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The Essence of the Avataar’s Existance

By Ramesh narain kurpad


Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

I am of the personal opinion, that, the lord came down to the earth, in the avataar of Rafi sahab purely more due to necessity than compulsion.

There was an era in the world, when the human beings and their minds were being stressed and over burdened with the modern age going to unleash in all its glory and with all its wares.

The lord then felt that with Rafi sahab’s presence and divine influence, the story writers, the film makers, the lyricists, the music directors and all in the making of films should be put to a frame of mind, where in peace, tranquility, love, romance and extreme happiness was to overflow.

In this backdrop, he then went on to create all the above players of the film making world including the legendary actors who were to be in the scheme of things. He was quick to realise that, for every thing to fall in place these actors can make some sense with their part in the film, only if Rafi sahab were to come and breathe life into the entire set up and creativity.

Prior to Rafi sahab’s entry, everything and everybody were just like in-animate wooden objects ( before and even after talkie ) coming to life as soon as Rafi sahab started singing.

As is human behaviour, and like in the epics ( the kaurava’s always considered lord krishna to be a person with greater mystical powers than the others and nothing more ) the rest including the legends felt that Rafi sahab was just another player in this game of films and film making.

On the otherside the lord wanted to teach the world the importance of humility and hence the humble beginings of Rafi sahab.

As time passed by and all around Rafi sahab started enjoying success and celebrity status, they slowly forgot the greatness or the role of the avataar in the entire scheme of things or his being pivotal in their success story.

In the meantime, the lord felt that, though he tried his best, he could not succeed in changing mankind of all the negativity and total prevalance of “ AHAM “ (ehenkaar ) too overbearing over all humans in general.

The Lord then decided that, though sad, it was time for a prematured exit of his avataar as Rafi sahab. That would be the only way he could teach all the good people (we Rafi fans and bhakts) who came across him as a divine singer the importance and the crucial role in all their lives, played by the name “ RAFI SAHAB “.

Bhakton, some of us who form a part of those good people and better known as fans or bhakts are now reeling under this great loss of not having Rafi sahab scoring the century on earth.

Had Rafi sahab stayed on for a hundred years – what would be the tally of his songs and how would he have influenced all human beings on this earth with his most divine personality of humility, love, peace and eternal happiness.

What would have been his message to terrorism and terrorists and would the avataar be the only cause to have successfully eradicated this evil activity from the minds of the people in this part of the continent, slowly engulfing the globe into peace and tranquility.

Rafi Sahab, is smiling above all of us in total agreement of what ever is said about him, those times,  those people, but not in total agreement with happenings of those times. He had to allow Kaliyuga to play its part too.

Tussi great ho Rafi sahab – RAFI SAHAB AMAR RAHE

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20 Blog Comments to “The Essence of the Avataar’s Existance”

  1. rameshkurpad says:

    among the many fans/bhakts who visit this site – we also at times have a self proclaimed judge and jury. i am faintly amused though.

    all articles are a form of personal opinion. i either encourage it with a kind word of appreciation or just keep quiet.

    i only speak up aloud when the language is unpalatable or loosely worded to hurt sentiments.

    we all say nice things about our dear rafi sahab and not otherwise.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  2. Ahamed Kutty says:

    it is difficult to find a singer like rafi saab all over the world.
    each of his song sung for various actors is the example for
    that.while singing the song to follow the accent,the body
    language of the hero to give sweetness for the sound,to
    follow the situation – happy or sadness etc.etc….. it is
    something extra ordinary.

    still i cannot believe the song rafi saab sung for jhonny
    walker “sarjo tera jukraaya” is sung by himself.the
    flexibility,the sweetness,for repeatation of the same
    word pronouncing in different style it is unbelivable –
    only rafi saab can do.if we try for more than three
    above and sing we will fell down unconciously.

  3. Imran says:

    Rafi sahib was a human being so let him remain just that, there is no need to compare him with Prophet’s of the divine when being just a humble and kind person in this day and age is a mighty accomplishment itself.

    I assure you being a Muslim himself Muhammad Rafi too would find such comparisons to be blasphemous.

  4. rameshkurpad says:

    there are two appearances the almighty made in the blessed land of bharat and every bharatvaasee never refutes and protects it with a smile ( irrespective of religion caste creed colour ) simply because in both the appearances the birth life and death was in bharat itself.


    rafi sahab

    ramesh narain kurpad

  5. Sachin Sharma says:

    Happy to see the love towards great Rafi sahab. I have heard and seen the love of many persons but your love and affection towards RAFI sahab is great.I salute you SIR.

    sachin sharma

  6. rameshkurpad says:


    i fully sympathise with your sentiments with respect to umesh makhija sahab who is a visual wonder on a divine bhakt of rafi sahab. his love, devotion, dedication and personal bonding with rafi sahab is there for all to see.

    what could one say beyond this.

    narayan padmanabhan sahab of baar baar rafi, bengaluru, a thorough gentleman and a highly intelligent bhakt and close follower of rafi sahab all over INDIA, is one of the first person to showcase umesh makhija sahab and infact he told the entire rafi fraternity to go over and see umesh makhija’s devotion to rafi sahab.

    no one has a monopoly over this dedicated website of rafi sahab. the norms are very clear as scheduled. any write up which has reference to rafi sahab is a matter for publishing on this site.

    santoshji – kindly – contact – ” pradeepji ” the moderator/adminstrator of this beautifully administered website and he will certainly look into the matter and do the needful.

    if not for pradeepji’s single minded devotion and hard work – this website would not have been existing in the first place.

    santoshji – kindly get in touch with ” or soonest.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  7. santosh says:

    good article,But i think my request for article on umesh makhija has gone unheeded.I have sent the artilce .Mr.Narayanan has forwarded the photos also to Mr.Editor.Still it is not being uploaded.

    Rafi saab may u pardon these intellectual people who are making a monopoly on this site./

    mr.Ramesh ji kurpad, Mr.Narayanan,Mr.,Sanjeev Dixit are u all listening.

    Rest in peace ,Rafi saab

  8. rameshkurpad says:


    let me put everybody’s minds at rest by just saying that self is a life patron of iskcon movment since the 1970’s and have heard swami prabhupada from just five feet away. i am a life member of the ramakrishna mission since the 1960’s and i am 62 years of age. i have read the epics before i croosed my teens and repeat the hare krishna mantra every day.

    i am well aware of the dictionary meanings of the words avataar and god.

    its not just love for rafi sahab – which makes me write such nicieties about him in the form of these articles – i am expressing profound sentiments – which go about explaining in detail – why something like ” rafi sahab ” happened – why did the lord come down to earth in form of ” rafi sahab “.

    it requires ” divya dhrishti ” to understand such matters. if the article is not understood in all seriousness – then – its difficult for those people to comprehend a lot of things in life – everything would look complicated.

    one is free to disagree with a point of view – no harm – cool – a line of thought is expressed – you can refute it – and i can rebutt it.

    i think a lot of human beings have not understood ” rafi sahab ” at all – he is supremely divine and one should utter his name with utmost respect.

    read and read the last line of post 7 – this gentleman has truly understood the article in its totality.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  9. Vitthal says:

    Ramesh ji,

    Great to know about your love for rafi ji. But please do not take otherwise, sorry If I hurt you, there seem to be some excesses in the article which I personally feel, are strictly not warranted.

    Bhushan ji – I agree with your post, a good message from the philosophical angle, no disputes about that.

  10. Bhushan says:

    Dear Abhishek ji, ramesh ji and other philosophical friends here,

    Since, ramesh ji’s post has some shades of the philosophical type, just wanted to put few points. I do not think anybody has written this type of post earlier. As you said, I know about the isckon’s statement – this was made when there was in the news a mention on few people who were being hailed as bhagwan or avatar by their followers. Iskcon had stated, avatar’s qualities are always different – a child (lord krishna) has lifted govardhana mountain on his index finger for seven days, – Next, in the entire hall of the rajasuya yagna, where all the great kings from the entire world were present, he killed sisupala in full public and in their presence, no body dared to utter a word. Who has guts to kill a evil person today in such way – only god can alone do such events. Lord krishna brought back his guru’s son alive in his original form (after a period of 12 years of his death) as guru dakshina to his guru – such miracles have not been created by anybody in history at any point of time. Nor anybody (except the lord himself) can create them in future. The great bhagavad gita provides solace to each and every creature according to their mental state and soul development. My humble humble humble request to sri ramesh ji and others – please kindly think before writing something – mention of lord krishna has to be done in an exalted way and in a proper perspective – and the mention in this article for making comparison , surely, I do not think is proper. Hope ramesh ji understands what I say. The scriptures describe only ten incarnations / avatars of the great lord. Remaining all people are only devotees, messengers and prophets and gurus who come from time to time to guide people according to times, under the instruction of the great lord. Hope, philosophical friends here take the message in a correct way.

  11. Abhishek says:

    Post – 9 Ramesh ji,

    I have nothing against your personal preferences and others here, as everybody has a right to have his personal preferences, of course, which may be right or may not be right.

    You had said,

    “primarily, i knew only a rafi bhakt would reply to an article considering the theme used by me. otherwise, they would have protested and said how can you say that rafi sahab was god himself in the form of avataar.”

    Even if somebody protests, there is a clear chance of not publishing that post here, in case, no body will know about that – I hope you will not dispute that.

    Next, there is a publication by ISKCON, in which it clearly mentions who should be called as a Bhagwan or Avatar – as many people in this kaliyuga have been calling or declaring themselves as bhagwan and avatars and babas or are being declared as bhagwan or avatars or babas by their followers. I kindly and humbly advise to please refer the definition of avatar etc. in the said publication of ISKCON.


  12. rameshkurpad says:

    my dearest rafi bhakts,

    primarily, i knew only a rafi bhakt would reply to an article considering the theme used by me. otherwise, they would have protested and said how can you say that rafi sahab was god himself in the form of avataar.

    secondly, unless one feels strongly that one is hurt due to a certain grave disservice done, action would not be initiated to correct the wrong done. i have found we indians easily take refuge into simply raising and elevating the concerned person to those level’s beyond which there is no looking back and that all awards are trivial with respect to that great legend.

    a systematic neglect is being done in the case of our singing god ” rafi sahab ”

    now it has become a fashion among the living legends not utter the name of rafi sahab at all – lest they would have to support the cause of bharat ratna etc.

    i am simply amazed at the very thought of these people living their lives – unmindful of the grave wrongs being done.

    narayan sahab, thank you very much for your highly encouraging kind word.

    Lt.Col.Javed Sayyed sahab, thank you for your appreciation. The innocent nature of rafi sahab cited by you – of his child like behaviour on singing along with amitabh etc. these are the reasons – why he is not confered with the highest award.

    had rafi sahab – been – the showy type – filmy type – flaunted money – thrown tantrums – and maintained the life styles of the acting legends – he would have been awarded the bharat ratna may be 40 years back.

    his simplicity – could have been the cause of his not being honored with the award in question.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  13. Lt Col Javed Sayyed(retd) says:

    Dear Mr Ramesh Narain Kurpad,
    Your writeup is absorbing & is written in the mythological line- a different perspective. Rafi sahabs greatness is a mix of his great singing ability as also his humility, simplicity & down to earth attitude. During the Pgme on TV-Times Now- on Rafi sahabs B’day 24 Dec- Shahid Rafi spoke abt rafi sahab- One evening rafi sahab returned from recording as usual & excitedly in his soft voice- called all family members-come, come & said-You know-today I sang a song with whom? Amitabh Bachchan- with a child like glee!! Little realising his own stature in the Film industry!! Thats rafi sahab! Can any mortal even imagine this?

  14. Narayan says:

    Ramesh saab
    Agreed if Rafi Sahab would have lived for 100 years he would have influenced the entire humanity on earth… no doubt about that..
    thx for an inspirational article for his mortal bakts

  15. santosh says:

    Happy new year ramesh ji.

    A very apt article summarissing the feelings of innumerable bhakts of rafi saab like me.I totally agree that this selfish , politicised world people like rafi saab cannot survive.Also pl note my request for my article on umesh makhija has gone unheeded as i expected it to be .I doubt wether this peice of comments will be uploaded or not.This happened with my last comment also.Rafi saab is no more with us.But it will be a great tribute to rafi saab if we can write about his staunch bhakt like umesh ji.I agian request all of u to be considerate enough.
    Even if the article is not published i will continue to love rafi saab and be in touch with people like ramesh kurpad,.narayanji etc.But i will abandon the site for ever

  16. Raj Kumar says:

    You have encased the well-established truth about Rafi saab’s magnetic personality in a mythological setting. It is a fantastic effort. In fact, it is indeed a politically correct approach; sometimes you need to be strategic even if you are dealing with truth.

  17. mohamedparvez says:

    dear mr ramesh narain kurpad and other friends , happy new year ,dear mr ramesh ji thanx for sharing nice article with us,rafi saab will live in our heart till the end of the world,i would like to invite each and every body to visit each end every page of our beloved rafi saab”s blog,total over 500 pages are there,to go to next page,kindly click older posts,you will find bottom of every page,please don”t miss any page,kindly visit this link,take care

  18. SalRafi says:

    Brilliant explanation of Rafi Sahb greatness. Indeed he is some kind of divine no doubt about that. Keep up the good work.

  19. Binu Nair says:

    Right from the heart, Sailor Ramesh Ji…

    divine persons never die – sir. mohd rafi saaheb amar hai.

  20. bhakton,

    i am funnily recording this opening comment to my own article – lest – there be no other comment at all and also to express that this write up of mine is straight from the bottom of my heart and if one seriously dwells on the divinity of my expression, will well understand that as a writer and as a die hard rafi bhakt – i have nothing to say about the avataar from here-on. i have said it all and it is quite clear that GOD himself came down to this earth as a singing avataar and named himself ” rafi sahab “.

    this mortal world would be doing a great disservice to the singing avataar, if it enjoys his songs and praises him to the sky and not show any respect to the ” essence ” itself.

    to sum it all up and clarify my stand – to understand rafi sahab you have to compare him to a small cute smiling chirpy child, who looks so divine and so very holy, so very warm that we immediately pick him up – plant kisses all over him – throw him up – laugh along and the general reaction is we know the child is extremely happy when we give it a chocolate to eat.

    now did the child actually ask for the chocolate – no – not at all – we humans give it – out of extreme affection and the sheer divinity in the child.

    so is rafi sahab – i see him divine like this child – he does not ask for awards – it we who enjoy carrying him through his songs and singing and as he smiles like a divine child we carry him all over – all through our lives, but have never thought – this special child to deserves chocolates like all other children.

    the day the world comes to understasnd this simple equation and the divinity – rafi sahab will be conferred with accolades from all the countries in this world – i mean which ever nation listens to his songs.


    ramesh narain kurpad.

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