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The King of melody

This article is by Mr. Binu Nair. It has been published at

Even if belatedly, music lovers have now appealed to the government to honour Mohammed Rafi with the Bharat Ratna posthumously. A singer par excellence and a paragon of humility and piety, Rafi strode the musical landscape like a meteor, enchanting generations of music lovers and transcending geographical borders. The melody and vocals Mohd Rafi created, crafted and pioneered during his reign have withstood the test of Time. The mellifluous vocals rise like a glorious tide, caressing the soul with songs for every mood and occasion.

Mohammed Rafi has sung them all, with grace and unsurpassable elan – be it ghazals, bhajans, classicals, soft romantic numbers, bhangra, sad songs, duets, nazms, and high-pitched fast numbers.


Mohd. Rafi was born to Haji Ali Mohammed and Allah Rakhi in Kotla Sultan Singh village, a town near Amritsar on December 24, 1924. A disciplinarian father disapproved of Rafi’s passion for singing but the child had the blessings of his mother, according to Rafi’s youngest son Shahid Rafi, now in the business of garment exports in Mumbai.

The story goes that as a young boy, Rafi used to hear a fakir passing by the house, ektara in hand, singing to glory. The young lad would follow the fakir, sit with him under a tree and hear him to his heart’s content. This mendicant was the first to plant the singing bug in young Rafi’s mind. The ubiquitous radio too played its part, Rafi being glued to it when not attending primary school. At 14, Rafi’s family moved to Lahore for good, where he discreetly trained under Ustad Barkat Ali Khan.

Music composer Shyam Sunder, impressed by the lad’s voice, gave Rafi his first break – a duet – in Gul Baloch. The song ‘Soniyo ni heeriyo ni teri yaad ne sataaya…’, was recorded in 1942 in Lahore and thus became his first recorded song. Composer Feroze Nizami duly got for young Rafi his first job – through Radio Lahore in 1943. Thereafter, along with elder brother Hamid (who helped Rafi get major singing assignments in the early struggling days) Rafi reached Mumbai.

The brothers took up a ten-by-ten-feet room in the crowded downtown Bhendi Bazar area. Probably, to make ends meet Rafi also faced the camera in two movies, but his heart was set on singing. Long hours of early morning riyaaz mainly at the Chowpatty sea-face followed. As destiny would ordain, Shyam Sunder was now in Mumbai and again provided an opportunity to Rafi – who got to sing a duet with GM Durrani, ‘Aji dil ho qaabu mein to dildar ki aisi taisi…’, for Gaon Ki Gori, which became Rafi’s first recorded song in a Hindi film. Rafi’s stars were looking up now. National recognition soon came from the runaway hit, composed by Firoz Nizami, ‘Yahaan badla wafa ka…’ with Noorjehan, then reigning queen of Hindi playback singing for Jugnu. Many other popular songs followed and music composers were now convinced of Rafi’s phenomenal voice range.

In 1948, after the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the team of Husanlal Bhagatram-Rajendra Krishan-Rafi had overnight created the immortal song ‘Suno suno ae duniyawalon, Bapuji ki amar kahani…’, which became a national rage. Mohd Rafi became a household name.

It was perhaps Baiju Bawra (1952) that brought real fame to Rafi and riches never even dreamt ever by this God-fearing lad who was on his way to becoming India’s topmost singer. ‘Man tadpat Hari darshan ko…’, ‘O’ duniya ke rakhwale…’, ‘Tu Ganga ki mauj…’ all became chartbusters. It heralded the era of the Naushad-Shakeel-Rafi team the musical works of which later reflected young India’s dream of a ‘secular and noble’ India.


The then-Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru while viewing Baiju Bawra, enquired about the singer of the devotional songs from his secretary. When the PM was told it was a singer by the name of Mohd. Rafi, he was invited to dinner with the PM himself. Rafi was duly honoured and hugged for his singing feat by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He was all of 28 years then and thus started the annual visit to the PM’s house and the tradition of singing for Prime Minister Nehru and several dignitaries.

Rafi Sahab and his wife with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Naushad, Shankar-Jaikishan, O.P. Nayyar, C.Ramachandra, Hemant Kumar and Ravi now began composing great numbers suited to Rafi’s vocal range. Rafi’s clear rendition, perfect sur and bhaav, unparallelled expression and impeccable diction placed him way above the other singers of his time.

However, despite fame and adulation, Rafi’s life and routine remained unaltered. The recording room-to-home itinerary never changed. No film parties, no vices, retiring at 9 pm and doing riyaaz from 4 to 7 in the morning were some strict norms laid by the maestro for himself. The only ‘luxuries’ Rafi indulged in and looked forward to were sports like carrom, badminton and flying kites along with family members and close friends.

Rafi became quite adept in singing in languages like Marathi, Kannada, Konkani, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati and English. He would rehearse for days before each recording – driving perfection into the numbers.

When Aradhana happened (and Kishore came in due to the advent of R.D.Burman as its associate music director and later hit centerstage), a section of music composers wasted little time in prophesizing the end of the road for Rafi and his salability as a playback singer. This hurt the gentle Rafi no end. Believing this to some extent, he thought of retiring and settling down with his sons in London. But Naushad, Rafi’s mentor and friend, urged Rafi to stay on and not run away from the scene as – he had considerable talent to face the heat of the times.

Rafi, Kishore Da and Manna Dey

At this stage, composer duo Laxmikant-Pyarelal was in top creative form and not getting typecast in a specific musical mould like R.D. Burman. LP also did not forget Rafi’s huge role in their success in Parasmani, Dosti and many other films and his support when they were making their transition from assistants to music composers.

In due course, Rafi regained his confidence and once again was on top reckoning form with hit numbers from films like Amar Akbar Anthony, Hum Kisise Kum Naheen, Sargam and many others.

A teetotaler and family man to the core, Rafi is the shining example of a singer who lit the way and blazed the trail for numerous aspiring singers from Mahendra Kapoor to Anwar and Shabbir Kumar down to Sonu Nigam. Mahendra Kapoor was his disciple and both shared a guru-shishya relationship till the very end.

Rafi Sahab with Mahendra Kapoor, Mukesh and Asha Bhonsle

Rafi came from a family where humility was equated with worshipping the divine. He had a lovable nature, no enemies and perennial humility.

Help would often go to artistes fallen on bad times – without the world knowing of it. He sang more for the song than for the money – the money would come later or never from struggling producers – but satisfaction always arrived at his doorstep. He would often waive his singing fees from debutant composers with no resources – charging one rupee as a token for a song. If he liked a song he would waive his fees too, citing his satisfaction as his payment. Rafi was content with the remuneration he received for his recordings. He did not chase money like some other artistes of the day.


Did the Indian government give due recognition to Mohd Rafi, asked a Bangladesh journalist in, a website dedicated to the legend. The Padma Shri was conferred on Rafi and a nondescript tiny marquee with the sign “Mohammed Rafi Chowk” stands on Mumbai’s arterial SV Road in Bandra, the suburb in which he lived. But Rafi’s biggest award perhaps is the place that he has carved in people’s heart in many corners of the world.

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  1. Raajkumar Akela says:


  2. binus2000 says:


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    on July 31st which will be distributed to all music lovers in the
    country and abroad.
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  3. Prakash Shah says:

    every one from saigal to shaan are best at theire own,

    but nobody is as versatile as Mohd.Rafi who could sing a song from ashok kumar era in late 50s to un known artist of late 80s without ego,with same devotion , so we can say him king or sahensha or emperor whatever but it is of no use,he is no more but if we are true fan than listen every day some of his song and give him homage silently.

  4. Raajkumar Akela says:

    I can not agree with the title “king of melody” for Rafi Saab. Actually kings of melody were K.L. Sahgal, Manna Dey, Mukesh, Kishor Kumar etc. etc… Rafi Saab was the EMPEROR OF MELODY. Kings rule under an emperor. And no doubt Rafi Saab was the Emperor of Melody.
    So simple personality yet great human being.
    Rafi Saab, aapko lakh lakh salam !
    -Raajkumar Akela

  5. Prakash Shah says:

    one has not forget some of the last songs of rafijis Like :-

    Darde dil darde jigar – Karz – LAXMI PYARE

    AAp to aisena the – Hum is tarah se – USHA KHANNA

    l LAILA MAJNU – ALL SONGS – Madan mohan

    Aasha – ‘ ‘ ‘ L.P

    apnapan ‘ ‘

    Pratigya LP

  6. P.Narayanan says:

    dear music lovers especially pearl,
    All I said in my blog comment if u have the time to read properly that Panchamda and Rafi Sahabs combination was also a masterpiece but unfortunately he got carried away which resulted in the decreasing films for him as compared to LP. This I can vouch for as we firends used to count the MDs with number of films during the late 70s to post 80s.
    Panchamda is revered as a modern as well as classic wizard and Rafi Sahab as an Emperor all rounder wherein the former could have made more songs for the evergreen legend Rafi Sahab.
    But anyway this disadvantage was well capitalised by the two maverick Rafi Bakths LP.

  7. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Very well said ALOK…….

  8. ALOK says:

    hey whats this all about rafi, kishore, burman and all. No one can decline that RAFI IS the greatest . leave alone his singing even the melody in the voice can anyone in the world match it just listen to HIS songs in lone and you will know urself whats RAFI and why we love him……

  9. mohamed parvez says:

    as rafi saab and kishore da were healthy competiters and also great friends i feel we fans should also maintaine our relationship we can compare the song they have sang we should not insult each other we should respect each other

  10. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    What is all this fuss about who is greater? In fact, during 70s, I admit I was not very much enamoured of KK, as I always thought he was less talented than other Singers. Perhaps, that was due to the fcat that he had to compete with other great Singers like Hemant, Talat, Mahendra, Mukesh, Mannadey and of course, the peerless Rafi. But now after listening to all these songs of 80s, 90s and recent songs and now when I listen to KK, I realise how great a singer he was. There is no doubt that Rafi was head and shoulder above all these Singers, but let us not forget that the others Singers also kept us enthralled with their music from 40s to 70s. Also, in this web site, let us appreciate the greatness of Rafiji in his various facets, but let us not degarde other Singers especially by using foul language and that too of peole who are no more with us. This sort of bashing even Rafi Saab would not have approved. So friends, let us comment positively and avoid negative comments.

  11. javifazl says:

    Rafi is a male name used among Muslims and Jews. The word Rafi is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is “holding high” or “servant of the exalted one”. Common variants include “Rafik”, “Rafee”, “Raffi …

  12. binus2000 says:

    Dear Parvez

    U are right to a great extent. RAFI SAAB and Kishore Kumar
    had a very cordial relationship.
    Both are incomparable : and you know who is the master and the
    legend of legends in playback singing , in humality and in daily life.
    I hold KK in great esteem: a very natural singer.
    The fans should not quarrel as to who is greater between the two. We
    ought to enjoy the great songs these great artistes has left for us.
    And respect all the great artistes…. of our times…..

    binu nair

  13. ATM SALIM says:


  14. binus2000 says:

    dear pearl
    I pity your thinking, your concealed imaginations, prejudices, crass
    words – which you often use in this site.
    You cant distort facts and truths by using unsubstantiated
    innenduos. getting excited by opinions of contributors
    is a dangerous mental trait sir.
    Please also do not wage a needless battle for a lost cause; it is futile
    as it will also cause you hypertension – it is felt.

  15. sanjeev says:

    great article nairsaab-enjoyed reading it—keep up the good work and look forward to ur “rafisaabs pictorial biography”.
    mohd rafi will always remain the number 1 singer no matter what anyone has to say.Not only was he a talent to reckon with but also a great human being.
    I now have a massive collection of rafisaabs songs and many rare stuff.I have songs sung in different languages ,nonfilmi bhajans,ghazals and islamic quawallies.
    I request all rafians to please pass out their collection to me and vice versa so as to increase the collection.My email Id is and my phone number is 09994146695

  16. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Useless to fight, fact is KK had mostly 3rd class songs in the 80s…… he can’t be compared to the legend Rafi Saheb………..

  17. mohamed parvez says:

    i feel that rafisaabs lean phase was not because of any lobby or because of rd burman rafisaab himselef stayed back from film industry rafi saab was busy with stage programs in us uk westindies as far as i know he has very close relation ship with kishore da they were like brothers kishore paid tribute to rafi saab when he performed in cochin he came here with amit kumar leena chandavarkar show organasied by legendery singer yesudas this was around 20 years back

  18. Pearl says:

    Mr. P. Narayanan,

    My frustation ? come one, give me a break. Don’t fool around or try to be
    over smart. I know some facts are true, but I am saying how some authors
    incorporate them. Even it is a fact, you need not mention and use the same
    pattern to show the fact. I mean out 150 posts you will find 120 posts where
    concept is all the same. Let me put it in numbers,

    1. A lobby against Rafi
    2. Kishore became Kishore because of Pancham who topped the chart
    because of Rafi never used him later, so critise Pancham
    3. Kishore is no match to Rafi (I mean you guys shout it 150 times)
    It’s few movies where he sang well, given it to Rafi those songs would
    have become eternal classic.
    4. Pancham and Kishore combo is the dark phase of Indian Music.

    These are the 4 points you have, now you represent it the way you want.
    I know what opinions you hold, what thinking you have and what motive
    you have.

    As I said, facts are facts, they need not be said in this way in each and
    every post. That shows you hate Kishore Kumar especially, That I can
    see one of the poster’s msg where he said some bad words against
    Kishore. You guys were so nice and cool at that time. Simple logic,
    you and admin support him and you want creat a thinking that a lobby
    was against Rafi and due to this the ordinary singer Kishore got the due
    but not Rafi.

    You can’t change the world by your sick motivations. This proves again
    that you are the one who is frustated and so you post such things
    not the one who request you not critise other Artists.
    Now when I request you, see how smart you are. you said “we are just
    posting the truth. They are sure great, but this is the truth”. Againt, in
    next post you use your stupid way of representation.

    Just stop this non sense business. Where is the admin ? I think he is the one
    who motivates others to write againt these artists.

    Really, I feel pitty for you guys.

  19. binus2000 says:

    Dear Pearl:

    We n e v e r say r.d.burman or kishore kumar were not masters

    of their trade. They were true and great artists. When someone states

    facts please do no get agitated. One cannot change facts and truths

    how much ever you may wish…..

  20. A S MURTY says:

    No point in going on and on on the subject, I feel. Kishore too was a very great singer just like many others of that era. But on let us stick to the virtues of these great singers instead of petty talk on other matters and leave just to Mohd. Rafi and his songs. Thanks.

  21. P.Narayanan says:

    Dear Pearl,
    Kindly do not vent ur frustrations on a well analysed article. the writer in this article has not bashed anyone but truthfully has brought facts during that period.
    Yes it is true fact that Rafi dominated the proceedings form the late 40s to the 69 the year and subsequently rose like a phoenix from the 77 till he unfortunately departed in the 80.
    yes it is also a fact that Rafi had the best of professional relationship with senior SD Burman da in the success of evergreenhits of Navkethan films and the senior Burman da has openly acknowledged the Rafi magic in the best of the films viz Pyaasa,Guide,Kagaz Ke Phool and Kalapani to name a few from this combo.
    RD Burman intially started with a bang where only Rafi played an important role in the success but after the Rajesh Khanna era he did not use Rafi for any major films except Nasser Hussains banner. Other films where he used Rafi were Shaan,Phandebaaz,Burning Train after ignoring the legend. To the extent many music lovers were surprised that Manna da was used for Dharmendra in Seeta aur Geetha and Sholay. Manna da is no doubt a great singer but his voice at a later stage suited to character star like Pran.
    In that period LP never lost an opportunity to use their favourite Rafi with more success during the 70s. This also resulted in loss of banners for RD Burman and the ratio was 25LP films to 1RD films.
    Hence please view the whole analysis in the right perspective. I will also go one step to voice my opinion that RD Burman Rafi combo was also the best forming the hits of Teesri Manzil,Pyar Ka Mausam,Chote Nawab,Caravan,Yaadon ki Baraat,Hum Kisise Kum nahin,Adhikar,Kala Sona,Mela,etc…… but this list could have been richer like the SJ,LP,OPN,MadanMohan,Roshan,Ravi,SDB,Naushad,Chitragupt…..

  22. Pearl says:

    I am not cribing Mr. Binus, you have your own opinion but you are cribing abut it.
    I am just saying don’t cribe too much, each and every time. It kills the joy.
    Lobby against Rafi ? he was so great and humble, who were the people tell me.
    Pancham or Kishore or Directors or Producers ? Everybody loved him so much.

    Just one fact I know, when Kishore started rising, Directors and Producers would make
    sure If there is at least one song of Kishore in the entire album. You think it’s a lobby
    aginst Rafi ? or you think just popularity of Kishore ? if you think it’s former then you are
    the problem.

    You hate them because in 70s despite of the fact that SJ, LP, Madan Mohan, Rafi,
    Kishore managed to shine like a true legend. Everybody contributed to Kishore not
    only Burmans. But as Pancham took more credit you guys got a chance to critise
    them because other at that time couldn’t top the chart. So poor you are.

    Rafi is lucky, he doesn’t the attitude of his so called fans, otherwise he must have felt
    bad. But so great he is, I feel I love him but still managed not to critise others.

    Learn something.

  23. binus2000 says:

    true pearl….

    We all have our righ to our opinion as much as you have it.
    Facts, truth and opinions are there to stay how-much-ever
    you may dislike it or want to change it….
    the L P Rafi team always gave rich and varied songs after
    Shankar Jaikishans tenure ended. R.D. burman had to take
    rafi’s voice once again due to market reasons and public demand
    after few years of typecasting with Kishore Kumar resulted in his
    movies failing at the hustings.Writers say that r.d.burman also
    slashed his rates then.
    These are facts.
    There was alsoa powerful lobby working against Rafi saab after
    1972;insiders will confirm it .But quality is never an accident – Pearl.
    Rafi saab came back and his songs were once again on top
    from 78 onwards until his sudden departure from the scene.
    Opinions will differ and let me have mine: you could have yours;
    we do not crib about it..

    binu nair

  24. Pearl says:

    See again, they have bashed R.D. Burman. Somehow or other they find a
    way to mention this particular movie named “Aradhana”, Kishore Kumar
    and R.D. Burman. I don’t understand what the hell they think each time
    they write such a nice article and behave like a killjoy by including these
    names and people. Is it only Pancham because of whom Kishore got the
    top position ? is it only aradhana ? or you say it because Pancham did the
    final recording who you sure hate. Really, very strange kind of people you
    are, again you call yourself a Rafian and a Music lover.

    I am sure you hate Burman and Kishore because they somehow managed
    to overshadow other Combos like Shankar-Jaikshen and Rafi and
    LP and Rafi. Am I wrong ? you are not able to tolerate this and find some
    way to bash these people. Keep going, I know you guys will never change
    your attitude.

  25. javifazl says:

    a very nice title for Rafi Saheb. Nice article Mr. Nair,

  26. Hussein Sheikh says:

    I agree cent percent with Mr. Rajkumar Akela.

  27. binus2000 says:

    RAFI SAABS MAZHAR ( grave-site ) at Juhu – Santacruz… mumbai….

    The purpose of the meeting is to chalk out the agenda

    Please contact me on : 9833 250 701 for details….

    binu nair…

  28. Raajkumar Akela says:

    Among all the singers of India RAFI SAAB was, in fact, the first one who really deserved BHARAT RATNA award. This is the time when we all fans of RAFI SAAB should raise voice to awaken Indian Government to honour RAFI SAAB with BHARAT RATNA award even after 27 years of his demise.
    Anyone can contact me to talk on this topic.
    My e-mail id is
    Thanks friends.
    -Raajkumar Akela

  29. Venugopal Sreedharan says:

    Dear Binu,

    Many thanks for such wonderfull article, really touched.
    It makes one very happy from inside to learn more about the great Rafi Saab.


  30. shahid says:

    Rafi Saahab was the greatest, do not mix him with the crowd of singers, else he would be looked at with the same level as other singers.
    Please do not bring him down from the highest pedastal.
    India is proud to have a singer of His caliber as an ‘Indian’. the Bharat ratna award will be given to Lata, mukesh, kishore etc. who cannot be elevated to the same level as Rafi Saahab.
    Rafi Saahab should be kept high above these singers, no doubt they are good, but He was the best, and we wont have another like Him. God just didnt feel like repeating this one great creation of his, lets keep it that way.

  31. Balan V.Iyer says:

    Would like to have the following bhajans of Mohammad Rafi in my archives:
    (1) O maati ke putle itna na kar tu guman …from film “Sheru” music Madan Mohan; (2) Jaan sake to jaan tere man me chupkar baithe …from film “Ustad” music O.P.Nayyar. Have these songs but the recording quality is not up to the mark. Can someone help me get these 2 evergreen bhajans of Rafi saab please? Thanks….Balan V.Iyer

  32. sir,
    bhgwan.allha ke baadchild call maa & sing call rafi ji.
    jab tak chand aur suraj rehe gaa rafi ji ka naam rehe gaa.


  33. Piroe.M.A. says:

    Dear mr. Binu Nair.
    Many thanks for you article obout Rafi Saheb. Indeed, I believe that even without the “So Called Ratna’s” Rafi Saheb is alive in the hearts of his fans all over the world.
    It makes me very happy when I read such a great article about Rafi Saheb.
    God Bless you mr. Nair.
    Mr. A.Piroe

  34. binus2000 says:

    Thanks Shashank all Rafi Lovers…..

    Thanks for responding to above article, which is a labour of love for the songing
    wizard – Mohd Rafi.

    Can I get some good photographs , anecdotes, news items , personal experiences with
    ref: to Mohd Rafi Saab – from the admin and Rafi lovers…?

    pl. reach me : or on cell : 0091 – 9833 250 701.
    I live in Mumbai and I wish to interact wiith Rafi saab Lovers in the city.

    M y personal thanks to friends who sent me excellent messages for Rafi saab
    from many towns and cities.

    binu nair…..

  35. Balan V.Iyer says:

    Needless to say, the range of Mohammad Rafi’s versatility cuts across all fields. Whether it was the ghazal, bhajan, qawwali, romantic song or sad rendition no singer on the Indian film firmament ever came close to his range and depth. His voice modulation has been so impactful that a listener could at once figure out the actor for whom Rafi was lending his voice. About Rafi as a person, one just needs to recall the difference of opinion he had with Lata Mangeshkar on the royalty issue and even in this it was Rafi who came out unscathed. Singers like Rafi are born once in a generation and it has been my proud privilege of being associated with a generation that produced a genius like Rafi. It is high time this great musician is honoured with a Bharat Ratna and truly he would be deserving this award more than most of the earlier awardees.

    Balan V.Iyer

  36. khanny says:

    hi, can you please upload 2 songs for me 1, is duet from film birha ki raat, song chota sa fasana. the 2 is solo from film raakh aur chingari,song ye anjaan rahein.plz upload either way by direct email or on this page.

  37. Anwar Husain says:


    Thanks for the artice. Rafi Saab is the only playback singer who is rememberd for his songs despite the so called marketing and promotion that some graet singers are doing. Let us call him “Bharat Ka Ratana” instead of ” Bharat Ratna”.

    I have some live recordings of Rafi Saab but now I am in Dubai. I will definately send the clips after getting the VHS tapes from india.

  38. A S MURTY says:

    Fantastic article Mr.Nair, several details not known to many of us on Rafi’s earlier years and also his private life were covered. We are all with you in the onerous task that you have set upon and any help that we can will be too little for such a great personality. We are also collecting the names, addresses, email ids and contact phone numbers of several of Mohd. Rafi fans here in Hyderabad and I shall mail them to Mr. P. Narayanan and to you shortly. Keep the flag high always.

  39. P.Narayanan says:

    Dear Binu,
    fantastic article. truly u have very well echoed the sentiments of all music lovers across the globe.
    great job.
    Dear music lovers and fans,
    To start with we are compiling list of all Rafi lovers comprising of their names, email id,mobile numbers,place of origin,profession etc so that every dedicated member can bring in minimum say 50 signaturies for the following 1) To honour Rafi sahab the highest civilian award of India and then other countries. 2) To install one important and prestigous award in the name of Rafi Sahab which can be national,filmfare,screen,star tv,or from the state govt of Punjab n Maharastra.
    This will be the major responsibilty of the Rafi Music academy at various places.
    Pl be in touch with me at or mob 09886779557.

  40. Dear Binu Nair,

    Last 15 yrs i am collecting Mohdrafi’s photos and articles, but i was thinking how to look mohdrafi live in concert. he is no more but can watch in the video itself. thank u for giving to see him in the net itself.


  41. Saifullah says:

    Does anyone visiting this site possess a video recording collection of Rafi Saab’s stage programmes or recordings? I have been hunting for such collections but I have never been able to locate anything. can anyone help me out please? I can be reached on

  42. Saifullah says:

    Dear Mr Binu Nair,
    Th re is no one more deserving that our Rafi Saab to be honoured with The Bharat Ratna. He is a shining example of how one’s sweet voice enthralls millions even 26 years after he left this world.
    His contribtution to Hindi Cinema and Indian Cinema is so deep and immense that he deserves to be honoured with this award.
    I personally would do all that I can to help all of you to see that our Rafi Saab is rightly honoured.

  43. javifazl says:

    mr binu thanks for this article

  44. unknow1 says:

    Dear Mohd Rafi fans from Bangladesh and Pakistan,
    I hope that u all try that mohd Rafi get u r country highest award or make a new award called Indai pakistan and Bangladesh award only give to great human as mohd Rafi was who helpped many unknow names,I think Bharat Ranta is so cheap for singer like Mohd Rafi becaue human like Lata ji had this award..

  45. mohamed parvez says:

    mr binu thanks for this article i request you to translate the article about rafi saab when he sang for wedding reception at cochin in 1958 this article in malayalam it was published in malayala manorama cochin editien last year with a photograph of rafi saab singing

  46. Anmol Singh says:

    It is believed many politicians are themselves die hard fans of Rafi. Atal Behari Vajpayee is one of them. He had given an excellent tribute during Naushad’s death.

  47. binus2000 says:

    Mehtab ji and all rafi saab lovers:

    We will all approach the govt this time to award the Bharat Ratna to Rafi Saab .
    If there is a will, there is a way; and we will s u c c e e d .

    binu nair

  48. Santosh says:

    I think with so many fan around the world Mohd. Rafi is best contender to recieve the Bharat Ratna Award… not jus for the fan but for his contribution to Indian Cinema and Indian music. which wud be incomplete without such great singer. he is uncomparable and geatest singer of all time.

  49. Mehtab says:

    Respected Nair Sahib,
    I read this article in the Screen. It is a beautiful & distinctive contribution. You and the Screen both are entitled to have the best compliments. Such efforts are really appreciable. Rafi sahib was/is such an institution that hundreds of epics can be written upon his every single song. He deserves Bharat Ratan, I am agreed with Mr. Hussein Sheikh with millions of fans of Rafi Sahib. Mr. Anmol Singh, Mr. P. Narayanan (Banglore), Mr. Ashish Kapoor, Er. Mohan Flora and at least a dozen other dedicated fans of Rafi sahib are active in India and abroad. All of them should unite to proceed for the Bharat Ratna to be conferred to Rafi Sahib. Political will is required for the same. We should write to the President, Prime Minister & other dignitaries of our country. Everything will be OK.
    –MEHTAB, Chandigarh (India) +919815703226, E-Mail :

  50. Hussein Sheikh says:

    “The king of Melody”, a very nice title for Rafi Saheb. Nice article Mr. Nair, let me tell you the words that ”fakir” used to sing – “khedan de ni chhar ne maai.. khedan de din chaar…” and Rafi Saheb (then a lad) used to follow the fakir wherever he go! Our Govt. should now realize to honour the great Rafi Saheb with Bharat Ratna without any further delay.
    {Hussein Sheikh, Burundi, Central Africa}

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