagar can also be remembred as the man who made Maya Govind write the timeless masterpiece so evocatively composed by Laxmikant Pyaarelal for Lata Mangeshkar, Ham Voh Hai Jo Ghar Ko Jalaakar Tamaasha Dekhte Hein.

Kalyanji Anandji gave another brilliant feet in Lalkar on an army based number with Indeevar, and Rafi crooning Aaj Gaalo Muskuralo; with Hasrat, Rafi and Lata on Bol Mere Saathiya and with Kulwant in O Changi Zara Mud Ke Dekh.

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