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The symbiosis between Rafi’s music and Dharam’s action


It was a perfect blend of melody and romance of Indian movies. The duo of the Bollywood entertainment, Mohammed Rafi and Dharmendra, contributed greatly to the reflection of the Indian culture and values through their association. Mohammed Rafi was the flavor of the Indian music for four decades, from 1944 to 1980 till he breathed his last after singing for the last movie ‘Aas Paas’. Dharmendra, who reined Bollywood romantic movies of the later half of the 20 th century, was identified as the perfect blend for the music of Mohammed Rafi. The duo’s songs together reflected the wonderful harmony of the melody of the Indian music and the eternity of the ardent love.

Mohd Rafi and Dharamendra

The great association of Rafi and Dharmendra started with Khayyam’s song, Jaane kya dhoondti hai from Shola Aur Shabnam. The movie was released in 1961. Another hit of the duo was the song from the movie Mera Karam Mera Dharm directed by Dulal Guha’ and was released in 1987, seven years after the death of Mohammed Rafi.

The creators of Indian music were fond of the Rafi-Dharmendra pair. Many of them achieved the culmination of their music by introducing the R-D pair in their music. A few examples to cite the dedication of the famous directors to the R and D pair are Mujhe dard-e-dil ka pataa na tha from Chitragupta, Aap ke haseen rukh from O.P Nayyar, Inn baharon mein akele na phiro from Roshan, and the famous Kaliyon ne ghunghat khole and Main suraj hoon tu meri kiran. These music directors felt that Rafi is made for Dharmendra. They utilized the typical Punjabi tone of Rafi to suit the rhythmic songs of the movies that heralded the tone of the Indian music for decades. The symbiosis of Rafi’s voice with Dharmendra’s action and expression created a unique identity to their songs.

However, music directors such as R.D.Burman did not try Rafi’s voice in his famous Dharmendra songs, and to an extent, missed the effect of the R and D harmony. Though Burman created a large number of songs for Dharmendra in the later period of his career, only a few not-so-popular songs were given the Rafi voice. R D Burman’s movies, Chandan Ka Palna and Phandebaaz, were noted for their playful numbers made from the R-D combination. And the same was the case with Pyar se dil bhar de from Kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan? and Rehne do from Rakhwala.


The wonderful association of the two was reaching the culmination when Rafi sang Shaher mein charcha hai with Lata Mangeshkar for Aas Paas in which Dharmedra and Hema Malini co-acted. During recording, Laxmikant and Pyarelal requested Mohd. Rafi to stay back a little while to sing the last few lines of the song Shaam phir kyun udaas hai dost, he agreed and stayed back. While leaving, he took the permission of the L-P asking, ‘Shall I leave?’, and L-P did not take his words so deeply until they heard that Rafi left them all forever a little after he had taken the permission from the composing room.

Rafi shared a strong bond with Laxmikant – Pyarelal, and their combination was clear from many L-P songs. Their association had started with the J. Om Prakash film, Aye Din Bahaar Ke. All the songs, including Meri dushman, tu meri dosti ko tarse, and Phoolon se mukhde wali were hits of the time. Another L-P highlight was Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke with Om Prakash, followed by the famous Yeh shama to jali, O maajhi chal and Bura mat suno from Bakshi.

Rafi with LP

One of the unforgettable romantic movies of Dharmendra –Rafi combination was Mere Hamdam Mere Dost in which he was shot with Sharmila Tagore. The songs Na jaa kahin ab na jaa, Chhalkaye jaam and Hui shaam unka khayaal aa gaya were dedicated for the loving souls of the century.

The continued association of the R and D with L-P added new dimensions to the Bollywood panorama. Jhilmil sitaron ka aangan hoga from Jeevan Mrityu and Kuch kehta hai yeh saawan from Mera Gaon Mera Desh were followed by the famous solos Aaj mausam beimaan hai bada from Loafer, Main jat yamla pagla diwana from Pratiggya, and O meri mehbooba and Arey maine tujhko chahaa from Dharam-Veer. The truly emotional numbers from Pocketmaar, such as the Banda parvar main kahaan, yeh aapki mehfil kahaan added more feathers in the crowns of the duo.

The intensity of the bond between Rafi and Dharam was most felt after Rafi’s death. Dharmendra could not make any noteworthy numbers after Rafi left him from the world of Indian cinema. After the death of Rafi, it was the noteworthy efforts of the Shanker-Jaikishan that resulted in about half-a-dozen solos for Dhramendra in the memory of Rafi. Tumhare pyar mein hum beqaraar hoke chale and Main kahin kavi na ban jaoon are a few ever-loving numbers that were recollected for the memory of Rafi.

Rafi with SJ

Now it is the turn of the young generation of Dharmendra and Rafi. The association between Dharmendra’s son Sunny Deol and Rafi-clone Sonu Nigam was first seen in the movie Border. Though it is a surprise that it took 37 years to identify the Deol-Nigam duo in a movie, it shows the significance of the association of the original D-R pair.

The forthcoming Apne is going to add another record in the history of Indian movies with father Dharmendra acting a role against his two sons, Bobby Deol and Sunny Deol. The movie has its leading female roles being played by Shilpa Shetty and Katrina Kaif. With a large frame of super stars, the movie is expected to be in theatres with a big hit.


Though Rafi left us with an early melancholy note, his melodious voice is still reflected in the hearts of scores of Indian movie fans.

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  1. Santanu Banerji says:

    Shri Rajkumarji is quite unaware about camp division in Bombay film history. I say this because, although it was a reality that SJ always wanted Mukesh to sing in Rajkapoor’s voice in the 50s, and for Naushadji Md Rafi was almost always the singer since 1951, no matter whether the hero was Dilipkumarji or some one else, but it does not hold true in case of SD burman. Since Burman sahab having juggled between Hemant kumar and Kishoreji in the early 60s as his main male singer, had finally settled with Md Rafi in the voice of Devanand from Kalapani ( chale gaye hum bekhudime tumko pukare ) and Guru Dutt from pyassa. Since ‘ Kalapani” to ‘ Tere ghar ke saamne”, kishore kumar did not get opportunity to Sing for Devanand 6 Navaketan films in a row, and in films other than Devanand in the lead, Md Rafi was SD’s main male singer. Moreover, since 1959, Md Rafi became the main singer of Shankar- jaikishan also. And from 1957 to 1971, I cannot remember a single film where SD scored music, barring perhaps Bandini, where Md Rafi did not sing. In fact, all Devanand films, in which SD Burman did’nt score as the MD, 6 by SJ, 2 by OP Nair and 1 each by Jaidev and Madanmohan, were replete with the divine voice of great Md Rafi. So the nub of the point which I want to make is, since 1958 to 1970, Md Rafi became the only choice of all these great music directors.Perhaps with the only exception when SJ occasionally had to shift to Mukesh for Rajkapoor films in the 60s ( Although in one film in 1963 SJ got Md Rafi to sing for even Rajkapoor.) So, Md Rafi was the kind of bollywood play back singing till 1971, before he was somewhat sidelined by a new clique orchastrated by RD Burman, and sadly, with the help of his few collegues and heroes, who strangely received immense help from the great singer in their grooming time.

  2. Shashi says:

    There are many other songs which aren’t included here. Aap Ki Parchhaian will surely be missed.

  3. Siraj Baug says:


  4. Siraj Baug says:


  5. halleh says:

    I like hema malini, and I want mort photoes from her.

  6. pmc thangal says:

    rafi saab’s voice suit to all actors begining with dileep kumar, rajkapoor, ahok kumar, guru dutt,sunil dutt ,.barath booshan,sanjeeve,rajendra, shami,sasi rishi, devanand,dermendra, biswajith,to comedians like johney walker, mehaboob etc . in my estimation dileep kumar had given high justification to rafi than any other actors while acting the role of singing.similerly rafi’s comic and druken types songs like mainupee sheraab, thum ne kya piya (naya rasta md n dutta),maine peena seekiliya (goonj uti shehnai md vasant desai)peeker sherab keloonga ( gavaar md naushad)and muje duniya walo sharabee na ( leeder md naushad ) mai.. mai kartoon (mr kartoon MA md op) and such a type song in isee ka nam duniya md ravi are interesting there a number of songs in this patern , those who know more about it please post in this forum. pmc thangal panakkad

  7. ANSHUL BHOLA says:

    Rafi Saab is the greatest singer world has ever seen . He is unchallenged & undisputable King of the Singing. No one will ever come close to him in singing. I agree with what manna dey said ” There will never be a Rafi again”. He is the best of all times.

  8. T. Zakkariya says:

    Rafi saab is a Lulu (pearl) of the world and nobody can was challenge and beat at him until his death. His voice was very nice and sweet and it was blessed and given by God. Oh God why did you call him back ?

    Oh Rafi saab it was great to sung by difference kinds of voice as same as the actor who is acting the film as eg. Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra, Shammi Kapoor, Shatrugan Sinha, Jitendra, Sanjay, Sanjeev kumar, Raaj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar and Balraj Sahani etc. still we all are keeping in our hearts as alive. SALUTE RAFI SAAB SALUTE.

  9. sufian says:

    rafi was the man.

  10. Mohd Rameez says:

    Mohd Rafi sahab jesa gane wala is duniya mein shayad hi paida ho rafi sahab ki sharafat unke chehre se jhalakti hai meri dua hai ke allah unhe akhrat mein chain de aur jannat-ul -firdaus ata farmaye (ameen)

  11. jasbir singh says:

    jane kya dondti rehti hain ye aankhen mujme raakh ke der mein shola hai na chingari hai,rafi sahib aap ke bina sangeet suna hai.

  12. jasbir singh says:

    i salute rafi sahib

  13. jasbir singh says:

    i like rafi, i love rafi, mera god hai rafi
    tum na jane kis jahan mein kho gaye,
    hum to chale pardes hum pardesi ho gaye, shoota apna des hum pardesi ho gayeeeeeeeeeeee

  14. jasbir singh says:

    no singer can match rafi sahib.his songs cant be forget his voice was like amrit . kaash aaj rafi sahib hote to indian music ka yeh hall na hota. rafi sahib aap kyon itni jaldi is jahaan se chale gaye.yadi muje kabhi god mile to mein rafi sahib ko dobara is jahan per bhejne ki request karon.rafi sahib aap mahan ho ,

  15. jasbir singh says:

    i remember my god rafi sahib every day every moment. i beg to god pls send rafi again .

  16. binus2000 says:

    re : post 27 :

    the last recording of rafi ji must have been done on July 28
    or July 29. the song is the mukhda from aas paas, few lines and
    the remaining full songs was not recorded on the mentioned date.

    it was postponed but never could be recorded.

    binu nair….. the rafi foundation… mumbai… 9833 250 701

  17. binus2000 says:

    a correction here:

    rafi ji after recording aas paas mukhda reportedly was in a
    hurry to go and said he will come back for the full recording
    – which never happened.
    this was at mehboob studios just next to pyarelal ji’s house in

    two days later while rehearsing for mahohari da for a bengali
    album, the chesh pain started and rafi ji was rushed to the bombay
    hospital but could’nt be revived… On july 31.. the hindi music
    virtually died at 10.30 p.m. and on aug 1st the newspapers reported
    to rafi lovers of the world.

    it was the time of ramzan and four days later it was id… many of
    my muslim friends never celebrated id……. because rafi was not
    in this world and music world has lost it’s towering hero.

    binu nair… the rafi foundation.

  18. Manish Kumar says:

    One of my favorite moments is in the picturisation of Bura Mat Suno. When the song ends but then the curtains reopen and Dharmendra comes back out again and speaks a few lines. As he is speaking – he goes into singing and Rafi matches his voice with Dharmendra seamlessly. That part must have been challenging to shoot had it not been for the excellent chemistry between Rafi & Dharmendra. I really liked the song Chalkaaye Jaam from MHMD but we could probably list at least 50 equally great examples.

    Here’s Bura Mat Suno – pay attention to the dialogue to singing transition in the end – love it!

  19. DEBABRATA ROY says:


  20. Randeep says:

    Rafi Saab is a man of melody. He born on the earth only for showering his songs on the earth like roses.
    Nobody can be like rafi in this age.

  21. Prakash Shah says:

    Rajkumar aprriciate your views , but denanand and vijayanand as a director of dev’s film for navketan given rafis most memorable songs like :-abhi na jao chhod kar ke yeh dil abhi bhara nahin,main zindgi ka saath nibhata chala gaya,tu kahan ye bata,dil ka bhanwar kare pukar,and list is too many.

    Believed that on those days there were camp system but coincident ly dev saab was so lucky that even SJ has given his one of the best tune in jab pyar kisi se hota hai and in film called pyar mahobbat :- Tin ka nastar pit pit kar gala fadke chilla na yaar kahin bura na maan na ye gaana hai na baja hai in same song rafi in one sentance praise late k.l saigal and givenhomage to sehgal.Also all the song of ASLI NAQLI were render by rafiji and all are hit ;ek but banauga or teri puja karunga etc etc
    Jaidev in humdono has givenhis career best with rafiji for dev.
    Rajesh roshan has given in Man Pasand all the song with rafi a dev starrer
    Madan mohan in sharabi with rafiji and dev
    R.D.burman in his all career span not given as marvel and as sweety popular as Teeesri manzil with rafi . not even with kishore kumar i can say.
    On those days newcomers music directors believe its theire previlage if rafi sing a song for his films.Rafi ji was considered as tressure to music directors.

    Prakash Shah..>>.>> MO.094262 87666

  22. binus2000 says:

    raaj kumar ji,

    I am with you. please get in touch with me by an e.mail and
    the live c.d. can be made available…

    binu nair

  23. Raajkumar Akela says:

    There are two categories of Rafi Saab’s fans in this whole world…one those who have never seen Rafi Saab singing in a live concert. Secondly those who have seen Rafi Saab numbers of times in so many concerts in India, America, Africa, UAE.etc. etc.
    The first catogery always looks forward to have a glimpse of Rafi Saab singing in any concert in cassette/cd.. whileas the second category never wishes to share their happiness.with the starving catogery. Both they call themselves Rafi Saab’s fans. If both they love Rafi Saab then both they are brothers (GURUBHAI).
    I, hereby, humbly request all the brothers to come forward and share their happiness with all those who are seeking one glimpse of Rafi Saab. And, of course, this generous act of your love will give his soul eternal peace up above in heaven.
    -Rajkumar Akela

  24. Raajkumar Akela says:

    My all time favourite Dev Anand always preferred Kishor Kumar for his Navketan. Actually there was a ‘camp’ competition in those days… like Dilip-Naushad-Rafi camp, Rajkapoor-Shankarjaikishan-Mukesh camp and Devanand-S.D. Burman-Kishor camp. No one can deny this.
    Kishor sang so many beautiful songs for my favourite Dev, but to be very frank, I always enjoyed Dev more on screen borrowing Rafi Saab’s golden voice…may be it was Mai Kah Doon Tumko Chor…or Sathi Na Kio Manzil..or Sawan Ke Mahine me..or Jiya Ho Jiya Kuchh Bol Do..or Achha Ji Mai Hari..or Hum Bekhudi Me..0r Kabhi Khud Pe Kabhi Halat Pe..or Kya se Kya Ho Gaya..or…how many more ORs I can add. When Rafi Saab sang for Dev I felt Dev looked more handsome as he was the most handsome hero of Indian Cinema.
    Regards to one and all.
    -Raajkumar Akela

  25. Prakash Shah says:

    Also RAFIJI sang for DEVANAND JI which were classy and give some special effects in his voice to rescembel devanand voice and even we can start to believe that Kishore da cannot sang same song better and as depth worthy than what RAFI JI sang.some example : kahin be-khayal ho ke,and Aise to na dekho,-TEEN DEVIYA,Din dhal jaaye,and Tere mere sapne-GUIDE,Tu kahaan e batta,and Dil ka bhanwar – Tere gar ke saamne,Upar wala jaan kar anjaan hai -kala bazar,and Abhi na jao chhod kar ke dil abhi bhara nahin,Kabhi khud pe – HUMDONO etc,etc.
    In 60-70’s all established and newcomers star consider its theire preveilage if mohd.rafi sang for him,even up-coming Jeetendra cut downn his fees from producer of gunha ko devta to engage rafi ji and shankar jaikishan as music director.
    Only Sri dharmendra and sri JEETENDRA WERE only stars to emphasise theire producer to give rafiji a song in there movie in rafiji lean period,as they both were knowing that without rafiji they wouldn’t
    reached this stage of theire stardom.
    Even shammi kapoor said that he had lost his voice.-that is called spirit

  26. irony81 says:


  27. sayed zaka says:

    Great Article
    I m greatest fan of Rafi Sahab. I have collected his more than 4000 songs filmi, non filmi unreleased in variousn languages like ENGLISH, PERSIAN, SOORNAMI, HHINDI, MARATHI, URDU, KONKANI, PUNJABI, SINDHI, BANGLA, GUJRATI, RAJHASTHANI, CHATTISGARHI, MAGHADI, MATHELI,TELGU, URIA & BHOJPURI

    I have also collection of his three different audio interviews, one VCD interview, a documentary film, his son’s wedding VCD, Taj Program VCD, Lot of paper cutting articles, photographs & etc
    Tell: 022-24051327/8 Cell: 09324485530

  28. javifazl says:

    MOHAMMAD RAFI.COM .Is the perfect websit for a person like me how nows littil bit about so well done U peaple there who are involved in the making of this website. JAVEDFAZAL sukkur,sindh,pakistan.

  29. binus2000 says:

    Mohd Rafi s voice is purified gold – for any actor . And when it is
    an actor with great calibre who uses the maestro’s voice – the
    chemistry between them turn it in to – great works of art.
    Mohd Rafi is a great creation of the GODS and such great men
    are not repeated again and again.
    I have yet to find an actor of substance not using Rafi saab s vocals,
    his voice was used by Raj Kapoor for over 30 songs, for Kishore
    Kumar for 11 songs and for Rajesh Khanna for top tracks when he
    was on the helm. Remember, Nafrat Ki Duniya Ko Chodkar, Pyar Ki
    Duniya mein the solitary difficult song from Haathi Mere Saathi which stole the thunder and went on to become a top hit.

    Kaanch Ke Kankar Kabhi,
    Jawhar nahi ban sakhte…..
    Jo chaahe ban jaaye…
    Mohd.Rafi phir ban NAHI sakhte…..

    from: binu nair : Rafi Music Academy.. Mumbai

  30. unknow1 says:

    KK singed few hit songs for Dharam Ji but when we speak about the best songs only we can see Mohd Rafi in songs,Shammi Kapoor never used KK voice(not after 1980)and Naushand used KK voice ones only but there is no one from 1947 to 1980 who worked in films they don’t use Mohd rafi voice,people like Manoj kummar or Rajesh khanna who don’t like Mohd rafi but they have to use Mohd rafi voice,Anil was top MD in 194’0’s he said that Mohd rafi voice is not good but that was the greatness on Mohd rafi in 1950’s Mohd Rafi was at the top and Anil was nothing he singed for him in 1958………

  31. ATM SALIM says:


  32. unknow1 says:

    Any name with Mohd Rafi we can say that they r the best like Mohd Rafi and Dhermendra,Mohd Rafi and Shammi Kapoor,Mohd Rafi and Naushand,Mohd Rafi and Madan Mohan,Mohd Rafi and Lata,Mohd Rafi and Asha or any name become with Mohd Rafi name there should be hit…..

  33. loverafi says:

    I have always Saluted Dhermendra for his acting no matter what is role he played. But Actually Dhermendra got Real Image with Rafi Sahab’s Voice. When Dhermendra got Life Time achievement award he said ” Kishore kumar, mannadey, hemant kumar, mukesh had sung so many songs for him, But Rafi sahab is his personal favorite”. He accepted that Rafi sahab has major role in his carrer. August 1 ,1980 when Dhermendra came to know that Rafi sahab has left us back. He said ” mere sochne aur samajhne ki shakti khatam ho gayi hai. Maine apne bhai ko kho diya”.
    Rafi sahab was permanent voice of Dhermendra right from jaane kya dhoonti rehti hai to aaj shaam phir. Friends I read one interview of Rafi sahab’s wife in which she said ” rafi sahab bahut zyada excited hote the jab wo Dharamji ke liye gaane jaate the aur ghar aakar zaroor batate the”.
    Both are my personal favorites.

  34. Hussein Sheikh says:

    This is a great news that a shrine will be built in Birmingham (UK) on Rafi Saheb. I salute Mr. Bashir.

  35. binus2000 says:

    Thou shall not rise again…..
    Thou music will………

    Above the cacophony of sounds,
    Ringing melodies of yore…..
    bringing joy to human souls…..

    Songs for every mood…….
    Across all borders…….

    Thy name is MUSIC…..
    Thou name BHARAT RATNA . .. MOHD.RAFI….

    from binu nair….to an incomparable legend

  36. binus2000 says:

    A shrine will be built in Birmingham but in Bandra – Rafi saab’s
    home there is a tiny road sign which says : Mohammad Rafi Chowk.
    Rafians are grateful to Tasawar Bashir, who has taken the lead to
    show the world how to pay tribute to a stalwart and a legend.
    Rafi s grave, opposite to SantaCruz police station is another place
    where Rafians pay tribute to the legend – year round one will find
    fresh flowers on the grave. Iam told people come from far and wide
    to pay their respect to Rafi Saab.

    Rafians all over must petitions the govt to honour Rafi saab
    with the Bharat Ratna award without further delay.


  37. mehtab says:

    Dear Administrator of Mohd. Rafi dot com,
    Thanks again for another beautiful article about our beloved Mohd. Rafi Sahib. Dharmendera himself has said that “without Rafi sahib’s immortal songs he might not be able to have such a distinctive career.” It is a really true & unbiased statement. But alas! such type of perfect combinations are absent nowadays. At present, the artists always look in a great hurry & there can’t be any art and minuteness in hurriness. Today’s artists should learn a lesson from the yesteryears’ artists like Rafi sahib and others. Rafi sahib is still ‘all time great’ and will be the same during the forthcoming centuries. His memories are becoming stronger day by day in the hearts of the general public. It is matter of great pleasure that a shrine in the name of Rafi sahib is going to be constructed/erected. Now this great accentor ‘ll easily get recognition among those worldwide foreigners also, who don’t know the legend of legends i.e. Mohd. Rafi sahib.
    –MEHTAB (Chandigarh) +919815703226,

  38. unknow1 says:

    As said by Dharmendra that all singer singed for him but Mohd Rafi was the best……

  39. Anmol Singh says:

    The song which defines Dharmendra (Paajji) the best is “Mai Jat Yamla Pagla Diwana”. Rafi Saab matched Dharam’s body language and rough and tough style the best. Many singers gave play back for Dharam, but Rafi Saab was the best of all in every era from the early 60s till the end.

  40. mohanflora says:

    View from another window: Rafi-Dharmendra

    One symbolised all that was beautiful and technically perfect in melody, while the other represented a blend of action, innocence and understated romantic passion. And together, the December-born twosome, Mohammed Rafi and Dharmendra represented muscle in melody, for their best songs together were chunky objets d’art, fleshed out with great lyrics, music, and of course vocals, and were no less than what Rafi got to vocalise for his more famous associations like Dilip Kumar and Shammi Kapoor.

    Theirs was an association that went all the way back to the time when ‘Garam Dharam’ was yet to become a hot force at the box-office. It began with Shola Aur Shabnam (Khayyam’s ‘Jaane kya dhoondti hai…’/1961) and chronologically culminated with the anonymous Mera Karam Mera Dharam (Laxmikant-Pyarelal), the long-delayed Dulal Guha film that released only in 1987, seven years after Rafi’s death.

    Note the fact that a full 37 years before beta Sunny Deol had the Rafi-clone Sonu Nigam sung ‘Sandesen aate hain…’ in Border, the original Rafi and Dharam teamed up for ‘Ab tumhare hawaale watan saathiyon…’ (Haqeeqat/Madan Mohan). But to me, Madan Mohan on Rafi-Dharmendra, musically, is better represented by that super-cool ditty ‘Ek haseen shaam ko…’ (Dulhan Ek Raat Ki/1966) with its ambience of cool winds blowing as dusk falls on a moonlit lovers’ rendezvous.

    Music directors galore researched and developed the R & D (Rafi and Dharam) mutual synergy and symbiosis. Chitragupta scored a Rafi-Dharam tour de force with the stunning Akash Deep beauty, ‘Mujhe dard-e-dil ka pataa na tha/Mujhe aap kis liye mil gaye…’. O.P. Nayyar contributed his memorable bit to this team with the classic ‘Aap ke haseen rukh…’ (Baharen Phir Bhi Aayengi/1966). And in that same memorable year, Roshan forever illuminated the Dharam oeuvre with his Rafi-Asha beauty in that showcase of Majrooh’s poetry in Mamta — ‘Inn baharon mein akele na phiro…’, while Sonik-Omi, making a charged debut, enriched their record with the delicious fragrance of ‘Kaliyon ne ghunghat khole… (Dil Ne Phir Yaad Kiya) and the radiant Rafi-Asha duet, ‘Main suraj hoon tu meri kiran…’

    R.D. Burman, who worked with Dharam extensively in the later years, had no place for Rafi in his Dharmendra songs, except in undistinguished songs in Chandan Ka Palna and Phandebaaz. Neither, strangely, did Ravi. And the Kalyanji-Anandji output was noted mainly for frivolous seasonal numbers in Kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan? (‘Pyar se dil bhar de…’) and Rakhwala (‘Rehne do…’).

    ‘Rehne do…’ for the K-A-Rafi output was still noted for the beautiful Rafi-Asha Professor Pyarelal melody ‘Tere siva na kisika banoonga…’ as late as 1981. Just as S.D. Burman finally added his bit to a Kishore-heavy record with that lovely pair of Rafi numbers from Ishq Par Zor Nahin, the moony ‘Mehbooba teri tasveer…’ and the dreamy duet ‘Yeh dil diwana hai…’ (with Lata), along with that corny but situationally apt Rafi-Kishore act ‘Sa re ga ma…’ in Chupke Chupke, with Kishore as the voice of Amitabh.

    And that brings us to the other Rafi-Kishore duet for the same two heroes — ‘Ek rastaa do raahi…’ (Ram Balram). Laxmikant-Pyarelal might have taken part-inspiration from the Western number ‘That’s the way I like it…’, but the song was zingy with a capital Z. The same film also had the tingling ‘Ladki pasand ki…’ (Rafi-Lata).

    The Rafi-Dharmendra rishta finally climaxed in the last recording ever of the colossal singer. Days before his sudden death in 1980, Rafi entered the recording rooms to sing ‘Shaher mein charcha hai…’ with Lata Mangeshkar for the Dharam-Hema team in Aas Paas. After he finished the recording for this J. Om Prakash film, Laxmikant-Pyarelal requested him to stay on, to sing four lines that were to be used in the final scene: ‘Tere aane ki aas hai dost…’. Rafi thus left a while after Lata, never to record a song again.

    Perhaps it was a fitting finale because Dharmendra, Rafi and Laxmikant-Pyarelal formed an intense mutual admiration society that first joined hands in a J. Om Prakash film, Aye Din Bahaar Ke, 25 years earlier. Even that first film had that classic hatke song in the bewafai genre, ‘Meri dushman, tu meri dosti ko tarse…’, alongwith the frothy teaser ‘Phoolon se mukhde wali…’ And if Mahendra Kapoor (with Lata) got the cream here with ‘Yeh kali jab talak phool banke khile…’, it was Rafi all the way in the next J. Om Prakash-L-P showcase, Aaya Sawan Jhoom Ke, with that superlative troika of philosophical Bakshi gems ‘Yeh shama to jali…’, ‘O maajhi chal…’ and ‘Bura mat suno…’, and that brimful of melody in the Lata duets ‘Saathiyan nahin jaana…’ and the title track.

    Sandwiched between these two films was that R & D high-point, Mere Hamdam Mere Dost, where Rafi’s incomparable crooning added an extra dimension of passion to Dharam’s romance with an An Evening In Paris-fresh ooh-la-la Sharmila Tagore, with three fabulous Majrooh numbers ‘Na jaa kahin ab na jaa…’, ‘Chhalkaye jaam…’ and ‘Hui shaam unka khayaal aa gaya…’.

    The Nadiadwala twin acts Izzat and Man Ki Ankhen were also noted for those Rafi diamonds, Sahir’s hard-hitting ‘Kya miliye aise logon se…’, the divine Rafi-Lata duet ‘Yeh dil tum bin kahin lagtaa nahin…’ in the former, and ‘Dil kahe ruk jaa…’ and ‘Chale bhi aa…’ (with Lata again). And how can we forget that it was in Izzat that this Jat hero teased the life out of the buxom Southern politician-to-be Jayalalitha with the ‘Sar pe kala tope leke aayega tera dulha…’ (Rafi-Asha).

    The R & D team continued their L-P record even in the Kishore-dominated 70s, beginning that decade with two duets that are among the most enduring results of their association, ‘Jhilmil sitaron ka aangan hoga…’ (Jeevan Mrityu) and ‘Kuch kehta hai yeh saawan…’ (Mera Gaon Mera Desh). Four of their most popular solos under the L-P baton came next, ‘Aaj mausam beimaan hai bada…’ (Loafer), ‘Main jat yamla pagla diwana…’ (from Dharam’s production Pratiggya), and ‘O meri mehbooba…’ and ‘Arey maine tujhko chahaa…’ (Dharam-Veer), which had Rafi reigning like never before. Added to this was that sterling heart-stealer from Pocketmaar, ‘Banda parvar main kahaan, yeh aapki mehfil kahaan…’ The solo L-P, R & D climax finally came in 1982, in the unlikely Rajput, in the shape of that lethal combination of poetry, music and vocals — ‘Kahaniyaan sunaati hai pawan aati jaati/Ek tha diya ek baati…’.

    Truly, in many ways the Rafi and Dharam bond was like the diya (flame) and the baati (wick). After Rafi’s death, there is virtually no memorable song ever filmed on Dharmendra, and that includes by L-P, who were associated with the star till 1998 in Barsaat Ki Ek Raat. And Rafi’s songs for Dharam saw the singer re-invent, in attenuated dose, his inherent Punjabi accent that was both the boon and bane of his earliest songs. The drawl and rock-n-roll elements found in his Shammi numbers were absent, replaced by an earthy effervescence even in modern numbers like ‘Aap ko pehle bhi kahin dekha hai…’ (Tum Haseena Main Jawan) and ‘Tu mera main teri duniya jale to jale…’ (Pyar Hi Pyar), those Rafi-Asha duets that Shanker-Jaikishan seemed to compose with a strong ‘Yahoo’ hangover in these Shammi Kapoor-bhakt Bhappi Sonie films.

    And yet Shanker-Jaikishan also came up with Rafi memorabilia in some half-a-dozen solos that they did for the actor, beginning with ‘Tumhare pyar mein hum beqaraar hoke chale…’ (Shikar) and including those Pyar Hi Pyar numbers, ‘Main kahin kavi na ban jaoon…’ and the catchy title track. And we music buffs cannot forget the trio that consolidated our yakeen that Rafi and Dharmendra were always meant for each other — ‘Yakeen kar lo mujhe mohabbat hai tumse tumse…’, ‘Baharon ki baraat aa gayi…’ and ‘Gar tum bhula no doge/sapne yeh sach hi honge/ Hum tum juda no honge…’. Rafi and Dharmendra can never be juda from each other.

    —Rajiv Vijayakar (taken from SCREEN)

  41. mohanflora says:

    Fan to build Mohammad Rafi memorial in Birmingham

    By IANS, [RxPG] London, April 3 – Singer Mohammad Rafi will soon be immortalised in the city centre in Birmingham as an architect fan is building a shrine with the idea of making the late singer a saint.

    Tasawar Bashir, 39, is a former film producer and is also the festival curator for the Mirage Film Festival 2007 in Birmingham. He is keen to build a modern day memorial to one of the stalwarts of Indian film industry.

    Rafi was born at Kotla Sultan Singh, near Amritsar, on Dec 24, 1924, and died on July 31, 1980, leaving behind several haunting melodies in various Indian languages, including in Marathi and Telugu.

    Reports from Birmingham say that the Indian high commission is supporting the project that is set to first appear at Birmingham’s Festival of Extreme Building in the summer.

    Bashir, a student at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, told the Birmingham Evening Mail: ‘Millions of people across India and the world loved to listen to Rafi … so when he died Bombay – hosted the biggest ever procession for a Bollywood personality.

    ‘He was a cross between Frank Sinatra and Engelbert Humperdinck and I think he deserves to be a saint.

    ‘There is no official way of making someone a saint in Hindu or Muslim religions but if I can get enough people to see the shrine then he could be immortalised.’

    The project is expected to cost over 20,000 pounds and will involve building the structure on Fazeley Street in the Birmingham city centre by June.

  42. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb’s voice matched so much on Dharmendra in each in every song. Main kahin Kavi na ban jaoon… is unforgettable. Songs by Rafi Saheb on Dharmendra from Tum Haseen Main Jawan, Shikar, Mera Gaon Mera Desh, Man ki Aankhen, Lalkaar,… are even enjoyable this day. Who can forget the legend? No one I bet.
    Hussein Sheikh, Bujumbura, Burundi, Central Africa

  43. unknow1 says:

    Any name come with Mohd Rafi in music world that mean hit songs,Mohd Rafi is only man in bollywood who gave hit for most MD and actors,Also we can say about some actors that if there was no mohd rafi there were no these actors and what said by great Shammi Kapoor and great O P I am because Mohd Rafi…………

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