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Rafi Ke Teen Deewane – I

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There have been couple of articles on the legend now and then. But I fail to see articles that are based on fans of Rafi. How much Rafi means to them? I’ve managed to collect couple of such information from the Internet and here articulating them in this article. Hope you like it.

Even after Twenty five year of his death, his fans continue to venerate his memory.

From Southern India a man of humble needs; a coolie by profession is obsessed with the singer. Meet Mr. P.M.Dunjli Soppy. He resides in Alapuzha, Kerala. He has named his house as Rafi Manzil and his son as Mohammad Rafi. He feels proud about it. He holds musical evening, Rafi Nite on the singer’s death anniversary every year. He holds this show entirely at his own expense and coming from such humble background it sure is a challenge. Any additional money collected from the musical evening is donated to different charities. He has requested one particular song also to be played at his funeral.

Rafi fans are dispersed all over the world. They are distributed almost across. Rafi is cherished from every corner of the globe. His songs are available and introduced to many in many ways.

The 48-year-old businessman from Mahe, Kerala, Mr. P.P.Failzal has been a Rafi fan since he was five. Mr. Faizal left his job in 1984 to set up his own music store, Sahara Recording, in Bur Dubai. His immense passion is to stay surrounded by records, cassettes and CDs. He says its not a hobby, but, admiration of Rafi Sahab. He considers himself a dedicated follower. He has a flat in Bur Dubai. Anyone who visits Faizal’s flat; would take a moment at the door of his living room and stare. The carpet is covered with stacks and stacks of Rafi records:- 78rpm, 45rpm and 33rpm discs wrapped in a protective cover. One one side stands a Sanyo radiogram made in 1940; on the other a showcase with a classic HMV gramophone player and a 62 year old halle radi. Where we generally place our family photographs, Faizal has placed photographs of Rafi Saab with other legendary people like S.D.Burman, Asha Bhonsle and Rajesh Roshan are lined up on the table, shelf and radiogram.

Mr. P.P.Faizal claims he is one amongst the largest collectors of Mohamed Rafi memorabilia anywhere. He has nearly 6000 Rafi records. Rafi has sung 9,867 songs in Hindi films and he approxes it to almost 85% of them. Mr. Faizal has a total of 25,000 records of different singers. He does not store all his records in Dubai. Around a thousand of them are stacked neatly in shelves and the rest are looked after in India. He says he has a flat roof lined with hay and has hired a lady to pour water on it during summer, to keep the record room cool. He is planning to return to his hometown to look for the missing 15% of the Rafi’s songs eg., he is looking for music of the Shammi Kapoor starrer College Girl.

Remembering Rafi on his 22nd death anniversary, Faizal says, ‘Every song Rafi has sung is perfect. There can never be another singer, like him.” Its true that even after 25 years after his death, his songs remain evergreen; his albums sell; his songs are played on radio. He truly had a golden voice and will always be missed.

To be continued…

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12 Blog Comments to “Rafi Ke Teen Deewane – I”

  1. rickysankar says:

    hello anyone have mohd rafi, lata,manna dey, etc 78rpm records to sell. i am willing to buy. i am a collector on the next side of the world Trinidad and Tobago.
    if anyone have to sell please feel free to contact me.
    thank you

  2. Binu Nair says:

    Pls do not sell or throw away Mohd Rafi saaheb songs on rpm records. Its worth of Gold and will fetch you great admiration if you preserve with it.

    Mohd Rafi Songs are For Ever as he is crowned the Bharat Ka Ratna by his lovers.

    Dec. 24th all the auditoriums in Mumbai and other cities and towns stand Booked and now people are searching for large grounds for holding the Rafi Saaheb Musical on his 88th Birthday Anniversary.

    From The Rafi Foundation,
    Cell : 9833 250 701

    Another point worth mentioning is that the Mohd Rafi Family loves Rafi Saaheb Lovers and Nasreen the daughter always tells me :’ My Abba’s fans have kept Him Alive “.

    To add, she has many many qualities of the world’s greatest singer, I must say herein.

    Rafi Saaheb Is For Ever…………

  3. Tish says:

    i have a mohd rafi 45 rpm and i would like to get some info on it. please contact me asap. like is this 45 worth anything? it’s an extended play of hindustani film “bapu ki amar kahani”

  4. Tish says:

    I have a Mohd Rafi 45 rpm and I would like to get some info on it. Please contact me asap. Like is this 45 worth anything? It’s an extended play of Hindustani film “Bapu Ki Amar Kahani”

  5. Anshul Bhola says:

    Very True sir…….Rafi saab’s voice is evergreen………..There will never be a rafi again.

  6. Binu Nair says:

    post no. 6.. vinod ji…

    hello. are you looking for 78 rpm songs or first copy songs transferred from records as mr.zaka from mumbai has a big collection for sale. also see the post above : no.3…
    please write to me… at

    binu nair.

  7. vinod says:

    hello Sir,

    I like tobuy mohd. rafi 78 rpm songs.

    please let me know,how to order. have you al list…..


  8. Binu Nair says:

    Mr.Faizal of Dubai is no more, gone to the other world some three years back. His collections are all lying in Kerala and some ardent rafi lover must do something about these records soon.

    binu nair, mumbai.

  9. Anubha says:

    have lots of old hindi 78rpm, 33rpm and 45rpm records.
    if any one interested in buying then pls. contact.
    have some dadras and dumris also

  10. Anubha says:

    I have lots of old hindi 78rpm, 33rpm and 45rpm records.
    if any one interested then pls. contact.
    have some dadras and dumris also.

  11. Khalid Ilyas says:

    Dear Mr P P Faizal

    I am a big fan of Mohd Rafi, I was always trying to search for old hindi songs of Mohd Rafi, I would be extremely grateful to you, If you can please provide me the copies of songs of Mohd Rafi collection. Please let me know the cost and I can re imburse you.

    Please let me know ASAP.

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