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Hai Tere Nagamon Mein Woh Nasha Rafi Sahab, Ke Duniya Bhar Ke Maykhane Veeran Ho Jaaye

By an intoxicated fan – A S MURTY – rafimurty {a.t}

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Rafi Sahab never touched alcohol? Did he not ever take any drinks ? Unbelievable, many would say. But most know that Rafi Sahab stayed clear of any kind of alcohol.  A god-fearing person that he was, Rafi Sahab was content with his singing and loved to be back with his family after his recordings and did not give any time to partying.  His only other outings would be for live programmes around the globe and at the altar of the borders of India, giving succor the embattled and fatigued Indian soldiers who gave their all for the country’s safety.

In Hindi films, we have seen scores of heroes, character artistes, comedians, even villains getting drunk to the brim and there are hundreds of very lovely songs picturized in such an event.  Many singers have had the opportunity to playback for such songs – Mukesh, Talat Mahmood, Kishore Kumar and Rafi Sahab, to speak of the only prominent ones.  But it is to the credit of Rafi Sahab perhaps that he took the bulk of such songs for various reasons.  Rafi Sahab was the voice of hundreds of heroes, comedians and other artistes in an era spanning well over two decades – from the late 1950s to the middle of 1970s.  But this was not the main or the sole reason for Rafi Sahab being bestowed with the maximum number of songs where the central theme is intoxication or wine.  It was the mystical and suroor-filled modulation, diction and presentation that were the hallmark of Rafi Sahab and who simply has no peers in this business.  If we say that Rafi Sahab enjoyed the unique place of being the numero uno in most genres of songs, it was purely due to his supremacy which remains unconquered till now.  It will not be out of place to state that we will never get to hear another voice which is complete in all respects.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Unfortunately for us, many of such songs where the lip-synching character has a bottle in his hand and is portraying what Rafi Sahab has already packaged into a lovely and fulsome rendition are not popular among the music lovers and many a times, most have not even heard of such songs.  In recent times when I got a whiff of some of these songs based on Nasha/Suroor, I was delighted beyond words.  This is a treasure hove of some of the fines songs by Rafi Sahab and a very particular genre which can be talked about for eternity.  Here are some songs that come off-hand and some of them include even the more famous ones.  My only request to all Rafi Bhakts is to go on adding to this list for our mutual benefit so that no one is bereft from hearing some of the gems of Hindi film music which have been so artistically crafted by Rafi Sahab.

  3. JITNI LIKHI THI MUQADDAR MEIN HUM UTNI PEE CHUKENai Roshni – [audio:NaiRoshni_JitniLikhiThiMukadar.mp3]
  6. SAQIA ITNI PILA DE KE BEHAK JAAOON MAINPooja Aur Payal – [audio:PoojaAurPayal_SaqiaItniPilade.mp3]
  8. SAQIA AISEE PILADE HUMKO DEEWANA BANADEMall Road – [audio:MallRoad_SaqiaAisiPilade.mp3]
  14. AAJI KI RAAT PEENE DE SAQIDO CHEHRE (Male duet with Manna De)

Rafi Sahab had also the distinction of understanding the poet’s mind, the picturization of the scene and the character on whom the song was being filmed and thus could present the perfect modulation.  His diction of Urdu and Hindi would place many a men of letters to shame.

For example, take the song number three above – Jitni Likhi Thi Muqaddar Mein (Nai Roshni).  The lyricist, nay the poet, is Sahir Ludhianvi.  AB HAMARI KHUSHK ANKHON MEIN KUCH DHOONDE KOI, ASHQ INME JITNE THE HUM PEE CHUKE HUM PEE CHUKE is penned with thousands of thoughts in the poet’s mind and easily and aptly crafted with the exact modulation by Rafi Sahab, adding that much more luster to the written words.

His in-depth knowledge of music also was reason enough for Rafi Sahab to surpass the expectations of the music directors.  I know that many of Rafi Sahab’s very knowledgeable fans would write their thoughts and most with much more authority at their command than I could have done and hence I am leaving the topic wide open for you all to fill in the list of such tasteful and endearing songs of Rafi Sahab which would give the kick that many tend to get when they visit a bar. Not necessary anymore, I would say.


The path is the most melodious and intoxicating Rafi-path. Experience it for untold bliss, today.

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58 Blog Comments to “Hai Tere Nagamon Mein Woh Nasha Rafi Sahab, Ke Duniya Bhar Ke Maykhane Veeran Ho Jaaye”

  1. Sharad Desai says:

    Lovely songs at this stage I have to add one song ” Mai kaun hu, mai kaha hu muze ye hosh nahi, this song is nicely picked up by Sunil Dutt.


    Sharad Desai
    Mobile : 9765402385

  2. A S MURTY says:

    Many thanks dear friends – Sreesha, Uttara, Nagesh, Vasudha, Bhagchandaniji, asifbhai, achalbhai and all others who have sent in their comments and lovely lists of songs. The song from Ram Aur Shyam _ Main hu saaqi tu hai sharabi sharabi (or in the part of Rafi Sahab – tu hai saaqi main hun sharabi sharabi) does not actually fit into the scheme of the article as it is not about the actual alcohol or does not describe a bottle or a bar. the words sharabi and saaqi have been used aplenty in many more songs in hindi films and as I wrote somewhere else, almost every third song of Rafi sahab will have some nasheela diction and modulation. But the article above was purely on the songs where the character on whom the song is picturized is almost always drunk. But great lists from many of you. In fact, more than the popular songs in this category, I find some of the rare songs like “SAQIA ITNI PILA DE KE MEHAK JAAON MAIN” or “AAJ IS DARJA PILA DO KE NA KUCHH YAAD RAHE” are far more infectious. But to each, a taste of our own.

  3. Dr Vasudha Theertharam says:

    Let me first congratulate you for highlighting the versatality of our hero in all possible ways.A very unique write up,of course very well written

    You gauge him from so many angles, take a full 360 degree turn and throughout the sojourn try to discover and excavate the various aspects of his singing. Then as you say’ Eureka’,another aspect of his singing comes to the fore and lo,behold! there you are wondering how your eureka is reverberating and seems like an eternity!
    ASM ,as a matter of fact he instills nasha in every listener.
    Chalke teri aankhon se sharaab aur zyaada-Need I say more?

  4. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Murtygaru,

    Sorry for the delayed entry.

    All songs listed by you and our friends, have immeasurable dose of nasha
    in them. Discovering the subtle emotions Rafi sab conveys through his songs, has thus become a passionate quest for lifetime and I am not alone very

    Touch of Glass, that he never did, is bewildering to say the least.

    Carry on providing interesting insights like these, while I immerse myself in
    the colossal hit ‘ hai duniya usiki zamana usika’……


  5. utthara says:

    Murtygaru, kya intoxicating article! You have very well said how Rafi saab, a teetotaller, brought in so much nasha into his singing. Who won’t be fida over his singing? Your article is short and sweet and very informative. Enjoyed reading it and was humming the songs you listed.

    Here are some more songs

    1. Aaj is darja pilado ___ a truly nasha number picturised on jaani Rajkumar

    2. Kabhi na kabhi __ just listen to him sing `baithe hain kab se is maikhane me’… the way he says `maikhane’ gives one nasha

    3. Sawan ke mahine mein

    4. Hum bekhudi mein tumko pukare ___ my fav fav

    5. Koi sagar dil ko behlatha nahin __ the way he says `sagar’ is super

    6. Maine pee sharab arey tum ne kya pia aadmi ka khoon __ this is a real dard bhara nasha song

    7. Guzre hain aaj ishq

    8. Din dhal jaye haye __ a beautiful song

    9. Peete peete kabhi kabhi yeh jaam __ the way he says `peete’ you think Rafi saab was fully drunk!

    10. Jo unki hai tamanna __ again a spirited number

    11. Mujhe duniya walon

    12. Maine peena seekh liya __ the way he sings you would think he was a guru in drinking

    13. Chalkaye jaam __ with Dharmendra in it it is a double dhamaka

    14. Choo lene de nazuk hoton ko

    15. yeh zulf agar khulke bikahr jaye to achcha __ the way he says achcha differently each time is out of this world

    16. Chalke teri ankhon se sharab aur zyada

    17. Peekar sharab khelunga

    18. Peelo aaj peelo

    19. Kabhi khud pe __ again my fav

    20. Huyi sham unka khayal aagaya __ one of his best songs.

    I have lsited only some. There are more.

  6. asif says:

    rafi sahab sang a song on cricket too from the movie LOVE MARRIAGE which starred Dev Sahab.(he ne khela she se aaj cricket match)
    txs Mr Murthy for the wonderful article on Rafi Sahab

  7. Mr D P Bijoor says:

    Murty Saab Adaab kya likha hai aapne. Sharab Bhare woh jhanjhanate geet aur Rafi Sahab ka saath kuch alag sa aur bahot purana sa hai mere bhai. Kehte hai ke aise madhosh naghme sirf rafi sahab ke hee gale se behetereen utarte hai, kyoonkee aur doosra koyee tha hee nahi iss industry mein rafi sahab ke pyara haath thamane ke liye.

  8. A S MURTY says:

    Many thanks Bina for your comment (36). Like I said somewhere in the comments or the article itself above, every third song of Rafi Sahab has the nasheela effect. But this article was all about those songs where the character on whom the song is picturized is drinking and is seen with a bottle in hand or is in pub (maykhana).

  9. Bina says:

    Murty Saab:

    A couple of songs that I remember are …Main hoon saqi tu hai sharabi sharabi…..maine rakha hai mohabbat apne afsaane ka naam…

    Waakayee, Rafi Saab ke aawaaz ka nasha woh nasha hai jo zindagi bhar nahi uthrega…

    Aap toh waise hi bahut khoob likhte hain, and you have executed the double nasha (Rafi Saab’s voice plus the topic itself) with a touch of class…

    Hic hic hurray for this write up Murty Saab..!!


  10. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Dear rafians
    adaab rafi.2nd april 2011 is a memorable day for us.
    first one india won the world cup in cricket.secondly
    rafi saab’s vote crossed 1,00,000. let us celebrate.
    jai hind.jai rafi saab.

  11. A S MURTY says:

    Irfanbhai, many thanks for posting the song from Sharabi. A lovely song indeed and soon we will come up with a write up good enough for this song – Mujhe Le Chalo Aaj phir us galee mein.

  12. Mirza Irfan Baig says:

    One beautiful sharabi (drunkard) song that seems to have remained under the radar is ‘mujhe le chalo aaj phir us galee mein’ from the movie Sharabi. This Rajender Krishan- Madan Mohan beauty is superbly rendered by Rafi Saheb. I invite all the Rafi lovers to hear this on the You-Tube.

  13. Mirza Irfan Baig says:

    Isn’t it ironic that a non-drinker like Rafi saheb could outdo heavy drinkers like Saigal and Mukesh in the genre of drunkard songs? Before anyone throws a tantrum about bringing these two singers into the discussion, let me clarify that the point of this statement is to emphasize that Rafi saheb portrayed these emotions from the outside and hence his achievement is all the more impressive. Mukesh is tied for second for my most-favorite male-playback singers with Manna Da.

    Incidently, Mukesh has also sung some drunkard songs beautifully, example Jagte Raho song – Zindagi Khwaab Hai.

  14. Mahesh daya says:

    Dear murthy,

    Congrats for writing nashila article .
    Infact hume to rafisaab ki awaz mein nasha
    Milta hai subd me kya rakha hai.

  15. A S MURTY says:

    Rameshbhai, aap khafa na ho. Maine sirf yehi kehni ki koshish ki thee ki yahan par baat Rafi Sahab ke un geeto aur nagmon ki ho rahi thee jisme sharab ya phir saaqi ka zikr ho aur cricket ka nasha thoda sa alag laga mujhe. Aap apni baat khule dil se kahiye, kisi ko bhi usme koi dikkat nahi hogi.

  16. aameen yaa tathaasthu kehnesey bhee kaam chal jaathaa thaa lekin akhir kaar mai ullu saabith huaa – lo mai apnee alfaas vaapis ley lethaa hoon – hope none is angered, hurt or slighted.

    that settles the matter –

    adaab rafi,

    ramesh narain kurpad
    rafi sahab tussi great ho

  17. A S MURTY says:

    nrp, bhagchandaniji, sarahji, binuji, man moujiji, gyan prakash agarwalji, madan gopalji, guru ( h v gurumurthy ), ahmed kuttybhai – many thanks to each of you for your wonderful comments and additions. Sarahji, indeed the song from “vaasna” is a lovely song. When Rafi Sahab sings “bekhudi itni badha do ke na kuch yaad rahe” one is sent in a tizzy even without a drink.

    rameshbhai, cricket and Rafi sahab ? Let us not bring in Rafi Sahab here as one cannot predict the ways of this game where skills, that were the hallmarks of great personalities like rafi sahab, do not make any impact.

  18. Ahamed Kutty says:

    Dear murthyji,
    excellent topic.we can see how rafi saab improvise
    the song “mujhe dhuniyawaalo sharaabhi na samjho”
    in the live programme in the royal albert hall,london.
    the extra sounds he is making just like a drunken

  19. murtygaru,

    rafi sahab has blessed india to win the icc cricket world cup 2011 in an exciting finaalee…………….

    adaab rafi.


  20. ASM,

    Nice article. Who else but our Rafi Saab could have pronounced words like Sharab, Nasha, Zaam, Maikhana, etc. the way he pronounced with feeling and real ‘NASHA’. Most of the songs have been listed, I would like to add the following.

    1. Aaj Is Darja Pilado – Vaasna.
    2. Chad Gayi Chad Gayi – Do Jasoos.
    3. Peelo Aaj Peelo – Patanga.
    4. Khud To Badnaam Huye – Chanda Aur Bijli.

  21. madan gopal says:

    3 Maine Pi sharab, tumne kya piya,tumne kya piya aadmi ka khoon?
    4 SONG FROM DOOJ KA CHAND- mere saaqi khali jaam
    6 Tere nain nashe ke pyaale, inhen piyenge nasibonwale

  22. Gyan prakash Agarwal says:

    Another very soulful and intoxicating rendering by Rafi Sahib for Dharmendra remembering his beloved one in solitude in the evening and my favorite – “Hui shyaam unka khayaal aa gaya, wahin jindagi kaa sawaal aa gaya” superbly composed by no other but O P Naiyar Sahib composing another masterpiece with Rafi Sahib for Shammi Kapoor – ” Hei Duniya usi kee, Jamaana usi kaa, Mohabbat mei Jo Ho Gaya Ho KIsee kaa”. Both songs are more intoxicating than restoring to any drink and a perfect choice for teetotaler like me…
    In fact you have all the varieties and tastes for getting intoxicated with so many songs as listed above as well as not listed above…

    Saudi Arabia

  23. Man Mouji says:

    Murty Ji

    I add here the twenty best remembered sharabi songs rendered by Rafi Sahab, consider them as milestone singing for this genre.

    1. Sawan Ke Mahine Main From SHARABI
    2. Hum Bekhudi Me Tumko From KALA PAANI
    3. Din Dhal Jaaye From Guide
    4. Muzhe Duniyawalon From LEADER
    5. Peete Peete With Asha From BAIRAAG
    6. Maine Peena Seekha Liya From GOONJ UTHI SHAHANAYEE,
    7. Peekar Sharab Khelunga From GANWAAR
    8. Chalke Teri Aankhon Se From Aarzoo
    9. Chalka Yeh Jaam From MERE HUMDUM MERE DOST
    10. Peelo Aaj Peelo From PATANGA
    11. Sone Deti Hai NaFrom NAINA.
    12. Main Sharabi Nahin With Asha From KHILONA
    13. Jo Unki Tamanna Hai From INTAQAM
    14. Maine Pee Sharab From NAYA RAASTA
    15. Yeh Kooche Yeh Neelam And Gham Is Qadar Bade From PYAASA
    16. Yeh Zulf Agar Khulke From KAAJAL
    17. Choolenedo Nazuk Hoton Ko From KAAjAL
    18. Aaj Is Darja Pilado From VAASNA
    19. Mehfilse Utth Jaanewalo From DOOJ KA CHAND.
    20. Yeh Zindagi Hai From AABROO.

    Nice article, thanks.

    – Man Mouji

  24. Binu Nair says:

    Rafi Saab Lover’s : Rafi saaheb was the keenest observer of men and matter. Hence he could put on any expressions needed for a song. Its said that in his team there were some who liked the true spirit’s. the farishta would see his team members in action. but, once said rafi saaheb to friend ahmed bhai in calicut while taking a post dinner night stroll : “I cant stand the smell of these spirits and i am wondering how these people enjoy this.”

    if, the farishta relished anything – it was singing in any mood, good food and the spirit of giving away anything he could.

    once again nice selections worthy of including in our next mohd rafi musical concert in may end … at mumbai.

  25. Sarah Modi says:

    Dear Murty Sir,

    Your article is wonderful! For me the most quintessential Rafi song on the topic of intoxication is “Aaj Is Darja Pila Do ke na kuch yaad rahe, bekhudi itni badha do ke na kuch yaad rahe” from movie Vaasna.

    I could write a whole article on how beautiful Rafi saab’s slurred diction is in this song. Ironically, when you listen to the amazing lyrics by Sahir Ludhianvi, you feel that it is possible for the state of intoxication to merge with the state of enlightment. The entire ghazal is written with a mind that is more drunk with satire than with alchohol. The Sharabi in this song is in more “hosh-o-hawaas” than you and me and that is where Rafi-Sahir’s magic lies. Rafi saab’s voice modulations in this song are par excellence..

    “ishq bechain khayaalon ke siwa kuch bhi nahin;
    husn berooh ujaalon ke siwa kuch bhi nahin
    zindagi chand sawaalon ke siwa kuch bhi nahin
    har sawaal aise mita do ke na kuch yaad rahe
    aaj is darja pila do ke na kuch yaad rahe……”

    Sarah Modi

  26. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Great write-up Murty ji.

    Even within the genre of ‘sharabi songs’ Rafi saab has created different moods depending upon the situation, the hero (for whom he is singing) and the music director. ‘Koi sagar dil ko behalata nahin…….’ (Dil Diya Dard Liya), Kabhi na kabhi, kahin na kahin… (Sharabi), Mujhe le chalo… (Sharabi), ‘Din dhal jaye hai…’ (Guide) depict the pathos of a failed lover. On the other hand songs like ‘Chhalkaye jam….’ (Mere Humdam Mere dost), ‘Sawan ke mahine mein….’ (Sharabi) are happy songs within the sharabi songs genre, depicting the celebration, festive aspects. Then there is another song: ‘Maine pee sharab tumne kya piya…’ (Naya Rasta) depict the helplessness of a person taking refuge in drinking being at the receiving end from the heartless and hypocrite society. ‘Mujhe duniya walo sharabi na samjho…. (Leader) is another great rendition of Rafi saab where the hero insists that even under the influence of liquor he is fully aware of society’s ills and is too willing to expose them.

    Each and every song has been masterfully sung by Rafi saab as only he can.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  27. A S MURTY says:

    adabrafi rameshbhai, sanjeevbhai, walijah sahab, jae-bee, binuji, imranbhai, khaja aliuddin sahab, achalbhai, anuragji, rajeshji, raviji, jagmohan singhji, ali bhai, narayananji.

    I know that I should have gone on with much more wider script on this topic, but my little or lack of knowledge on this topic prevented me from venturing on a path which has already been trodden by the very enlightened friends like each of you. some of you have already added some other great songs in this genre. My intention was not to list out songs of Rafi Sahab where the words like “nasha, saqi, suroor, jaam” etc. are used rather loosely. For, rafi sahab could bring in the nasha content in almost every third song. For instance, the song from Ram aur Shyam “main hun saaqi tu hai sharabi sharabi” does have all these words, but the mood of the song is only a romantic one and does not picturize a character with a bottle in hand or in a pub or bar where drinks are served. By writing that “zamane bhar ke maykhane veeran ho jaayen”, I would humbly submit that all the nasha that I would ever desire, is already over me when I listen to songs like “saqia itni pila de ke mehak jaaoon main” or a “ye mehfil ye botal ye rangeen paani”. I too discovered some of the songs of this genre listed by friends above, after I had already posted this article. But, foremost, a big thanks to each one of you for your lovely and understanding comments. The duet from Khilona ‘ Utth Gayi Mehfil Bujh Gayi Shamma” is a lovely composition and demands from us ” aaaaur laa, aaaaaur laa” as Rafi Sahab would have us plead for more of his songs. It was also my intention to highlight that Rafi Sahab could present the “exact mood” of the song as the lyricist/md/director would have preferred – always.

  28. N R Padmanabhan says:

    Dear murty,

    As good an article on rafi saahab as any that we have come to know him through his masterly renderings and through the literary efforts of authors like you, who constantly seek to re-discover newer and/ or lesser known facets of the genius’ singing.

    I have always felt that abstract emotions like nasha, khushi, gham etc are best expressed not by actually going through the process but by understanding the causes that lead to such extreme emotions. This is an analytical process, which can be undertaken only by a non-opinionated soul, open to seek the truth, without being involved into it. It is only a dispassionate analysis which will bring you closer to the truth. To know that fire is hot, you need not burn your own fingers. The agony of the sufferer may give you a better picture of the tragedy that a fire can cause.

    Rafi saahab was cast in that mold. As you yourself have said in the article, his materialistic needs were too few. But, till very last, he remained a true student of human emotions, observing, analyzing, assimilating and researching these causes and their resultant effects. That is why, we find the extremes of all such sentiments in his voice whenever he sings songs which have human emotional angle as the principle theme.

    Thanks for giving a newer insight into this often forgotten attribute of the great maestro.

    Padmanabhan NR
    Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter

  29. Jagmohan Singh says:

    Excellent presentation of Rafi sahab’s blue mood songs.There is no doubt that Rafi sahab never touched wine as he was a tea totlar,but he gave such a twist to the songs of NASHA that no one can judge that he sang the songs like an intoxicated man.One more thing Rafi fans might not knowing that he got no proper education and in spite of that his command and expression of words is so impressive that is unmatchable.The depth of words and put of emotoins in the songs is the speciality of Rafi sahab’s heavenly voice.This is all with the grace of ALL MIGHTY GOD.there is no singer on the earth parellel to the Great Legend of India Rafi Sahab.

  30. Ravi says:

    Dear Murthy ji,

    Beautiful article and other members added wonderful gems to that endless list rendered(acted) by the greatest singer of our times.
    I do not think there is any emotion or act which is not captured by rafi sahab he is complete singer,which does not require any debate.


  32. Ali says:

    The man never touched alcohol so how it comes that when he sang it looked that is drunk!!?
    Yes that is the magic of his voice, even some people said about mohd rafi that is God singing, pick any song from any mood we will get the magic in his voice that was god gift which is more than any award in the world, we hope that mohd rafi should get Bharat ratna but mohd rafi is real Bharat ratna and got a award no one else got in list of 82 people from India in list music world all toghters there votes less than mohd rafi got alone..he is number one singer still also lata ji is great name in music but we forgot her but mohd rafi is still thet in our heart..

  33. Rashid Diwan says:

    One song which I think has been missed out is Maine peena seekh liya papa Kahoolawe ya punya kaho Maine peen seekh liya. I can’t recall the name of film.

  34. very nicely written article..actually the beauty of such songs lie in the pronunciation and depth of the words. see how rafi renders the words like ‘Sharab’, ‘sharabi’ ‘peena’ madhosh’ bekhudi’ ‘nasha’,saki’ ‘.. the song “chalkaye jaam..” from “mere humdum mere dost “and “mujhe duniya walon..” from ‘leader’ amply reflect his style and depth. other songs like “jo unki tamanna hai barbad ho ja..” from sanjay-sadhana starrer “intequam” , “unke khayal aaye to aate chale gaye” from “lal pathar” and “aap ke pehloo mein aa kar ro diye” from sunil dutt- sadhana starrer “mera saya” depict the mental agony and depression that the character is passing any one singer who can come close to it..!! thats rafi..the bharat ratna..

  35. anurag says:

    Not only Nasha, it is Romance, deep love, flattery, comedy and many other moods which rafi sahab expressed by his songs. He crossed the language barriers. it is this quality which separates him and place higher than other good singers. The expressions combined with velvet voice and classical training became a voice not to be equalled by anyone.( except of course Lata Mangeshkar 19 Rafi 21)

  36. dear moderator

    i sent two posts together. one addressed to Murtygaru for writing such a wonderful article, and mentioning one of my fav “drunken” songs of Rafi Saab. that post doesnt seem to have been published here. i hope i havent written anything offensive in that !!!

    i only wrote exactly what narayan ji wrote- about saawan ke mahine mein….


    achal rangaswamy

  37. A. L. sreesha says:

    Dear Murthy,
    I had expected to see the song from Khilona to top your list because I have seen how intoxicated you get.

    I was wondering weather Main hu saaki too hai sharaabi sharaabi can be added to the list of nashila songs from Raam aur Shyaam

  38. Narayan says:

    Fabulous well analysed article of Rafi Sahab with Nasheelapan.. No singer in HFM can match and intoxicate us with pure melody like our Farista..
    One more song from the film Sharabi of Devanad with Madan Mohan’s music has Rafi song ” Savan ke mahine mein…. Oh what a beauty of mellofious n sweet singing….

  39. gopaal says:

    jitnee likhee thee muqaddar me–beautiful sad song of nayi roshni is penned by rajinder krishan & not by sahir as erroneously reported by the author in his article.such a vital fact shud hav been prechecked.

  40. gopaal says:

    this sad beautiful song is penned by rajendra krishna & not by sahir ludhianavi.

  41. i have a request for our moderator friend.

    there are some beautiful songs playing in the background when we access this site of ours. how does one get to download these songs. i do not have some of them in my collection, hence this request.

    thanks in anticipation of guidance


    achal rangaswamy

  42. Murtygaru, this was as intoxicating an article as the voice of Rafi Saab, who sang so beautifully that we remained in a permanent state of intoxication long after the song was over.

    thank you sir, for this very interesting and nicely- woven write up.

    one of my favourite songs is from the film Sharaabi- Saawan ke mahine mein, ik aag si seeney mein, lagtee hai to pee leta hoon, do chaar ghadi jee leta hoon.

    thanks again, murtygaru


    achal rangaswamy

  43. Binu Nair says:

    Maikhane veeran ho gaye?? Kabhi Nahi. 72% tax lagne ke baad bhi maikhane housefull jaa rahe hai. the maharashtra govt will earn extra 4000 crores of rupees this year due to fresh increases in taxes.

    agar veeran huwe to woh hai ‘sirf’ madhur sangeet. is liye ke rafi saaheb hamare beech me se ‘kuch’ jaldi chale gaye.

    nice selections….

  44. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Janab AS Murty Sahab,
    Bahut khoob. Congratulations for a nice write-up.
    I will add few more songs to you list.
    1) Mai nashe me hun doston ne jabse choda mai maze me hoon- Do Gunde
    2) Sagar nahi to kiya hai, teri aankh ka nasha to hai – natak
    3) The song of Dilip Sahab from Gopi.
    Janab Walijah Sahab, Bahut khoob. Gustaqhi maaf. The song from “Munimji” is written by Hasrath.
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  45. Jae-Bee says:

    great article. is there any area where our rafi sahab hasn’t aced?
    “Na-Mumkin” anyways five more songs comes to mind at this time.
    1) zindagi guzarne ko saathi ek chahiye- from ek mahal ho sapnoka
    2) peekar sharab kheloga main to – from ganwaar
    3) hai duniya usiki zamana usika – kashmir ki kali
    4) din dhal jaye haye – guide
    4) jungle mein mor naacha kisi ne na dekha – madhumati
    can’t wait to come up and/or read more songs in this category from the master. All I can say is “Peekar mera nasha to utar jayega, magar rafi sahab ko kabhi bhool nahi payega”

  46. Imran says:

    One actor who is constantly ignored for singing many Rafi songs on-screen is Shashi Kapoor. “Likhe jo khat tujhe” from Kanyadaan and “Paredisyo se na akhiya milana” from Jab Jab Phool Khile are just two that come to mind…

    In mentioning the many actors Rafiji performed for we often ignore the very underrated Shashi Kapoor who also greatly contributed towards the career of Amitabh Bachchan.

    It’s about time people began to appreciate the person he is and the handsome actor he was too at the hight of hs career.

  47. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Dear A.S.Murty Saab,

    Thank you for posting this very nice and beautiful article on sharabi songs of Rafi Sahab. As the famous bollywood poet Anjaaan said:

    Nasha Sharaab Mein Hota To Naachti Botal
    Maikade Jhoomte Paimaanon Mein Hoti Hulchul

    Kissi Pe Husn Ka Guroor Jawaani Ka Nasha
    Kissi Ke Dil Pe Mohabbat Ki Rawaani Ka Nasha
    Kissi Ko Dekhke Saanso Se Ubharta Hai Nasha
    Bina Piye Bhi Kahin Hadh Se Guzarta Hai Nasha
    Nashe Mein Kaun Nahin Hai Mujhe Bataao Zara
    Kisse Hai Hosh Mere Saamne To Laao Zara
    Nasha Hai Sab Pe Magar Rang Nashe Ka Hai Juda
    Khili Khili Hui Subah Pe Hai Shabnam Ka Nasha
    Hawa Pe Khushbu Ka Baadal Pe Hai Rimjhim Ka Nasha
    Kahin Suroor Hai Khushiyon Ka Kahin Gham Ka Nasha
    Nasha Sharaab Mein Hota To Naachti Botal
    Maikade Jhoomte Paimaanon Mein Hoti Hulchul
    Nasha Sharaab Mein Hota To Naachti Botal
    Nashe Mein Kaun Nahin Hai Mujhe Bataao Zara

    Nasha to kai kisam ka hota hai, bas hum ko Rafi Sahab ke geeton ka nasha hai.

    I add this song from Munim Ji (1972) – Nasha Sharaab Mein Hota – Mohd.Rafi

    Thank you for sharing this nice article.

    Best wishes

    H.A.K. Walijah


  48. mohamedparvez says:

    dear a .s .murty sir thanx for sharing exellent write up, with us, i would like to add ,2 songs from film:kaajal,lyrics by sahir saab,music by ravi ji, chhoo lene do nazuk,and yeh zulf agar , list is endless,take care

  49. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Respected Murty sir,
    Veri nice article & well written & composed. By the heading of article i understood that this will be by you & my guess became true when i opened the artile.
    Song “jitni likhi thi muqaddar me ham utni pee chuke ….” of nai roshni is one of my most favorite song. two more song i wants to mention here ” chaalkaye jaam aaiye aap ki aankho ke naam..” & “chhalke teri aankhon se sharaab aur jyadaa….”

    sir, aapka ye article padh kar to ham sab ko nasha ho gaya. Main to yahi kahoonga ki, “aise to na aap likho ki hamko nasha ho jaaye….”

    sir, congrats!!! to you for lovely writeup with universal theme sir….

    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

  50. yah – kyaa kiyaa murtygaru – i expected a long intoxicated and hihgly intelligent article from you – but – nashaa chaddh ney key pehley hee – you have abruptly ended the small, sweet but highly intelligent charged up article.

    it has the rare touch of murtygaru – all over it and only you could write in this fashion.

    please quickly sit down and publish forthwith “rafisahab and nashaa – part two – by murty garu ”

    i am eagerly awaiting the next one soonest. dekhiye maayoos mathh kiejiyegaa – hum aapkey puraaney aur khaas fan hain.

    baabu – baagaaney raaseyvu – ramesh.

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