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Kya Tum Mujhe Kabhi Yoon Bhula Paaoge

By D.P.Bijoor

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

31st July 2010 will mark the 30th anniversary of our Beloved King of Melody Late Mohammed Rafi Sahab. 30 long and patient years have since elapsed from the day Rafi Sahab was snatched away by the most cruel hands of fate; leaving behind him the legacy of his innumerable, unforgettable and classic Melodies for all of us to cherish for centuries & centuries to come.

It was indeed at the most tender age of only 56 years the sudden leaving of Rafi Sahab amidst us has almost left an undeliable mark in the minds & souls of his innumerable fans & admirers throughout the entire Universe.

The uncrowned king of the melodies, the true owner of the Golden Voice and indeed a human being par excellence has never left a single day nor a minute in our busy lives where on Earth we have ever thought of forgetting a Genius and a shining personality like Rafi Sahab’s caliber, for we fervently believe beyond doubts – that the day we ever forget Mohammed Rafi Sahab even for a fraction of a second – that day will automatically freeze the World of the Music Universe.

Caravan Gujar Gaya Hum Bechare Sirf Gubar Dekhate Rahe GayeRAFI SAHAB AAP KE TALASH MEIN MARE MARE BHATAKTE RAHE

Yes how rightly and confidently RAFI SAHAB has said “KYA TUM MUJHE KABHI YOON BHULA PAAOGE”

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14 Blog Comments to “Kya Tum Mujhe Kabhi Yoon Bhula Paaoge”

  1. shaista says:

    I am 28 years old my father is big fan for Mohammad Rafi golden and ufor getable voice i can’t describe ihave such as words in which he fit that no and never.
    before my coming in the world may father fann to him nad my father is not in the world and now im listening his songs i have just memoreable mooments.

  2. Satish Kumar Agarwal says:

    Rafi sahab wo tara the jinhe hum aaj bhi aasman main dhundte hain

  3. BINU NAIR says:


  4. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Respected Priya Didi,
    I am trying to mail you from today evening but mail is not reaching to you.It failed to reach you every time. Plz. contact to me on my E-mail-
    -Sanjeev Dixit

  5. Utthara says:

    true, is it possible to forget the legend when no day passes without his song being broadcast.? There is a Rafi song for every occasion in our lives.


  6. drfmeerza says:

    He is here still alive ,,,,,,,,,,, rafi sb we can’t forget you ,,,,used to listen to your song everyday and this will never stopped,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yes i love Chahooga main tujhe sannjh savere for Dosti

  7. drfmeerza says:

    Rafi sahib a leading playback singer who still enjoys immense popularity all around the world , he is still alive in our hearts and will be , tum jo mil gaye ho , such a beautifull song ,,,,,,,,,,,,,May god bless his soul in peace ,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  8. mukesh khanna says:

    BUT SAINT RAFI SAAB does not require any award mukesh khanna

  9. Annu Viswanath says:

    Rafi Sahab doesn’t need a Bharat Ratna award at all. The fan following he has even today is much more valuable than a Bharat Ratna award. Rafi Sahab will be remembered for many more decades for his contribution in the music world. The Bharat Ratna award will be a one of event. Rafi Sahab has left a legacy which will be very difficult to overtake. It is rightly said that there is but ONE SUN, ONE MOON AND ONE MOHAMMAD RAFI.

  10. V.Shrinivas says:


  11. Jayant Sanyal says:

    Nahi Rafi Saahb, aapko bhulana mushqil hi nahi, naamumkin hai. Aapki aawaaz ka nashaa aaj bhi logon ke sar chad ke bolta hai, aur aane waale daur mein bhi yeh silsila rukne kaa naam nahi lega! Aapko aapke baad yeh zamana dhoodhtra raha hai, aur dhoondhta hi rahega. Yeh alag baat hai ki aapki aawaz ke saaaye yeh zamana dil ko behla zaroor leta raha hai, aur leta rahega.

    Nice article, Mr. Bijoor! Congratulations!

  12. Amin says:

    Rafi sahib still lives in the hearts of millions of people throught the world.Let us all try hard in getting Bharat Ratna for which he really deserves. My Tribute to great person & great singer of universe.

    Sach main ” Ham tumhen yun bhula na payenge
    Jab kabhi bhi sunege geet tere
    sang sang hame bhi gungunayenge”

  13. Pushpa Viswanarayanan says:

    Below is a small gesture of admiration to the legendry singer ……. Mohd. Rafi

    30th Death Anniversary of this legendry singer , but when we still listen to his songs no one can imagine that its been 3 decades that the person singing the song has parted with us. WE JUST CANT IMAGINE THAT RAFI SAAB IS NO MORE IN THIS WORLD.


    Truly…. Rafi Saab ia a Legend with all the NAVRATNAS blessed by God.
    by Navratnas , here i mean …… the human emotions of Passion / Love / Sacrifice / Non Egoistic / Generous / down to earth / versatile / Pious / SelfContented……… the above is in reference to the nature of Rafi Saab which i have come across in several articles written on this Genius…

    i was only 7 when Rafi Saab left for his heavenly abode, but remember my family members being a vivid fan of this legendry singer. & i also grew up with the same feelings for Rafi Saab…….. indeed am blessed as well to be a part of the family of Rafi Saab ( i would say all fans of Rafi Saab are a part of his own family)

    the conversation can go on & on ……… but there is one thing i want to say about Rafi saab is that he a legend / a miracle of God made only once. there are no replacements to the Original Legendry & versatile Singer ….there may be copy cats or imitators using his style of singing but as there is only one Sun which is a source of Light providing evolution in Earth, the same way there is ONLY ONE RAFI SAAB THAT GOD HAS MADE who is a boon to the Indian Film / Music Industry & to Humanity ………….. Originals Can never be REPLACED ………….

    Rafi Saab has competitors even today afert 28 years of his death ……… wherein when some singers of his time are just pampered by media attention Rafi Saab does not need any media publicity talking about his achievements, the songs rendered by him are more than enough for even a common man to understand the importance of this great Singer whose value cant be guessed by media attention or monetary benefits


    Rgds, Pushpa – Mumbai

  14. Nice write up Bijoorji. True that this legend passed away 30 yrs back so fast, I remember his 10th Death Anniversary when I was in Goa there was full of 2 pages of article on him with rare photographs. But cant imagine that he is not with us for the last 30 years. But his songs with us forever we remember him alot.

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