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Inaugural Rafi Foundation Meeting in Mumbai

This information is shared by Mr. Binu Nair – founder of The Rafi Foundation.

The July 11th inaugural function of the RAFI FOUNDATION was flagged off with the rendition of three rafi songs by Mr.Nanji Bahadur the 86 year old singer , musician of the hindi film industry. Mr. Nanji has sung in chorus with the legendary K.L. Saighal and was Mohd Rafi s friend from their struggling days in the hindi film industry.

A stream of RAFI singers paid tributes by singing rafi classics like : Meri kahani bhool ne waale, Badi door se aaye hai, Jaane waale phir nahi aate hai,Mujhko mere baad jamaana doondhega ,Mana mora baawara, Madhuwan mein raadhika, dil ki aawaaz bhi sun and other rafi gems..

Mr.Binu Nair founder of the RAFI FOUNDATION welcomed the guest and spoke of the plans to build a Rafi music library in Mumbai and bringing all Rafi lovers on a single platform. Mr.Narayan the national convenor of the foundation and Mr.Iqbal Darbar a singer and rafi acquitance paid rich tributes to Mohd Rafi and promised to take forward the rafi legacy further which will benefit all music lovers.

Photos from the meet:

The Rafi Foundation
Iqbal Darbar, Naanji Bahadur, Ustad Jaan Mohd,singer Nari Ahuja

The Rafi Foundation
Audience plus on second row is Anmol Singh

The Rafi Foundation
Singer Kishore Makhawana

The Rafi Foundation
Singer Kishore Makhawana

The Rafi Foundation
Singer Darbar Jr. singing Dil Ki Aawaz bhi Sun

The Rafi Foundation
Binu Nair, Iqbal Darbar, Vilas Parulekar offering Bouquet

The Rafi Foundation
Binu Nair, Iqbal Darbar, Nanji Bahadur & Ustad Jaan Mohd

The Rafi Foundation
Narayan,Binu Nair, Darbar, Nanji & Ustaad Jaan Mohd.

The Rafi Foundation
Binu, Darbar, Nanji & Narayan (Back to Camera)

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36 Blog Comments to “Inaugural Rafi Foundation Meeting in Mumbai”


    There are many illigible person at RAFI FOUNDATION so I have no any suggest for it.
    I am a great fen of Rafi Sahab and always sing his songs when at work, driving, and also between
    my friends . My friends suggested me to try for commercial singer but i become a very poor family able to poil my dreams.
    Thaks gentleman

  2. Radhika says:

    Hello Sir,
    My father is a great fan of Mohd Rafi,and other singers like Mukesh and Kishor.He sings really well ‘n’ i want him to sing somewhere….but he never does.I think you could listen to him once,if u can n if u want to. 🙂

  3. Kalipada Das says:

    Binu ji mai Paschim Bangal ka ek baristh patrakar tatha writer hu. Agle mahine mai Rafi sahab ke mrityu dibas par ek article likhne ja raha hu. Isi silsile mai aap se baat karna chahta hu. Khas taur par unke mrityu ke baad Sarkar ka kya rubaiya hai aur unke KABAR-Sthan ki dekhval ke bisay me baat karna chahunga. Kya aap apna ph no ya mail ID mujhe de sakte hai ?
    mera ph no. 09903966037. Mail ID

  4. binuji,

    keep up the good work. with dedicated bhakts like you rafi sahab’s lamp will always be lit.

    all rafi foundations are doing a great job, hyderabad under the able stewardship of nrpbhai and murtygaru is going great guns.

    my good friend narayan padmanabhan should head the rafi foundation in bengaluru.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  5. Hari Tatla says:

    Subha ho, Shaam ho,
    Rafi Sahib…tu hi tu.
    Long Live.
    Please include me as a member

  6. Manish Bajaj says:

    BinU Nair Ji,

    It was such a nice feeling to talk to you and when u told me that U saw rafisaab and he looked at you…I felt a divinely feeling in your voice..I will surely see you at the mazaar of Rafisaab and also for all other devotees of Rafisaab I am not able to carry so many flowers (As rafisaab has so many devotees) but I want to say that I will offer my prayers on each and everyone’s behalf


  7. Mohammad Amin says:

    I am a Great fan Of Mohammad Rafi, I am in california, I really missed him, I had a dream to watch his concert live, unfortunately Rafi Sahab is not with us, but we definately make his day on 31st July 2007.


  8. M.Zaman says:

    Dear Mr. binu nair, I am Zaman from kolkata, only one thing i can tel about
    you that you are doing excelent. I am a bengali film producer , and i am having in my mind for a long time to make a full length documentery film
    on rafi shaab. mainly we have to take the help from dooradarsan and for the
    video footage. If we all togethar can make this than obviously it will be benificial for new generation who loves music.


  9. javifazl says:

    aadab binu nair ji hum se bare rafian tu aap ho jo un ke piyar main aap ne aapna tan man dhan sab laga diya hy.
    jab aap rafi sahab ke mazaar per jaeengy tu wahan aap se zarror bat karoonga.
    thanks javed fazal from sukksr ,sindh

  10. binus2000 says:

    Javi Fazal a great fan from Pakistan telephoned me yesterday and
    asked me to place flowers on his behalf on Rafi saabs tomb where the
    legend is now resting.. I have received similar requests from my
    friends and Rafi lovers. On 31st , July Tomorrow :we will place few
    flowers on behalf of Rafi lovers who cannot attend physically the
    santacruz tomb Of Rafi saab… Among the ocean of flowers these
    few bunches of flowers of love, compassion, humility from die-hard
    rafi lovers from the world over – will stand out..
    All my friends who have written to me including Roy from canada are
    assured that the flowers will be spread.. It will be a important day for
    rafi lovers.. as rafi saab became immortal this fateful day.
    Binu Nair

  11. Md Amin says:

    I am a die hard fan of Rafi sahib, unfortunately i am in Chennai and can not make to Bombay on 31 July due to some engagement. I would request you to show the telecast of the same on Doordarshan.



  12. Md Amin says:

    Congratulation for that.

    Rafi Sahib deserves the Bharat Ratna.

    We all are with you Binu Ji



  13. Piroe M. says:

    Hello Binu ji,
    Iwant to congratulate you with this foundation. I’m realy very glad to read that there is a RAfi Foundation. May God Bless you Binu ji,
    Best regards.
    Mr. A.Piroe

  14. Nitin Sharma says:

    binu sir,

    GREAT JOB (as usual) ….. this is why i admire u & narayanan saheb a lot.

    my best wishes to you for future and will surely attened meeting and cultural programe in Delhi on 30th july


    Nitin Sharma

  15. imthiaz says:

    great job
    best wishes to Mr. Binu Nair and all the members of the foundation.

  16. nazeer says:

    actually no foundatins or organisations needed to preserve the memoryof rafi or his songs .the name rafi and his songs are encripted in the D.N.A of every music loving person and will pass on to generations to come.this foundation should never stoop before any authority for any awards or titles for rafiji.remember gandhi was never awarded with nobel prize for peace.

  17. P. Haldar says:

    I would like to make only one comment. If there were only a few people like binu nair in the film industry, then bandra would have been renamed rafiabad and rafi villa would have been converted into a rafi museum, where rafians like us could go and find peace.

  18. Narayanan says:


  19. A S MURTY says:

    Mr. Zorawar, fantastic to know that you will have the inaugural function of the Mohd. Rafi Foundation – Delhi chapter on the 30th evening. However as much I would like to attend the same ( as Delhi also happens to be my second home), I am unable to do that due to pre-occupation here at Hyderabad. I wish you and all other functionaries of your area all the very best and let the fragrance of Mohd. Rafi spread from the byelanes of old Delhi to all corners of India. My email id is pls also forward yours for future contacts. Pls post the function details of the website as all of us are keen to follow the progress of the Foundation.

  20. Azad Ilahibaks says:

    Congratulation with te RAFI FOUNDATION.

    To the dutch speakers who are Raf Fan i ask to visit my weblog:

  21. rakesh sharma says:

    The greatest and most beloved male playback singer of all times…What can be a better tribute than the great Manna Dey saying he was the best playback singer ever. Rafi Saheb…well what more can one say about him. Words are simply not enough…Yes, the need for his presence is felt more acutely, given the standard of hindi film music or more so the lack of it. He has left a void which can never ever be filled.

    Indeed we must not let Rafi Saheb’s memory fade away…I wish the Rafi Foundation All the very best in carrying the baton of ensuring Rafi Saheb recieves the Bharat Ratna Award. I don’t want to say posthumously as Rafi Saheb is very much alive in the hearts of millions of fans not only in India but the whole world.

  22. Mr. Zorawar,
    Thank you very much for your encouraging words about the inaugural function of Rafi Foundation, Mumbai Chapter. For people like me who attended the function, it was a thrilling and humbling experience. I would like to make a special mention of the participation of Shri. Nanji Bahadur, who was kind enough to grace the occasion. His energy and his love for Radi Sahab was in abundant view. Many of us had the fortune of touching his feet. It was real ecstacy to shake his hands and touch his feet.
    We wish you the very best for your inaugural function in Delhi on 30-7-07. The good wishes of Rafi Sahab’s fans, seen and unseen will be with you to make it a grand success.
    Shirish Kulkarni
    098204 52562

  23. binus2000 says:

    Photo Credits : from Binu Nair : Rafi Foundation…
    in descending order : from top :
    I.. Left : Iqbal Darbar, Naanji Bahadur, Ustad Jaan Mohd,singer Nari Ahuja,
    II Audience plus on second row is Anmol Singh
    III & IV Singer Kishore Makhawana
    V Singer Darbar Jr. singing Dil Ki Aawaz bhi Sun
    VI From Left : Binu Nair, Iqbal Darbar, Vilas Parulekar offering Bouquet
    VII From Left : Binu Nair, Iqbal Darbar, Nanji Bahadur & Ustad Jaan Mohd
    VIII Left : Narayan,Binu Nair, Darbar, Nanji & Ustaad Jaan Mohd.
    IX Left : Binu, Darbar, Nanji & Narayan (Back to Camera)

  24. Mushtaq Ahmed says:

    Great job done binu Ji. We Rafians are very greatfull to you for taking this step which will go a long way in bringing much needed recognition to RAfi Sahab which he truly deserves. I am feeling very great truly deriving immense pleasure from this great event. Please let me know Binu Ji what can I do to promote Rafi Foundation.

  25. Zorawar Chhugani says:

    Dear Binu Ji,
    Although I was invited to the inaugural function of Rafi Foundation on 11-07-07 but I could not attend due to my commitments here in Delhi but I am delighted to read, hear and specially watch the photographs of the function. I wish to congratulate and convey my best wishes to Mumbai Chapter of Rafi Foundation.
    I take this opportunity to inform that Rafi Foundation, Delhi Chapter will also be organizing its first programme on 30-07-07 at Punjabi Bhawan between 4.00 PM and 7.00 PM. We will have various guests who have contributed to Indian music some way or the other. We will also have people from different media to cover the function wherein we will be raising our voice to award Bharat Ratna for our beloved Bharat Ka Ratna Mohd Rafi Sahab.
    We hereby invite all Rafi Fans to come and join us in this holy movement.
    Rafian Zorawar
    Rafi Foundation, Delhi Chapter

  26. A S MURTY says:

    Well done founding members. This was perhaps long overdue and finally we have come close to doing something for the greatest singer of all times – MOHAMMED RAFI – a singer who has given his all for our enjoyment. Better later than never. Let all the RAFIANS be active in furthering the cause of the Foundation and work together to achieve our ultimate goal – that of seeing the BHARAT RATNA conferred on the man who charmed millions across the globe with his soulful and melodious voice. The one voice that unites people from different parts of the world irrespective of colour, caste, creed, religion. Fantastic photographs of the ceremony held on the 11th instant. Good responses from RAFIANS. KEEP THE FLAG HELD HIGH ALWAYS.

  27. javifazl says:

    very Well Done!
    you have done a great job.
    Best wishes to Binuji and others. Best of luck.

  28. Pradeep Kumar says:

    The organizers behind the Rafi Foundation and SARGAM mag need to be lauded by all Mohd Rafi music fans around the world for the great work that they have started in India. It is befitting (although belated) tribute to the greatest male singer artiste India has ever known. The present hindi filmdom artistes (actors, producers, directors, singers, technicians etc.) with their penchant to rake millions and millions these days by churning out silliness may have forgotten the “great one”..but hindi film music fans the world over can never forget Mohd Rafi. Besides people from the subcontinent and surrounding countries, fans are spread across the Middle East, the entire African continent, many parts of Europe including Eastern states, UK, North & South America and back to Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia. Nearly the entire globe has Mohd Rafi music lovers. With the advent of hand-held MP3 players and IPODS – a music lover can now become very intimate with his/her music by using tiny..powerful headphones. You can start off my playing “Suhani Raat ” ..all the way to “Maine Poocha Chand Se” from the late 1970’s to realize the genius in this humble and dignified singer. His scaling of notes, the pure recitation of beautiful poetry, the inflections he introduced to regular hindi/urdu words, the breathtaking voice that came out deep from within his insides is sheer magic. He kept his voice nearly intact for over 40 small achievement for any human being. His devotion to his craft, his livelihood, the length he went about to make each song his most important hundred percent to the Music Director, co-singers, musicians and finally his producers and directors is a matter that all Indians can learn from and could be studied as an advanced course in prestigious universities in India and abroad. It is no small fact that hindi music directors besides Naushad depended on Rafi to give life to their craftsmanship it Shankar Jaikishan, SDB, Roshan, C. Ramachandra, Madan Mohan, Ravi, Salil C, LP, KA, RDB and other MD’s like C. Arjun, Hansraj Behl, Sardar Malik, Dulal Sen, N. Dutta and numerous others. No matter the quality of the film, big or small budget, which actor would lip sync the tune on screen – Mohd Rafi poured his heart into every song he received and gave it full justice.

    I personally and very surely feel that if all genuine Mohd Rafi fans join together from across the various lands, a great fitting and everlasting tribute can be bestowed on this greatest of Indian singers that will make everyone proud to be a Rafian. It is about time this happens as soon as possible because it is a real shame that artistes of such caliber are allowed to fade away from our memories. It is a small gesture from our part…. from all his devoted fans… to give something back in return to a human being who has provided every Indian born after 1946 something to smile..something to cheer…something that brought a person a moment of happiness….sometimes tears…sometimes pure bliss.

  29. ashis says:

    very Well Done!

    Congratulations and best wishes.

  30. sangeetvishwa says:

    Dear All

    Best wishes to Binuji and others. Best of luck.



  31. subair says:

    you have done a great job
    khuda hafis
    thank you

  32. unknow1 says:

    thanks sir

  33. really pleased..wishing all the best..i offer every support..rafi saab is really a force..the voice that can give you support love and all..

  34. mohamed parvez says:

    mr binu nair well done i wish you all the success

  35. mohanflora says:

    Well Done!

    Congratulations and best wishes for success.


    Some Rafi fans from CA,US

  36. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    I was very much delighted to read the news of inaugural RAFI Sahab foundation meeting held in Mumbai. I wish I could be there. My whole hearted wishes to the foundation. I assure that what ever possible help will be rendered by me from the Hyderabad limb of this beautiful foundation. I wish and pray GOD that this foundation should grow and branch out like a tree. Let its fragrance surround all of us in the same way as RAFI Sahab’s Golden melodies.

    You can find in any competition the participant rendering Rafi Sahab’s number only. WHY SO ? ? ? Its because of the five vital things.

    1. Exceptional Range
    2. Divine Melody
    3. Parennial Sweetness
    4. Crystal clear clarity
    5. Dedicated Expression
    And I personally feel that when ever I used to sing along a song of RAFI sahab I feel that I have to put lot of efforts by drawing air from my rock bottom stomach and then whirl it and then allow it to exit with a lot of control of the vocal cords. Mind it , its not that easy to sing a number of RAFI Sahab as it requires a life long hard work and dedicated attitude& finally the result what we achive is hardly 0.1 % of RAFI Sahab. And that is the Magic of RAFI sahab. I am proud to tell that RAFI sahab is a gift to us from the heavens. He was a combination of the following
    1. Sweetest melody
    2. Quite handsome
    3. Very shy
    4. Soft spoken
    5. Charitable
    6. Ever smiling

    Can we get another RAFI Sahab ? No , No , NO.

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