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Happy Birthday Rafi Sahab!

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Aankh Mein Surat Teri When Jaan Nisar Akhtar had penned this song, probably it was written down keeping Rafi Sahab in mind. Every line in the song feels as if it is being addressed towards our dear Rafi Sahab. O.P.Nayyar’s music and Rafi Sahab’s vocals have created the magic that we to this day remember and hum this evergreen Johnny Walker picturized number from the comedy movie Choo Mantar.

Yeh Kaun Gaa Raha Hai?
Baiju, Baiju Bawra,
Dil Dhadak Utha Hai Iski Awaaz Se.

Our Baiju Bawra is none other than our Rafi Sahab. How true the above line stands, Dil Dhadak Utha Hai Iski Awaaz Se. His voice has all the possible personas and nuances; his style has the keenness, forcefullness and penetration in thought, expression or intellect. His voice breaks away from all the possible barriers, blocks or limitations of style, expression or the language.

Aankh Mein Surat Teri, Lab Pe Tera Afsana Hai,
Kya Tujhe Bhi Hai Pata, Yeh Dil Tera Deewana Hai,

Aji Dil Ki Duniya Loot Li, Ay Rafi Kya Kehena Tera,
Har Nazar Jaadu Bhari, Har Ik Ada Mastana Hai

Yeh Teri Taane Hai Yaa, Mausam Balkhayi Huyi,
Yeh Tumhari Saaz Hai Yaa, Saaz-e-Masihaayi

Dil Se Teri Aarzoo, Teri Lagan Jaathi Nahin,
Oh Rafi Teri Yaad Mein, Rota Aaj Tera Fan Hai.

Every Rafian would truly understand the lines that are so relevant and crucial.

Dear Rafi Sahab,

We always visualize you and your songs are forever in midst. Do you happen to know that this heart craves and yearns for your presence? You’ve conquered our hearts, Oh Rafi, you are sheer magic and your each and every style is ingenious. Every line that you sing is as pure as mother nature, your music is no less than a melody of God. Your love has captivated and enamored our hearts; it fails to evanesce. Oh Rafi, we shed a tear, remembering you, today.

Happy Birthday.

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18 Blog Comments to “Happy Birthday Rafi Sahab!”

  1. Mullings says:

    Thanks,for your help !

  2. rahul verma says:

    gungte hai tere nagmo se ameero ke mahel .
    gareebo ke jhopdo mai bhi teri awaaaz hai ,
    mere dost apne mosikhe par to sabko naaz hota hai par aaj
    mosikhe ko tujhpar naaz ………..
    love u rafi sahab

  3. rahul verma says:

    Mohd rafi sahab is god

  4. Rohit says:


    what else i can say , this is hard to express the feelings in words , but i m tryin to express my feelin in my film ” MOHD RAFI -THE VOICE OG GOD ”
    i hope u all like it …it will be online soon !!!

  5. Kishore Chetty says:

    This is the first time I have seen this site and was very happy to know the respect people still have for RAFI Sahab.

  6. Kishore Chetty says:

    My name is Kishore Chetty.I have been staging MOHD RAFI NITE in Sydney since 1995.This is the first time I have seen this site and tears came when I started reading about my musical lord RAFI SAHAB.I only sing Rafi songs and my DREAM is to make MOHD RAFI HALL in SYDNEY.His songs has given me so much respect.This year I will stage RAFI NITE again in Sydney.

  7. Prashant Kumar [Patna] says:

    Wish you a very happy return of the day – Rafi Sahab.
    I have always been impressed by your immortal voice. I hardly remember my Birthday & that of my rest family members but I always remember your Birthday. Every moment I surf the web & tune radio station to record anything that I can get about you. I always feel you around me & you know it well. Rafi Sahab will you take birth again ??????? We all your fan miss you very much after your departure. It was not the right time to depart from us. In 1980 I was just about 4 years old. Otherwise I would definitely come to meet you & will wait at your gate till you didn’t allow me to come inside. But unfortunately this remain a dream till my death. In next Life I will definitely request God to let me meet you. I believe you are there – near GOD. The GOD must be listening to you. But if possible please teel the God to take birth again. We all your fan waiting for you.

    with love & regards,


    Will you come soon.

  8. Mohan flora says:

    Happy Birthday Rafi Saab,
    You may have left this world 25 years ago but your immortal voice and adaa will remain here forever. Personally, if it wasn’t for you, I would have found life here in the US very lonely and monotonous. You have kept me company through your voice and adaaigi through the years. Best part is- I haven’t ever listened to any other singer while driving/working simply
    ‘cos no one has sung songs in every other genre like you have. It is true when you sing “Tum Mujhe Yoon Bhula Na Paoge” because even my kids have become your avid fans after listening to you.

  9. Manish Bajaj says:

    Kaash ek aisa bhi janam din aaya aapka ki hum saare rafians ek saath baithe aur aap hume hamari pasand ke geet sunaye..janamdin to aapka par hume sabse badi nemat aapki awaaz rubaroo sunne mil jaaye..aaj khudaa bade shaan se apne darbar mein aapka janam din mana raha hoga aur jannat ke har kooche mein is dharti ke tarah bas rafisahab ke tarane goonj rahe honge…Aapki umar to ginnne ki zaroorat hi nahi aap amar rahe rafi sahab phir ek baar janam din ki karta hain gaakar hi doon par…

  10. Sukhpal Singh says:

    Happy Birthday Rafi Sahib.
    I did not know that today is your birthday. But what a coincident? I have been searching for one of your songs “Es Dil Se Teri Yaad Bhulai Nahin Jaati” and that search brought me to this site. I have only a very poor recording on a cassete. I am sure one of these days I may get a better one.

    With Respect & Love

    Sukhpal Singh

  11. faisal says:

    Happy birthday to rafi saheb,

    tujhe kiya sunaao main dilruba mere samne tera haal hai

    should go and listen
    one of my favruit.

  12. faisal says:

    Happy birthday to rafi saheb,
    Rafi saheb. His songs his voice is just amzing any one who have not heard song called

    tujhe kiya sunaao main dilruba mere samne tera haal hai

    should go and listen
    one of my favruit.

  13. faisal says:

    Happy birthday to rafi saheb,
    Rafi saheb is still alive in our hearts and will be for ever. His songs his voice is just amzing any one who have not heard song called

    tujhe kiya sunaao main dilruba mere samne tera haal hai

    should go and listen
    one of my favruit.

  14. yusuf awan says:

    Happy Birthday Rafi sahab! You might not know but you are still loved by millions…………..and will always be

  15. Ali says:

    Mohd Rafi “Tumsa nahin dekha” and we will never see someone like you.
    The people who don’t know Mohd Rafi they are so lucky beacuse u don’t feelthat we lost Mohd rafi.

  16. sachin surve says:

    yun to hum ne lakh awazen suni hai par refi saab “tumsa nahin dekha.”

  17. manish says:

    Rafi sahab aap ne janam liya us maseeha se ek din pehle aur aap ki jo jagah hain is dil mein aur playback singing ke itithaas mein woh kisi bhagwan se kam nahi..Har geet jaise bhagwan ki awaaz seedhe dil tak atmaa tak jaati hain…many many happy returns of the day rafisahab..allah talaa aap ko shanti de aur hume isi tarah aapki awaz sunata rahe..

  18. k g misra says:

    mohamad rafi is fute in hands of sri krishna. the sound coming out from rafi is eternal sound. raw air taken by breath of rafi and pushed to different channels of vocal cord and finally the wave carrying the feeling, rythm and depth is sent to universe. i have listen to mohamad rafi and it gives me a feeling that sri krishna becomes visible and can be experienced. i only think and thank rafi sahib that i have listen to the eternal voice in my life. i wish my best wishes for family members of rafi sahib and greatest regards

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