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Voh Bharat Desh Hai Mera

This article is written by Pradeep.

Today we celebrate our 59th Independence Day. As we listen to this song, classic memories of Rafi Sahab and India become very prominent. The eternal happiness that Rafi Sahab portrays in this song gives us all a warm feeling, a secured feeling. Numerous Indians have lost thier life in the freedom struggle. The freedom that we enjoy now cannot be enjoyed without a tear. As we breathe in the sovereign air we should respect all those who perished in the freedom struggle.

She (India) has left indelible imprints on one fourth of the human race in the course of a long succession of centuries. She has the right to reclaim … her place amongst the great nations summarizing and symbolizing the spirit of humanity. From Persia to the Chinese sea, from the icy regions of Siberia to Islands of Java and Borneo, India has propagated her beliefs, her tales, and her civilization! — Sylvia Levi

Lets enjoy this number from Sikandar-e-Azam based on Yaman Kalyan Shuddh Raag. Music by Hans Raj Bahal and lyrics by Rajendra Krishn.

Listen Listen to Jahan Daal Daal Pe

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwaraah,
Guru Sakshat ParaBrahmah, Tatsmaye Shri Guruvey Namah,
Jahaan Daal-Daal Par Sone Ki Chidiyaa Karati Hai Baseraa,
Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa, Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa,
Jahaan Satya, Ahimsa Aur Dharam Ka Pag-Pag Lagataa Deraa
Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa, Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa,

Ye Dharati Vo Jahaan Rishi Muni, Japate Prabhu Naam Ki Maalaa,
Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Om, Hari Om,
Jahaan Har Baalak Ek Mohan Hai, Aur Raadhaa Har Ek Baalaa,
Aur Radha Ek Ek Baala,
Jahaan Suraj Sabase Pehele Aake, Daale Apanaa Pheraa,
Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa, Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa,

Alabelon Ki Is Dharati Ke, Tyohaar Bhi Hai Alabele,
Kahin Deevaali Ki Jagamag Hai, Holi Ke Kahin Mele,
Holi Ke Kahin Mele,
Jahaan Raag Rang Aur Hansi Khushi Kaa, Chaaro Aur Hai Gheraa,
Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa, Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa,

Jahaan Aasamaan Se Baate Karate, Mandir Aur Shivalay,
Kisi Nagar Mein Kisi Dwaar Par, Koi Na Taalaa Daale,
Koi Na Taalaa Daale,
Aur Prem Ki Bansi Jahaan Bajaataa, Aaye Shaam Saveraa,
Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa, Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa

Jahaan Daal-Daal Par Sone Ki Chidiyaa Karati Hai Baseraa,
Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa, Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa,
Jahaan Satya, Ahimsa Aur Dharam Ka Pag-Pag Lagataa Deraa
Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa, Vo Bhaarat Desh Hai Meraa

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15 Blog Comments to “Voh Bharat Desh Hai Mera”

  1. Imtiyaz A. Sharif says:

    Ref. post 13, it’s already mentioned in the last para. “Sikandar-e-Azam”.

  2. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Dear esskay,
    Film is Sikander-e-Azam, MD Hansraj Behl and lyrics by Rajinder Krishan.
    Abad Rafi,
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  3. esskay says:

    plz let me know from which film is this song

  4. Sohail Abbas says:

    will somebody please tell me address of an online purchasers of lyrics
    i want to sell my lyrics in bollywood

  5. Sohail Abbas says:

    Dear friends,
    I have been reading you comments on the ‘old saga’. I am also a fan of Rafi from Pakistan. There is no doubt that many singers have been ruling Bolly Wood. All of them can be called, atleast, the king of their time. We, being the music lover, should not call any singer a bad singer. This is a field where even a non- routine voice like that of Himaish Reshmia can rule the hearts.One thing that only rafi sahib had was extreme of soul in singing. This is what really matters to an ordinary listener like me. I would like to present my analsis as under:

    Rafi Sahib is the end product of music ( the music which is called bread of soul)
    Kishore Kumar is the Foundation of music of upcoming generations.
    For me, immortality lies only in being end product or Foundation
    Everything else can be called ‘Commercially Viable’ but not immortal

  6. mohanflora says:

    Hi venkat_brahma,
    I have the song “nange bazoo nangi rane” on CD and can send you the same. Pl. send your e-mail.

  7. vkchandiramani says:

    Rafi shab was only one and the best of all Playback singers. From Sehgal to Sonu Nigam no one can even think to compair him self with Rafi Sahab. And pl pl pl no body should do that. becouse no body is even near rafi Sahab. In his voice the God was singing so who can claim a comparision with God……

    Mukesh Kishore Manaday talat all male singers all are not more than and can not be more than 25% of Rafi Sahabs capability.

    Mahender Kapoor is 50% of Rafi Sahabs Capability

    Jahan Dal Dal per Sone ki chidiya

    This is the best Petriotic songs of rafi sahab i thing all other songs are good This is some thing differant.

  8. unknow1 says:

    Dear friends,
    I don’t want to compare mohd rafi with any one but i want answer one thing that there was not Mohd Rafi time from 1969/70 to 1976?!!!!Dear friends Mohd Rafi singed in more than 160 films from 1969 to 1976!!!!but the problem was that Mohd rafi singed for poors MD and unknow actors(mostly),
    Also I don’t to compare SJ or Naushand with LP and RD al lof them are great,
    I want say about mohd Rafi voice that is a magic or God gift only for one human on this earth and that was Mohd Rafi.
    I think the best singer is who can copy Mohd Rafi the best way.(as I think)

  9. venkat_brahma says:


    Has anyone heard recently this number of Rafi saab: ‘Nange bazoo nangi rane’ from Yeh Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hain (1966)?

    I happened to hear this yesterday on Rafi Jukebox after a number of years and got nostalgic. If anyone has this song with them, can they help transfer it to my collection? The unfortunate thing is that these rare numbers are just not available even with HMV (now SAREGAMA). Of course, a lot of them are now available only with AIR Vividhbharathi.


  10. Pearl says:

    Let me tell you, I didn’t compare RD, LP with SDB, O.P. Nayar but at the same time, I know
    that they are not too bad to say 100% mediocre. You asked Rafi, you asked Lata, you even
    ask Naushad Ji personally about LP & RD, no one but people like you only can comment such
    foolish way. As you said, it depends upon your choice, yes it’s true but it could also happen
    that you don’t have standar choice at all. Regarding the fact, many people like hardcore
    classical only, many people don’t like at all. Some like folk music and some like western
    classical It’s not that one is good than the other one is bad, yeah you can do some
    comparision between but most of the styles are good and more or less worth listening.
    quality wise, in post 69 also you will find golden numbers, even in post 80 you will find many
    great songs but ofcourse not quantity wise. So, golden era ranges from 50-80.

    No, I am not among them who are fans of Kumar Sanu & Daler Mahendi, I know Sanu’s
    voice quality and Daler’s singing style. There is no democracy in music, it’s the change in
    taste that can uplift the mediocre ones and there is no relation between democracy and
    change in musical tastes. Better try to use proper words next time. You should change yr
    taste, try listening to some k.k saigal songs and also A.R. Rahman and Jatin Lalit songs,
    I am sure you will find very good compostions from them no matter you can or can’t
    compare them with Naushad and SDB or not.

    This shows how much mature you are and ho good your taste in music is. I am sure you
    know you not judging properly but are you bound to say these for some unavoidable
    reasons ?

    Contribution ? No, I don’t have. You people are far beyond in this field. You write good
    articles and say many facts. Which I don’t but I come to read, but do you think this is an
    excuse ? Can this be a reason for writing all those nonsense things ? I couldn’t stop
    just reading and I had to do the samething. And again, I didn’t force you to do any kind of
    activities. It’s the older members who had been writing and is writing such things, I just
    have said againt them which ofcourse people of your group will take as a valid reason and
    start doing the same job again. So you are encouraging yourself and doing the things again
    and again. I just come st stop your misdeeds, don’t take it as a wrong conception or fight
    against you.

  11. venkat_brahma says:

    Dear Pearl,

    You may or may not be a genuine pearl, but, LP and RD are certainly and 100% mediocre compared to the oldies such as SJ, MM, Naushad, SDB, CR, OPN, CG, Roshan ,etc., whose names you might not have heard!

    You are shouting and not me. My point was only that, in any case, the standard of Hindi film music had taken a huge dip after 1969/70 and hence it did not matter whether Rafi saab continued to be in the best form or not, after 1969/70.

    I do not know how to communicate to people for whom Kumar Sanu’s and Daler Mehendi’s are the ultimate singers! Are you one such? My friend, in culture and music, there cannot be democracy. Democracy will only throw up mediocre people.

    Well, you have forced me to say all this despite my great reluctance.

    In any case, please read the last para of my earlier post, wherein I requested fans to share comments about some of Rafi saab’s great songs, especially those less known. Do you have any contribution?


  12. Pearl says:

    Wonderful article Pradeep. Beautiful song and lyrics. BTW, you could write something on the
    song “Kar chale hum fida”, which is another great patriotic compostion. Anyway, Thanks a
    lot for your post.

    Dear Venkat,
    Are you someone from the old members of this site ? in any case, you should know what
    to post and where. No comparison was asked for in this topic, if you want to do then go
    to the other topics. if you are from an old member, might be you have chosen this process
    because you were lost, so you are trying to find a new way to start this
    process again. I make sure, you will be lost again. if not then I am sorry, the above words
    are not for you.

    I can’t stop laughing at you. You called LP, RD mediocre. In fact, History is witness for
    their best compositions. You can’t make any changes by shouting. No matter you call
    yourself hardened, you call yourself arrogant, nobody will bother you untill you judge
    properly. Your comments show you are not fit to judge. The thing is you just can’t make a
    Great greater, neither you can make a great good by your slogans.

    As, I said I want to make this site beautiful, but it’s getting dirty already. So, I don’t want
    to contribute in making it more dirty. Even Rafi will feel sorry for having fans like you.

  13. emdad says:

    I disagree with the observation of Mr. B.venkatadri that Rafi’s voice quality deteriorated after 1969. His voice quality was as good as before. It was the the taste of music that changed after 1969/70. And many old music directors could not cope with the changes which is very natural. It was not the inability of the old MDs but they found the changes were not their cup o tea.

  14. ashis says:

    wonderful Pradeep…

    Currently enjoying the song and wishing my fellow country men/women…

    Let’s share the pride of being Indian,

    on Independence Day and always!

    Happy Independence Day!

  15. venkat_brahma says:

    Hi folks,
    Let me introduce myself as a seasoned, hardened, unflinching and arrogant die-hard fan of Rafi Saab. I keep reading various discussions on comparisions, how and why Rafi saab is unquestionable no.1, etc.

    In these discussions, I keep seeing highly painful comparisions with an upstart called Kishore Kumar. As some friends keep rightly pointing out, KK is inferior even to Mannadey, Mukesh, Talat , leave aside to such a collosus called Rafi. KK may be superior only to Mahendra Kapoor.

    The last word on all this is this:

    Based on his singing career from 1947 to, say, 1969 (but not later), Rafi Saab is the greatest playback singer this Earth had witnessed and heard! Now that is a whopping 22 years of time!

    However,one should admit that after 1969/70, Rafi Saab’s voice has lost its premium quality and he could not sing as well as earlier. This is only a natural, biological phenomenon that happens to every one (including to Lata, Asha) and does not reflect negatively on Rafi Saab. But indeed, Rafi saab himself and Rafi fans need not regret this decline in voice quality after 1970, as 1969 marked the end of not only Rafi saab’s voice quality, but that year roughly also marked the end of all great, old music directors and indeed the platinum era of film music (not only in Hindi, but also in Telugu and Tamil). Hence, even if Rafi saab was to rule after 1969, it would have been only with mediocre music directors such as LP, KA, Bhappi, RD,etc. This mediocre period was best filled by the mediocre KK!

    I suggest that we, Rafi fans, should spend more time discussing some of his gems of songs, especially the ones that were less frequently heard. Have you all heard, “sab jawan sab haseen koi tumsa nahin” from main suhagan hoon? In this song, at a couple of parts, you burst out into tears! I am told by other fans also that some Rafi songs make you highly emotional.


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