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The Concert Songs

By A S MURTY – rafimurty {at} gmail {dot} com

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi


A Concert is a live performance (typically of music) before an audience. The performance may be by a single musician, some then call a recital, or by a musical ensemble, such as an orchestra, a choir, or a musical band. Concerts are held in a wide variety and size of settings, from private houses and small clubs, dedicated concert halls, entertainment centers and parks to large multipurpose buildings and auditoria. Regardless of the venue, musicians usually perform on a stage……….

For sometime now, I was thinking of classifying some special songs of Rafi Sahab as these were a step beyond mere playback singing.  Playback singing can be of any song of any genre in any fashion and hfm has had a host of the very best to very poor songs composed and recorded by the playback singers. Numerous legends in the film industry have given us thousands of the most melodious and richly rendered songs that last a lifetime. Every playback singer has had a share of the very best compositions and to last in the competition and with their sheer brilliance, each of such playback singers have given us a musical treat in the form of their best renditions.

There are however certain songs, once again from the stables of every playback singer, that go beyond mere playback singing.  Serious and devoted, cultured and professionally crafted to perfection in all departments of rendition have been the attributes to some of these hundreds of songs from the Indian film playback singers.

Unlike the vocalists of the Hindustani or the Carnatic traditions, our playback singers have certain distinctive disadvantages while also reaping some concessions.  A Pt. Bhimsen Joshi would normally perform “live” and has to be at his best in front of a musically enriched audience. A playback singer however has the comfort of singing in closed doors with the MD and his band of orchestra and possibly a few guests while a recording takes place.  Also, a recording will necessarily have certain ‘takes and re-takes’ before the MD is thoroughly satisfied.  A live concert show will not have these advantages though.  However, in a live show the euphoria is built up for the performing artist to dissolve into that atmosphere. Playback recording, alas, does not have that kind of environment and hence that extra feel is artificially created by the professional singers.  Given these factors, hundreds of songs of Rafi Sahab classify as “beyond the ordinary”.  Without even as identifying some of the very mediocre songs from the Hindi films, we can also line up some of the songs of the tallest order.  These songs have the ultimate in all the departments of any song  – lyrics, musical composition and orchestration, picturization and playback rendition (not listed in any specific order).  Most often the song writer (poet) would pen a song depending on the picturization and the storyline and its music would be composed by the music director who also would choose the playback singer.  Sometimes however, if the song is written, composed and rendered too well, the picturization could be altered to fit in the song.

Rafi Sahab has rendered several hundreds of these type of songs which are classically very rich in all their splendor.  Excellent lyrics, exceptional and tuneful musical composition, picturesque depiction on screen and the brilliance of rendition.  I would try to list out some of these songs which I tend to call as THE CONCERT SONGS for their engineering excellence.  The heights and the depths that Rafi Sahab can take us along, only if we understand these renditions, can be a quite a heavenly experience.   For several decades, I too had only heard these songs at random, never quite devoting as much as a patient and understanding listening to them. But when I did listen to them in abject devotion, I found that these songs were exceptional from whichever angle one looks at them.  These songs belong to the top most bracket in Hindi films and are of the highest order.  Specifically crafted to perfection by the MDs and Rafi Sahab.  Ordinary denizens would never attempt to sing them, even in the privacy of their homes, for these songs can only be revered. Even serious music lovers tend to ward off these songs, for they are beyond the imagination of many.  I am giving the video links of some of these songs which I request our learned friends to watch and listen, one by one, to relish the sublime beauty of these musical treats. I can assure you all that these songs will give you all the much needed solace and bliss.  I have listed these few songs in the order as I recall them and not necessarily in the order of the superiority over any other song in the list.  Also, I request each of you to add to this list of these wonder songs which have the best of lyrical content, best of musical notations and easily the best in playback singing by Rafi Sahab.

But why, pray, the title of THE CONCERT SONGS, one may ask.  I imagine that like a classical exponent who gives a concert show in front of a very keen musically rich audience, the singer holds the audience captivated and the magic of his/her rendition sends a quiver of very enchanting waves in the body and soul of his/her listeners.  This feeling cannot be better described in words and has to be experienced by listening to these songs.  I get a feeling of sitting in a Live Concert while listening to these six listed songs and hence the title above.

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

1) MUJHE LE CHALO AAJ PHIR US GALI MEIN – Film  “Sharabi” released in 1964

Lyrics : Rajender Kishan    Music : Madan Mohan

Youtube link :

I am also giving the lyrics for music lovers to appreciate the sheer beauty of the use of “language”.

mujhe le chalo, aaj phir us gali men
jahaan pahale-pahale, ye dil ladakhadaaya

vo duniya, vo meri mohabbat ki duniya
jahaan se main betaabiyaan leke aaya
mujhe le chalo……………………

jahaan so rahi hai meri zindagaani
jahaan chhod aaya main apani javaani
vahaan aaj bhi ek chaukhat pe taza
mohabbat ke sajadon ki hogi nishaani \-2
mujhe le chalo……………………

vo duniya jahaan us ke naqsh-e-qadam hain
vahin meri khushiyaan, vahin mere gham hain
main le aaunga khaak us rahaguzar ki
ke us rahaguzar ke, tu zarre sanam hai \-2
mujhe le chalo …………………..

vahaan ek rangeen chilaman ke peechhe
chamakata hua uska, rukhasaar hoga
basa lunga aankhon mein vo roshni main
yunhi kuchh ilaaj-e-dil-e-zaar hoga \-2
mujhe le chalo …………………….

mujhe le chalo, aaj phir us gali mein
jahaan pahale-pahale, ye dil ladakhadaaya
vo duniya, vo meri mohabbat ki duniya
jahaan se main betaabiyaan leke aaya
mujhe le chalo…………………………

This is one of those songs that can be termed as a very very rare one. Not because it is not heard often. It is.  The song is the one of the most favored songs of millions of music lovers.  But rare because of its intricate musical composition and because of the depths of creating a certain mood.  Rare also because, the song takes the listener along on a journey.  This is not a run of the mill song dished out by Bollywood, but a rare species of a crafty creation.  Hence its position at the very very top among Hindi film songs.  Comparisons to this song are futile, as it may not have any peers. I recently read a wonderful review of this song from the daughter of the famous Anil Biswasji – Shikha Biswas Vohra – and that prompted me to list out these extraordinary songs separately.


Now this famous nazm by Sahir is by far the most exceptional of his writings. None dared before him to loathe this epitome of love. None even as much thought of the beautiful edifice that has become a symbol of love between a man and a woman as something to deride. Not Sahir. He brought out the feelings of the masses – often untold by anyone. Rafi Sahab understood Sahir. Rafi Sahab understood what Sahir had wanted to convey. He understood the specifics of each and every word. He could have simply gone to record the song in any normal way, but he didn’t. He must have researched and rehearsed this and must have sat with Madan Mohan to get the right feel. Such songs cannot be rendered in any casual manner and require loads of hardwork, perseverance and patience. Hence the result in the form of a golden classic rendition which will remain eternally a prized whimper for the discernible listeners. Those who have seen the movie – Ghazal – starring Sunil Dutt and Meena Kumari would concede that the song got lost out, unfortunately, to more popular numbers from the same film. But this song classifies as the best composed song from the film for its supremacy in all the fields like poetry, picturization, rendition, musical composition etc.





This song is perhaps is one of the most reviewed till date or at least I have read a maximum reviews from friends and other music lovers.  Shakeel Badayuni’s deft lyrics, so wonderfully tuned by Naushad that it is sometimes difficult to catch the tune.  No doubt, good singers have been able to master the tune, yet the “near perfection” seems to elude the best of singers who have attempted to sing this song.  Very little of interlude music by Naushad gives the song a true concert mould and it is Rafi Sahab all the way.  I would suggest that music lovers sit in a room and listen to this song in audio version in pin drop silence.  It will provide much more insights than one has been able to get listening to it in a hurry.  The beauty of Urdu, blended by an artistic composition and rendered in a heavenly style by Rafi Sahab parks this song in the highest echelons of Hindi film music.  Rather strange that the song is taken a bit too lightly by singers while attempting to sing since Rafi Sahab puts in several of his those “extras”  – all at the right places giving the lyrics that much needed emphasis.  Language is after all a means of communication and what use if the poet’s thoughts are not properly understood ?  It is here that Rafi Sahab comes in so handy that understanding this poetic excellence becomes easy.

CHEHRA WOHI GULAB KI RANGAT LIYE HUYE, NAZAREIN WOHI PAYAM-E-MOHOBBAT LIYE HUYE, ZULFEIN WOHI KE JAISE DHUNDALTA HO SHAM KA, AANKHEIN WOHI JIN AANKHO PE DHOKHA HO JAAM KA (kisi ko nazar se pilayi gayi hai ?)  – every syllable expressed by Rafi Sahab so as to give the same meaning to the listeners as the poet Shakeel Sahab would have preferred his readers to understand.

WAPAS KAHAN SE LAAUN MEIN GUZARI BAHAR KO has the modulation that only a Rafi Sahab knows most apt.

This is also a song that young budding singers should try to sing and learn for it would be a platform for them in their profession.  The complicated tune, changing with almost every line, is perhaps one of the finest examples that a music teacher can give to his wards. Here is the youtube link of one of the greatest compositions ever in the annals of Hindi film music

4) DEKHI ZAMANE KI YAARI –  Film : Kagaz Ke Phool (1959)

KAIFI Azmi, wrote the lyrics of this song as though he was narrating the true colors of our society and not merely as a song writer for a film. The thought process must have been very serious. He used both serious Hindi and chaste Urdu to conceptualize the theme and portrayed his rancor on the social pitfalls and selfishness so prevalent in our behavior.  He made a bold statement about how less of humans we all tend to become.  S.D.Burman took upon his genius self to give this bare structure a matching and haunting musical score.  The director (Guru Dutt) would picturize this later as the final vocal coating by Rafi Sahab would need a herculean task to present on the screen. And when all these stages were conquered, what resulted is an all time best cinematic experience. In all its splendor.  Majestic on one side, impressive on the other.  This would leave the music lovers and cine-goers spell bound.  RAFI SAHAB, modulating to softest vocal chords, seemed to be conveying a Kaifi Azmi, a Gurudutt, a S D Burman, a regal Cinematic experience to all the art lovers.  He was drawing a canvass – MATLAB KI DUNIYA HAI SAARI, BICHHADE SABHI BARI BARI  – ARRE DEKHI ZAMANE KI YAARI could not have come out in much more brightness and sharper mould.  Every aspect of this picturization would leave an indelible mark on the viewer – from sound to images. Photography as excellent as visuals can be. The direction by Guru Dutt, as was his wont, surpasses beyond imaginable realms.  A director would need to be a super genius in assembling such complex shots that an average viewer mostly misses out. This song stands taller among the skyscrapers of Rafi Sahab’s numerous classic songs.  Watch the video of this song to enjoy its glory – an experience to be had again and again.

5) WATAN PE JO FIDA HOGA, AMAR WO NAUJAWAN HOGA – Film : Phool Bane Angare (1963)


Scores of Patriotic songs from Hindi films have been part of our social fabric and culture that we almost identify every national day with these songs.  Every singer has given us some of the most fervent patriotic songs, written by poets who had patriotism flowing from their pens. The biggest share of these songs have once gone to the kitty of Rafi Sahab and when one listens to them, every nerve swells with a josh, with a blood boiling feeling of love, respect and affection towards our motherland. No political speeches could give this unifying feel among Indians. These patriotic fervor filled songs unite the otherwise diversified multi-lingual and multi-religious country.  Rafi Sahab, therefore, dons the unique mantle of spreading the ultimate message of being an Indian first, through so many of these songs.  Each of such a song is a gem, rendered with the “bhaav” intact. However, one song shines through these bright stars larger than all and the opening lines bemoan one to pay their respect when Rafi Sahab announces – HIMALA KI BULANDI SE SUNO AWAZ HAI AAYI. KAHO MAA SE DE BETE, KAHO BAHANOS SE DE BHAI. WATAN PE JO FIDA HOGA AMAR WO NAUJAWAN HOGA, RAHEGI JAB TALAK YE DUNIYA, YE AFSANA BAYAN HOGA. One would be prompted to sing along with Rafi Sahab, but not quite.  One would, perforce,  give way to listen to more of Rafi Sahab;s voice.  You would not feel this is a song from a make-belief movie.  This is for real.  CHAMANWALON KI GAIRAT KO HAI SAIYYADON NE LALKARA. UTHHO HAR PHOOL SE KEHDO KE BANJAYE WO ANGARA. Where else could you find this finery in poetry and finesse in rendition ?

Here is the video link of this great song tailor-made by the lyricist, the music director and the playback singer – a blend that has almost no comparisons, anywhere.


Guru Dutt did not make too many films. But when he laid his hands on one, he made a master piece that would become immortal. Pyasa was a landmark film. He chose the ace photographer who recently died – V K Murthy.  It is said that the photography of the silhouette that was shot for this song, with Guru Dutt appearing on the Door of the auditorium, remains the best in Hindi film till date. JALADO ISE PHOONK DAALO YE DUNIYA, JALADO JALADO ISE PHOONK DAALO YE DUNIYA goes on to become a bench mark in film direction that has not been breached again. This song also has been a subject of discussion, reviews and write ups in every decade for more number of times than any other song. Sahir Ludhianvi could never have been taken lightly, for he would come up with the poetic thoughts of a thinking writer.  He would demand much more from the director, the music director and the singer – for his lyrics were most often a war cry.  It would require the best in the business to match his writing and who better than the combination of a Guru Dutt, ace MD Burman Da, the gifted godly voice of Rafi Sahab – as they would pay the best compliments to the genius of a Sahir Ludhianvi in this masterstroke.  The effect of listening and watching this song would be much more than seeing an object de art. A Michealangelo or a Picaso would pale into oblivion when the clip of this song is presented to any art loving audience.

EPILOGUE : When I started writing this piece, I was short of memory in identifying the songs that I consider as concert-like and this is one reason why I had to curtail the list to only six of the several hundreds more from the backyard of Rafi Sahab.  I am sure Rafi Bhakts would now add up to this list and make it a sizeable one.  I tried my best to use all the adjectives at my command in describing the all the legends in the above write-up, but still come up short of being able to completely describe them and in particular Rafi Sahab who just cannot be wrapped up in any vocabulary. He defies human languages. The concert had begun several decades ago and will continue till eternity.  Come let’s go to the concert.  Rafi Sahab pays tribute to the music lover in you. You only live once, why then miss the beauty of life ?

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36 Blog Comments to “The Concert Songs”

  1. Dr. Salim Khatib says:

    Mohammed Rafisab is ultimate destination for the playback singing in past present and future as well. He has left behind a legacy of playback singing. It is going to be very difficult for generation’s to even mimic his songs. His voice used to match every actor for whom he used to sing in his own melodious voice.

  2. shakel ahmed says:

    Sir . What an excellant writeup a great piece of work. Let us revisit rafi sahab in such realities to find his unparalled greatness as a singer. Keep it up.

  3. Raman Murty says:

    Sir, lovely songs. ‘finery in ‘poetry and fitness in rendition’ what a phrase! it speaks of Rafi Saheb’s art of voice modulation to do justice with lyrics. Hamare ik padosi ne hamaare ghar ko lootaa hai… and ll that. How do you find Kamal ke phool jaisa badan tera chikana 3 and the like whose crescendos and decrescendos just leave the listeners wonder struck. i really could not follow the idea of concert song may be due to cursory reading of your articles, but I can say that every song of Rafi, right from Darr lage to gaanaa gaa to khaak se buth, buth se phir devata karataa hai ishq imtaha ye hai ki bande se khuda karataa hai ishk. at the alto and yet sweet and well pronouncing. Thank you
    PS Yes now understood what do you mean by concert song and Rafi was was less original that manndey in his conert songs. however, i want to hear from you about badee door se aaye hain from his pakistan visit album 1980

  4. Raman Murty says:

    Sir, lovely songs. ‘finery in ‘poetry and fitness in rendition’ what a phrase! it speaks of Rafi Saheb’s art of voice modulation to do justice with lyrics. Hamare ik padosi ne hamaare ghar ko lootaa hai… and ll that. How do you find Kamal ke phool jaisa badan tera chikana 3 and the like whose crescendos and decrescendos just leave the listeners wonder struck. i really could not follow the idea of concept song may be due to cursory reading of your articles, but I can say that every song of Rafi, right from Darr lage to gaanaa gaa to khaak se buth, buth se phir devata karataa hai ishq imtaha ye hai ki bande se khuda karataa hai ishk. at the alto and yet sweet and well pronouncing. Thank you

  5. Marlene Pantelakis says:

    I have recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work. “The murals in restaurants are on par with the food in museums.” by Peter De Vries.

  6. Ravindra Patidar says:

    read your article and found that this song “mujhe le chalo” I had never heard. Downloaded it just 5 minutes before and heard it for the first time. The level of the singing is beyond human capabilities. Right from the first word itself, I can feel tears in my eyes. I dont have right words for my expression but I am really thankful to you that I got to hear something which I ll cherish for lifetime. By the way brilliant writing and outstanding choice. keep posting.

  7. A S MURTY says:

    Nafisaji and Udai Singhji many thanks for your wonderful comments. Your inputs are valuable to all of us.

  8. A S MURTY says:

    Satishbhai, welcome first of all to this wonderful website. I am sure now you will never leave it. Aur aapke comments ke kya kehne. Doston, Satishbhai is an old friend from the same institution that I work for and it was only three days back that we both discovered that each of us is a rafi bhakt. we had other common interests all these several years but the new revelation has come to both of us as a pleasant one. Satishbhia himself is a very good singer and organizer of programmes, besides his other talents in the field of sport. Like I always have maintained, if one is good in one form of art, he/she will also be good in others.

  9. A S MURTY says:

    Many thanks to Bina, Mohan, Bimal Chhadhaji, Sumraji and Uttara for your so lovely comments. While Uttara’s comment had come a good two days back, those of the others were perhaps released after moderation and appeared today only. Nevertheless, your inputs with some of the songs that I did not include will go a long way in compiling these unbelievable musical creations which had required the dedicated efforts of all the legends – lyricists, mds, rafi sahab, directors, actors and thousands of the assistants in all the cinematic fields who have given to the music lovers gems which will enthrall us all for eternity.

  10. satish mahant says:

    exellent ,will definately share my feelings about rafi saab,perticularly old gazals.aawaj me voh baat he jo man ko sukun deti ki har dil ki tamanna hoti he.

  11. utthara says:


    the beauty of your article lies in its sheer simplicity and passion. It is a soul curry for all. The title itself draws one’s attention. The writeup transports you into a musical journey and makes you a willing captive. This is a breaking-norm article I have read in recent times. Your choice of songs is everyone’s choice too. The concert song phrase __ it makes one dwell and debate, finally succumb to your reasoning.
    That we all are Rafi fans is a given. Your article reinforces this.

    Thanks for giving such a unique gift.



  12. udai v singh says:

    congratulations! beautiful article.
    one song that has all the elements of your ‘concert song’ definition is the title song ‘ ganga tera pani amrit, jhar jhar behta jayai..’ and is best of the best of rafi saheb’s song. listen the 9 minute version.

  13. Nafisa says:

    ASM Sir,

    Congratulations on a very insightful and thought provoking article. The ambiance created by of these songs give a true exhilarating feeling of having seen or been part of a live concert performance. Unfortunately, i have not seen any live perfrmances by any of the legends. But i can say that i have experienced such feeling while watching some hindi film songs and sometimes by only hearing them.

    And “Bichde sabhi baari baari” is a true concert performance with an artist in Guru Dutt to direct the concert show(like a painter putting strokes on a canvas and creating a picture right in front of our eyes).

    Mostly Madan Mohan’s and SDB’s have invariably been such songs for me.
    “Saathi na Koi Manzil” “Tu kahan yeh bata” and “Sun le tu dil ki sada” are classics by SDB and “Tum jo mil gaaye ho” “Tumhe kissa-e-gham jo likhne” are the madan mohan ones. There are many more by Rafi Saheb and by others too.


  14. A S MURTY says:

    rameshbhai, many thanks for your spontaneous response. I know you are travelling in the high seas and it is not always possible for you to log on. but here you are with your very witty but sincere response. I particularly like the mirror image of your name towards the end.

  15. murtygaru,

    you could spring a few surprises was never in doubt – cause your writing skills and musical knowledge visa vis mohd rafi – aint being pondered upon.

    whats great is your truly truly hatkey ” title ” and living up to it till the end.

    in my experience, i have seen a lot of people write beautifully, write like a snake but the reader gets lost or forgets his name – half way.

    i am not even in position to say a few words on your ” epilogue ”

    i shall eagerly await to lay my eyes on what

    uttharachellai, nrpbhai, narayan padmanabhanbhai, devrajbhai, rangajee and friends have to ” opine “.

    i am just a ” street singer ” – like Swargiya Kundan Lal Saigal Sahab.

    dapruk niaran hsemar

  16. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear binuji,
    the song you have mentioned “woh hum na the,woh
    tum na the” is rally a gem.recently only i could hear
    this song from vividh bharati and i have recorded in
    my mobile hand set.daily whenever i am free i am
    hearing this song.the music is also fantastic.i think
    the md is iqbal qureshi saab.

    i am hearing rafi saab’s song since 35 years and still
    i am hearing new songs which not yet heard so far.
    i think still his so many songs are there which is to be
    heard.once when i was talking with my friend in mumbai
    i enquired about him the song “yeh duniya patank nit
    badle ye rang……” the answer was he did not hear the
    song so far.i heard the song but i do not know the name
    of the film and other there any chance to hear
    all of rafi saab’s song if possibel all languages he had sung?
    is there any possibility to start a fm radio “rafi fm” since
    such things can be done to bring all his songs as well as
    to promote his songs and there by we can do our part
    which he deserve.

    i am proud to be an indian,lucky to be a rafian and happy
    to be a malayalee.i could not live in the hindi belt to have
    more touch with rafi saab and his music and that is my

  17. Binu Nair says:

    So many classic’s needs to presented/showcased in smaller ‘Mehfils’ as there seems to be a ‘big thirst’ for these by music lovers.

    one songs which is never presented in concerts : Woh hum na te, wo tum na te : from cha cha cha… we wanted to take this gem but could not. kept for ‘next time’ at a rare and not commonly heard song session.

    many of these numbers are a hit when taken on in a listening session of original songs.

    the devotion of music lovers and mohd rafi lovers need to be appreciated – for keeping the golden era songs – as fresh as a morning flower.

  18. A S MURTY says:

    ADABRAFI Sanjeevbhai and Snigdha. What a pleasant sight to see Snigdha here and thanks to you both for your valuable and lovely comments. Sanjeevbhai, thanks for the video link of the live concert show of Rafi Sahab in London.

  19. rj snigdha says:

    Wah kya Topic hai Murty ji!! Thought provoking though being the simplest thing otherwise that would cross a mind when you listen to these classic gems!! Par aapne hum sabko enlighten kiya..padhkar bohot achcha laga;-)
    Keep such unique topics for discussion keep coming!

  20. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Respected Murty sir,
    “Jai rafi sahab”
    What a lovely & new topic on which you written a very nice write up with lot of lovely “GEMS” of our farishta sri mohd. rafi sahab.Many thanks to you for making our attention towards this great topic as we know that with out singing on stage(concert) any singer feels incomplete him self.
    Sir, Now i wants to share one more greatest gem of sri mohd. rafi sahab without which this topic will incomplete i think so. This song is from “baiju bawra” “o dunia ke rakhwale…..” which rafi sahab sang in a concert in london.This song is the “kohinoor” of all bollywood songs.

    Link for the song is-

    Please listen this “live” song very carefully specially after 3 mins. 30 sec. where rafi sahab sang a line “Mahal udaas aur galiyan sooni…” in many different “raags & Moods.”
    Sir, Once again many thanks to you for writing on this new & great topic.
    _sanjeev Dixit

  21. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    Respected Murty sir,
    “Jai rafi sahab”
    What a lovely & new topic on which you written a very nice write up with lot of lovely “GEMS” of our farishta sri mohd. rafi sahab.Many thanks to you for making our attention towards this great topic as we know that with out singing on stage(concert) any singer feels incomplete him self.
    Sir, Now i wants to share one more greatest gem of sri mohd. rafi sahab without which this topic will incomplete i think so. This song is from “baiju bawra” “o dunia ke rakhwale…..” which rafi sahab sang in a concert in london.This song is the “kohinoor” of all bollywood songs.
    Please listen this “live” song very carefully specially after 3 mins. 30 sec. where rafi sahab sang a line “Mahal udaas aur galiyan sooni…” in many different “raags & Moods.”
    Sir, Once again many thanks to you for writing on this new & great topic.
    _sanjeev Dixit

  22. A S MURTY says:

    Many thanks Walijah Sahab, Bhagchandaniji, Ahmed Kuttybhai, Nagesh, Vasudha, Aneesbhai, Krishnan, Guru and Sumrabhai for your appreciative comments.

    I relied on a source and and not checked a certain point that I have made in the article above and as which was pointed by my close friend and well wisher – Dr Vasudha on Shri V K Murhty, the ace photographer. I offer my unconditional and sincere apology for this bloomer and request all the music lovers and Rafi fans as also Shri V K Murthy to kindly pardon me for this. I also wish to state that the website administrator is not responsible for the blunder in my article and that the entire fault is mine alone.

    I thank you all and would like to get more inputs on the kind of theme that I have tried to explore in the above article which remains central to the article.

  23. sumra says:

    Murti ji
    superb writting,keep enlighten the rafi fans with innovative ideas and ways

  24. ASM,

    Brilliant. Yes, you are 100% right, some songs, it is betterto just listen sitting in a room, rather than try to sing, beacuse, when you listen to these songs, every time you come out recognising some thing unique. Jaise Hindi me bolte hain “rongte khade ho jaate hain”. We are especially lucky that we have the rich treausre of Rafi Saab and Lataji’s songs to savour till our end.

  25. Bimal Chadha says:

    Jenab Murty Saheb,
    An excellent piece and an eye opener.Your selection of songs is apt and part of my song list as well as a Murid of Rafi Saheb.
    Perhaps it is nearly impossible to draw up a list from many left in the legacy.

    In my humble view would you have considered “Yeh kuchey yeh galiyan” from Pyasa in the list ?
    This,to my mind, falls into the genere selected.
    It is a piece of art,an amalgamation of Rafi,Sahiir,Sachin Da,Murthy and Guru Dutt.
    Hard hitting,soul stirring satire,provokes your mind yet rendered so softly that it delivers.
    Please continue to enlighten us.

    Bimal Chadha

  26. Gan (Mohan) Sharma says:

    Dear Murty saab,

    Am excellent article, without a doubt. I like the phrase “concert songs” to describe songs of exceptional quality! The list of six songs are exceptional indeed. My own list would include “main ye sochkar uske dar se chala tha” from haqeeqat.

    Great going, Murty saab.


  27. M V Krishnan says:

    Dear ASM,

    You have poured your heart out in this lucid article and correctly captioned them as concert songs. All the six songs selected by you are among the six best songs ever rendered by our Rafisaab. These songs are not heard or sung by the many
    singers who give public performances on the songs of Rafisaab. The only reason may be the unique manner of the maestro’s singing which cannot be replicated by another mortal. Your penchant for detail is very evident as you have thoroughly analysed each of the six songs. Thanks a million for your excellent effort.

    M V Krishnan

  28. ANEES says:

    murty ji

    Excellent commentary on concert like songs of Rafi Sahab. There are plenty of such songs, if we go on searching, it will take us years together to select such songs. whatever the six songs you have selected are the best ones and it will satiate and support your view point.

    keep enlighten the rafi fans with innovative ideas and ways. That is the true spirit of rafi fan!

    with warm regards


  29. Dr.Vasudha says:

    Hi ASM
    Variety truly is the spice of life and you have spiced up the forum by choosing an article that is different.Different in every sense of the word.Just as I was wondering as to which songs are suitable to be sung in a concert you give me a pleasant surprise by writing why you think these are concert songs.You have really thought out of the jukebox;-)
    You have reviewed each of your personal favourites too, in an ellaborate thought provoking manner.
    ASM there’s a small correction –The photographer of Pyaasa Mr Murthy to the best of my knowledge is very much alive and kicking .In fact I met him 2days ago in a meeting.

  30. Bina says:

    Murty Saab:

    What a captivating subject! Your style of writing is simple, unadulterated, sincere and engrossing… And you have set very high standards with your own choice of concert songs, each one a pearl…

    As for the title, Murty Saab, it is as beguiling as it gives me the freedom to choose my very own “concert songs” ..songs that grab me by the guts and stun me everytime I listen to them..

    Allow me Murty Saab, to mention just two songs that occur to me at this point in time.

    Teri tasveer bhi tujh jaisi haseen hai lekin

    MOVIE: Kinare Kinare (1963)
    MUSIC: Jaidev
    LYRICS: Nyay Sharma

    I do not know why I am in love with this song…it could be the earnestness with which the hero speaks his heart out to the photograph of his smiling beloved, the almost single-angle picturisation of Chetan Anand’s lost-in-thought face, the purity of expression in Meena Kumari’s happy endearing smile, tbe simple black and white setting that creates a magical halo around the song…….but no, its not all these at all, its simply Rafi Saab… the song for me, in His Master’s Voice, becomes the most solemn poetry, the most truthful longing, and the epitome of innocent worship of the beloved..

    The other song I want to mention is Yaad Na Jaaye beete dinon ki

    MOVIE: Dil Ek Mandir (1963)
    MUSIC: Shankar Jaikishan
    LYRICS: Shailendra

    This song is in the same genre as the Sharabi song you have mentioned, and how it could not have reached the heights of popularity that it did…!!!

    Shankar Jaikishan did not just compose, they kissed the tune with tender care. As you close your eyes, you witness the scene in which Rajendra Kumar loses himself in emotions….as he vacillates between reminiscences of glorious days and depths of mourning a love lost forever…..and the raw pain plays on your mind, as you listen to Rafi Saab gather the entire composition and make it a piece of his own heart..

    For me, these are concert songs…they never fail to move me everytime I listen to them..

    Murty Saab, this is a topic that will surely bring you accolades from Rafi Bhakts all over the world..

    My very best to you..


  31. Nagesh Sidhanti says:

    Dear Murtygaru,

    Congratulations for selecting a hatke topic on which you have given us a brilliant commentary.
    Concert songs….a delectable list indeed.

    Please do continue to share your insights on various aspects of rafiology.


  32. r l arora says:

    really excellent. rafi saab had no replacement. one and only one singer in the whole world. salute to him.

    r l arora

  33. Khaja Aliuddin, MD says:

    Murthy Sahab, Adab Arz hai, Bahoot khoob, unique topic and superb writing.
    Waah Waa,
    with regards to all rafi lovers,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  34. Ahamed Kutty says:

    dear respectful murthyji,

    Excellent article and writing.this is an extra ordinary topic and the
    flow of words are something fantastic.I cannot say anything more.

    the various qualities of rafi saab and for his songs there will not
    be any full will continue and that is the reason this divine
    site is flourishing with excellent articles like this.

    may the almighty give more energy to you so as to enable us to
    study and enjoy it.

    with best wishes,

    ahamed kutty

  35. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Murty ji,

    Great! Absolutely brilliant!

    It was in my mind to write about some select Rafi’s songs for which the only word to describe them is ‘perfect’. Believe me, this article is something on those lines. Even I might have included a couple of songs from the ones you selected. I am very happy that you wrote this. I could not have written as superbly as you have. Songs ‘Mujhe le chalo….’, ‘Dekhi Zamane ki yari…’, ‘Watan pe jo fida hoga…’, ‘Kal raat zindagi se mulaqat ho gayi…’, ‘Ye mahalon ye takhton…’ (and many more) are national heritage.

    One example: Just listen to starting lines of the song ‘Watan pe jo fida hoga…’. It starts with high pitch lines ‘Himalay ki bulandi se suno aawaz hai ayee’, such is the magic of Rafi’s voice that you are at once overwhelmed with patriotic fervor and josh. The high pitch aptly suited to the mood, the lyrics of the two line (Himalay ki bulandi se…), then the second line: ‘Kaho maaon se den bete kaho behanon se den bhai..’, Rafi saab gradually brings down the pitch slightly lower and touches the emotional chord to emphasize, to enhance the effect of lyrics of the second line. Listening to it is simply indescribable experience.

    Same is the class of all the songs that you have selected.

    Please accept my heartiest compliments for writing this masterpiece.

    J.K. Bhagchandani

  36. H.A.K. Walijah says:

    Dear A.S. Murthy Saab,

    First of all I would like to thank you for writing such a brilliant piece of writing on concert songs. Your way of writing is very simple and at the same time binding the reader to finish the write up in one go… The fluency and lucid style of yours keeps the reader spellbinding. The selection of songs is all my favorite songs too! I like them all. Great selection! I wish you would continue to write such wonderful pieces of writing and enlighten us all rafi fans.

    Keep up the good work.

    Best regards

    H.A.K. Walijah

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