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Unforgettable – that’s You, Rafi Saab

A poem by Sajdah

Even though your life here on Earth is over,
You are closer to us now…
than you ever were before !

It was always your philosophy,
That as you give unto the world,
the world will give to you !

Your life was certainly worthwhile,
Knowing that as you passed along the way…
You made each one of us Smile !

You do know how to sing my blues away,
Surely, we will meet in heaven some day ?

You’ve left your footprint on the sands of time,
A life well-spent, full of laughter, happiness and memories entwined !

And I am sure as I am writing this,
You are smiling away, from heaven at us !

They say that what we have once enjoyed,
We can NEVER lose…
All that we love deeply,
Becomes a part of us !

There never WAS nor ever WILL BE,
A person quite like you…
That’s how I think of you, Rafi Saab !!!



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