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Rafi and 31st July – We still love and remember you Rafi Sahib

This article is by Mr. K.S.Ramachandran

With yet another approaching 31st July this year 2007, we are seeing through the evergreen remembrances of the great legend Mohd. Rafi Sahib.

K.S.Ramchandran27 years have just passed by and we are still listening to his melodious voice and keep wondering about the magic this vocal chord has created across the globe! People say he is gifted but then besides being gifted, there seems to be a peaceful and humble look in his face. Somehow I feel like acknowledging and putting my head down whenever I see his face and he has always conveyed every charisma of GODLINESS in his music and singing. Never have I heard a song or a cassette or a CD or even at live programs that he has conveyed any casualty in his singing. Singing was a prayer to him to the Almighty and he was always focused with full efforts in every aspect of his singing, be it voice, modulation, range, expression, passion, pathos, fun, chirpy, holiness, drunkenness, romantic, modern or what have you! In as much as he was a great singer, he was a human being par excellence. He was noted for his humbleness, sympathetic attitude and being so loving.
Mohd Rafi with Sultan Mahmood
Mohd Rafi with Sultan Mahmood

Rafi Sahib – wherever you are… we will remember you and cherish your lively musical contributions that you have given us for us to live the balance of our years in this mother earth…Long live your songs and melody… Needless to say there you are second to none for a LIFETIME, including the music and the singers to take birth for generations to come.

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21 Blog Comments to “Rafi and 31st July – We still love and remember you Rafi Sahib”


  2. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    this forum is especially for rafi sahab. its my opinion that let us share our feelings and vibrations about rafi sahab and not mutual admiration. i am sorry if any one is hurt. one more point i would like to impress upon all that let us start a venture to impress and project our views on govt of india to honour our rafi sahab with bharat ratna. with this all of us will feel that we did our duty and paid our true tribute to rafi sahab.

  3. Narayanan says:

    friends join the movement founded by Binu nair n his group of Rafi Saab pujaris. It is Rafi Foundation Mumbai email id mob 09833250701.
    The foremeost point is to make the govt wake up to the idea of honouring Rafi saab with Bharat Ratna and the legion of fans wants to hon him as Vishwa Ratna.true World’s rare Gem.

  4. Reman, Bangladesh says:

    Indian subcontinent is so fortunate to have a great legend like Rafi Sb. who has given liefeline to the music and his contribution to the hindi music can’t be evaluated by words or awards or by anything. In a sence it is very certain that a human being like Raf Sb’s soul is created by God in heaven 1000 years before his arrival to this earth. It is GOD’s kindness to the world that GOD has allowed him to be in earth for just 50 years to flourish the world with his lighthouse and his heavenly voice. When I was around 16yrs of age in 80s there was songs all over the place songs like: Jhon Jani Jonardhan, Slamat Rahe Dostana Humara etc.. I use to wonder who is the singer who’s songs being played in Tape Rcorder all over the city. but when I came to understand that he is the subcontinent’s no.1 singer Mohd. Raif, I start listening his other songs too from 60s,70s and became his fan. In fact today when I hear any of those golden golden era song of Raf Sb I wonder how that great man would have sung those so difficult songs with such ease? it is certainly was too far away from any of his era and from present era or eras to come to reirritate or try to sing even 10% closer to his quality/level. No other singer was there, at present or will be in the future till end of this earch (QYAMAAT) who’s songs can be listened day after day, hour after hour without getting tired. When I hear his each of every song and every time find something is new in his voice and hidden magic laid out in every line of song which struck mind and heart. My 9yr & 3yr old daughters are also Rafi Sb fan and my little daughter just statred to speak, heard Rafi Sb song: Pattah Pattah, Botha Botha in ZEE TV Sareama.. she only remember this song and sings few few word of this song.. It is amaging the power of Raf Sb. voice … When we hear Raf Sb. it is like you are in ocean and searching for banks…

  5. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    I was much delighted to read the letter no-14 of newrafi fan. My dear sir finally you knew what rafi sahab is ! ! ! Rafi sahab is an ocean of melody. You have to listen to any one song of rafi sahab to know his melody, range , versatility, depth, clarity and modulation. Its just mind blowing and uncomparable. Finally I can say ‘ a rose is a rose where ever it is’. The present day singers are like gold coated brass where as our dear rafi sahab is a DIAMOND with eternal twinkling.

  6. A S MURTY says:

    Dear NEW RAFI FAN… it is true that today’s generation is not exposed to the magic that Mohd. Rafi had weaved for nearly four decades and which will continue to spell bound all new listeners like you. Perhaps now you would understand the beauty of old melodies and find the difference when compared to the present day music. You have experienced the “mesmerising” effect of Mohd. Rafi Saheb. You would do yourself a great favour by spreading this experience to the present day generation – particularly to your friends of your age group. Today’s hit songs do not last even a month, leave alone some years. But the aura of the songs of Mohd. Rafi from the 1940s to 1980s still lingers. Hope this would bridge the generation gap if any. Keep listening to THE MASTER’S VOICE for ever.

  7. I will always remain in search for your presence through your great voice. Rafiji was ultimate, his voice quality is unmatched.

    Still it is very sad and painful that such a legend has not been properly given his recognition in our Country.

    Anyway , as long as the music and beautiful songs are listened and live , you will be at the top, because no one can come half way to your voice quality and variation.

    You were god for music lovers and will be called as the ” Timeless Singer ”
    “Smiling Singer”, Extraordinary Singer”, Ultimate Singer, Magical Singer, Beautiful Singer, words are lost to say something about Rafi Sahab.

    May your soul rest in peace. I request all true music lovers to come closer and understand the songs sung by Mohammed Rafi which is really unique and phenomenal and timeless.

    We love you “Mohammed Rafi”

  8. New Rafi Fan says:

    I have to say my parrents love Sir Rafi, I never really liked him as nowadays we have Udit Narayan Sahib and Sonu Nigam, but then I began to listen to some of Mohd Rafi’s songs, and God was I amazed, I never really realised why so many people loved him but now I know, his voice is just mesmerising. I can now and truly say that I am a fan of Mohd Rafi and I hope his music is never forgotten, especially nowadays as we have crazy singers like Himesh who aren’t really talented, sorry to say that to Himesh fans.

  9. unknow1 says:

    O N N said that world will remmber Mohd Rafi upto 100 years I think he was wrong as I think year after year people love mohd Rafi more and more remmber him more and more till there are human on the earth

  10. Last night before sleeping I heard a melodeous song of M. Rafi and thought a long on it and decided to read M. Rafi’s details on the internet. This morning the first thing I did was to search engine and I found multiple websites relating to him. Of course the best is where I am typing my comments. Somehow I was not sure that Mr. Rafi is deceased as whenever I hear any song it is believed that its live. Literally while reading on: details, I started weeping about M. Rafi’s death on 31 July 1980 and tears came out from my eyes. What a coincidence that before just 3 days I wish to read about his life. I wish that I would know more about him, his family and truely dream to meet one of his kids, before I die!!! Please help me.

  11. we all miss you Rafi saab…you are the light house..a unique force..

  12. Narayanan says:

    Yes for me n millions of Rafi Saabs followers the legend is immortal n eternal. We are all his bakths n Pujaaris to be honest not just mere fans. My words choke me to emotions but as commented by my fellow Rafi-ians Guruji Janab Ustad Rafi Saab is living with us with the treasures of evergreen gems in the innumerable songs……….
    Rafi Saab U R with us with ur mortal humans always…. U can never die…..
    Jai Rafi Saab Jai Bollywood music Jai HInd Let there be World Peace……

  13. A S MURTY says:

    Excellent article by yet another true Rafian. Congrats Mr. Ramachandran. I also liked all the sentiments expressed subsequently by several readers, in particular by Mr. Shirish Kulkarni of Mumbai. Also there was another reader who gave us the information that DM DIGITAL CHANNEL 817 will play popular songs from 30th July onwards. Pls do let us know if we get this musical radio channel in India and if so on what frequency etc. Further details would be most helpful. Mr. Ramachandran, pls do contribute similar articles on the website often as not only your devotion to Mohd. Rafi seems to be unparalled but you have wide knowledge of the greatest legend of all times – MOHAMMED RAFI SAHEB. my email id for your infmn is

  14. K.Sreedhar says:

    Rafi saheb is unequalled, unparralled and immortal….

  15. U0012087 says:

    Dear All

    Just to let you know that DM DIGITAL CHANNEL 817 will be paying a tribute to Rafi saab on Monday 30th July from 7pm.

    Thank you

    Khalid Rashid

  16. javifazl says:

    bonu nair ji thanks

  17. Raju Korti says:

    27 years after the almighty snatched away this godman from amongst us, we still talk about the phenomenon called Rafi. The fact is Rafi can’t just fade away from our conscoiusness. His accomplishments, mind boggling as they are, cannot be erased from human history. For, he was the product of Time himself. Today, it makes little sense to indulge in platitudes, howsoever meaningful and apt they may be, that can do justice to the amazing talents of this man who excelled in every role — be that as a singer, father, citizen, a colleague or a family man. I sometimes wonder what must have gone in the mind of the Almighty when he created his own peer. Is it that because he was too naive for the eveils of Earth and made for the divine Heaven that He chose to call him back at such a young age? Rafi was divinity himself. No, I don’t think he deserves the Bharat Ratna. He deserves the Vishwa Ratna, no less. If that does justice to him! Let’s not be under the delusions that there will be another Rafi. All that we as lesser mortals can do is to build a temple for this God and hear his hymns which stand for all good values of life. Rafi is far far too big to be awarded by a bunch of few self-seeking politicians in the government. It’s great that we soak in the melodies of this musical giant and keep talking about his unfathomable depth and immeasurable prowess. But, ironically, the legend himself attributed his art to the blessings of the Almighty. A journalist friend of mine, who was privileged to meet Rafisaab several times, told me he was reticent and gentleman to a fault. He would always speak with his head bowed down. Naushad, who made him scale peaks that we can only feel and sense like the ectoplasm in the atmosphere, once told me, the singer spoke in Gandhaar and there were any number of times when his (Rafisaab’s) family would be bewildered and astounded to know that the man could negotiate any note with incredible finesse. When in real life they would be hard-pressed to even hear what he would say in the course of a conversation. Not so difficult to believe when you knew what Rafisaab was made of. Rafisaab has not passed away. He still lives with us, within us. How can we observe his death anniversary? With Rafisaab, there can only be a birth anniversary. He is born every day and thus, deserves to be celebrated with birth anniversaries every day. In my view a Rafi epitaph should read: Mohammed Rafi born 1924….. dead? Never!

  18. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    My hearfelt prayers to the Almighty that he has brought me to this world in 1951, and exactly that was the period when our Rafi sahab was making all of us to enjoy and feel the depth of his melodies. 1950 to 1970 the period of my childhood, my adolescence and my youth where I was fortunate to listen to all the melodies of Rafi sahab. During my child hood even if I was not able to understand Hindi and Urdu I used to vibrate and tears used to come in my eyes when ever I listened to Rafi sahab’s numbers particularly ,o duniya key rakhwaley……and aaj kal main dhal gaya, din hua tamaam……… like this so many. Some numbers I used to feel that as if my mother is petting me, and with some I used to feel the romantic vibrations. And the number ‘ main zindagi ka saath nibhaata chala gayaa……. has inspired me so much that when ever I am pensive I just hum it. I can say this much that ‘ the poet has created a statue, the music director has decorated it with all the dresses and ornaments aur apna RAFI sahab ne usmain jaan daal diya.

  19. Anmol Singh says:

    Rafi is a saint in the modern era. A soul with an extra ordinary destiny. Perhaps Almighty’s ultimate creation.

  20. I was really moved by the apt description of Rafi Sahab’ quality not only as a singer but also as a human being. Humane and Humble, Rafi Sahab can be a real rpole model for all his fans. His life just streamed like a holy river, unmindful of people who washed their hands and many people who quenched their thirst.
    I am really looking at hard look at my own life vis a vis his life as a human being. The more i think about, the more i feel that i must strive to imbibe his great human qualities. His life has transcended all the mental barriers of caste, creed, religion and trivial gains!
    Shirish Kulkarni
    098204 52562

  21. binus2000 says:

    July 31st..( this tuesday )
    Rafi Lovers will meet at 9.00 a.m. at rafi tomb (Mazhaar)
    and offer homage to the singing legend. Please join me without
    fail. The location is the huge mosque opp Santacruz police station
    Juhu, Mumbai santacruz West.
    This time most of the t.v. channels will cover the event as : no other
    personality in the industry has such a large following as rafi saab has;
    this they want to show to the world..
    Rafi Lovers outside Mumbai can switch their t.v sets and ask rafi lovers
    to attend the programme in Mumbai..

    See you there :: binu nair : the rafi foundation :

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