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Mohd Rafi is unmatched, unparalleled – the greatest ever

An article by Mr. Venkatesh Balasubramanian from Canada.

Thank you for bringing so much joy to a Rafi bakht, an ardent Rafian, a die hard Rafi fan. What can I say about Mohd. Rafi Saab? Can mere words describe this invaluable part of our great country India?

Lata Manageshkar says in her tribute to immortals that ‘Saral Man ke Insaan Rafi Saab. Bahut Surile The. O Har Tarah ke Gane is Khoobi se Gaate the ki Gaana Na Samajhne Wale bhi Wah Wah Kar Uthe the. Ye meri khush kismati hai ki maine unke saath subse jyada gaana gaye

Being an admirer of Lata Mangeshkarji as well and with due respects to her great talent and contribution, I must say that the great Lataji, could not render the 3 masterpieces of Mohd Rafi Saab anywhere near the beautiful magic of Rafi Saab.

The songs are —
— Kabhi Khud Pe, Kabhi Haalat Pe Rona Aya – from Hum Dono
— Din Dhal Jaye Raat Na aaye – Guide
— Man Re Tu Kahe Na Dhir Dhare

Please note that I love Lata Mangeshkarji’s songs immensely. I am 44 and my regret is that I could not see Rafi Saab Live. Today I can pay any amount to listen to and see him live!

Your presentations of this pride of India were most wonderful and thanks again.

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6 Blog Comments to “Mohd Rafi is unmatched, unparalleled – the greatest ever”

  1. shammi says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this article, there’ll never be anyone who can match mohd rafisahab’s talent. He is simply the best singer ever.

    People should not even try to compare him to the likes of kishore kumar as that is such an insult to the great mohd rafisahab as no one can ever compare to him.

  2. Shahanwaz says:

    Rafi sahab was a great singer. he sang for kishor, talat also. when he was on the top that time kishor could not sing for himself or dev anand. his songs was superhit for every actor .

  3. raman kant says:

    Dear Mr. Venkatesh Balasubramanian ,
    I am a Rafi fan and a musician as well. i have arranging & conducting music for Mohd. Rafi nites held at Chandigarh, India for the last 12 years. Sh. Naushad sahib. Sh O P Nayyar, Sh Pyarelalji(Laxmi- Pyare), Sh Anandji (Kalyanji Anandji) and many more had been graced the various occasions with their presence. all those respected personalities have appreciated our hard work put in for presenting Rafi songs. i just wanted to know which city of Canada r u living in. will share more details lateron.


    raman kant

  4. mohammed sayed says: rafi butlnot see him lhop that lkept 300 song in my manid lsee 200 india flim llke his voice in dosit and sangam

  5. Ali says:

    There is no word 2 say about Mohd Rafi,if we say that he is greatest i that he is more than that,If we say that he is best playback singer I think he is more that that,Mohd Rafi is mean magic i that he is more that that.Mohd Rafi is number 1 and before one is zero that after one it is 2.

  6. Ali Shahid says:

    Dear Venkatesh Balasubramaniam,

    May God Bless you for writing and eulogising my own Idol … the One and

    Only Mohammed Rafi !

    But your writing has made me nostalgic and consequently very sad as I

    am thinking of this Immortal Soul, but maybe I shall write to you

    sometime later, for how can not talk to a person who is a Pujari of my

    Bhagwun !

    Ali Shahid, P.Eng.

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