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30th Death Anniversary of Legendary Playback Singer Mohd Rafi Saheb

By Anoop Singh

We all know that Indian Cinema has provided us many jewels in its long journey of more than a century. We have been blessed with great actors, directors, singers etc who were able to move the whole nation with their extraordinary talent. Mohd Rafi Saheb is one of those rare jewels who was not only a great singer but also a great human being which is rare to find out in the glamour world.

He was a versatile singer with soulful voice. He could sing every type of song whether it is semi classical, ghazal, bhajan, rock n roll or kavvali. He was marvelous in pouring different types of emotions in all different types of songs. You can feel the love when he sang love songs and at the same time you can feel the deep sorrow when he sang sorrowful songs. He used to switch over different octaves effortlessly. He could sing high pitch song with full throw and could sing ghazals with very soft voice. Truly he was master of playback singing. I really want to mention some of his songs belonging to different zones which shows his sheer versatility.


  • O Duniya Ke Rakhwale
  • Madhuban Mein Radhika
  • Nache Man Mora
  • Tere Bin Sune Nayan Hamare
  • Ghazal

  • Chaaudvin Ka Chand Ho
  • Ab Kya Misaal Doon
  • Hum Bekhudi mein tumko pukare
  • Mere Mehboob tujhe
  • Meri mehboob kahin aur milakar mujhse
  • Teri aankhon ke siva
  • Koi sagar dil ko behlata nahi
  • Bhajan

  • Man tarpat hari darshan
  • Sukh ke sab sathi
  • Aana hai to aa raah mein
  • Thousands of such songs can be mentioned if space is not a constraint.

    He had the great ability to sing differently for different actors matching their personality. He sang for intense Dilip Kumar, lovable Dev Anand, unstoppable Shammi Kapoor and extremely comic Johny Walker in different styles and its well known fact that every time he matched their persona. He was the first choice for many legendary music directors like Naushad, S D Burman, Shankar Jaikishan, Madan Mohan, Roshan, Ravi, Laxmikant Pyarelal etc.

    Who can forget that 1950s and 60s was the era of great male singer’s like Talat Mehmood, Manna dey, Mukesh and later Kishore but these two decades Rafi ruled over the playback singing because of his versatility. At one point of time he was busier than great Lata Mangeshkar.

    This 31st July 2010 is the 30th Death Anniversary of Legendary Singer Mohd Rafi Saheb.

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    11 Blog Comments to “30th Death Anniversary of Legendary Playback Singer Mohd Rafi Saheb”

    1. Sir, duplicate cds/vcds are increasing from past 10 to 15 years, around 21000
      more songs has given to us, but who his original songs are coming in duplicate some unknown singers , music direction , music etc etc are bringing duplicate cds dvds etc etc. this cds etc are coming from Mumbai and Delhi,
      Calcutta and other major cityes. If these increase the present generation will buy the duplicate cds etc and demeand will increase say after 15 years of gap ie., next generation once original cds dvds recorded in original will not available cds dvds, so the people will ask WH IS RAFI SASB AND ALSO KISHORKUMAR SABM . SO PLS PUT THIS ARTICLE WITH MORE WS IN LETTERS TO THE EDITOR IN the times of india, Hindu, Express
      so the lovers of Rafi Sab songs and Kishor kumars Sab song lisener of original will be happy for trying to decrease this duplicate cds etc of the great Rafi sabs and Kisors kumars sab original songs. Pls publish in local news paer at the earliest Im My name is Jayanth K Moro from pune Apte road Shavigenagar pune
      my mobil no. 09677820933/ Resi 04242281694 Iam one of the Lisener f Mohd.Rafi sabs and Kishor Kumars oroginal songs. only keep in touch this Rafi/Kishor original songs are FM rADIO IN pUNE …. I.,E 91.1 93.4 OTHERS

    2. ASEEF.I says:

      Assalamualikum Rafi usthath Play back king/31/7/1980 i am not forgot bcz mi son birth day 31/7/1997(wasim) i am aseef 45Yrs.realy i am great verygreat fan ,

    3. Acharya Shammi says:

      Rafi was a miracle in the music world. Without any doubt, he is the ultimate king of voice. His voice was so pure and effortless with a blend of something which a word can’t describe.

      I think it is almost magical to believe that thousands of good singers are here in this world, with good voices. But Rafi’s voice was very phenomenal, I mean it was able to absorb the good and bad of every human situation which is not possible by any class of singer.

      His calibre is unmatched , untouched and miles ahead of time and other singers. He will be always in my heart and all who knows the meaning of voice and singing. I strongly believe he was a gift of God.


    4. Dr.Jai.Ketwaru says:

      Rafi saab is really the singing miracle from India. Some titles which my goeroes(Ustads and Pandits) give him are: He was a “Farista”(Angel); “Wo to Wo tha “(free translate :that was:He! When Rafi saab was in the Netherlands in 1973 for shows:the organiser asked me to write a song in Dutch language,because Rafi saab wants to surprise the public.We make an appoinment.When I came in his sleepingroom, he asks me to sit besides him.He told me that he likes to sing the Dutch text on this kind of songs,and he begins to sing different kind of songs. I enyojed his voice very much,so I let him sing.I can tell you that his natural voice is more beautiful, then his recorded voice. The Dutch text: My brother and me ,we have writ ed on “Baharo Phool Barsawo” J.Ketwaru

    5. Nedumangadan says:

      After 30 years of his death, Shaid Rafi, youngest son of Rafi had started MOHMAD RAFI MUSIC ACADEMY REGD. Most of its functions and aim is that of RAFI FOUNDATION (of Binu nair) 2 ex members of Rafi foundation are there in the academy. Till now no body from the singers family claimed any such thing and so Binuji had unintrupted ride Now?

    6. abbas sadik masanvi says:

      Sangeet Ke Mahar Tu Bohat Aye Hain Abbas,

      Duniya Mein Koi Doosra Rafi Nahi Ayea.

      Yes i am agree with you Mr. Uday Vasavada,We should celeberate 24 December,when God send his voice for us,in shape of Muhammad Rafi.I always salute Muhammad Raf,because he preserved his God gifted voice for us.It was 1st August 1980,when i was just 9 years,from that date i am listing Muhammad Rafi and collecting his songs.

      With Regards

      Abbas Sadik Masanvi

    7. Uday Vasavada says:

      Some say no another rafi will be boren, some says he is agreatest singer, people say he uis the best human being also, he is most versitle singer, he could sing all sorts of songs, he served Industry for more than 50 years and so on… but .. do u think this is the right way of rememebring such a TOP SOUL? real fan would go to his house , inquire his kins and wife how they all are , whether they are alright? whether they run their house normal, Also step can be initiated to launch Mohd Rafi Singing Competition nation wide hunt for new talent who can sing rafisaheb, I expereince except Vividh Bharti noone pays much coverage to this unauspicious date, news papers hardly remember, I can also add that why only 31/7 be remembered and not 24/12 where such a legendary man born?

      Uday Vasavada

    8. Gautam Banerjee says:

      I have raised this issue several times before “Why all the people. who loves Md. Rafi, does not request the President of India to give Md. Rafi, Posthumously BHARAT RATNA,next year.

    9. Hussein Sheikh says:

      Singers will come and go, but Rafi Saheb will always remain in our hearts…

    10. Ahmed Ali M. Abid Hussain says:

      Mohd. Rafi Saheb is no more but he is forever in our heart.
      Whenever I listen his songs I stopped all my job and listen to him very seriously
      His songs will remain as long as our life and will be flourish as present and past.

      My tributes from my bottom heart to him and his family.

    11. drfmeerza says:

      i am one of his fan nd without listening to him i will not start my day (his naat’s) waa,,, great singer nd those who lives in our hearts never dies ,,,,,,he is here in this world still alive nd lives in all of his fan’s heart’s

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