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Awaz-e-Ishq – book on distinctive characteristic of Rafi Sahab’s singing modality and his extremely exquisites voice

By Binu Nair

This book is not the biography of Mohammad Rafi Sahib, nor a collection of his songs with the sequence of time. As a student of music, I’ve made an effort to write something on distinctive characteristic of his singing modality and his extremely exquisites voice. The life journey; childhood; stay in Lahore and initial engagements; start of singing in Bombay; rise to excellence; then the happenings of 70s and death – on all these aspects written material is available but it’s superficial and provides only a limited information.

The actual topic, because of which Mohammed Rafi is called Mohammed Rafi “Sahib”, is his matchless voice and excellent art of vocal. This topic is so inadequate on which no research and exploration is done. What is voice? What is its structure and nature? What are its tunes? Why it affects us and what are the qualities of voice? These topics are difficult and belong to metaphysics. That’s why, no one touched it. The beautiful voice of Mohammad Rafi attracts every sensitive one and draws the attention of visionary people. Total perfection in music by him showed new ways and destinations to film songs, and his ingredients of vocalism gave new meanings to them. His voice has the angelic secrets of seven musical notes like candles illuminating in the physique of fire flies. It is like the fresh dew drops that perfumed the conscious of dejected flowers and sanctified them with a new life.

Every song of Mohammad Rafi is a syllabus of gamut in the circumference of which our inner shrine motivates us on chanting. Melody is like blood in our bodies. Each of the pores of our being feels the frequency of outer music and tells it to others. This book is actually a quest of finding the truth that made him restless. It is the exegesis and explanation of the heart rending songs in the perspective of his amazing voice.

The era of 70s was very hard for him when he became the target of conspiracies and the opponents tried to sideline him as a result of cold war with Lata Mangeshkar. His circle of melody was made limited. Powerful and greedy class deprived him of the honors and dignity which he actually deserved. All these topics are fully covered in this book.

About Author:

Qaisar Iqbal, the author of the book is a writer, poet, and painter naturally and academically. He has a perfect belief on the realities of art. He considers art as obligatory for the growth and accomplishment of human self. Dimensions of human voice and searching out its miracles are the aspects of his aesthetics, he is been spending his life in the quest of. Beauty of the voice of Mohammad Rafi and its heart touching attraction is like oxygen for him. He considers every song of Mohammad Rafi as embodiment of sentiments and mystery which have many secrets of human existence hidden in it. He is a graduate of National College of Arts, Lahore. He resides in Virginia (Richmond), USA, and belongs to painting and education.

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8 Blog Comments to “Awaz-e-Ishq – book on distinctive characteristic of Rafi Sahab’s singing modality and his extremely exquisites voice”

  1. Binu Nair says:

    This is Indeed Very Urgent..

    TANSEN MOHD RAFI SAHEB’s 37th Punyatithi is in July.

    I am shocked by the Medias Indifference shown to Universal Hearthrob singer RAFI SAHEB.

    Tansen Rafi Saheb Lovers Will Note That There Is A Big Lobby Working Against our Ratna..

    Just see the Media especially the FM radio channels. Mohd Rafi Songs are Kept on Low Key with Only SONGS OF ONE COMPOSER His Wife and Her Singer being promoted tirelessly.
    At Delh in the month of July A Notorious FM CHANNEL played the Song Oh mere Sonare Sonare – early morning. I was glad But when Sahebs antara came the Commercial Advt Appeared. I was SHOCKED beyond words.
    We had carried on a RELENTESS battle with this Channel and Delhi. The Channel was helpless. They told us that SONG LIST IN 92.7 is made in MUMBAI and sent. This we knew it.

    We Ought to work OVERTIME IN SOCIAL Media by way of articles, songs and life and times of RAFI SAHEB.
    HOLD small and big Get to gethers of FANS and Pay rich tributes on his 37th Punyatithi.

    Kindly follow these thread and post your Inputs. I am glad that RAFI FOUNDATIONs and ALLIED groups have SPRUNG UP SPONTANEOUSLY in many cities and towns after our EFFORTS TO GO NATIONAL.

    I am happy and thankful that RAFI Saheb lovers have come together at many centres.
    Pls Be More aggressive agaist the Biased Media… Show our presence in Social Media.

    Our Tansen Mohd Rafi Saheb deserves his place in History.

    Binu Nair
    Rafi Foundation Trust.
    E mail:

  2. khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Salaam, Janab Qaisar Iqbal,
    I am from Chicago. I would like to know how can I get this book in USA. I appreciate your response.

    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  3. sukhjit singh makkar says:

    I would definitely like to have this book,, and incidentally, when is Shahid Rafis book ” voice of the nation ” to be published by om books delhi likely to be released ?
    sukhjit singh makkar

  4. SABNAVEES says:

    Binu thank you so much informing us about this BOOK. I would like to get one. Pls inform us how to get a copy of it. thanks in advance.

  5. Dear Binu Nair Ji

    Would like to know where this Book is available I am from hyderabad
    G Sunder Rajan

  6. Binu Nair says:

    Dear Birendra Bisht ji…

    This book – Awaaz-E-Ishq is Not available in India yet. The author Mr Qaiser Iqbal sent me three copies which has been givent to Ravindra Jain and Rafi Saaheb family members.
    Mr Qaiser – now settled in US has RELEASED it in US AND PAKISTAN. He has assured me of copies being available shortly in India along with the English Translation.

    Pls leave your address at : or call me at :

    Cell 9833 250 701


    Binu Nair
    Rafi Foundation Trust.

  7. Dear Binu Sir, would be grateful if you could let me know how can I get this book. It is very important to every rafians to know so that they can procure the book written on our beloved rafi saab.

    Long Live Rafi Saab.
    Birendra Singh Bisht

  8. ZTEK-77 says:

    To this day I cannot believe a singer of his calibre was given a back seat in the 1970’s. His voice, his range could adapt to any era and to any style of song !!
    One example in the film Hum kisise kum nahin in 1977. Rafi sahab had more varied styles in the songs he sung than other singers on the soundtrack which led him to win the Filmfare and National Award.

    He has sung from Bhajans, Ghazals, Qawallis, folk, sad, happy, Rock & Roll, Disco etc.. He sung in more styles than any other singer of his time.

    The fact is he NEVER rejected a song that he felt he was unable to sing. To his last days he was actually more vibrant and as fresh as ever in his singing ability. His performance of “Yamma Yamma” was amazing and even caused a reaction in RD Burman to say he should have been able to sing like Rafi sahab in that song. Ironically at the time of Rafi sahab’s death, RD Burman regretted not using Rafi sahab as he should have done.

    1970’s Bollywood made a terrible regrettable mistake of treating Rafi sahab on a back seat platform in that era and yet Rafi sahab came out with some great super hit numbers to the extent he made his amazing comeback to the top stage once again ready for the 1980’s, only for destiny to take this humble kind gentle gifted human being away from us !!!

    It’s been 34yrs now and Rafi sahab’s throne is untouched and will always be. His popularity intact as ever. It’s about time the Indian Government should let go of their reasons and give Rafi sahab the award he truely deserves !!!!!!!

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