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Remembering Death anniversary of Melody king

The following is by Mahesh Prasad Rijal, Nasreen Hafesjee and Jugdish Lollbeeharry

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

The Great Late Mohammad Rafi was a melody king. Whenever I hear his voice I always become fresh from any boredom situation. He had such power in his voice that it could expose out the inner core of hearty emotions of every person who tried to get lost in his peculiar melody. Even now it is as refreshing as it could get. He had voice as melodious as an incarnation of god. He cannot be compared to any singer of anytime, such melodious was his era. He was truly a blessing for his parents. He deserves everlasting dignity.

..thak gaya huun mujhe sone dedo, roteh kyun ho…

His voice is somewhere associated with nature. Such voice as glacier melting into pure water mixing into ever flowing river and eventually giving dashing sound to the countless pebbles, he had that heavenly sound that struck countless hearts. His world is full of flowers that blossoms in every corner with unique fragrance. His voice has indeed made this world a garden. Besides, he has great contribution in raising many Bollywood stars, and thus, he remains as an ever twinkling star in Indian Film Industry.

The following is by Nasreen Hafesjee

Today, on his 32nd death anniversary, I have listened to Rafi Sahab songs almost all day on various sites and in my car while driving. At the moment too I am listening. “Dard-e-dil” was playing and now it’s “Maine Poochha Chaand se“.

His voice is amazing, and the tones in it just….indescribable. I am so thankful to God Almighty for giving us this perfection for a time on this earth so that we always have something to stop us being very unhappy. And that is, all these songs. No matter how unhappy I feel, I just have to listen to any Rafi Sb song, and I feel totally uplifted. And I am sure it’s the same with all Rafi fans.

Today, on his 32nd death anniversary, I can only pray that when I die, among the crowd of my relatives that receives me on the other side, there will also be that special voice in the background singing a welcoming song. And that I feel just as uplifted as I feel now listening to Rafi Sahab.

God Bless his beautiful soul.

The following is by Jugdish Lollbeeharry

On this thirty second anniversary of the death of Mohd Rafi I would like to say that he is still revered as the greatest singer of all time of Indian cinema. The fact that so many singers have adopted his style proves that Indian cinema and music can hardly separate them from him. All generations to come will remember this man as the greatest singer of his time.

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4 Blog Comments to “Remembering Death anniversary of Melody king”

  1. Nimble Shrestha says:

    superb mahesh ji

  2. PK Rai says:

    Wou!! mahesh Sir and all off you,
    There is,
    No tasty food without eater,
    No luxury Car without rider,
    No fragrance of flower without human nose,
    Nothing are known without being close,
    The voice/ sound is melodious due to listeners,
    The fellows are great due to admirers.

    Respect the other, You will be respected!!!
    “RAFI SAHAB is alive till people lost their EAR”
    Kathmandu, Nepal

  3. sadhana ghimire says:

    Well said Jwai saab. I agree that the voive he had was a real god gift and powerful enough to break through stress and tensions.


  4. I have no photograph of rafi saab but have a book of song collection of rafi saab since my school days. The book has rafi saab’s picture on the front cover. In the morning before going to office i lit a incense stick in front of the book and offered my prayer to my ‘god’ rafi saab. In the evening i sat in front of the computer and listened rafi saab’s immortal songs and chat a lot with my wife about rafi saab. Not only 31st July or 24th dec but we remember rafi saab daily and every movement.
    Birendra Singh Bisht

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