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The Magic of Rafi with the Melody of Ravi

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Written by Bina Krishna

Musical Nite on Dec 19th by Baar Baar Rafi

Musical Nite on Dec 19th by Baar Baar Rafi

The month of December has always been a month for celebration and anticipation for Rafi Bhakts, as it is his birthday month.

This year, with just days to go for the 85th birthday of the Master of Sur, our beloved Rafi Saab, his worshippers from the Baar Baar Rafi Fan Club of Bangalore had geared themselves up on December 19, 2009 to transform a cold winter weekend into a warm and cozy one.  On that beautiful winter evening, all roads led to Dr. Ambedkar Bhavan on Miller’s Road. Rafi Bhakts who had converged from all corners of Bangalore, not to mention from Hyderabad, Mumbai and Chennai, and, indeed, from several corners of the world (Toronto and Dubai), to hear The Magic of Rafi Saab, and soak in the fire of Srikant’s voice, had the added honor of being in the presence of one of the most celebrated Hindi Film Music Directors of all times, the living legend, “Chaudavin Ka Chand” Shri Ravi Shankar Sharma. (more…)

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