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HE simply is THE BEST

By Milan Shah and Pravin B Dave

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Mohammed Rafi Saab IS NOT the BEST MALE singer. HE simply is THE BEST!

One has to attentively listen to his duets with the lady artists and also to the tandems. In all those not only he holds the sway but also comes out superior- ahesaan tera hoga muj par; teri aankhon ke siva duniya main rakkha kya hai; jab pyar kisise hota hai, and many more.

His association with music directors- Naushadali, Madan Mohan, Roshan, Ravi, Sonik-Omi, S-J, L-P, K-A, sitar maestro Ravi Shanker — the list goes on. Who are those who glorify the RD-KK clan? He was Mario Lanza-Sinatra-Elvis-Pavarotti all rolled into one. Any other Nation would have recognized and crowned him. But then this is Bharat Desh Mahaan.

If anyone has listened to GOD talk, it would be in His voice– pure and spiritual.

I consider myself very fortunate to have lived from the period of O duniya ke rakhvale‘ and have been life-long devotee so much so that even now I cannot bear to listen to Him while driving- I get lost into heavenly bliss. HOW can any mortal sing like that?

My deep appreciation and gratitude goes to Mr. Binu Nair and all those who are committed to keep His name, memories and music alive. For my humble part I have twice written to the former President, the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra imploring them to take steps towards bestowing the highest of honours.

The following is by Milan Shah

I am also an ardent devotee of Rafi Saab. I think when Allah decided to make people on this Earth Happy he took Birth in the form of Rafi Saab.

Those who met Rafi Saab were fortunate enough to be touched and blessed by Allah himself. Those who could not see him personally but heard Rafi Saab from their Heart one immediately gets blessed with peace of mind and solace and only God Himself can do this Magic.

Even today, after 32 years of Rafi Saab’s Samadhi, he continues to make us astoundingly Happy, only one has to listen to His Voice with devotion and one is bound to believe as if Allah is spiritually around him or her.

Rafi Saab will be heard for thousands of years to come and even then people will have Godly respects for HIM.

I would want to touch his immortal feet and seek HIS Blessings.

Please listen to
“Daulat Ke Joote Nashe Mein Ho Chur”
“Ai Bahare Baage Duniya Chand Roz”
“Maat Bhool Aare Insaan Teri Neki Badi Nahin Use Chuppi”
“Allah Hi Allah Kar Pyare”
“Bhala Karne Wale Bhala Hi Kiye Jaa”
“Maati Ke Putle Itana Na Kar Tu Gumaan”
“Pyar Ki Raha Dikha Duniya Ko”
“Lelo lelo Duwayen Maa Baap Ki”

and many more and see how your Heart will be stirred.

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11 Blog Comments to “HE simply is THE BEST”

  1. shamim says:

    Yes, it’s true no one can ever match Mohammed Rafis great talent he was simply the best. No one can ever have the impact his voice did. Unlike songs of today that are one day wonders I am listening to the same old Mohd Rafi songs for the last forty days and they never fail to give me the same enjoyment that they did the 1st time around. There is no one that in my opinion and I’m sure millions of other peoples opinion that even comes a close second not even lata.

  2. mohan says:

    I am a great fan of Mohammed rafi sir. I have heard and enjoyed lots and lots of his songs.Songs like baharo phool,kabhi tera daman,tere mere sapne, mera mann tera and a lot others takes me to heavenly pleasure when i enjoy them.But
    i have some reservations on this ‘the best’ tag. He is definitely one of the best. Being from Kerala,i have heard lots of songs of Yesudas and Jayachandran, the two premier singers from kerala. From my hearing experience they too are equally brilliant singers.Yesudas has sung almost 45000 and Jayachandran has sung about 8000 songs.i have heard all types of songs of these 2 singers also.they can also lay claim to the ‘best tag’. Similarly S.P.B, Ghantasala, TMS etc all are great singers in their respective eras and regions.My point is it is virtually impossible to declare any body as simply ‘the best’ because for that we need to hear lots of songs in all genres of other great singers too and analyse deeply and then reach a conclusion.What a difficult task it would be.So my take is Rafi is one of the best singers in India.

  3. rahulkumar rahul says:

    rafisaab was born to be real singer.he showed the world the real way of playbacksinging.his was the final word in playback singing.out of shear jealousy only ,one of the so called songstress has now started saying something which doesn’t suit an individual who was associated with this great singer called shahenshah of mausiki. i e.rafisaheb

  4. Farook Ali says:

    hum tumhe yu bhula naa paaoge….ha hum tumhe yu…

  5. Sachin Sharma says:

    Yes it is very much true that RAFI SAHAB voice was matchless.Even after 32years of HIS demise, so many playback singers have come but no voice even touch the melodious voice of RAFI SAHAB.
    Today at this I think that I am very unfortunated that I didnot get the chance to see RAFI SAHAB but my Father had saw HIM in the live program in Bareilly.So I use to hear something from my Father who is also is great RAFIAN.

  6. Azad Ilahibaks says:

    Thank you dr. Ketwaru for sharing your experience with Rafi Saheb. I am also a fan of Rafi Saheb and i live in the same city where the badsah performed: “ik zal je nooit vergeten al zal ik in India zijn” on the melody of Baharo Phool Barsawo. “ik zal je nooit vergeten al zal ik in India zijn” means: i will never forget you even if i will be in India.

    Rafi Saheb, we will never forget you and its no matter where we are.

  7. Nadeem Ahmad Khan says:

    Yes friends, it is absolutely true that Rafi Saab is matchless in his voice, art and humanity.

  8. dr.jai.ketwaru says:

    I am a very fortunated man.When Rafi saheb was in the Netherlands in 1973,the organiser told me that the Badsha want to sing a song in the Dutch language.We made an appointment ,and Rafi saheb taked his harmonium an d began to sing a meadly of some of his songs.I enjoyed his voice,because this is more beautiful then his recorded voice.We choosed for the melody of Baharo Phool Barsawo,and Rafi performed this song in the city The Hague for the first time in 1973.I am staying in the west of the world and i am also a musician.Rafi saheb was a singing miracle.Nobody is equal and can match him.He could sing every kind of song: Whoo too Whooo tha.jai .ketwaru

  9. there is no second opinion on this. rafi saab is simply the best. Claiming the summit of Mount Everest is not so difficult. but the height achieved by rafi saab was impossible to achieve by the other legendry singers of his time and it will remain to achieve impossible forever.
    Birendra Singh Bisht

  10. Sal Rafi says:

    Spot on Pravin Dave when you said……….
    Who are those who glorify the RD-KK clan? He was Mario Lanza-Sinatra-Elvis-Pavarotti all rolled into one. Any other Nation would have recognized and crowned him. But then this is Bharat Desh Mahaan.

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