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Immortal Rafi

This article is written by Mr. Sivanandam

Immortal Rafi

On 31st July 1980, legendary singer Mohammad Rafi left us, leaving behind thousands of immortal songs for us to cherish. Mohammad Rafi, or Rafi sahib as he is always addressed with respect, was not only a great singer, but also a great human being. His versatility was unmatched. He was a master in all types of songs -right from patriotic songs to songs with the sweetness of romance, from songs of utter despair or melancholy to light hearted comedy songs, bhajans, ghazals, quawwalis etc….the list is endless.

Who can believe that the man who had sung “Ye mehlon ye takhton ye tajon ki duniya” for the intense Guru Dutt had also sung “Main Jat yamla pagla diwana” for the macho Dharmendra or the man who sang “O duniya ke rakhwale ” for a staid Bharat Bhushan also sang “ Chahe mujhe koi jungle kahe” for the energetic Shammi Kapoor. Teaching a child “ Tu hindu banega na musalman banega, insaan ki aulad hai insaan banega” was as easy for him as romancing a lady with “Teri ankhon ke Siva duniya mein rakha kya hia” . With intensity he hits out at the society with “Jinhe naaz hai Hind par who kahan hai” for the protagonist Guru Dutt in Pyasa and sings a light-hearted “ Sar jo tera chakraye ya dil duba jaye ” for the comedian Johnny Walker in the same film.

In spite of being a teetotaler he could sing as a ‘sharabi’ with perfection (mujhe duniya walon sharabi na samjho ), and in spite of being very shy (he rarely spoke or gave interviews) sung so many songs with a mischief (one should just listen to the variations in ‘gustakhi maaf’ in the song chehere pe giri zulfen kah do to utha doon mein) . Be it bhajans (Man tarpat Hari darshan ko aaj, Sukh ke sab sathi dukh mein na koi), ghazals (mere mehboob tujhe meri mohabbat ki kasam, Na kisi ki ankh ka noor hoon) , and quawwalis ( Na to caravan ki talash hai, hai agar dushman zaman gam nahin) , his fervor in singing these distinct styles was unmatched.

In the cut-throat film world he shone like a beacon, helping the needy and not running after money, fame etc.

For millions of Indians, the day is not complete without listening to his songs. During happy moments or sad moments, his voice is always there to give comfort. Even if we have forgotten him (one Padma Shri award was the best we could give him!!) he wished us all good with “Meri kahani bhoolne wale tera jahan aabad rahe”(even if you forget my story let your life be full of prosperity).

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13 Blog Comments to “Immortal Rafi”

  1. ameer hamza says:

    yes this is truth rafiji was a god gift for all indians people who are like music

    i have to say my salaam to all rafiji’s fan.



    dear Sivanandam,

    1.-Excellent article..we await many more from you..


    shrirang nawathe

  3. Binu Nair says:

    all the channels barring times now showed news & homages to the god of all gods – in playback singing shri mohammad rafi saaheb. in mumbai the english press by and large saw more opportunities in showing and talking about mallika sharawats, rakhi sawant and their semi-clad ilk in pictures and photos than a simple legend like mohd rafi,well , this is their mentality to take forward the page 3 crowed and advertise them as “national assets”.

    and, the times group came up with half paged “paid” advertisements by kothari of golden great group who released the homage ads on rafi saaheb. it had 30 different pictures of rafi saaheb with the songs on it which they played in the evening. well, they got some business on the day from a rafi lover.

    the press should remember and should not try to forget that millions of music lovers carry rafi saaheb in their heart in many parts of the world. people of various nationalities love rafi saaheb and mohd rafi is the very few symbols of “NATIONAL INTEGRATION.”

    the marwari tycoons in the print media is out only to make profits and flaunt advertisements of minimum dreesed women as one see in their page 3 publications. for them music, melody, mohd rafi and divinity are matters expendable or forgotten. but , the common people , a thousand strong who gathered at rafis graveyard and the crores who remembered rafi saaheb on july 31 – will do exactly the same – each year around.

    my heart go out to those hundereds of rafi lovers in the times of india press and other journals who want to “write” on mohd rafi saaheb but are prevented by their masters/policy makers.

    meantime, there were about 20 shows in mumbai during the week and the electronic media fully covered the events in mumbai. My special thanks to ndtv, national and delhi, aaj tak -delhi for showing the developing news of july 31 along with a special 30 minute slot story on mohd rafi.
    also to the print media including pti, ians and the many who did special stories on mohd rafi in the last week of july.

    binu nair.
    rafi foundation, mumbai.

  4. Dhani Ram says:

    we should be grateful to radio worldspace for day long broadcast of about two hundred of rafi sahib’s best songs on july 31.the broadcast started at 8 am and ended at 12 night.I heard all the was a great feast of music and a great tribute to the greatest singer ever.if god himself were to sing he would sing like rafi.

  5. Rafi sahab we all love you and we will never forget you as long as we live.

    Khalid Rashid

  6. Shahbaz Mahmood says:

    Dear All Rafian Friends!

    Muhammad Rafi was an unmatched Artist. He was a very nice and humble human being. His voice was like a water (liquid), as we see the road with alot of ditch, when there is a water the road will be leveled by the water. We are unable to watch these ditches. Similarly, Muhammad Rafi’s singing and his voice hide all the ditches in musical tone composed by the composer.

    Even now, there are 28 year to passed him away, Rafi Sahib ke maang mein Roz Baroz Izafa Hota Ja raha hai, because in this age people are understanding music much better then before. The list of Muhammad Rafi Sahib Fans’ is increasing day by day. Do you know, what is the reason behind this? The Reasons is that Muhammad Rafi did not give place to money instead of Heart Satisfaction. He sang when he was satisfied with the melody or tone of the song.

    Muhammad Rafi Sahab had sung what a perfect songs, which is the fact of the future.

    “Dil ka soona Saaz Tarana Dhonde ga, Teer Nigah-e-Naaz Nishana Dhonde Ga, MUJH KO MERE BAAD ZAMANA DHONDE GA.

    I do not have words to express my feelings for this greatest Artist.

    Allah Muhammad Rafi Sahib ko Karwat Karwat Jannat Inayat Farmye (Aameen)

  7. Imran Rustam says:

    Short but pithy article about Rafi sahib’s Immortality and versatility. Rafi Sahib will be remained in every heart of music listeners.

    Dil ka soona saaz tarana dhoonde ga……
    mujh ko mere baad zamaana dhoonde ga……….

    We are really missing him………………


  8. Anil Cherian says:

    Remembering the master.. with utmost reverence
    woh jab yaad aaye.. bohat yaad aaye…

  9. arun gautam says:

    रफी साहब अब इंडिया के सिंगर नहीं रहे उनकी बेहतरीन आवाज के दीवाने सात समुन्दर पार भी बहुत ज्यादा है । रफी साहब ही पहले ऐसे सिंगर थे जिन्होंने पहली बार विदेशों में शंकर जयकिशन के साथ शो आयोजित किए । उन्होंने उस समय दुनिया के सभी विकसित राष्ट्रों में अपने शो के माध्यम से अपनी आवाज का जलवा बिखेरा । काफी समय विदेशों में शो में व्यस्त रहने के कारण बॉलीबुड में उनकी जगह किशोर कुमार ने ले ली और जब रफी साहब भारत वापस आए काफी कुछ बदल चुका था । उनके प्रिय संगीतकार किशोर को तरजीह देने लगे थे । एक दौर ऐसा भी आया कि रफी साहब को एक-एक गीत गाने के लिए संगीतकारों से मिन्नत करनी पड़ी । मगर उन्होंने समय की नजाकत को देखते हुए घर पर बैठ कर रियाज करना शुरू किया और प्राइवेट गजल गानी शुरू की । मगर छोटे संगीतकारों ने पंजाबी,भोजपुरी एवं अन्य क्षेत्रीय फिल्मों में रफी साहब से गीत गवाएं । बॉलीबुड में संघर्ष कर रहे संगीतकार सोनिक ओमी,श्यामजी घनश्याम जी और उषा खन्ना ने रफी साहब की आवाज को बुलंद करने का जिम्मा उठाया और रफी साहब ने कम बजट की फिल्मों में बेहतरीन गीत गाकर अपनी आवाज का जलवा बिखेरा । जैसे ही रोटी फिल्म के बाद राजेश खन्ना का दौर समाप्त हुआ तो किशोर कुमार आवाज भी मंद होन लगी । रोटी फिल्म के बाद मनमोहन देसाई का किशोर कुमार से अनबन हो गई । मनमोहन देसाई ने अपनी आगामी फिल्मों में किशोर कुमार के स्थान पर उन्होंने रफी साहब को पुनस्थापित करने का बीड़ा उठाया और उन्होंने अपनी निर्माणाधीन फिल्मों में धर्मवीर,अमर अकबर एंथोनी तथा चाचा भतीजा में केवल रफी साहब से ही गीत गवाएं । यह तीनों फिल्में एक ही वर्ष में रिलीज हुई और तीनों सुपर-डुपर हिट रही और गोल्डन जुबली मनाई । इन तीनों फिल्मों में रफी साहब के गीत इतने अधिक लोकप्रिय हुए कि लोग किशोर कुमार को भूल गए । इसके बाद मनमोहन देसाई ने रफी साहब की मृत्यु तक सुहाग,नसीब और देश प्रेमी फिल्मों में गीत गवाएं । मनमोहन देसाई रफी साहब से इतने प्रभावित थे कि उन्होंने अमिताभ बच्चन के लिए रफी साहब की आवाज बुलंद की और जो बेहद हिट रही । इसके बाद तो जैसे अमिताभ बच्चन ने रफी साहब कि आवाज से मिलते हुए सिंगर मुहम्मद अजीज एवं शब्बीर कुमार की आवाज में गीत रिकॉर्ड करवाए । कुली,अजूबा,मर्द,खुदा गवाह उनकी बेहतरीन फिल्म थी । रफी साहब की आवाज कभी नहीं मर सकती । उनके गाए एक-एक गीत अमर है । जो युगों तक याद किए जाएंगे ।

    दिल का सूना साज तराना ढूढेगा
    तीर निगाहे नाज निशाना ढूढेगा
    मुझको मेरे बाद जमाना ढूढेगा

    अरुण गौतम
    9811447213 mobile
    31 July, 2008

  10. javed says:

    Rafi sahab we LOVE u

  11. Raajkumar Akela says:

    My dear friends !h
    Today is 31st July…an inauspicious day for all the music lovers.
    Today, in 1980, we lost our beloved singer Padmashree Mohammad
    Rafi Sahab. He was not less than an angel.
    Let us remember him on this day and pray for his divine soul !
    May God bless his soul eternal peace in the heaven !!!
    -Raajkumar Akela

    ज़मी से फलक तक सभी आँख नम है
    सभी के दिलों मे बसा एक गम है
    कहाँ खो गया वो सुरों का सिकंदर
    बिना जिसके संगीत का सूर एक कम है

    -राजकुमार “अकेला”

  12. Hussein Sheikh says:

    As said before, Rafi Saheb was the real hero for whom he sang. It’s just not possible to forget the legend. He gave 100% result to each and every song he sang for all music directors. He gave the exact feelings in all songs as music directors wanted. Those who didn’t work more with Rafi Saheb, I believe they were/are unfortunate and were down in their career. Who can forget the ever smiling face of Rafi Saheb? “IS DIL SE TERI YAAD BHULAYI NAHIN JAATI…”

  13. Ali says:

    Dear mohd Rafi fans,
    i want to thanks Mr Farrukh at who is doing great show on our Mohd Rafi from 26/07/2008 to 30/7\2008 at 11 uae time and 12 30 India time and 0n 31/07\2008 from10 pm UAE time.
    dears Mohd rafi fans I want you all to thanks him for his great hard work who is giving us in UAE great show…
    Thanks Mr farrukh

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