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Temple of Rafi Sahab

By Sanjeev Kumar Dixit

Temple of Rafi Sahab

Temple of Rafi Sahab

I am sending few pictures of the TEMPLE of our honorable MOHD. RAFI SAHAB in my room. Statue of RAFI SAHAB was established on 6/2/11 (Ravivar means RAFI-VAR) with sweets & fruits.

In the 2nd floor of temple, Holi soils from the birthplace, Amritsar of Rafi Sahab & from his grave are kept to right hand side & left hand side respectively of the statue.

In the ground floor of the temple there are the pictures of my respected FATHER & MOTHER with pictures respected RAFI SAHAB.

Ground floor of the Temple

Ground floor of the Temple

(Shradhanjali) Pic. of RAFI Sahab in Temple (1st floor)

(Shradhanjali) Pic. of RAFI Sahab in Temple (1st floor)

Statue of RAFI SAHAB in Temple (2nd floor)

Statue of RAFI SAHAB in Temple (2nd floor)

In the first floor of the temple there are few lines said by Naushad sahab for our farishta under SHRADDHANJALI title –
Tujhe nagmon ki jaan ahl-e-nazar yoon hi nahi kahte, Tere geeton ko dil ka hamsafar yoon hi nahi kahte..
Dukhi the laakh fir bhi MUT-MAIEEN the dard ke maare,teri aawaz ki shabnam se dhul jaate the gam saare…
teri taano me HUSN-E-ZINDAGI leta tha angdaai,tujhe allah ne bakhsha tha ANDAZ-E-MASEEHAI..
tu hi pyar ka ek saaz nafrat ki is dunia me, are ganeemat thi teri aawaz nafrat ki is dunia me

Top of the Temple

Top of the Temple

This was my 20 years old wish which completed partly.Now my wish is to build a temple of RAFI SAHAB from out side of my home in which there will be a STATUE OF RAFI SAHAB in centre and in four corners of that there will be the SYMBOL/SIGN OR STATUE OF OUR FOUR MAIN RELIGIONS.This unique temple will give the message of unity & national integration to the world.

Temple of RAFI SAHAB in my room

Temple of RAFI SAHAB in my room

I also wants that there should be a temple in house of every RAFI SAHAB’S BHAKT.

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42 Blog Comments to “Temple of Rafi Sahab”

  1. Fazal says:

    Dear All,

    Rafi Sahab is a God of Voice, his right place is Temple because he came from Bhagwan. He have no religion and not to compare.

  2. Shripad Kulkarni says:

    Aap ko bada pranam…it was learnt that Rafi sahab is your GOD..but i did see it on this site.I feel very very nice that,like me.there are the gr8 fans of Rafi sahab.He is also my GOD…you have put him in house.i have put him in my heart.i can not live without listening nto his songs.I have a gr8 collection of his & other singers songs too.

    But Rafi sahab ki baat hi kuchh aur hain…no body can be compared with him.

    He is the greatest singer India has ever produced..hats off to him

    S R Kulkarni,Pune

  3. Jaladhi baxi says:

    i really apreciate your hard work and really respect you and even rafi sahab would have liked it if he was alive.inshiah allah his songs will live for centuries and centuries long live rafi sahab.

  4. josh says:

    im a die hard fan of rafi from israel if i had the wealth to build a taj mahal for mohd rafi i would you are a true devotee dear sanjeev may you fulfill your wish

  5. Sharad Desai says:

    Really, RAFISAAB —> The only name after GOD!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks to Sanjeev.

    Sharad Desai,

    Mobile 9765402385

  6. Dear Sanjeev Saheb,

    I salute to your affection and dedication towards great rafi saheb. we millions of rafi fans say very thank you for the great job you did. it is a lovely temple.
    I have no words to express my feelings. Rafi saheb amar rahen. Thank you.
    Birendra Singh

  7. anit dey says:

    Dear Sanjeev Ji,

    Your love, affection and dedication shows you are a real Devotee of great Mohd. Rafi. you are so amazing. keep it up. May God bless you.
    with best wishes,

  8. Khurram says:

    Ihope Raju Bharatan (asst. editor of Illustrated weekly and author of Down the melody lane) will see Rafi Temple as he does’nt have any good words for Rafi sahab’s talent.

  9. Imran says:

    Respect to you sir for being such a devoted fan of Mahroom mohtharam Muhammad Rafi!

    Personally speaking i’ve always been a greater fan of the late Kishore Kumar sahib, each to their own!

  10. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Aadaab Rafi to all,
    Many thanks to all of you for sharing your precious views on my idea of temple od rafi sahab, Specially respected Sri ahamed kutty sahab for sharing a very rare information with us & also to mr. binu nair sir too. I will grateful to you sri ahamed kutty sahab.

    Mr. DP Bijoor sahab: Ref. post 32,
    Sir, We all rafi sahab’s devotee are equal, rafi sahab ke darbaar me koi chhota ya bada nahi hai. rafi sahab ke liye unke sabhi bhakt ek samaan hain.

    According to the song of rafi sahab-

    “is dharti par basne wale sab hain teri god ke paale,koi neech na koi mahan..”

    “jaaton naslo ke bantware jhoot kahayen tere dware,tere liye sab ek saman..”

    Bijoor sir, You are always welcome here in the temple of rafi sahab, pls. come, it will be my pleasure.
    Anain lot of thanks to all…
    “jai rafi sahab, jai bharat”

    -Sanjeev kumar dixit

  11. Mr D P Bijoor says:

    Sanjeevbhai adaabrafi,
    Kya kehne mere dildaar aap tho rafi sahab ke diwanomese sabse oonche makam pe ho, ye atoot pyaar aur respect tho sanjeevbhai kabeele taarif hai hamara pyaar bhara salaam aap kabool karlo. rafi sahab ne kitna sach kaha tha insaaf ka mandir hai ye bhagwan ka ghar hai.
    sanjeevbhai agar waqt mile tho main aapko zaroor milne aaonga aapke iss pyar bhare mandir mein jahan rafi sahab jaisee mahan aatma basti hai.

  12. Ahamed Kutty says:

    there was a musical competetion of street singers
    in a malayalam tv channel.a street singer from
    calicut was telling by singing rafi saab’s “aane se
    useke aaye bahaar” if he sings rafi saab’s songs,
    he used to get enough money from the people.

    the rafian from alleppy of kerala soofy has constructed
    a concrete bus shelter in the name of rafi saab.he used
    to conduct rafi nights on every 31st july by his hard
    earned money since he is a porter and borrowing
    from others.once during a rafi night son of rafi saab
    shahidji called him over phone and congradulate
    soofy for his love and affection for rafi saab and soofy
    put the phone near the microphone in order to hear the
    comments of shahidji’s voice to the audience.once
    soofy had been interviewed by bbc and they offered
    remuneration for the interview but he refused to take it
    since it is for rafi saab.
    another rafi fan from kerala geethalaym krishnan was
    telling on the evening of 31st july 1980 the hardest day
    for rafians he and his friends gathered in a library and
    started singing rafi saab’s hearing this a street
    singer entered the room and he also started singing and the night all they slept there only.when they
    wake up the street singer was not shows the
    the love and affection rafi saab is getting not only from
    ordinary people but from street singers who might be
    thinking rafi saab is the cause of their livelyhood.if we
    search all over the world can anybody is there to replace
    rafi saab for all of his qualities – man or woman?
    once the comedian actor of malayalam cinema jagathi
    told heros are getting fans by paying good amount
    but we have one singer mohamed rafi who is getting
    fans without payig anything and these heros should
    learn lesson from mohamed rafi.
    it is sure without rafi saab the music world is nothing.

  13. Binu Nair says:

    For Rafi Saab Lovers :

    I asked a close friend of rafi saaheb one day in mumbai : tell me. what was mohd rafi. was he an ordinary man like all of us…

    the friend gave me the answer ‘as’ expected.

    said he : rafi was no ordinary person. he had some divinity in him unlike many of normal beings like us.

    wishing you many success for the sweet work for music melody and mohd rafi

  14. Jesnu Abdul Vahid says:

    Dear Sanjeevji

    I don’t have words to explain of what you have done. undoubtedly You are a real Devotee of The Great Singer. I think this will be the highest Homage that can be given by a Devotee to a ” God ”. Yes , Indeed the Great Singer deserves it.

  15. Jesnu Abdul Vahid says:

    Dear Sanjeevji,

  16. jayesh says:

    great work. well done sanjeevji. rafi saheb is like a farishta for millions of music lovers in the entire world. besides being a top class singer, he was a great human being – like a farishta – & that is why millions of people love him & worship him.

  17. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Binu sir:Ref. Post 24:

    Sure sir… Humility,love & music wil worship in this temple and religion , cast, region, colour, rich or poor will never be a barrier here.

    “Har dhadkan hai aarti vandan… aankh jo meechi ho gaye darshan..
    saanso ka har taar pukare ye “prem nagar” hai…..”

    Thanks again to all for sharing their precious views with us.

  18. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Shabbir ji: Ref. Post 21
    I am fine sir.Sab Rafi sahab ka hi aashirwad hai.Bilkul thik farmaya hai aap ne ” rafi sahab ne apna sab kuchh sangeet ki devi par nyochhavar kar diya tha aur shayad tabhi unhone badle me paya tha suro ka ek samandar aur insaniyat se bhara ek paak dil”, aur wo ham sab ko bhi yahi sikha gaye hain-

    “kuchh nek kaam kar ja dunia me naam kar ja, marne ke baad ka bhi kuchh intejaam kar ja”

    Aur hab bhi bhi unke dikhaye gaye isi raaste par chalne ki poori koshish karenge.
    “Jai rafi sahab”

  19. Binu Nair says:

    There are only two Religions in the World. Humanity is the first …. which rafi saaheb underlined in many ways.
    Second is music where everyone get involved without any man built walls coming ones way…. Both personifies the dignity of men and women.
    Hope the temple will be a place of worship of humanity and music.

    your thoughts are great. wishing you more success.

    Ishwar allah tero naam, sabko sanmathi de bhagwaan…

    from the rafi foundation, mumbai
    cell + 9833 250 701

  20. Rakesh Kohli says:

    Greate Sanjeev,
    Tum Jo Mil Gaye ho to ye lagta hai ke jahan mil gaya…………

    Rakesh Kohli

  21. pradeep.k.khanchandani says:

    wah, sanjaykumar dixitji, jo sapne sajaye the humne apni aankhon mein, unhen aapne apne ghar mein sajaa diya.. aisi tammanna to hai karoron dilon ki.magar aapne saakaar karke dikha diya. sanjeevji congratulations.we rafi bhakhts will be eagerly waiting to see a temple of our god ‘avtaar’.rafi saheb in front of your sweet home.’god’ is always with you

  22. SHABBIR AJAIB says:

    Sanjev bhai kaise hain aap…..Pyaar ho to aisa…..Aur Rafi saheb Allah unki magfirat kare ..unko aun nahin janta Woh khushyon ka darya hai jo bante gaye aur khud ke liye kuch na rakha aur na chaaha bhi.
    Dosto ab chaiye ke naye generation mein is ko zinda rakhe.
    your the ARDANT fan I ever found.

  23. SARINA ADENI says:

    Sanjeev saab,
    You are so amazing and it is wonderful.
    we need people like you.

  24. Kartik Umar says:

    Rafi Is My God & Rafism Is My Religion
    By Vikrant Kumar

  25. Ali says:

    I am wordless

  26. dear sanjeevbhai,
    Its a fact that we have a Rafisaab temple in each one of our hearts as rafi bhakts. but you have gone out of the way and built a temple in the name of the master….the genius …. keep up the good work and send more photos of the same. long live the epitome of humanity…the greatest playback singer of all times…rafisaab aap hamare dil mein ho… aap kahin jaa nahi sakte….proud to be born in the same country…………..Jai rafi jai hind….

  27. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Aadaab Rafi to all dear & loving Rafians!!!
    First of all many thanks to all for supporting my idea of the “temple of rafi sahab”.
    Respected Murty sir, Khaja Aliuddin sahab, Chandramohan ji, Ahamed Kutty sahab, Narayan, santosh ji, Utthara didi, Bhupinder ji, Ricky puri ji, Rashid ji, Ramesh narayan ji, M.ZAMAN sahab, parvwz ji, achal rangaswamy ji & Shashank ji, lot of thanks to all of you for posting your precious views.

    You all are always welcome here in the “temple of rafi sahab”.It will be my pleasure….
    “rafi sahab ka mandir hai ye, moshiqui ka ghar hai…
    Gaana hai jo gaa le tujhe kis baat ka dar hai….”

    M.ZAMAN sahab, you said very true about our farishta. Really It is very difficult to find a person like him in universe, but we all his followers will try to follow the path which he had shown to us.

    Thanks to all again.
    -Sanjeev Kumar Dixit
    E-mail: “”
    phone- 07897 24 12 24

  28. Narayan says:

    Sanjeev bhai..
    Mubarak sweekar kijiye..
    Aapne sabhi Rafi sahab ke poojairyon ka dil jeet liya…
    Umesh bhai ke pehle mandir ka baad aapka doosra mandir us farishte ke sunhari yaad ke shradanjali mein ban gaya…
    Ab hum log us pavitra sthaan ka darshan karne ki tayaari karange..
    Jai Rafi sahab
    Jai Rafi bakts…

  29. santosh says:

    Great job ,

    Really moved by ur love for rafi saab, seldom does one come across such bhakti in the true sense of the word.We all love rafi saab but we are unable to express it in some way or the other.The way you have done it shows that u are way above us as far as bhakti for rafi saab goes.U remind me of MR.UMESH MAKHIJA of AHMEDABAD.Both are such passionate about rafi saab.Can u give me ur mobile number.Would be great to be in touch with you.Umesh Makhija always talks about u whenever we meet.Pl give me ur mobile number and let the temple of rafi saab bloom in all its holy splendor

  30. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Dear Sanjeev,
    You are wonderful and great. Your love towards Rafi Sahab is unbelievable. Your name should be on the top of the list of Rafilovers. Whenever I will come to India, definitely I will look forward to come to Luckhnow to meet this great Rafilover and will offer my “KHIRAJE AQHEEDATH”.
    Long live Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  31. Bhupinder says:

    Dear Sanjeev Ji,

    I have no words to express your love, affection and dedication for the true artist, Mohd. Rafi Ji.

    May God bless you………keep it up. And would also like to visit the temple and pay my homage.

    withe best wishes,


  32. Utthara says:

    Dear Sanjeev bhai,

    you are amazing. You have built the temple with your love and regard for Rafi saab. Your idea of a temple outside with religious integration as the theme is definitely laudable.

    A true, dedicated fan you are.

    With best wishes,


  33. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear sanjeevji,
    by building a temple on rafi saab,you have proved
    the ultimate in any form of art is rafi are
    one of the rarest of rare rafian.keep it up.

  34. Chandramohan says:

    Dear Sanjeev Bhai

    I sincerely hope that your wish gets fulfilled and the temple gets built. I will pray to god.

    I would love to visit the temple. I am waiting for your invitation.

  35. Ricky puri says:

    Dear Mr. Dixit,

    It feels really great to see Fans like you who are making all efforts to keep memories of RAFI SAHAB, the Legend, alive. The pictures of Temple of RAFI SAHAB are great. Also your plan to build a temple outside your house sounds extremely good. I only would like to say that there should be a temple of Rafi Sahab in every part of the world so that each Rafi Bakht could visit there.

    God Bless.

  36. M.ZAMAN says:

    sanjeev bhai , You are also a nice person or else you won’t be able to this much Rafi Sahab bhakt, as to understand Rafi Sahab the person has to be some quality such as the person has to be kind hearted , generous, love with flower, nature , great affection for family, kids, helpful for poor and true true music lover.
    These are are the minimum quality to have if some body tell that I love Rafi sahab. RAFI SASAB has so many others unique quality which is rarest of rarer in human quality which we don’t expect from others as it’s rarest. But I personally feel delighted when i see millions of Rafi Sahab’s bhakt means the millions of having the above human quality. THE GREAT RAFI SAHAB taught us HOW TO BE A GOOD HUMAN BEING, above of religion , cast, regional, colour, rich, poor , famous / not famous etc etc . I belive , It’s difficult to get this qualit Bharita another.

    God bless you Sanjeev bhai .

  37. A S MURTY says:

    ADABRAFI Sanjeevbhai. Tremendous devotion and peerless work by you. Like Shashank has said, it would be our honour to visit Lucknow to be with you and see the temple. We will plan this out.

  38. Rashid says:

    Sanjeev Kumar ji, I admire you For such respect and devotion for Rafi Sahab. Truly he has lived even after his death through people like Sanjeev Kumar. In a way we all have a temple in our hearts and homes for such people like Rafi Sahab, Mukesh, KK, Nushad,Shakil, Shankar Jaikishan and other great people who have been part of our lives we all have a place in our homes where we have numerous collection of their recoRds and CDs but Sanjeev Kumar has certainly gone further by expressing his inner feelings for Rafi Sahab for which I can only admire him and hope when if possible he will allow us to visit his shrine to Rafi Sahab.

  39. sanjeevji,

    dher saree badhaayeeyaan – may god bless you and your entire familly.
    we bhakts have come much closer to you with the rafi temple.

    may you and your entire familly live happily with pink of health, happiness and you will always feel the close presence of all bhakts with you at all times.

    many congratulations and god bless you – my best wishes sanjeevji.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  40. you are a grt8 fan of rafisaab. really. I will come to see the temple there

  41. achal rangaswamy says:

    Wah!!! this is called true bhakti. sanjeev bhai, this is unique and absolutely speaks for a true follower and devotee of this great person called Mohd Rafi Saab, for whom all of us have the highest respect.

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  42. mohamedparvez says:

    dear mr sanjeev kumar dixit,thanx for sharing pictures of temple of rafi saab, i appreciate your intention to build a temple out side your home, to give massage of unity and national integration to the world,keep it up,take care

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