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Mohammad Rafi and Joy Mukherjee combination had only gave everlasting hits

By Dr. Souvik Chatterji

Joy Mukherjee and Mohd Rafi

Joy Mukherjee and Mohd Rafi

There were many bollywood actors who acted in more than 200 films out of which 40 to 50 films were musical in nature. In case of Joy Mukherjee out of his 38 films in a career spreading over 15 years, almost all the films were musical and his everlasting combination with Mohammad Rafi only produced gems after gems.

Joy Mukherjee started his career with the film Love in Simla in 1960.It was directed by RK Nayyar. Iqbal Qureshi composed the music of the film. Rafi’s songs “love ka matlab hai pyar”, “dil tham chale”, “ae baby idhar aao” were fresh and peppy in nature. From that time the everlasting combination of Joy Mukherjee with Mohammad Rafi stormed bollywood music for the next 10 years. In Hum Hindustani, Joy Mukherjee’s next film Sunil Dutt was the lead star so most of the songs were picturized on him. In the film Umeed in 1962, Rafi’s song “mujhe ishq hai tumhi se” became big hit.

From 1960 to 1967, Joy Mukherjee had the rare record of giving hit films in such a way that his films used to rank among the first 5 hit films of all the years. One of the main reasons for the success of the films included the evergreen music of the films.

In 1962 his film Ek Musafir Ek Haseena created storms. It ranked in the first 4 biggest hits of the year. The songs “bahut shukhriya bari meherbani”, “aap yuhi agar humse milte rahe”, “phir tere shahar me mitne ko chala aya hoon”, “humko tumhare ishqne kya kya bana diya”, “Mai pyar ka rahi hoon”, “mujhe dekhkar aapka muskurana” made the listeners enchanted.

The Joy Mukherjee, OP Nayyar and Rafi magic continued in the film Phir Wohi Dil Laya Hoon in 1963. It was produced and directed by Nasir Hussain. Again the songs were masterpieces including “zulf ke chayon me chehereka ujala lekar”, “nazneen bara rangeen hai wada tera”, “banda parwar thamlo jigar”, “lakhon hai nigahon me”, “anchal me saja lena kaliyan”, “aji kibla mohe tarma”, to name a few. It was par excellence. Probably OP Nayyar and Rafi combination was at the zenith. The film ended up being the third biggest hit film of 1963.

In 1964, Joy Mukherjee’s film Ziddi did great business. This time it was directed by Pramod Chakravarty. The music was composed by SD Burman. Rafi’s songs “janu kya mera dil ab kahan kho gaya”, “teri surat se nahi milti kisi ki surat”, “pyar ki manzil mast haseen” were all melodious songs and became superhit. In 1964 film Ji Chahta Hai, Rafi Joy Mukherjee combination again created gems. Kalyanji Anandji composed the songs. Rafi’s songs “kya kehne mashallah”, “ae jane tamanna jane bahar”, “rang rangilla mousam leke” created sensation.

Rafi Joy Mukherjee continued in the films Ishaara, Door Ki Awaaz and Ayo Pyar Karen. Kalyanji Anandji composed the music of film Ishaara. Rafi’s songs “dil bekarar sa hai”, “he Abdulla naginwala” were very impressive. Ravi Shankar Sharma composed the music of Joy Mukherjee’s film Door Ki Awaaz. All the songs of Rafi were classically oriented and touchy namely “dil mera aaj kho gaya”, “ek musafir ko”, “husn se chand bhi”, “kya yunhi rooth ke”, to name a few.

Usha Khanna composed the music of the film Avo Pyar Karen in 1964. Rafi’s songs “dil ke aine me tasveer teri”, “jinke liye mai diwana bana”, “tum akele to kabhi bag me” caught the attention of listeners a lot. In 1965, Rafi sang excellent songs in Joy Mukherjee’s film Bahu Beti. Ravi Shankar Sharma composed the music of the film. Rafi’s songs like “jiyo to aise jiyo”, “meri jaan na sata tu”, were very sweet.

Joy Mukherjee again stormed bollywood in the film Love in Tokyo. Shankar Jaikishan’s composition of music in the film rocked bollywood. Lata’s songs “sayonara sayonara”, “hume tum mil gaye humdum” was as popular as Rafi’s “Japan, love in Tokyo”, “aaja re aa zara aa”, “o mere shahekhuba”, and Manna Dey’s “mai tere pyar me bimar hun kya arz karun”. The westernized andaz of Rafi mesmerized the audience along with Japan’s exotic locations. Joy Mukherjee and Rafi combination did well in the film Saaz Aur Awaaz. Naushad Ali composed the music of the film. Rafi’s songs “dil ki mehfil saji hai”, “saaz ho tum awaaz hun mai”, “kisne mujhe sada di” showed the class and dignity of Naushad Ali’s creations.

Joy Mukherjee and Rafi again created magic in the film Shagird in 1967. This time Laxmikant Pyarellal stormed bollywood. Rafi’s songs “o bare miya diwane”, “o hai zara khafa khafa”, “duniya paagal hai” all created magic. Joy Mukherjee’s online chemistry with Saira Banu attracted the viewers. From Humsaya in 1968, gradually Joy Mukherjee’s box office popularity declined. OP Nayyar composed the music of the film and Rafi’s song “dil ki awaaz na sun” again became hit, but the film did not do great business.

From that time onwards Joy Mukherjee gradually faded out of the industry. His later films like Ek Kali Muskai, Dil Aur Muhabbat, Dupatta, Ek Baar Muskurado did very ordinary business. Rafi sang notable songs in some of these films, but neither the compositions nor the songs did touch the souls of the audience in the same way, the way it did in Love in Tokyo.

Joy Mukherjee had given lips in more than 200 songs of Mohammad Rafi. His songs and the films should be restored to remember the great combination of evergreen Mohammad Rafi with the romantic actor.

As long as melodious music will survive, Joy Mukherjee’s films will remain immortal.

Dr. Souvik Chatterji

Dr. Souvik Chatterji

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30 Blog Comments to “Mohammad Rafi and Joy Mukherjee combination had only gave everlasting hits”

  1. Manali says:

    I love joy too much & joy-mohdrafi combination is unforgatable

  2. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Mohammad Rafisahab had remained at the top of the male singer list. He is undoubtedly the badshah of badhshahs. We would have been happy had he got more votes than Shahrukh Khan.
    But at least he had not let any competition to be there in the category of the male singers. He is way ahead.
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji.

  3. Rahul says:

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  4. Rahul says:

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  5. Rahul says:

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  6. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Bimanji,
    Thanks a lot for the comments.
    My email address is

    My Cell Phone No. is 09950836554.

    I read your previous article on Joy Mukherjee and Rafisahab. It is a pity that whenever articles are written about Joy Mukherjee and great Rafi Sahab, discussions go on in respect of the acting callibre of Joy Mukherjee. There is no doubt that the music that was composed in Joy Mukherjee’s films were of A grade, whether it was Shankar Jaikishan, or OP Nayyar, or Naushad Ali. Mohammad Rafi Sahab had made the magic culminate into romanticism through his golden voice. The films did business due to a number of reasons but Rafisahab’s immortal songs gave a launching pad and the songs are still young.

    I echo the voice of all the admirers of Rafisahab and request everyone to vote. Yes Rafisahab is at No. 1 position and I echo the sentiments of music lovers that I honestly want Rafisahab to emerge the winner.

    Naushad Ali Sahab once said if God had any voice, Rafisahab’s voice would have come very close to that voice.

    Warm regards,
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

  7. Rahul says:

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  8. Sanjeev Dixit says:

    “jai Rafi sahab”
    Now Rafi Sahab’s lead is 240 votes:-
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  9. Rahul says:

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  10. krishna says:

    rafi sahab ka naam hi kafi hai…..

  11. Sharad Desai says:

    Rafi Joy combination is the second line combination after Rafi Dilip, Rafi Shammi, Rafi Rajendra, Rafi Gurudatta,Rafi Bhushan, Rafi Johny,Rafi Dharmendra, Rafi Jeetendra etc
    Rafi Biswajeet, Rafi Pradeep Rafi Uttam, Rafi Shashi, Rafi Manoj, Rafi Mehmood, Rafi Navin, Rafi Rajesh so on, and late years
    Rafi Rishi, Rafi Amitabh, Rafi Vinod K combination did well

  12. Rahul says:

    Hi all,

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  13. Ahamed Kutty says:

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  14. Rahul says:

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  15. bimanbaruah says:

    Nice article sauvikji
    Joy Mukherjee was joy of indian cinema, first lover boy of Indian cinema and one of the box office toper from 1960 to 1967. He was very fortunate that his career was fully supported by voice of god, Mohammed Rafi from Love In Shimla (1960) to Love In Bombay (1974) and established him as a “Romantic Lover Boy”. 9th March,2013 was his first death anniversary and i planned a tribute article on the combination of Rafi Sahab and Joy Mukherjee, but unable to complete due to official business.

    Very glad to read your article on this combinations and the songs are very joyful. If you don’t mind, let me know your personal e-mail or mobile no for keep in touch.

    Thanks & Regards
    Biman Baruah

  16. vijay bavdekar says:

    we can not forget melodious”jahan tu hai wahan fir chandaniko kaun poochhega” fro usha khanna’s aao pyar karen,can we sauvikji?

  17. any actor whom rafi saab landed his voice became superstar of bollywood.
    It was rafi saab’s magic.
    Long live rafi saab. I love you.
    Birendra Singh Bisht

  18. seeraj says:

    rafi sahab very nice men rafi sahab kabile taarif

  19. rafi sahab mere guru

  20. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Khwaja Sahab,
    Aadab, Taslim.
    You are great.
    You had dug out those songs of great Rafisahab which were not played and publicized to that extent.
    Besides films of Joy Mukherjee that you had referred to had hardly been shown in the popular TV channels.
    These films should be shown in the popular Television channels.
    The FM and the radio channels should telecast Rafisahab’s great songs for Joy Mukherjee.
    Even the new generation will admire that.
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji

  21. khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Dr. Souvik Chatterji, Adab Araz Hai,
    As usual, fabulous writing on Joy Mukherjee and our Rafi Sahab.With your permission, I want to add few more songs of this combo.
    Bahu Beti: Ravi/Sahir
    1) Sab me shamil ho magar
    2) Jiyi to aise jiyo
    Ehsaan: RD Burman/Majrooh
    1) Oh tauba yeh nigahen, dekhne se khumar aaye
    Mujrim: Sonik-Omi/ Varma Malik
    1) Ai meri jane chaman
    Aag aur Daagh: N.Dutta/SH Bihari
    1)Tere is pyar ka shukriya
    2) Yeh pyar ka jhagda hai to

    Looking forward to see more writings from you on our Aawaz ka Badshah, Rafi Sahab. Shab Bakhair,
    A die-hard fan of Rafi Sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  22. Good day to all. Very nice to enlighten us Rafi devotees of this singer/actor combination. It is a part of THE GOLDEN ERA and I am thankful for this bhaiji.

    Yesterday: it IS Rafi (Correction of grammar does not apply here)
    Today……. it IS RafT
    Tomorrow. it WILL BE Rafi
    Thank you Dr. Souvik.


  23. c k vasudevan says:

    Superb collection, mazaa aagaya

  24. Zafar Ahmad says:

    Dear Dr. Souvik Chatterji,

    Please research that how many high level filmi personalities have used the word “VOICE OF GOD” for Rafi Sahib. Thanks.

  25. Zafar Ahmad says:

    How many High Level Filmi Personalities have used the word “VOICE OF GOD” for Rafi Sahab? Please research!

  26. Dr. Souvik Chatterji says:

    Dear Sundeepji,
    Thanks a lot for clarifying the mistake. Yes, Door Ki Awaaz music was composed by Ravi Shankar Sharma. I was wanting to write about Saaz aur Awaaz which was composed by Naushad Ali, and it was my typographical error of mentioning Naushad Ali’s name.

    Thanks once again for clarifying the mistake.

    Ravi Shankar Sharma had composed music in many films of Joy Mukherjee, and in all those films great Rafisahab contributed the most. Naushad Ali had composed music only in one film of Joy Mukherjee, Saaz Aur Awaaz and Rafisahab’s rendition of the songs were outstanding.

    Separate articles can be written on each of the films.

    Thanks Taseerji and Aliji for your comments too.
    Warm regards,
    Dr. Souvik Chatterji.

  27. Ali says:

    Joy Mukherjee was the actor who was popular only for his music in his films

  28. Taseer says:

    Yet another Bollywood Actor who became popular with Rafi’s immortal voice.

  29. sundeep pahwa says:

    I can recall another film Yeh zindagi kitni haseen hai directed by R K Nayyar where the title song sung by rafi sahib was picturised on Joy mukherjee music was again by raviji

  30. sundeep pahwa says:

    sauvikji Door ki awaaz music was by Ravi and not Naushad

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