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Rare Gems of Mohammad Rafi

By Vijay Bavdekar

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

Dear Rafians, it will be great pleasure for you to recollect and listen the following rare gems (in true sense) of our beloved Rafi Saheb.

1. Mai jab gaun geet suhana gaye mere saath jamana-Film-Amar Raj-1946-M. D.Firoz Nizami (This claasical base song is also in duet form. The lady singer with Rafisaheb is famous Mohantara. 

2. Tum hame bhool gaye hum na tumhe bhool sake–Balam-Husnalal Bhagatram.

3. Us paar is deewwarke jo baithe hai koi unse jake kahde hum jo kehte hai (A fantastic song picturised on Sajjan & Madhubala)Film-Sainyaan–M D-Sajjad Hussain

4. Ai dil tujhko neend na aayee tamaam raat..soti rahi khudaki khudai tamaam raat–Film Shahnaz–M D Ameerbai

5. Kahke bhee na aaye tum ab chhupane lage tare-Film-Safa- M D C.Ramchandra

6. Tera kaam hai jalna parwane chahe shama jale ya na jale–Film Paapi(Rafi sang for Raj Kapoor) M D S.Mohinder

7. Meri nigah ne kya kaam laajawab kiya–Film Mohabbat isko kehte hai– M D Khayyam(Rafi sang for famous marathi actor Ramesh Dev.Rafi’s voice quality in this particular song is simly superb & peerless)

8. Ab wo karam karen ke sitam mai nashe me hun-Film-Marine Drive–M D N Datta (Rafi sang for Ajit)

9. Game hasati se mai begana hota khudaaya kash  mai deewana hota-Film Vallah Kya Baat hai M D Roshan (I don’t have apt words to describe Rafi’s voice.Here Rafi sang for a different, rather a gumgeen shammi,song video is worth seeing).

10. Jahan tu hai wahan fir chandani ko kaun poochhega–Film –Aao pyar karen M D Usha Khanna(Rafi sang for Joy mukherjee)

11. Mujhe le chalo aaj fir us gali me jahan pahle pahle ye dil ladkhadaya–Film Sharabi–M D Madan Mohan (Rafi sang for Dev Anand-Music arrangement and rafi’s singing ability seem to be made for each other)

12. Sabhee kuchh lutaake hue hum tumhare-Film Indrani ,a Bengali Film  M D Vipin(Rafi sang for unknowwn actor,we can see Utaam Kumar &Suchitra Sen in song sequense)

13. Hum to hai tumpar dilse fida yaar dedo hame kasme khuda–Film Bewqoof–M D Saachindev Burman(Rafi sang for comedian I S johar)

14. Bahot hasen ho bahot jawan ho-Film –Mai wohi hun–M D Usha Khanna(Rafi sang for Firoz Khan)

15. Dilne pyaar kiya hai ek bewafase–Film Shararat–M D Ganesh (Rafi sang for Vishwajeet)

16. Yahi armaan lekar aaj apne gharse hum nikle-Film-Shabab–M D Naushad–Songs of 60’s-&70 s

17. Tum aise base more nain ke ab kuchh soozat naahi–Film–Jawani Mastani M D Ganesh–A classical base song picturised on comedian Jagdeep who gave perfect justice to Rafi’s throw of words by way of moving lips and expressions on face)

18. Jindagi tu zoole jara kah rahi hai tuzse ye fiza –Film -Kaise kahoon–M D Sachindev Burman (Rafi sang for Vishwajeet )

19. Jaane bahara subah e chaman tu mere khwabonki pyaari dulhan –Film AAja Sanam–M D Usha Khanna (Rafi sang for Firoz Khan, beautiful young Tanuja was heroine)

20. Ye kiski aankhonka noor ho tum ye kiska dilka quraar ho tum-Film Pakiza-M D Gulam Mohammad. This song was not included in the film. You can experience a matured voice of Rafi and different music style in this song, I include this song in Rafi’s top ten.

Dear friends recollect and enjoy these gems.. Rest will follow soon

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121 Blog Comments to “Rare Gems of Mohammad Rafi”

  1. Andrea Correa says:

    The lady ‘is’ no bharat ratna actually speaking.

    she clearly knew the reach, depth and the indepth talents of mohd rafi voice. she used to be nervous during recordings – say eyewitnesses. she asked producers to take other male singers according to rafi saaheb as told to his close friend ahmed bhai of calicut.

    she refused dates to composers who brought in ‘new’ female singers . everyone in the industry know of it. according to two female singers, their songs were taken away or edited ‘out’ from movies …

    a writer has named her for not giving dates to kalyanji anandji bhai as they were introducing new singers. whereas, rdb in their custody ‘never’ used new singers.

    and, in some cases she recorded the songs again when it became a ‘hit’ . she will be answerable to god – one day as she has lots of money to buy out croony reporters, radio jockeys etc.

    some sixty lacs rupees was found in her house by the income tax dept some forty years back. she wriggled out of the case, its known on flimsy excuses.

    on national tv – she was exposed by bhupen hazarikas wife who ‘said’ she took her husband away during her trips to calcutta and ruined her life. many such unreported cases are there – floating in the industry and told by insiders.

    finally, she told lies about rafi saaheb ‘that’ she sought an “apology letter” from him and got it – over the royalty issue.

    who is she to ask an apology from rafi saaheb? we wish to know. she is lying and she has no proof of such an apology letter.

    god will take care of such false ratnas we rafi lovers are certain.

  2. Sarwat Baig says:

    i agree with you haldar bhai. mukesh sahab and his son or sons have always professed their love for rafi sahib. the same goes for messrs mahinder, manna dey, and so many more. strange that she calls herself God-gifted, but is jealous of someone who was never a rival. she has the most praise for kk knowing that he does not have the same range as rafi sahib’s. in fact despite his idiosyncracies, kk had rafi sahib’s portrait in his room. we all know that rafi sahib helped resolve the dispute between AIR and kk, as AIR had banned him. she hardly mentions rafi sahab in her interviews.owing now asha sahiba goes around praising didi otherwise i myself read a piece by her deceased daughter about the unjust and selfish attitude of her aunt. she was aghast that a real sister could behave in such a way. even ordinary humans are not like that. let’s pray that the jury is madeup of ladies and gentlemen. ameen

  3. Binu Nair says:

    Thank you all Rafi Saaheb bakhts and premis for Voting our legend to the top position.

    But, what is 7000 votes for the legend. he has millions of music lovers.

    Congratulations to all for doing the ‘utmost’ and voting for Rafi Saaheb.

    Special mention to our doctor friend from patna Dr satyaprakash who asked all his patients to vote for mohd rafi saaheb .

    Lets see how the jury now behave now.

    i will also advise the rafi lover from ahmedabad ‘not’ to give interviews to news papers and ask rafi saab lovers : “aap ke paas rafi hai”?

    this advice is due to his interview in the mumbai mirror of last sunday.

    i would like to tell him that mohd rafi belongs to millions of his admirers – not to this fan alone.

  4. P. Haldar says:

    post 115:

    Baig saab,

    I’ve been around for a long time and I’ve seen the politics. All the male singers — Mukesh bhai, Manna da, Talat saab, Rafi saab, Hemant Da and Kishore Da — shared a very good relationship. It’s she who indulged in politics and tried to damage the careers of other singers and music directors. And look at our press-wallas; they fawn over her and publish every piece of garbage that she utters. The truth is that Rafi saab has always beaten her fair and square; that’s what makes her so insecure. All the money and publicity that she has cannot buy the love and respect that people have for Rafi saab. She knows that and that’s why she is trying her best to rewrite history through third-rate journalists like Subhash Jha. I have no faith in our press and in our leaders.

    P. Haldar

  5. Sarwat Baig says:

    Mubarkan! Why, haldar bhai? because she can still twist people’s arms? can we not protest if that happens? the rafi foundation should go vocal and flood the media with their grievances. why have votes if the power lies with the senate? i don’t think they’ll mess with rafi sahab.

  6. P. Haldar says:

    Polls are closed. Final tally:

    ARR: 7683
    Rafi: 7666

    Only 17 votes separating the two. Rafi saab is in 5th position, ahead of Maharani by more than 1000 votes.

    A Bengali girl from Kota has beaten the Bengali babu from Khandwa.

    And the Bengali girl from Kota has beaten the Bengali bahu of Jet Bungalow.

    And a Rafi clone has beaten the Bengali girl from Kota.

    Both Amitabh Bachchan and A. R. Rahman hold Rafi saab in the highest esteem. We should all be very happy with the results. What the jury will do I don’t know. Most probably, they will put Maharani on top.

  7. Sarwat Baig says:

    you are very welcome…and thank you for your kind words. but if anyone deserves a thank you then it is the rafi foundation. had i not discovered this site i would never have known about this poll. there will be a huge fanfare when king khan’s and a r rehman’s names are announced because they belong to the present, and who kicks a gift horse in the mouth. i am waiting to see that will someone have the moral courage to highlight the fact that amongst them is the spirit of a man who left us 33 years ago, but his voice is still revered, adored or at least recognised. i am sure rafi sahab himself will be searching for naushad, s-j, madan mohan, shalinder, sahir etc. he will wonder where shammi kapoor, dilip, madhu bala…are hiding. little does he know that people are now over-rated, yet he has and will continue to rule the hearts of successive generations and keep alive the memories of the people associated with him, and the wonderful era known as the golden era. the khans and the rehmans should consider themselves lucky that they are sharing the stand with the one and only “living” legend.

  8. shammi says:

    Thank you kind sir for making my day and I hope he will win all the categories and be crowned the legend of legends that he truly is.

    I find it hard to believe that mr rehman is doing so well, I know everyone has an opinion but in my humble opinion there are many people who deserve to be ahead of him.

    Mr baig sir, thank you once again and if you would kindly let me know the final outcome I’d be very grateful.

  9. Sarwat Baig says:

    mr rehman leading by 6 votes…shammi sahib, rafi sahib has won in his category, and in the singing category as well. we are hoping that he rises above all. just pray that humans with vested interests do not ignore us. the people have spoken…the juries shpuld not interfere.

  10. Sarwat Baig says:

    a r rehman leading by 4 votes

  11. shammi says:

    There will be a big injustice if Mohd rafi does not win and I’ll be devastated.

    I hope common sense will prevail and mohd rafi wins.

    This highly talented singer who has been described by many as the voice of god, who has dominated playback singing for decades with his versatility like no other and has been the only singer to evoke so many emotions through his singing cannot lose.

    Please , please, please you wonderful mohd rafi fans who are doing a grand job in keeping fans like me in the uk informed of the latest development in the voting I hope you’ll be the bearers of good news and say mohd rafi has won.

  12. Sarwat Baig says:

    19 votes…go. go, go…more power to you.

  13. Sarwat Baig says:

    12 votes…haldar bhai, that’s exactly what I am doing. i am telling people not to vote for lata sahiba (much as I love her voice), a.r. rehman, sonu or yash raj. haldar bhai why do you want us to vote for shahlinder and not anand bakshi? was he close to the anti rafi gang? i am telling people that unfortunately as the other gems of the golden era cannot win, so please vote for rafi sahib and act as spoilers for the rest of the above. i must admit i also voted for lata sahiba and then realised my folly. my bhabi is telling me that rahim is going up and down the street saying, “it is the last day, vote for mohd rafi.”

  14. Sarwat Baig says:

    11 votes…it is pretty obvious that the followers of Big B, Mr. Rehman, and Rafi Sahib have been the most vibrant. please correct me if i wrong but big b has been the ony one who has come up from behind and overtaken rafi sahib. we have to make sure that doesn’t happen please.

  15. P. Haldar says:

    Leading by 12 votes. Let’s shoot for 400 more votes tonight. Call Mukesh fans, Talat fans and tell them how much you adore their idols. Tell Mukesh fans that Mukesh bhai and Rafi saab were like brothers; they entered the industry together in 1944. And, if you have to, tell them that no one can sing sad songs like Mukesh bhai. And then tell them to vote for Rafi saab out of respect for the golden era. I’ve called a diehard Talat fan in Kolkata and told him — this was difficult for me to do — that Dada was wrong about his reluctance in using Talat for “Jalte hai jiske liye”. I’m not sure if it’s going to work but I’m trying my best. Whatever you do, do not — and I repeat, do not — contact any Kishore fan.

  16. Sarwat Baig says:

    you are very welcome…I call it manning the post along with my rafian brothers and sisters. my sweet house boy is actually making the group he sits or plays cricket with vote for rafi sahib. still waiting for his rookie cop brother to spread the word in his unit. when will the voting end? this is maddening, not to mention that my 13 year old thinks that I have gone mad or something. by the way she is his fan as well. calls him dafli uncle (dafli waly…), rafi uncle, and when she sees the young rishi kapoor, she calls him rafi uncle, but shrugs her shoulders with a quizzical look when I point out the present rishi uncle.

  17. shammi says:

    Thank you for keeping us mohd rafi fans informed about the votes, and yes please everyone keep voting.

  18. Sarwat Baig says:

    leading by 1 vote now.

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