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Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab – 5

This article is written by Mr. B.Venkatadri

Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab - 5(Rafi & Suman Kalyanpur – A Compatible Pair) Rafi Saab’s duets with Suman Kalyanpur have one unique characteristic. Both the singers seem to be completely at ease with each other, for Suman Kalyanpur always knew and accepted that she was singing with a distinctly superior male singer. This was so unlike the Rafi-Lata recordings, wherein the high ego of Lata often used to make the recording room intensely tense!

The humble and pliable Suman Kalyanpur was willing to learn the song from the MD and even from Rafi Saab and always fell in line, like Rafi Saab, with the MD’s conception of the song. Hence, Rafi Saab could bring out his own best without having to compromise to the whims of the female singer. With Suman, for him, there was no modifying of his own scale or making a forced later entry after the female singer or having to give up some of his unique vocal sangats, etc.!

Suman Kalyanpur and Rafi Sahab with Hasrat and Jaikishan on harmonium
Suman Kalyanpur and Rafi Sahab with Hasrat and Jaikishan on harmonium

Today, let us discuss three excellent, but somewhat rare, duets of this pair.

1.“Aap Ne Huzur Mujhe Kya Se Kya Banaa Diya—Meherbaani, Meherbaani”—Film:Fariyaad(1964)—Lyrics:Kedar Sharma–MD:Snehal Bhatkar

2.”Tere Hum, O Sanam, Tu Jahan Main Wahan, Suraj Tu, Zara Main, Tu Kahan, Main Kahan”—Film:Bachpan(1963)—Lyrics:Hasrat Jaipuri–MD:Sardar Malik

3.”Mujhe Yeh Phool Na De, Tujh Ko Dilbari Ki Kasam, Yeh Kuch Nahin, Tere Honto Ki Taazgi Ki Kasam”—Film”Ghazal(1964)—Lyrics:Sahir Ludhianvi–MD:Madan Mohan

1. Snehal Bhatkar is the lesser-known MD who scored some great music for films such as ‘Hamaari Yaad Aayegi(1961)’ and Chhabili(1959/60).

Some of us may be knowing the great Mukesh solo, “Farishthon Ki Nagari Me Main Aa Gaya Hoon” from Film:Hamaari Yaad Aayegi. Also the title song of this film by Mubarak Begum.

Similarly, Chhabili(1959/60) has the very nice solo, “Ae Mere Humsafar, Rok Apni Nazar”, sung by none other than Nutan herself!

Now, coming to our first Rafi-Suman duet of today from Film:Fariyad(1964), it goes thus: “Aap Ne Huzur Mujhe Kya Se Kya Banaa Diya – Meherbaani, Meherbaani”. This duet was picturised on Ashok Sharma and Zeb Rehmaan.

The song has, at once, utmost melody and catchy rhythm. Renditions of both the singers are of top quality. Whenever I listen to this duet, I go back to my final schooling days! Listen and enjoy. “Aap Ne Huzur Mujhe—Meherbaani”


Mohd Rafi with Suman Kalyanpur, Hasrat Jaipuri, Jaikishan and recordist Minoo Karthik

2.The next Rafi-Suman duet for today is the one from Film:Bachpan(1963) composed by the highly talented Sardar Malik. You can drift into a beautiful trance while listening to this melody! It goes thus: “Tere Hum O Sanam, Tu Jahan Main Wahan”. Listen, enjoy and comment


3.The last one is from the 1964 film, Ghazal, starring Sunil Dutt and Meena Kumari. Meena Kumari is offering a mere flower to Sunil Dutt and as he is not satisfied, he is telling her “Mujhe Yeh Phool Na De, Tujh Ko Dilbari Ki Qasam, Yeh Kuch Nahin, Tere Honton Ki Taazgi Ki Qasam” What great lyrics by Sahir Saab!

This duet is a semi-classical composition by Madan Mohan and is one of the many duets of Madan Mohan wherein he clearly chose Rafi Saab and gave up even his favorite Lata, during that ‘dispute’ period! But, I have no regrets as Suman did utmost justice.

I just love the divine way Rafi Saab says the word “Qasammmmmm” during all the Mukhdas! And, further, see how he keeps making subtle variations to that “Qasammmmm” each time!

Please do listen and enjoy.


Finally, as all the three are great songs, please listen to each at least two times to obtain true enjoyment!

Shall be grateful for comments.

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45 Blog Comments to “Some Rare Diamonds of Rafi Saab – 5”

  1. P K Sinha says:

    Dear All,

    I have gone through the comments posted by many aficionado of hindi film songs. My plea to all of them not to engage into unnecessary arguments and denigrate the great exponent of music like Lata Ji. There is no denial Rafi Saab will always remain in hearts of every music lovers of Hindi songs so too Lata Ji. Therefore it is meaningless and demented argument to put someone above the other. They both were great and will remain great.

    P. K. Sinha

  2. pmc thangal says:

    dear venkatji, i heared all the 3 songs . in my estimation the song tere hum ho sanam… (bachpen )remain out standing both rafi saab and sumen had shown cent percentage justification to the composition of sardar mallik. shama perwana, (md gulam mohamed ) april fool, rajkumar (md s/j ) etc are some other films these singing pairs had brought out excellent songs. sumen’s voice has much similarity to to the voice of lata

  3. sunny says:

    thariye hosh me aalu… exellent composition along with raat suhani jaag rahi hai.. kindly listen them once more ..

  4. Rashid Shahab says:

    Will Somebody Send me Duet song of Mr.Rafi & Lata “Narazegi ye aap ki hamein jeeney nahin degi Choriye ye Addayen or hamein piyaar Kijiye”

    Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please Please

  5. Meenu says:

    Hi venkatadriji ,

    You may be correct, there is no second openion about Rafi sahab as a good human being. His inoscent smile tells everything. But still I do not belive that Lata was uncomfortable with Rafi sahab. I have seen their photographs together during recording. They are rehersing, taking tea and laughing together; that’s why their duets are most beautiful duets compaired to other pairs.
    My question is why should we bother about her behaviour ? we do not have any rite to rate her as a human being. When we identify someone’s drawback we should remember that those drawbacks are within us too!
    That’s why I say , those who write an article on some artist ; mention only about his contribution rather than dragging some other artist.

  6. b.venkatadri says:

    Meenu Ji,

    I am the author of this article responding. I do have high respect for Lataji as a very great and divine singer (though I find Asha Ji never second to Lataji)!

    In fact, I heartily enjoy the rarest of Lataji’s rare songs too. Only this morning, I was playing again and again this very rare and beautiful Lata solo from Film:Sardar(1955)–MD:Sursagar Jagmohan–“Pyaar Ki Yeh Talkhiyan, Jo Na Kehe Sakoo, To Main Kya karoon”!

    But, I also do believe that Lataji was never comfortable with this greatest phenomenon called Mohammed Rafi. This was indeed at the root of her blatantly abnormal behaviour in relation to Rafi Saab.

    You said that no one ever says one wrong word about Lata Ji in Radio/TV interviews. But, knowing Lata Ji and her continuing clout in the Industry, is it surprising?

    But, while no one says a bad word about her, equally, no one ever praises her as a person, definitely not whole-heartedly! Compare this with what people say on TV/Radio about Rafi Saab 30 years after his death, when he can no longer listen to any of those comments! People so passionately praise Rafi Saab’s virtues, his greatness not only as a singer but as a human being.



  7. Binu Nair says:

    Meenu ji : post 37…..

    u must know that the senior-most singer had booked the recording studios continuously for three years and every one was at her mercy for a recording. this fact u many never be able to – refute. the younger sister gave a statement saying : when your own family person keeps u at home, why talk about others; this was some time in 1964.

    we all do mistakes; lata too did it by promoting suman for a song (this is not independently proved) up till now.

    but read gopal sharmas book, he has unfolded incidents as it happened in the film music industry. i will send a copy to u. mr.sharma is the ex radio jockey of ceylon radio who used to play at 7.57 a.m. the k.l.saighal song by which people used to adjust their watch – everyday.

    some facts can be distorted but ‘truth’ can never be buried. however, i admire your courage in defending the indefensible.

    binu nair. mumbai.

  8. Meenu says:

    Hi Rajnath ,

    your comment –
    For male singing its very often we can find many singers used by various md for various artists. but in female singing its vary rare due to only lata….

    my comment –
    I can list many female Contemporary singers of LATA
    Start from Suman Kalyanpur
    Shama chittaar (suman’s yourger sister Jeevan chalne ka naam fame film shor)
    Sudha Malhotra (Sudha Morwani same)
    Meenu puroshottam
    Usha trimoti
    Krishna kalle
    Gita dutta
    samshaad begum
    Mubarak begum
    Sulaxana pandit
    Vani jairam
    Madubala zaveri
    S. Janki
    P. Susheela
    Runa laila
    salma agha
    pushpa pagdhare
    Hemanti sukhla and many more …….
    Late 80’s when Lata was singing with force
    Sadhan sargam
    Arti mukharjee

    Your comment –
    Sometimes lata gave her voice to two or more heroine in one movie, rafi Sahab & kishore doesn’t have this type of mentality.

    My comment – It was Music directors and Producer’s choice not Lata’s.
    In old movies Rafi sahab used to give his voice to hero as well as commedian line Jony walker , he as given his voice to Kishore kumar too. What will you say about this ?

    Your comments-
    Many stories will comes out after her death…..until….we have to wait.

    My comments –
    I feel pity for your low mentality. People bless her to live long life and you are waiting for her death. Very sad.
    Stories are comming nowitself… we can read in various forums , articles but those are masala added stories.
    That will not make any difference to she as well as her fans. Her fans are not only common man but great singers of today’s generation.

  9. Meenu says:

    Hi Friends ,

    Music directors choosed Suman over Lata ; it was sheer compramise. If Milk is not available then one has to adjust with butter milk. But Music directores gave solo songs in same film (in which Rafi sahab and Suman sung duet ) to only Lata.
    Aji rooth kar aba kaha ja yea ga… (shankar jaikisen ) only Lata can do justice to this kind of songs not Suman. Suman’s voice is soft and melodious but monotonus. I never heard ‘Dil wil pyar wyar..’ or ‘Aa jaane ja..’ kind songs from Suman. She was like Mukesh, in every song she sounds similar.
    She sound similar to Lata in only old songs later her voice changed.
    Those who are regular listerners can easily make the difference in Lata and suman’s voice. Lata was having challange from only her sister Asha.
    Listen – Allah karam karna.. from DADA,
    Naa jane kaise from Badlate rishte
    Main point – There was a downfall in every singer;s life but it never happend with LATA. She was constantly in demand. Today’s new generation MDs also wants to work with her but due her age problem it is not possible.
    So any no of articles written to degrade LATA will not help !
    Whatever she has achived will remain with her and nobody can snatch from her. This kind of articles or forums probably poison people’s mind to some extent but whenever they will listen LATA’s spritiual voice they all will bow their head with respect !!!

  10. Meenu says:

    Dear Binus2000,

    great personalities should be
    the “least” selfish people as they are ” microspically judged”.

    Yes that’s why Lata gave Suman her carrier’s first song which she rehersed with Mohmad shafi. She recomended Suman’s name for many songs. Suman was the regular vistor to Lata’s house.

    She constructd the well equiped hospital in pune not for personal benifit.
    After recording she used to ask the doorekeepr that how he felt about the song ? There was never a tense atomsphere as she herself was a great mimic with good sense of humer. Rafisahab used to say ‘Aaj bara brikaa mukabla hai ‘ whenever there was duet with Lata.
    When lata went to perform in Albert hall, she recognized one of the chorus singer (who sung in chorus and she met lata after 30 years gap ) , her enimies try to spoil her image saying she is arrogant.

    One more thing I observed , whenever the old singers they give interview either on radio or on TV they never say single word against LATA, either they do not have courge or all the alligations are baseless.

    People did’t even spare GOD , Lata afterall is a human being.
    One thing I want to tell everyone. Love LATA for her work , because she did full justice to her work. Her work is only reaching to the common man and not her behaviour. If ever she misbeheaved with someone then we need to check the behaviour of that person too !
    Hum ye nahi bol sakte kee waha dudh ka dhula tha !

  11. binus2000 says:

    Art of living – course of sri ravi shankar should have been done by
    some singers it’s felt. truth always hurts and maa saraswathi must
    have all the great “qualities” of Maa and saraswathi – which sadly
    is not the case.
    i say this as reports emanating from the recording studios and personal
    anecdotes say things which i cannot “report” here.

    compare this with rafi ji : who learnt “the art of living” right from the
    age of six from a wandering baba . rafi ji imbibed these in to his
    daily life and immortalised himself – during his lifetime, itself.

    very aptly the times of india group and the hindustan times voted
    rafi – ji as one among the 50 top indian movers and shakers list;
    last august 15 independence day issue.

    truth can be hurting meenu ji and great personalities should be
    the “least” selfish people as they are ” microspically judged”.

    binu nair.. rafi foundation….mumbai, :

  12. Manish Kumar says:

    Meenu ji,

    While I don’t condone unnecessary Lata bashing (as is often the case) – there are times when we must speak the truth and not sweep everything under the rug for the sake of political correctness / image. At such times the truth isn’t always pleasant.

  13. Meenu says:

    Hi Aseerji ,

    I visited your website about Rafi-sahab. It would have been really good to read about the the great Rafi Sahab ; if you would have only mentioned about his contribution in music, how good human being he was etc. but you constantly did mud-slinging on Lata to prove his greatness. In fact ,many visitors in that site are anti-lata. Whatever Narayanji is written is wrong but you too are equally sick !!
    Who are you to write ill about Maa Sarswati – Lata ? How can you compare male voice with female ?
    The fact she left all her Contemporary singers far behind. Success creates more enimies than friends.
    Don’t foeget out of hundred if there are 5 abusers then 95 are supporters of LATA.

  14. A S MURTY says:

    Simply marvelous Venkatadri sahab, for the selection of these songs which though coming under the rare category are pure magical intonations. the third song from the film ghazal is a very top order song and cannot be sung in ‘that’ attitude by any singer other than those actually singing it – rafi sahab and suman kalyanpur. i had seen the movie long long back and i remember all the other song but not this one and it is a gem of a song. the other songs mentioned in your piece too are master strokes but the song “mujhe yeh phool na de” takes the cake. it was heavenly to hear the song.

  15. Narayanan says:

    well friends pl do not copare me with one Narayan who has started another controversy,
    Iam out n out Rafi saab’s poojari and consider him as the best in the bollywood playback singing followed by others.
    can any one precisly inform me as which were the years Rafi saab n Lataji did not sing?
    Is it 1964,65,66 ?
    pl comment

  16. binus2000 says:

    about lata ji:

    pleasse read what two senior musicians told me re: lata didi;
    on recording days : when lata would not arrive, they would be
    in fear.

    she would “not” call the studio of her not coming; she will send
    her driver with the “non-availability” message.
    the musician would “lose” their wages and the producer his money
    for the day….

    binu nair….. mumbai.

  17. Aseer says:

    @ sanjay ji ref. post 25
    watching her own back and watching someone’s progress over the shoulder requires similar physical movement but they are poles apart in intention i guess.
    Lata ji was greatest in front of the mike but IMHO off the mike probably the meanest.
    u shud have read the article to understand why i reached this conclusion although stand to be corrected.
    the best in quality shudnt fear losing the numero uno spot to anyone, in case she was losing ground to suman ji proved that her supremacy was challenged. many more points I can raise but i wud like to devote that time to listening Rafi sahab, including his duets with lata as on the mike they are one of the best couple ever.

  18. Arbab Ahmad says:

    mohammad rafi, lata and mukesh live programme in london.would u plz upload this programme.i will be thankfull to u.

  19. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Lata was always jealous with singers like Suman Kalyanpur, Vani Jairam and few others. She cannot be compared to Rafi Saheb. I agree to Mr. Rajnath Singhji’s post # 23.

  20. Sanjay says:

    ref 22,

    that quote should have deleted immediately at your web page. it is sad when people have to bring in religion which is irrelevant for music lovers at the end of the day. let’s not get in a !spiteful! rafi – lata battle. why can’t we discuss these matters dispassionately? to raise your favorite singer you don’t need to throw mud at the other. the day lata ji is no longer will be one of the saddest days i’ve seen. all the respect, love, and fanship she gets – is well deserved. she has done much more good than bad (we all do make mistakes). the reason lata ji may have enemies is because she is in a position & industry where she can’t keep everyone happy. in fact – i think i just quoted her! and it is very true. given the nature of the industry – she always has to watch her back and stick up for herself – even if the other people don’t appreciate it. i wanted to further discuss this interesting topic – but will do so in the weekend as right now i must head off arrrggg!

  21. Sanjay says:

    dear vikas sharma,

    let’s all just take it easy and not take every wonderful topic and make it controversial. at the same time, we should be able to discuss all reasonable topics and issues. when narayan ji ref 18 reported that sonik omi stated rafi sahab went off tune at times – i wasn’t entirely happy to hear it but i accept opinions especially when the opinions are reasonably possible. it isn’t hard to imagine that out of 20,000+ rehearsals – rafi sahab makes an error. same way with lata ji (i’m a big fan of her) – we love her but it doesn’t mean we keep painting the ideal image. you yourself accepted that there are misunderstandings, mistakes, etc that anyone e.g. lata ji would be prone to. misunderstandings between rafi & lata occurred, were very relevant to music due to impact, and are worth discussing. he spoke truthful possibilities and please don’t expect everyone to phrase things exactly the way you want to hear them. it isn’t possible and it’ll never be the case. sometimes i read an article on kishore kumar and ideally i’d like to read “kishore went on to become a dominant, top singer in the 70s” but usually it reads in a manner where rafi & kishore are compared (hence we get endless debates between fans that i’ve realized is a waste of time). we must be tolerant of reasonable opinions and not expect an ideal environment on the internet. at the same time, i’m always searching for the truth. venkatji is a true music lover, very knowledgeable, and can often back up his opinions with details, etc. pleae don’t discourage such valuable contributors who point out songs i’ve never heard of, come to listen & love.

  22. Rajnath Singh says:

    Narayan 18

    I accepted lata is superior, monoploy is not good in any aspect…but lata was famous for arrogance, keep superiority, stop other singers in one movie.\\

    For male singing its very often we can find many singers used by various md for various artists. but in female singing its vary rare due to only lata….

    She is well knowing for giving Dhamaki (Hindi word) to music directors if they take other female singer then she will never sing with them in future.

    Sometimes lata gave her voice to two or more heroine in one movie, rafi Sahab & kishore doesn’t have this type of mentality.

    Lata have more enemies in film industry comapre to any other male-female singers, She is contravarsial women of bollywood.

    Due to her career & performance people did not give their opinion in public.

    Many stories will comes out after her death…..until….we have to wait.

  23. Aseer says:

    Who is this brother Narayan, suddenly appearing from clear blue sky and very active in proving Lata was superior in every Rafi website.
    please all the respected members, have a close look of what he had to say in my website
    “Lata never played politics. All muslim supporters of Rafi should stop bleming Lata and accept that Allah was with Lata so she got this position .By dirty politics nobody can raise to this position. As Nature (you call it as Allah ) is superior than anyone else. It is his wish. Don’t compare Mubark begum , vani, Shardaa with Lata. Gem cannot be compared with stones.”

    He tried to teach me my religion and also called me a muslim supporter of rafi sahab.

    Now I ask should this kind of sick people be allowed to write their comments?


  24. Sanjay says:

    quick correction: i was wrong to say that sonik was also a spokesperson for madan mohan or that sonik claimed to compose madan mohan’s tunes. instead – omi was the spokesperson for sonik-omi duo, and he claimed that sonik composed most of madan mohan’s tunes (not sonik himself). sorry about that.

    if anyone wants the madan mohan article or the op nayar interview with regards to geeta dutt not getting assignments from him – lemme know.

  25. vikas sharma says:

    Mr. B.Venkatadri,
    i m sorry to say that u are not a great music lover because you have insulted the saraswati mata(lata mangeshkar) and all your good work behind this article has completely taken a backseat.






  26. Sanjay says:

    Ref 18

    Yes, Rafi was human. Humans cannot be perfect. I love Rafi Sahab for who & what he was. Perhaps Sonik – Omi worked most with Mohammed Rafi and not as much with Lata & Asha to get fair sampling? In any case, it is not important. Sonik was a very good music arranger & spokesperson under Madan Mohan. After Madan Mohan’s untimely demise, Sonik claimed to have composed most of Madan Mohan’s tunes. A bit disloyal if you ask me. I didn’t mention this because I’m upset with criticism of my favorite singer. I can accept it – everyone is human. The name was brought up, I recently read the incident, found it remarkable and shared it. No other reason.

    Why did MDs stop giving songs to Geeta Dutt? A very controversial but interesting question. OP Nayar interviewed that he felt very guilty about not giving songs to Geeta Dutt. In the middle of the night she called him and said something like [Do you not recognize this voice? Have you forgotten? I am Geeta]. OP said that he and Asha were “emotionally involved” and that Asha made him promise to give songs to only her. My guess is this contributed to OP Nayar abandoning Geeta Dutt. Many examples indicate that Asha was no straight shooter. The second matter is Guru Dutt who I don’t hold in much regard as a fan of music & movies. Geeta Dutt’s marital troubles interrupted her work. It caused her to be depressed and give in to the destructive bottle. Lata Mangeshkar’s rise in 50s did take away a lot of work but Geeta still had her unique voice & niche. That niche existed especially under OP Nayar who never used Lata. Geeta was still a successful singer even with Lata around, albeit no longer #1. The most direct reasons are not Lata but the two I mentioned – IMO.

  27. Narayan says:

    Recently I heard Sonik-omi’s interview on Radio. He mention that except two singers – Lata and Asha, all the singers including RAfi and Kishore used to be be-sure occassionally. I read many articles on net about Lata. She is constantly compared with other singers like Rafi and Geeta dutta. Why all Music directors stopped giving songs to Geeta dutta ? Only on Lata’s request ?
    I don’t belive this ! Only truth is Lata’s voice is far superior than any female singers in India. Everyone wants best. Imagine Hemamaline’s face and Geeta dutta’s voice or Kajol’s face and Geeta dutta’s voice. Don’t you think Geeta’s voice has limitations ?
    Anuradha Poudwal tried monopoling , did she succeded ? I belive, monopoly can not be done ; it happens because of the best quality in person , and person should not be blamed for that.

  28. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Naraazgi Yeh Aapki Hamein Jeene Nahin Degi…, this nice duet is from the film “Unees Bees” (1980) and should be the last duet sung by Rafi Saheb and Suman Kalyanpur. Rafi Saheb’s voice is so sweet in this song. Anybody need this song can mail me.

  29. b.venkatadri says:

    Sanjay Ji,

    I really enjoyed reading your post no. 11. The following are my clarifications on some of your points.

    1. I tend to think that Rafi Saab and Lata had shared a perfectly normal relationship for the major (say, 90%) part of the time. Both too must have had great respect for each other’s singing talents. Hence, no surprise that there were hundreds of divine duets between the two.

    2. Secondly, I rate Lata Ji far higher than Suman as a singer.

    3. When I implied that Rafi Saab is a superior singer compared to Suman, I was only stating the obvious, for I view him as not just superior to Suman, but as the best of all male and female singers!

    4. On there being no ego issues between Rafi and Suman, I wish to add one more example for the consideration of the musically learned. In the duet, “Ajhuna Aaye Baalama, Sawan Beeta Jaaye”, in one of the Antaras there is this line, “Aur Bhi Mora Man Lalchaaye”. Rafi Saab says this line first and Suman repeats it. Rafi Saab says in highly classical mode, “Aur Bhi Mora Mannnnnnnn Lalchaaye” Saying that ‘Mannnnnnnn’ as Rafi Says is very difficult. So, Suman is made to says it as “Manooooooo”, by conveniently breaking the one single sangat Rafi Saab deploys for it! One must listen to it carefully to comprehend what I mean.


  30. rony says:

    Rafi ji was such a singer that everyone used to feel comfort, ease and peace working with him.

  31. Another gem of Rafi-Suman was “Baad Muddat Se” from Jahanara. Suraj had “Itna Hai Tumse Pyaar Muzhe”. Other good songs were “Bahut Hasin Hai Tumhari Aankhen”, “Tuzhe Dekha Tuzhe Chaha”, “Aisa to Na dekho Bahak Jaye Kahin Hum”. True, Suman sang few songs, but all were quality songs and hits.

  32. K.J.Ravi says:

    The tiltle song from Dil Ek Mandir (set in Raag Jogiya by SJ) brings out the phenomenal potential of both Rafi Sahab and Sumanji, especailly towards the end when both voices soar to hit the high notes in mellifluous harmony.

  33. Sanjay says:

    Are there any quotes from Suman Kalyanpur about Mohammed Rafi or vice versa? Love to hear. Thanks!

  34. Sanjay says:

    as usual – great read from mr venkat. second, i like that your material is usually open to multiple discussions.

    can someone explain how rafi & lata produced SOME of the best duets of all time IF they did not get along. perhaps both were very professional and did not let disagreements affect the song – any other suggestions?

    film industry is very cruel and you always have to watch your back. so if she was’t always agreeable to everyone in the industry – i don’t blame her. CONSIDER the many people lata got into disagreements with, the personal nature of some disagreements, and the severity of them – and from this angle you’ll see her relations with rafi saab were excellent. if she refused to sing with him, it was NOT personal but to take a professional stand for royalty issues. once again, disagreeing on scale – professional matter – not personal.

    my guess is female singers are especially challenged to jump scales because they are operating at an already high scale by default. so the mds should be considerate of this. this is in no way to undervalue rafi sahab’s magical control of scales – i’m not making comparisons or correlations of scaling with male singers and female singers as they can’t be made. i’m talking about female singers only. if lata mangeshkar had an ego (don’t we all?) – i cannot blame her. i’d be pretty arrogant too if i had a voice like that. and in the industry – you had to maintain your self importance & worth else you’d be exploited. when madan mohan was depressed during his last days and came inebriated for laila-maju recordings – she let it slide because she was considerate of her friend and not intolerant as she is painted out to be.

    i will also gently say that there is no need to point out rafi was a superior singer to suman kalyanpur. it unintentionally appears negative to suman kalyanpur (what if she was reading this article!). rafi sahab’s amazing voice can assert all that is needed. we should always just look up – given that he is the mount everest of singing. no one ever says that the eiffel tower is like a pencil next to mount everest. it isn’t needed. they just point out how tall everest is! same way – just point out rafi sahab’s greatness without needing to mention anyone else (except the MDs, lyricists, producers, etc that helped him to make the most out of his great career). for these reasons, i don’t appreciate it when mannade puts himself down to assert rafi was superior. it is nice but not needed. manna is manna, rafi is rafi, suman is suman.

    finally – on the topic of suman kalyanpur – rafi duets – does anyone believe that the duet rahe na rahe hum from mamta 1964 has been truncated? same with the solo version. in both songs – the tape jumps and cuts quickly several times as the songs play. i’m convinced. thanks for sharing the rare diamonds – i’m glad suman kalyanpur got a big break in the 60s due to the rafi-lata issue. she was an excellent singer. thanks again for the great article – please continue on with the rare diamonds series – you are very knowledgeable and many of us have a lot to learn from you, venkat ji. please forgive me if i appeared didactic – that was not the intention. if anything, these are thoughts i’ve wanted to say to music fans and your excellent article always gets me flowing with words & thoughts! looking forward to your next one.

  35. Ashok Parekh says:

    hats of to you venkatadriji for bringing few more rare gems of rafisaab, this time with suman kalyanpurji. i personally like “aaj hu na aaye balama” from ‘saanj aur savera’ the most amongst all their duets.
    another few of their duets i remember are:
    “thahariye hons me aa lu to chale jaiyega” a khayaam composition from ‘muhobbat isko kahete hain’, “kahe do kahe do jahan se kahe do” from ‘april fool’ “din ho ya raat” from raat” from ‘miss bombay’ (composed by hansraj bahel – another lesser known but talented md). the list will go on….
    btw ‘april fool’ also had rafsaab-lataji duet “tuje pyaar karte hai karte rahenge”
    i wish sumanji reponds to binuji’s efforts and we come to know more about her. incidentally when ‘sa re ga ma’ on zee television used to bring old timers like o.p.nayyarsaab, raviji and others, i had written to them to bring sumanji in one of the episodes but it did not happen.

    ashok parekh

  36. b.venkatadri says:

    Thank you , Friends, for all the nice comments. The songs mentioned by Dr. Aliuddin Ji and Shashank Ji are indeed very nice ones, too.

    Binu Ji, I will go ecstatic indeed, if you can really make Suman Kalyanpur ji come to this forum and offer her comment on this or share some experience of hers w.r.t. Rafi Saab!

    More comments from me later.


  37. Aamir Malik Rahi says:

    I believe that Rafi saheb was the only singer, who could bring the best in his co-singers, either male or female, because they knew that they were singing with the best singer & the competition was intense, so indirectly Rafi saheb had benifitted other singers as well.

  38. Y P Yadav says:

    please provide me this song on my email. i earnestly request for this

  39. Y P Yadav says:

    excellent song. I can not think any singer has such a divine voice

  40. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Nice article as usual, Rafi Saheb and Sumanji sang less duets (compared to others female singers…), but when they sang together, their songs were on everyone’s lips. Sumanji has very sweet voice. Songs mentioned in this article are so nice and enjoyable. Keep it up Mr. Venkatadri.

  41. thank u for great & marvellous article to mr.venkatadriji. Yes. actually suman kalyanpur sang less songs, but all her songs are hit like many songs i will tell u.

    1. Na Jane Kaise- Badlte riste – rafi, kishore, suman
    2. Dil ne fir yaad kiya – rafi, mukesh, suman
    3. Aajhuna aaye baalama – rafi, suman
    4. Aaj kal tere mere pyar – rafi, suman
    5. Parbato ke ped pe – rafi, suman

    this songs are marvellous and soft songs also she sang. rafisahab was a great singer which he gave chance to her career without lata on that time. another song she sang with rafisahab was “Aayare kilonawala khel” sang with Sulakshana Pandit, composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal. I feel we listen 1st song very less then other songs.

  42. binus2000 says:

    good one as usual.. mr.venkatadri…..

    i remember that i was trying to get in touch with suman ji but
    every time she was ” unavailable “.

    she lives in Mumbai ‘s suburb in Khar area. then, i realized that
    what i read was true – she is ” incommunendo ”

    she does not want to come in to the ‘limelight’…

    but, i will contact her again and leave a message to her to read
    this article in the website….

    binu nair… the rafi foundation…////mumbai//

  43. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Venkatadri Anna, Adab Araz Hai,
    I am 100 % agree with you, “Both singers seem to be completelt at ease with each other, for Suman Kalyanpur always knew and accepted that she was singing with adistinctly superior male singer. The above mentioned duets are superb. Hum to aapkp maanliye.
    I want to include few beautiful duets of Rafi Saheb and Suman ji for Rafi fans and I want you to put some light over these gesms.
    Agar teri jalwa numaayi na hoti – Beti Bet – MD Shankar Jaikishan
    Chand takta hai idhar Aao kahin chup jayen- Dooj ka chand -MD Roshan
    Bahut haseen hain tumhari aankhen- Aadhi Raath ke Baad- MD Chitragupt
    Main is masoom Chere ko- Baghi Shahzada- MD B.Dutta
    Ajahun na aaye Balama saavan beetha jaaye- Sanjh Aur Savera- MD Shankar Jaikshan
    With regards,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin,
    Chicago, illinois, USA

  44. mohamedparvez says:

    great article great song selection again iam enjoying the songs you have posted in all your article thanks venkatadriji keep it up

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