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A Short film on Rafi Sahab

By Prakash Gowda and Achal Rangaswamy

A short film on Rafi Sahab

A short film on Rafi Sahab

Rafi Saab lives on, even more than thirty years after his departure for his heavenly abode.

This film, made by Prakash Gowda, a music lover and friend of mine, is a dedication to our idol Mohd Rafi Saab, who continues to inspire so many of us with his songs, the stories that surround his life, and the teachings left behind by him for all of us.

When Prakash Gowda told me that he was making a short film around a few songs of Rafi Saab, i said that I too would like to contribute to it, whichever way i could. Prakash responded by saying that he would like me to play the lead role in this film. I happily agreed, though I have never acted prior to this. I enjoyed it, because it revolved around Rafi Saab and his songs.

The film has been shot on a zero budget, but with total love and respect for Rafi Saab, and with a simple straightforward message in it.

Do watch the short film and let us have your feedback.

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44 Blog Comments to “A Short film on Rafi Sahab”

  1. durgasprasad says:

    Hi sir,
    can you pl. send the link as it is not appearing here.. eager to see this short film!


  2. achal rangaswamy says:

    nagesh and nrp

    thanks so much for your great support and kind words.

    we feel encouraged and shall surely carry the torch forward.

    regret the delay in responding due to preoccupation with the launch of a new book of mine written for youngsters beginning their careers.

    bhuvan ji thanks so much for the compliments

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  3. Bhuvan says:


  4. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Achalbhai & Prakash ji,

    A monumental effort I must say. Congratulations on your collaborative effort.
    For a maiden project, the outcome is laudable. NRPji has echoed my sentiments already in posts 37 & 39. pray continue your endeavors by bringing out a sequel to this initiative.

    Prakash ji, with negligible exposure to film making ( One episode of Malgudi Days was shot in my compound when I was just 13), I can imagine the hard-work & perspiration that goes into making one.

    The nameless & faceless have little business to do except try and create unpleasant atmosphere. We interpret what we see, coming from our own vasanas or value systems, so let’s ignore & continue to be fascinated by Rafi sab’s music & related topics.

    Adaab Rafi
    Nagesh Sidhanti

  5. Thanks a lot Mr. Padmanabhan NR. We’re really grateful to you for your support. The film will soon be screened at a short film festival in Vadodara in the presence of movie critic Rajeev Masand and director Shreeram Raghvan (the guy who directed Johny Gaddar and Agent Vinod). Furthermore, the film has also been appreciated by actor Irrfan Khan. He loved the entire film and Achal sir’s performance.

    You can watch my short films and read up my work on my blog:

    The entire effort that has gone into creating this wonderful website dedicated to Rafi saab is indeed commendable. I am sorry if I have unintentionally hurt the sentiments of any Rafi saab fan through our film or comment.

    Thanks again for your unstinting support and appreciation.

    With warm regards

    Prakash Gowda

  6. Padmanabhan NR says:

    I feel vindicated and relieved, Achal.

    You know that I was in the know of this short film much before this got into Yet, due to preoccupation and my being away from Hyderabad, I could not respond properly to it. Any honest attempt which has sincerity of purpose and a message, has got to be acknowledged even if one has reservations on some points. In this short film, there was no debatable point at all. My only intention of sending these comments was to assuage the feelings of two raw hands in their maiden attempt. Many a projects have not seen the light of the day just because of probable retributive comments. Similarly, many a sequel too got aborted because of incisive negative comments. When the intent and sincerity are unquestioned, why should it happen to good people? Why should it de-motivate them from undertaking a future venture? Creativity should command respect.

    Like Sachin Tendulkar famously said, it is for you and Prakash now to turn these stones into milestones. You have done it and you will continue to do it.
    All the best.

    Padmanabhan NR
    Rafi Foundation, Hyderabad Chapter.

  7. achal rangaswamy says:


    Thank you so much for so eloquently presenting the two sides of the proverbial coin. Let me confess that I would not have been able to, in such a telling manner, express the only feeling that brought prakash and me together to make this film.

    the moment i heard Prakash tell me that he was planning to pay tribute to Hindi film music and Rafi Saab in particular i told him i was available for any kind of help. at that time i actually meant song selection or maybe a listing.

    i was stunned when he asked me to play a role in it. i think every moment that we discussed the script, shot the film and reviewed it, there was nothing but sheer love and respect for a person who makes every day of mine exhilarating with the great gifts he has bequeathed to us through his songs and the stories of his life.

    we could not have progressed with the idea if the film was dedicated to a lesser person or a mere showman passing of as a legend.

    I am grateful to you for your post.

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  8. Padmanabhan NR says:

    It is, indeed, a tragedy that such a monumental effort by two passionate Rafi Saahab inspired non-proffessionals is being seen in such light as comments 24 & 35. I hope, I am referring to two different individuals, who are ‘profesional’ writers themelves because both of them have seen a lack of professionalism in a cd made by self-proclaimed amateurs. And, if they claim to be so, God save us from their onslaught as neither their tenor, nor understanding of the film, nor even their hard-hitting comments make any sense. In case they are not professional writers, these comments are worthless as by their own admission an amateurish attempt does not merit a reflection at all.

    Any depiction, any documentary or short film that is circulated for public consumption, is simply a subjective interpretation of personal feelings and the resultant urge to tell it in a manner that evokes reactions. Personally, an individual might be in the shoes of the deaf father or a greedy son, the storyline and even the comments thereon would undergo a change. The best course – in case someone is offended to that extent – would be to come out with his own version and make it acceptable.

    Since this cd has been made by two wholly unconnected-to-the-trade persons, I am personally of the opinion that they deserve highest accolades for their imagination, preparation and execution.

    Hats off to you, Prakash and Achal!

    Padmanabhan NR

  9. Apropos to Comment No. 24 and 35, I would like to ask you a simple question: Do you think that the only people with sound ears and grey hair be true Rafi fans? What’s wrong if a person, during his heydays used to be a Mohd. Rafi fan but gradually, after reaching old age loses his hearing sense? Does he stop being a Mohd. Rafi fan? If he finds solace in watching his song’s DVDs with subtitles, re-living those days of yore.

    Furthermore, what’s so insulting about a remix version being played in a music shop? First of all, it’s a music shop of today’s age. Is it banned for a music shop to play remix songs? The protagonist is browsing DVDs of Mohd. Rafi and not remix versions. He must not even be aware of such remix (which even I don’t like at all, but had to include in the film just to show contrast – and sir contrast is always about opposites, isn’t it?)

    The love for music is something that must be respected, but here the son and daughter-in-law detest and never understand the passion of a true fan. They portray few people from today’s generation, who are devoid of love, ethics, moral values and appreciation of music.

    The film is a tribute to Mohd. Rafi saab, but not your regular shower of praises and documentary of his life. It’s a subtle way of conveying a social message along with tribute to Rafi saab. The ending of the film is unbearable, but not because it insults the legend (it doesn’t do that anywhere and I can vouch for that fact – the son saying – fee kaun bharega mohd. rafi shows his lack of compassion for his father). The end is unbearable because it makes you hate the son and daughter in law for their ‘deafness’.

    Withdrawing the video will not serve any purpose sir. Films are reflections of a particular time. The times we’re living in lacks compassion and moral values and ‘Bhoole bisre’ reflects just that. Breaking mirrors won’t douse the sun, sir.
    Bhoole Bisre is a mirror. The mirror can have stains, not the sun of Rafi Saab.

    Thanks again for all those bouquets and brickbats. We’re glad the film found its pride of place on this shrine of Rafi Saab.


    Prakash Gowda

  10. Rafi's devotee says:

    Whether the short-film makers are professional or not is NOT the question. Rafi Saheb is the only concern for his fans only concern and the words used for Rafi Saheb in the film and the ending of the film are NOT TRIBUTES really. The short film is meaningless, impractical and a lie. What is the meaning of the ending of the film ? Does it mean that the Sr. Citizen’s son steals the Rs. 20,000/- for his son’s fees, instead of buying the hearing aid for his father, and instead of adding to the collection of CDs for the father ? Then what sort of TRIBUTE is this for the Angle – Rafi Saheb ? The comment ” Fee kaun Bharega — Mohd. Rafi ??”, the remix being played in the CD showroom, the ending of the short film, are unbearable.

    Please withdraw the video.

  11. sanjeev Dixit says:

    Great voting to Rafi Sahab from last 40 hours.He reached to 8785(20 rank) votes now from 6465(22 Rank) votes. A very nice effort from Rafi Bhakts.
    Please go more fast to reach Rafi sahab in top 10 & give a missed call on ” 08082891031″ Hurry forward to your friends and relatives.. Pls. pls. pls. Make no stone unturned.

  12. achal rangaswamy says:

    shashank ji

    i will ask Prakash Gowda, who made the film to send you the CD. please let us have your address.

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  13. shashank says:

    Grt8 job you have done. Can we get the cds of this documentary to us….

  14. achal rangaswamy says:

    we are grateful to the readers of this page and the ardent fans of rafi sahab who are writing in their bouquets and brickbats (which will always be there for any such effort). i do not wish to clarify, justify, rationalize, or defend the effort.

    we made this film out of love and tremendous respect for rafi sahab. readers of this page, especially the ones who have been here over three years may just recall my articles on the great man.

    we are not professional film makers. we are not even occasional actors. this was a maiden attempt. the idea so overpowered us that i spent 18 out of the 22 hours i was visiting my family in baroda in just conceiving, writing, discussing and making the film.

    having said this, i receive both the bouquets and brickbats with equanimity and grace. after all, feedback is like prasad, to be accepted with both hands.

    and this too we learnt from the great rafi saab.

    and finally, let me add- i have a musically- inclined father who has enjoyed carnatic and hindi film music all his life. he cannot hear any more now and i can understand his anguish and his feeling of deprivation. this was my little contribution to make him know how i feel. he was the one sitting closest to the transistor that fateful morning when we heard of rafi sahab’s passage to heaven. i still remember the hurt look on my father’s face when we heard the news broadcast.

    warm regards to all friends on this forum

  15. Binu Nair says:

    post 28: Walijah sahab:

    a series of episodes was made by a malayalam channel few years back.

    it was in Malayalam channel kairali. songs and life of mohd rafi saaheb was featured in it. in mumbai we had shot it with omi ji, ravindra jain appearing live on it. it was a 2 day shoot in mumbai. Srikant narayan had some few songs of rafi saaheb and also pyarelal chipped in with his comments.

    i remember following ravindra jain to the mumbai airport in two set of cars and doing his interview in his car – shooting from a hand held video camera.

    it was telecasted every sunday morning and it was a treat to watch it like the ramayana or the mahabharata serials, week after it.

    many things are at work and will be unfolded one by one. only best wishes needed as of now.

    from the rafi foundation, mumbai
    + 9833 250 701

  16. ashok parekh says:

    while appreciating commendable efforts by prakashji and achalji showing their love and respect to rafisaab, i cannot totally disagree with the comments made in post no.24. however, we must also remember that prakashji and achalji are not professional film makers and for this reason we my discount this shortcoming of the script wherein present generation is showing total disregard to their father’s love to rafisaab and his legendary music treasure. we should see their love and affection to rafisaab and expect subsequent efforts which will show love and respect from today’s generation too, which we witness day in and day out on number of music / dance reality show where see today’s youth and children also sing and dance on rafisaab’s songs. this fact only makes me feel that the disregard shown by younger generation in prakashji and achalji’s short film is only exception than rule.

    binuji, regarding the world at large must have heard rafisaab’s spoken words for the first time during opening credits of indian idol-6 inaugural show this week where rafisaab narrates how he was inspired to singing by hearing a ‘fakir’ passing through his mohalla in his childhood days.

    it would be great on your part binuji (post no.18) to arrange screening of mr and mrs. shenvi’s 140 minutes documentary on our beloved rafisaab, next month. here is a request for invite for the show, please.

    with regards
    ashok parekh

  17. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Binu Ji,

    I too hope so, sooner or later.

    But also I wish some rafi lovers should atleast start with serial on Rafi Sahab depicting from his early childhood to the last moment of his life.

    I have thin apprehensions about that. Instead of making serials on unworthy family breaking topics better to make a meaningful serial on the Baiju of modern times, the great Rafi Sahab.

    Let’s hope good and wishing the dream would come true if not now but some time later……..

  18. Binu Nair says:

    Post no 10. H a k walijah saaheb:

    Mohd rafi lovers – many, many of them are doing various things to profess their love for the legendary singer and great human being.

    rafi saaheb’s life and times will be captured in a movie of an international level like the movie gandhi – sooner or later.

    regards from the rafi foundaiton, mumbai.

  19. the comments of a fellow mohd rafi fan , post 24 crticising the film should be taken in right spirit.. film making should be done more professionally to give right impact and convey correct message though the attempt is undoubtedly genuine and touching..

  20. kishore chetty says:

    Great job,for a great singer,pls do more.
    pls see utube…Kishore chetty,I sang few Rafi Saab songs

  21. Do not make such lame films says:

    There should be an option of ‘DISLIKE” too in this site. How can OFFENDING words such as ” fees ??? ????? … ??????? ??? ? ” be used even in the back-ground ? This is not acceptable at all. I actually did not understand how this short film can invoke recognition by RAFI SAHEB’s fans. In the end the son and the daughter-in-law steal the money for paying their child’s fees, without letting the deaf Senior Citizen have his hearing aid ????? As a fan of Rafi Saheb, it is not enough for me that even physically impaired people are Rafi’s Fans, as that goes without saying. Fondness of Rafi Saheb’s sound and personality is much,much,much beyond that for Rafi’s devotees.

    So I request on behalf of all Rafi Devotees, Please withdraw this video. We cannot bear such comments about that great, divine, marvel called Mohd. Rafi and never ever for his other colleagues like Mangeshkars, Kishore Kumar, etc…. They are God’s Gifts to Mankind.

    ??? ????? ??? movie also has a sickeningly unacceptable dialogue about Rafi Saheb, people of good tastes draw a surge of ANGER on hearing those words in the film. Though the Dialogue has been WEAKLY taken back as the film progresses — by Shaahid Kapoor saying something like “??? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? dushman bhi ??? ???? ?? ???? ?? “, as a matter of fact, such dialogues WERE NOT REQUIRED there. It depicts our Rafi Saheb as SHOUTING …….. and it is highly unacceptable. Rafi’s sound, talk, shouting too was, is and will remain STRONG, yet SWEET and MELODIOUS.

    Mohd Rafi’s Innocence which reflect from his eyes, look, mannerisms, his divine grace, his smile, his actions and movements, his expressions (facial & vocal), his attire, his ways of walking, talking, sitting, all his mannerisms, his utter simplicity are beyond words and beyond any videos….. In case films are made on such a legend, it should be done with utmost care. This is no POLITICs involved in these feelings of mine. This is said out of complete devotion.

    I have not liked the film by Mr. Gowda and Rangaswamy, but on the contrary I find it offending …..except that “even deaf people were admirers of Rafi’s voice”, because “Actual Fans of Rafi are admirers of Rafi as a whole.” Plus the film shows that :-
    a. a remix is being played of a Rafi Song, in the shop where the Senior Citizen goes to buy a Rafi CD. Are they trying to convey that the Sr. Citizen could bear it only because he was deaf ???? …. I agree with it, if it is so.

    b. The amount of Rs. 20,000/- appears too meager for :- 1. a hearing aid for a Deaf Sr. Citizen and / or 2. Rafi’s collections and / or 3. for the deafness of the offending Son, daughter-in-law and / or 4. their child’s fees.

    The contemporary generations and their tastes for contemporary music are extremely cheap and poor….. “Chiknee Chamelee”, The current “””” maata… pitaa “”””” remix sort pictured on Saif Ali Khan, “”” Rockstar kind of music.” “Sheela ki Jawaani”, “””Munni badnaam””””, “””” Pyar ki Pungi”””, “””Saiyaan ve””””

    Rafi – Mangeshkars, Sudhir Phadke, Manna Dey, Mukesh, Talat Mehmood, Suman Kalyaanpur, Pndt.Bhimsen Joshi, Pndt Bismillah Khan and such others of their times shall eternally continue to stir, rule and guide the souls, spirits, and lives of those who are true atheists,

  22. Siva says:

    A very good effort-sums up the “deewangi” of Rafi fans like us. Just like how Rafi sahab was so unique, his fans are also unique.

    For me in all my happy & sad moments Rafi sahab’s songs keep inspiring me.
    Sometimes I really wonder what I would do without his songs -not a single day goes without listening to the golden voice at least once in a day …

    Tum mujhe yun bhula na paoge jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere……

  23. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Achal ji,

    Brilliant effort. This may be your first attempt at acting, but trust me you have done remarkably well. And I fully endorse your view that it is our love for Rafi saab that brings out such expressions from us. Because when we try to describe the phenomenon called Rafi, we only think of extreme expressions.. and at times we find even those extreme expression are not adequate to describe his persona leading to such innovative ideas.

    Great indeed, look forward to more such endeavors from you.

    -J.K. Bhagchandani

  24. Thanks a lot everyone for your overwhelming response. I thank Mr. Rangaswamy for bringing alive the ‘babuji’ in my script and his valuable inputs in selection of songs in the background score. He was in Vadodara just for one day, which he had planned to spend with his family, but chose to go ahead with the shoot of Bhoole Bisre. Thanks for everything sir! Let’s hope we collaborate for another project, a sequel, maybe 🙂

    Keep sharing the film with your friends, family members and acquaintances.

    With warm regards

    Prakash Gowda

  25. achal rangaswamy says:

    dear friends

    thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement. we are touched.

    walijah saab, this film was actually made in colour only, but we decided to do the B and W version since many of Rafi Saab’s songs belonged to that era.

    we shall surely attempt something longer.

    believe me it was a first attempt for me at acting. i guess it was our love and respect for Rafi Saab that brought out this expression of ours.

    thanks a lot once again, all of you.

    warm regards

    achal rangaswamy

  26. Mohammed Irfan says:

    Splendid effort……Many many thanks for the initiative

  27. Binu Nair says:

    Ardent mohd rafi lovers Mr and Mrs Shenvai has made a 140 mnts documentary on eternal singer mohd rafi. they are from mumbai..

    this is an absorbing documentary which was screened few times at their music club named sargam at vile parle and dadar.

    the selections of songs, the sequences etc have been done with great care.

    we will be screening it this july on a large projector screen in an auditorium which can seat 200 persons.

    we have invited – rafi saaheb family members this time. music lovers are invited tooo.

    admission is by invitation and without any charges.

    Interested mohd rafi lovers please contact us at :

    the rafi foundation

    9833 250 701…….

  28. sunil kumar says:

    I really liked as it touched me in fact it must have touched all Rafi fans. Rafi saheb is just not a singer Mohd rafi is an addiction. Congrats

  29. Binu Nair says:

    Wah Wah….. simply superb and great. congrats to the entire team.

    waiting for Part II and Part III.

    also wish to add that there is a 3 minute clip in which rafi saaheb says few words on the demise of s d burman. its a rare, rare moments of rafi saaheb speaking captured by ameeen sayaani

    last heard, he was selling it at exhorbitant prices. the lucky ones would have seen it in some of the reality shows – recently.

    his sound recordist mentioned it to me just yesterday….

  30. n k v ranga rao says:

    nice try,a variety in the presentation, i agree with walija saab a complete documentary should be brought out on rafi saab and should be telecasted on all the channels at least by next july 31st if not this year.

  31. Lt Col Javed Sayyed(Veteran) says:

    Hearty Congrats to Prakash Sahab, anchal saab and their team for the efforts, dedication & for giving us such a lovely gift born out of unconditional love.
    Keep up the good work. Bharat Ke Ratna-Rafi Sahab!!!!

  32. Jayant Sanyal says:

    Dear Mr. Gowda & Mr. Rangaswamy,

    Congratulations on this delightful effort that captures the very essence of the “Deevanaapan” which is associated with being a Rafi Fan!

    With the passing of the landmark bill in both the houses of Parliament, the singers, lyricists and music directors of today stand to gain royalty each time their creation is aired on electronic media. One wonders how much royalty would our beloved Rafi Sahab would have been entitled to, for continuing to entertain, engross and enthrall people with his songs which were penned by the master lyricists and set to music by the masters of melody knowing well that only Rafi Sahab could do justice to their creations. Such melodies and such devotion for Rafi Sajab should be shown to today’s generation who don’t seem to have an idea why the music of 50s, 60s and 70s was regarded as the golden era of Hindi Film Industry.

    “Tu iss tarah se meri zindagee mein shaamil hai
    Jahan bhi jaaun yeh lagta hai teri mahfil hai »

    Aaj bhi hum Rafi Sahab ko deevano ki tarah talaash rahe hain, unke geeton mein !
    Dil Ka soona Saaz tarana dhhondh raha hai
    Rafi Sahab ko unke baad zamana dhoodh hi raha hai

  33. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Prakash Ji and Achal Ji,

    After watching your short film I hope you can go for full length feature film on Rafi Saab and telecast it on all TV channels on 31st July capturing the actual sites, like Kotla Sultan vilage, school, recording rooms and other prominent places where Rafi Saab used to have musical sittings and above all his house and awards and moreover the interviews with the living personalities who have great acquintaince with Rafi Saab. For this you need finance, if all rafi lovers can come forward to contribute something for the project, there is no issue of finance and we can all bring this idea into reality.

    It will be an awakening call to the lazy politicians to award Bharat Ratna to our Rafi Saab.

    I need opinions of other rafi lovers for this brilliant idea which can be fulfilled if our will is strong…


    H.A.K. Walijah

  34. Narayan says:

    Bravo.. well done and Superb to Prakashbhai, Anchal saab and their team..
    this should be telecasted on 31st july in all the leading Tv channels


  35. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Dear Achal Ji,

    You leap one step ahead of your contemporary rafi lovers while expressing dedication and love towards the Maestro. I simply congratulate you for your first attempt in acting before the camera. Even though you did not speak a single word but expressed everything thorugh your acting being a deaf rafi lover???? You would have speak and express your feelings more in words, just a question.

    If it had been shot in color, wah! kya kehna……..

    And also if the moving and touching story prolongs a few minutes more it would have more impact and more effect.

    I once again thanks for your courageous effort in accepting the lead role in that short film.

    At the same time Prakash Gowda ji also claim same kind of accolades for his brilliant effort for bringing this short film to Rafi Lovers.


    H.A.K. Walijah

  36. rahul says:

    watched the short film on rafisaab.tears rolled down the cheeks.this is fantastic effort.rafisaab is immortal. hundreds of singers may come tomorrow,but rafisaab will be is a sad commentry but a day should come when he will be conferred ‘bharatratna’


  38. Shaonli Bhattacharya says:

    We the Indian always Love u Rafi sahab from the the deep of our heart.very very touchy video, excellent. thanks.

  39. Chandan says:

    Dear Sir
    Cant pay a better tribute to Rafi Saab than this..! I am so very emotionally touched ad moved…I hope this article and video film goes to millions across the world to explain as to how to lead a life like Rafi Saab! Long live Rafi Saab, his songs and his unbounded love for fellow-human beings.!

  40. M V Devraj says:

    Bahut achha laga Achalji!Thank you.
    M V Devraj

  41. S.Rajagopalan says:

    Very Poignant. Very moving.The background songs of Rafi Saheb were apt and appropriate,especially the last one.


  42. mohamedparvez says:

    Dear Sir Thanx For Sharing Emotional Video Dedicated To Rafi Sahab, I Will Share With My Friends in Face Book,Orkut,Twitter,Also In Rafi Sahab”s Blog,Kindly Visit Each And Every Pages Of Our Beloved Rafi Sahab”s Blog,Over 800 Pages Are There,Kindly Visit This Links,Take Care


    Mohamed Parvez

  43. Ali says:

    Hi, great job sir

  44. Onika Setia says:

    very heart touchable story . it’s great.

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