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A Tribute to the Great Legend: Mohammad Rafi

This article is written by Mr. Shashank Chickermane

Mohd Rafi

It was 31st July 1980, exactly 28 years ago, we have lost a great legend and most versatile playback singer of film industry where he sang innumerable songs in every language in the industry. He is indeed Mohammad Rafi. He passed away in the age of 56 in Mumbai.

He started his singing career in 1940 in a Punjabi film under a music composer baton Shyam sunder and got a opportunity to sing in hindi also. His voice was commandable and sang different types of songs like sad, romantic, happy, devotional as well as other type of songs. In his 40 years of career in the film industry, he was the singer who sang under every music directors whether he is young or old. His ever smiling charming face made everyone happy.

Music composer like Naushad gave him a good break in the film “Baiju Bawra” where he sang his turning point of his life, the song was “O Duniya ke Rakhwale” with a high pitch. Also he sang more songs under Shankar-Jaikishan, laxmikant-Pyarelal, as well as he sang more duets with Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosale and Suman Kalyanpur. As a playback singer, he was a humble and god fearing person who helped many people in his life. But when he was in a peak, he suddenly died with heart attack. His last film was “Aas Paas” where he sang with Lata Mangeshkar.

The Rafi foundation will pay a homage to this dedicated playback singer of our film music industry. May god keep his soul in peace.

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23 Blog Comments to “A Tribute to the Great Legend: Mohammad Rafi”

  1. FHAIZAN says:

    Rafi Saab is my favorite singer he was greatest one of the film industry, so much sacrifice to film industry, he was singing according to actor body language such as singer never become in the world….

  2. gurmeet singh mehra says:

    Rafi Saheb Is Great Singer………..

    We Always Do Rafi Night In 31 july……………….

    Yaad E Rafi………………..

    1 Shaam Mahaan Gayak Rafi Ji Ke Naam………….

    Woh Aaj Bhale Hi Hamaare Beech Nahi Hai…………… Lekin Unki Aawaj Aaj Bhi Hamare Beech Hai…………..

  3. Nouman says:

    Great man!! not only a singer but a real great man!! visit wikipedia for a detailed bio of rafi sahab

  4. 30 years have been passed but it seems that Rafi Saheb just gone today.
    His memories will never be diminished. His voice and songs are immortal.
    Even after 30 years of departure his fan list is increasing day by day. This is the proof of his great voice, humanity and kindness. In todays world we can’t find a singer or a man of his quality. The song ‘Tum Mujhe Yun Bhula Na Paavoge. Jab Kabhi Bhi Sunoge Geet Mere Sang Sang Tum Bhi Gungunaoge’ is not just a song but a fact that we can’t even imagine to forget this legendry Singer. Rafi Saheb Sangeet Ki Duniya Ke Bhagwan the aur Hamesha Rahenge. His true and die hard fan.

  5. eva2468 says:

    it does not feel like rafi saab has been gone for 28 years. he is still very much alive in his songs & his beautiful voice and he will continue to live forever in the hearts and souls of all his fans and everyone who appreciates the beautiful old songs.

  6. I have been sending small articles for Rafi Young Brigade. I am just 19 years. But I tasted the flavour of old melodies from my dad. He more or less remembers all the evergreen songs of his younger years sung by Late Legend Rafi Sahab( solos as well as duets). I learnt all of those songs(may be I can hum atleast 50% of them) from my dad. But one thing is for sure I cannot hum even say 0.001% like the legend. The songs are so extremely difficult to hum and the voice pitch is impossible to reach. But maximum number of songs of Rafi Sahab are at high pitch only. But the ease with which they have been sung is simply superb. They cannot be another Mohd.Rafi….. that is for sure. Such musical genius with velvet voice are born rarely. We will continue to miss him…….. miss him….. for ever.

  7. pvks raju says:

    Oh! Great Soul, we salute U. Where are U? In which world? When will you take reincarnation and be back on this globe again? The Indian music scene is incomplete without U. Do come back….. come back again…… we miss U as always we do……

  8. A S MURTY says:

    Rafi sahab continues to hold me in sway. just imagine, youngsters like sidduji who says he is just 18 years of age (born almost a decade after rafi sahab left us) being so much inspired by the golden voice of the modern era. i have seen even still younger lot of rafi-bhakts and am sure the coming generations will also be drawn to his voice just as we have all been. there can be no music without rafi sahab, for he was the voice of “god” as rightly said earlier by sidduji. many more have voiced the same feeling umpteen times on this site and elsewhere.

  9. sabnavees says:

    The smiling photo graph in this article there is a small anecdote.

    the interviewer asks rafi sahab , ‘ accha to rafi sahab ab aap ye batayiye ki aapki shaadi kaisey hui ? aapke maa baap ki pasandse ya aap ki khud ki pasand se.

    rafi sahab replies, yeh ajeeb sawaal kiya appne. kamaal. ye to na maa baap ki pasand thi , na meri pasand thi. he gives a small pause then tells , meri bibine mujhey khud pasand karliya.
    then he gives this smile which persisits for a few seconds but remains in our hearts for ever.

    great rafi sahab.

  10. Rafi sahab you will remain the best forever that there was.

    Khalid Rashid

  11. Siddu says:

    Mohammed Rafi -THE GOD OF SINGING!!!
    We love you Rafi Saaheb!! Even though I am 18 where people of my age listen to newer hip hop songs.. but I think your songs are THE BEST!! Better than kishore da, manna da and mukesh bhai!!!
    The winner of voice of India passed away recently.. please see him and talk to him.. he will be delighted.
    Again – YOU ARE THE BEST!!

  12. Rajiv Sharma,New Delhi says:

    Mohd. Rafi Saab aaj ke din ish duniya se chale gaye the par unki awaj aaj bhi har gali , chaurahe, ghar me zinda hai aur hamesha amar rahegi.
    I salute you, you are Great ,Sir. Nobody can take place of Rafi Saab.
    Maine Rafi saab ki ish sit me bahut kuch paya but i want to know about his family i.e. his wife, children etc. If you have any current update then pl let me know, i will be graetful to you.
    With Regards
    Rajiv Sharma

  13. santosh says:

    My most humble tributes to the greatest playback singer of India , Mohd Rafi saab.As usual on every 31st of July , I am saddened by death of Mohd rafi saab.And also the fact that how the best singer is ignored by all media .Today the first thing I did in the morning was search The Times of India ,Ahmedabad edition as to wether there is any article on Rafi saab , but as usual there is no mention, whereas I clearly remember of Kishore ‘s birthday there was an article showering praises on the second best singer .But no one remembers the best.

    Any way I feel satisfied by reading the comments and articles on this site which shows that there are still lot of Rafi bhakts like me who cherish his golden voice .Not a single day passes without hearing or humming his sons.


  14. sagar mahashur says:

    Rafi lef this world by gifing us life time gift of songs sung by him He was simply the best Here one thing all can note is Rafi mukesh and kishore all died in their fifties by heart attack Isnt that strange co incidence I feel proud being born in rafi era He letf this world when i was just 7 years old .I today prey to god that let rafi saabs soul rest in peace He will reamain in our heart for ever

  15. Sanjay Sengupta says:


  16. Raajkumar Akela says:

    My Dear Friends !
    Today is 31st July…an inauspicious day for all the music lovers.
    Today, in 1980, we lost our beloved singer Padmashree Mohammad
    Rafi Sahab. He was not less than an angel.
    Let us remember him on this day and pray for his divine soul !
    May God bless his soul eternal peace in the heaven !!!
    -Raajkumar Akela

    ज़मी से फलक तक सभी आँख नम है
    सभी के दिलों मे बसा एक गम है
    कहाँ खो गया वो सुरों का सिकंदर
    बिना जिसके संगीत का सूर एक कम है

    -राजकुमार “अकेला”

  17. narayan gautam says:

    I consider myself as one of the most ardent devotee (not a fan) of Mohd. Rafi and i do say it with utmost confidence and pure respect for him. I never compare him with any other singer, his is a soulful voice and an amazing style which gives me an eternal bliss. I listen to him at my hour of distress, in the hour of romance & in the hour of solitude & that’s all for me. He is RAFI-my inner voice. What more one want. I think the best quality of all the yester year singers were that they all loved MUSIC & they had come to sing with lot of SHIDDAT (dedication/passion) & barring few this is the only differenting factor from today’s singer-that’s all.May we be enriched by Rafi ji’s magic in coming years continuously…….narayan gautam, kolkata

  18. Imran Rustam says:

    It seems that Rafi Sb is alive but we can not see him physically. There is not any single day when I did not hear his sweet voice. I feel that my day is not completed if I do not listen him so how can we say that he is not alive, he is alive in every street, every home in the shape of his immortal voice………..

    Rafi Sb………….Zindabaad!!!

  19. shyamlendu says:

    aaj 31st july 1980 ko humne ek devtulya mahaan insaan kho diya tha.
    Rafi saheb ko sahi mayne main yahi shradhanjali hai ki hum us nek aur khus mizaz vyaktitva wale insaan ke samroop jine ki koshish karien.ishwar aise insaan bahut kam banata hai.unke gaaaye hue gaanon ko hum gungunayien yahi humari sachhi shradhanjali honi chahiye.
    unhone apni aawaj main jo gaane swar badh kiye wo aaj bhi samrniya hain. unki gayeki main jo baat thi wo dubara kisi main nahin aa saki.wo hum sab ke bich hamesha amar rahenge.

  20. shyamlendu says:

    aaj 31st july 1980 ko humne ek devtulya mahaan insaan kho diya tha.
    Rafi saheb ko sahi mayne main yahi shradhanjali hai ki hum us nek aur khus mizaz vyaktitva wale insaan ke samroop jine ki koshish karien.ishwar aise insaan bahut kam banata hai.unke gaaaye hue gaanon ko hum gungunayien yahi humari sachhi shradhanjali honi chahiye.
    unhone apni aawaj main jo gaane swar badh kiye wo aaj bhi samrniya hain. unki gayeki main jo baat thi wo dubara kisi main nahin aa saki.wo hum sab ke bich hamesha amar rahenge.

  21. javed says:

    Rafi sahab we LOVE u

  22. Anmol Singh says:

    Every year is passing by like a second. The world around us has changed with times, different lifestyle, etc. But the voice of this great legend continues to entertain us and all the fans it date and will continue for many many years to come.

  23. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Mohammed Rafi Saheb jaisa na koi huwa hai, aur naahi hoga. Unki jagah koi bhi nahin le sakta hai. Koi bhi nahin. Rafi Saheb ne jo gaane gaaye hain, woh hamesha amar rahenge. Log unhe kabhi nahin bhoolenge. Jab tak duniya hai, Rafi Saheb ki madhur awaaz goonjti rahegi. Jo mithaas unki awaaz mein hai, aaj tak kisi mein nahin mili aur naahi milegi. Allah ke bande the, Allah ko pyare ho gaye. Allah ko bhi unki zaroorat padi. Allah unhe jannat bakshe, Ameen.

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