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Mohd Rafi – The Legends 27th Death Anniversary

This information is shared by Mr. Binu Nair – founder: The Rafi foundation. +91-98332-50701.

I am Binu Nair : the founder of The Rafi Foundation : from Mumbai. After working in Dubai for two decades I came back to India officially to start a branch office in Mumbai.. But the love of Music and the calling of melodious and memorable RAFI songs propelled me in to action which resulted in the formation of the Rafi Foundation which aims to bring RAFI lovers from all over the world on a single platform. Pls see our website :

On July 31st : this tuesday : Rafi lovers from all over India and few from outside as well will as usual at 10.00 a.m. assemble at Mohd Rafis tomb located at Juhu : opp Santa cruz police station, santacruz west, with flowers to pay homage to the legendary singer.

Mohd Rafi's 27th Death Anniversary

Rafi followers will pay floral tributes and seek blessings from the pious and saintly singer Mohd Rafi..

For many of Rafi followers he has not died : he is immortal. In a industry where legends are forgotten within a few years of their death; Rafi is not forgotten; people flock to his home on Dec 24, go to his tomb on July 31 and pray at his pictures in between in their homes – such is the aura of Mohd Rafi, the singer and the humble personality the world can see – only once in many centuries…

Please cover the occassion at Juhu on July 31 at 10.00 a.m this Tuesday and please show to the world the power of music – the attraction of common men women and children – for Mohd Rafi who will attend in large numbers to pay their respects at the Juhu tomb with flowers in hand..

The Rafi Foundation has called upon the government to honour Mohd Rafi with the nations highest civilian award – the Bharat Ratna. A Rafi music library will be built in the city of Mumbai – Rafis Karma Bhoomi.

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27 Blog Comments to “Mohd Rafi – The Legends 27th Death Anniversary”

  1. Dr. Asif Javed says:

    Our respect and love for “RAFI SAHIB” is ever lasting. He is always in our prayers, because he was a very nice human being too.
    May ALLah rest his soul in piece. Aameen

  2. i love rafi saib and all so love his all songs specially song ajj kah mein dhal geya din howa tamam most time i listen this song allaha tala rafi saib ko janat naseeb karay AMEEN

  3. Arnab Mukherjee says:

    I was only 5 years old when md. rafi sahab left this heavenly abode for eternal peace. I often curse myself as to why I was not aged enough to see him performing live. Being an avid rafian I would like to start a md. rafi fan club in kolkata where I believe md. rafi has the maximum no. of followers and fans. You may please contact me at 09830025546 for further course of action.

  4. AFZAL THAJU says:

    hello dear brother binu nairji,
    I dont know how to introduce myself as a rafi-fan,though i love this greatest singer…more than my father(may GOD forbid).By GOD’s grace,I have been also blessed with lovely voice only to sing my RAFI SAAB’S songs.Hope you know my friend here in kerala(alappuzha)Mr.Seethy,who had already informed me about YOU,and I have also seen you in one of the episodes of ” HRIDAYATHIL RAFI”:in which i cud perform 3 songs.Hope YOU have watched the last episode of the same,where i sing “Akele hain chale aavo”…….Really I want to meet YOU,my brother.”MAY ALLAH BLESS U”…….AFZAL,ALLEPPEY-MOB:09349753097

  5. BINU NAIR says:

    javed ji… post 22 : pls contact our rafi lover umesh makhija in ahmedabad or call me on 9833 250 701.
    my endeavour is to start few hundred genuine rafi lovers club – until i leave this world. this effort IS ONLY a drop in the ocean compared to the incomparable outputs by the god of singing who also became a paragon of virtues and an example in himself.

    so kindly be in touch….

    happy new year to all our dear rafi lovers…..

    binu nair
    rafi foundation, mumbai.

  6. Javed says:


    I am in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and every sunday we use to sit togather for 6/7 hours and watching his most of the song and lots of more fan use to come more over we are keen to have his fan club so what can be done because some of the writeups in this site it was mentioned that we make aware this generation that this are actually called Songs/Ghazals on showing them Mohammed Rafi sahabs songs/ghazals This generation might not be knowing him

  7. Mohammadrafisaab was not merely a singaer but he was in fact a divine engel. Nobady has heard
    the voice of god but if we guess how would it be, we can safely say that it must be sounding throug h Rafisaab alone.

  8. Dear Friends: –
    I don’t think of Mohd. Rafi as only an indian singer, but one of the greatest singer the world ever seen. Rafi Sahab is the gift of god to India. His music enspire a lot of people all over theworld . Personaly, his death was a great loss to me, because he has inspired me all the time and add hope to my live, he will never be forgotten . I always remember him, listen to his songs with love, I say; Mohd Rafi mere aatma ki awaz ta, or hamisha rehaiga. I hope that the foundation will show the world who was he, and brings all his lover together under the ambrella of his beloved memory.

  9. A S MURTY says:

    I am extreamely delighted to see newer Rafians surfacing with their comments and am amazed at the devotion that they all behold on our beloved Rafi Sahab. Let our new friends visit the web site regularly, post their comments on all aspects and also contribute by way of their own articles. It would be interesting to see newer and newer (newer for me) rafians keeping the campaign of the Rafi Foundation alive and taking it to its ligical end. Rafi Foundation – you have a large array of the staunchest disciples of Rafi Sahab and this will ensure success in all your endeavours.

  10. arif zia says:

    hi all Rafian,
    my name is Arif Zia, i am a huge fan of mohd. Rafi sahib. i had organised a grand night on the eve of 27th death annivarsary of mohd. Rafi sahib. in muzaffar nagar(u.p.) i am doing this for last two years, before i was in australia and use to organised a night in Sydney.i have some picture of my show which i will upload on this site very soon. if any Rafian want to contact me please feel free to contact me on this no. 9971132907. i am staying in Delhi and director a company.

  11. Who else is more worthy of a Bharat Ratna.

    But I also feel-quite strongly-that the Govt and the award would have become more glorious and honored- had it been received by Rafi saab himself.

    However, let us put our efforts together to make the authorities the wisdom and light atleast now .

  12. Narayanan says:

    Yes Ushaji,
    U are absolutely right and many of us share ur views.

  13. MRS.USHA PILLAI says:

    who else is more worthy of Bharat Ratna than our dear rafi saab. And arnt we proud of him being one from our homeland and residing in the hearts worldwide?
    yes we surely got to pressurise the govt to confer the title on him and without any delay.

  14. Narayanan says:

    friends join the movement founded by Binu nair n his group of Rafi Saab pujaris. It is Rafi Foundation Mumbai email id mob 09833250701.
    The foremeost point is to make the govt wake up to the idea of honouring Rafi saab with Bharat Ratna and the legion of fans wants to hon him as Vishwa Ratna.true World’s rare Gem.

  15. Mohd Arfat says:

    For,rafi saheb
    “goonjte hai tere nagmo se ameero ke mahel
    gareebo ke jhopro mai bhi teri awaaz hai
    apni mausaki pe sabko fakr hota hai magar ai saathi
    ai saathi aaj mausaki ko tujhpe naaz hai”

    “bade shock se sun raha tha zaamana,tumhi so gai daastan kehte kehte”
    (ab chale aiyia,itna bhi koi soota hai)

  16. ram says:

    today is the saddest day in the hearts of rafi’s fans and there are legions scattered across the globe. what has the government or the film industry done to propagate the memories of md rafi.

  17. Kishore Kumar Malhotra says:

    I am also a great fan of Mohd. Rafi saheb. He lives in my heart like God. I also wish if the central government confers Bharat Ratna award to Rafi saheb. He deserved it not only because of his singing qualities but also due to his being a nice human being.

  18. jayaram d says:

    i am fan of rafisahib.Today being 27thdeath anniversary i would like to call all intrested fans to impress central confer Bharathratna without much delay.

  19. Shahzad Kazim says:


    Teri Aawaaz ki jab jab chidd jaati thi taan,

    Goonj utthti thi dharti,jhoom utthta tha aasmaan,

    Saja diye sab ke sher,ho Majrooh Sultanpuri

    ya ke rubaaye-e-Meer taqi Meer,

    Sab ko baqshi izzat,Ghalib ho ya Kabeer,

    Jahan se chala gaya tu,Chhut gaya tera saath,

    Ghazal ho ya rubaaee,mausiqi ho gai anaath.

    Shahzad tere dil ko yaqeen hai yeah sau fi sadi,

    Mausiqi ki qasam,aaj bhi zinda hai woh Mohammad Rafi.


  20. Sid says:

    Heartfelt Shraddhanjali to Rafi Saab on his 27th death anniversary.


  21. Dear Dr. Devarajan,
    A doctor is considered an avatar of god. By doing such a noble service, you have indeed proved that this saying is true!. We wish you all the best in your noble endeavour. May your tribe increase.
    Can you give your mobile no. pl?

    Shirish Kulkarni / Ramakrishna
    098204 52562

  22. binus2000 says:

    Dr. Devrajan pl. give more details of the med. camp and your
    e.mail addresses..
    Thanks for the great gesture..

    Binu Nair.

  23. Narayanan says:

    Yes this is an humble appeal to all fellow muisc lovers living in Mumbai to assemble near Juhu/Santacruz tomb of rev Rafi Saab……… and pay homage to this noble soul.
    Infact for the Rafi fans,buffs, or poojaris Rafi saab has not died….. he is immortal n eternal.

  24. DRDevarajan says:

    as fan of Rafi shab since 1965 i came across this web. i have regestred my self. As a tribute to rafi the greatest singer of my period I plan to conduct a free medical camp for poor on 31st july 2007. still do not believe the great soul is not with us.

  25. javifazl says:

    binu nair ji hi abhi aap se bat huee aap ka no jese mila mere kanon mein rafi sahab ki awaz aayy sun kar dil ko achcha laga hum sab rafians aap ke sath hein aap jo rafi sahab ne bare main foundetion banaee hy us ki mubarak qabool kijye sir aap jab 31 july ko rafi sahab ki mazar par jaeen tu humin bhi yaad rakhiye ga hum yahan pakistan main aap ko tv par dekhne ki koshish karengy aap jab wahan jaayngy tu aap se rabta karoonga .
    javed from pakistan

  26. N.G.RAMASWAMY says:

    Dear Binu,

    Fantastic job. I would like to see more and more video clips and programmes of our one and only Rafi Saab whose melodious and velvet voice should be shown to the current generation of singers who are only meant for making hay performing through reality shows and forgotten the next moment. But our Rafi Saab will live on and on even if the world comes to an end.

    I think our Government is sleeping by not honouring the Singing God with Bharat Ratna. Rafi Saab should have received the award much before the legendary Lata Mangeshkar. Because of his simple nature and keeping aloof from the media, the govt. is giving all such awards to only showy celebrities. The highest award our singing God receives is from the innumerable fans who conduct innumerable shows across the country on his birth and death anniversaries. I cannot see any other singer coming even 1/4 way near Rafi Sahab.

    Good job done. Keep on organising programme and publish more and more articles on Rafi only in every paper, magazines, periodicals and release more and more casettes and CD’s and DVD’s to teach today’s generation.

    Please write to me regarding any action taken. I am a die hard fan of Rafi Saab since my school days.

    Thank you.

    A-502 Queens Bldg.
    Hiranandani Estate
    Ghodbunder Road
    Patlipada, Thane West 400 607.
    Tel: 25458389, 9820979085

  27. Akbar Warris says:

    Living in Canada would like someone’s help in collecting Rafi Shaib’s live videos and books as we intend to dedicate a room in our office to Mod rafi memories.The work you guys did is very very nice and do keep it up.

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