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This poetry is written by Sajdah@HF in tribute to Rafi Sahab.

The dismal rains are back,
and it’s like losing you
all over again.
That fateful day too,
the skies wept
as hot salty tears
met cold unfeeling spray
to flow unchecked,
The busy world paused
for it knew not what
but something would never be the same again.

That beaming face,
That full of life voice,
which could brighten up
who’s ever going through a hard day,
No pain there was
that listening to you
couldn’t take away —
Someone Up There decided
He wanted some of you too.
It was His wish
to call you back early
because He loved you so.

Your’s was such a big heart
so, we each got lucky
with a piece of it.
Asking ‘why’ isn’t something
you would have wanted us to do,
For in Heaven you belong now-
that is your place.

Has it only been 26 years –
it is so hard to imagine
Time marches on; impatient and ruthless
fickle and ephemeral.
The Truth is despite that
no one has ever been able
to take your place.
And no one
ever will.

Smile away at us from Heaven, Rafi saab
In an ever-darkening world,
for our weary souls,
it’s a lifetime of happiness
you’ve gifted us.
We can never repay that
try however we might,
Devotion, loyalty, an undivided heart ?
Those you may have in undying measure.

We love you so much
could we hoard up ALL your musical trove
We would do that —
and then call ourselves rich.

And yet the search continues,
The heart is still empty
The soul remains famished
For, the one thing that will forever
remain unchanged,
is that,
for the rest of our lives
we’ll never stop missing you.

The dark clouds have gone
leaving a rainbow behind.
As glorious as your voice, Rafi saab
A reminder, perhaps
that we’ve not entirely lost you ?
ever will.


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9 Blog Comments to “Reflections”

  1. suhail ahmed ansari says:

    Very well Ms. Sajdah very good poetry. Right from the heart. It has all ingredient of heart and soul and why not because it really came through your inner self.

    thanks & Rgds


  2. Pravin Nair says:

    Tu is tarah se meri zindagi mai shamil hai…jahan bhi jau ye lagata hai teri mehfil hai….

    Long live the king!!!!!!!!


  3. ashis says:

    wonderful Miss.Sajdah, very well said, thanks a lot. Yesterday was indeed a sorrowful day, most part I spent weeping and listening to Guru.
    We love you so much!

  4. Sajdah says:

    Thank you for the kind words, PPrabhu~ji. Rafi saab could inspire anyone -even a no-pretensions-to-be-a-poet(ess) kind of person like myself.

    Oh, and i am NOT a ‘he’, but a ‘SHE’. Sajdah is my GIVEN name !
    So, the ‘sir’ bit couldn’t really apply to me, now would it ? On the contrary ‘Miss’ would do real fine !
    Where did i keep those smiley’s ? I can’t believe i’ve misplaced them, yet again !



  5. manish gokhale says:

    Time is medicine for all the pains in the world. but death of Rafi sahab is still giving pain because for all of us time has stopped on 31st july 1980.

    Expressing my feelings through my OWN sher.



  6. asim306 says:

    this is gr8 expressed from sajdah. this make my eyes in tears of missing Rafi ji- well said Anmol singh ( 26 long years have passed by in 26 seconds)
    what ever we say for Rafi ji is not enough to express. my day start listion Rafi ji voice. this make my day cool and easy…………

  7. Anmol Singh says:

    Very well expressed, simply from heart. “Dil Se”. Indeed time is very ruthless and doesn’t wait for any one, 26 long years have passed by in 26 seconds.

  8. adnansajid says:

    just i want to say that “lagi aaj sawan ki phir wo jhadi hain wahi aag seene mai phir jal padi hain”
    mohamed rafi we miss u

  9. pprabhu says:

    You express it so well. Thank you sir 🙂

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