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Rare Expression Songs by Rafi Saab

This article is written by Mr. Abhishek Taparia

Mohd RafiSince the time songs have been introduced in hindi movies we have come across through many genres of expressions like – romatic,fun-filled, sad, emotional, alcoholic, patriotic, devotional, emotional, but there are a few songs which would not fit into any genre which are rare expressions songs and most of them are sung by the maestro himself. I would like the list down the following songs which do not belong to any genre:-

1) Tumne Mujhe Dekha (Teesri Manzil)

This is a song which expresses gratitude. This is one of most uniquest song because of its theme. Rafisaab pitches in with the right expressions and you feel the sincerity of the song. Any other singer could have easily turned this one into a sad song but Raifsaab stays within the boundary and we have a winner here. The other song which could be put into the same genre is – Ehsaan Mere Dil Pe Tumhara Hain Dosto (Gaban)

2) Ek Banjara Gaye (Jeene Ki Raah)

This song does not fall into any specific category. The theme of this song is to instill positive attitude in people about life and how well its expressed by Rafisaab. Again a very difficult expression as it is not a fun song. Other song in this category would be – Bura Mat Suno (Aaya Sawaan Jhoom Ke)

3) Kya Miliye Aise Logon Se (Izzat)

Another song which would not fall into any specific genre. Not exactly a patriotic song. The theme is to announce the corrupt ways of the politicians and rich people. Other song of this category would be – Koi Sone Ke Dilwala (Maya)

4)Hoke Majboor (Haqeeqat)

This song was sung by Bhupiner, Manna Dey and Talat Mahmood along with Rafisaab and is a track which could not be categorized. Neither a sad song nor a romantic song. The theme here is the love of army men for their families. A great song with superb expressions by Rafisaab.

5) Dil Ki Kali (Inkaar)

This song is another great song which can not be categorized as the main theme here is of wishing good luck to a family. Not a fun song so the expressions have to be right on the spot and Rafisaab wins again.

6) Man Re Tu Kahe Na Dheer Dhare (Chitralekha)

Is a great great song. The calmness this song exudes is just inexclipable. The theme of this song is to be calm in life and avoid rash ways. Everything is just great about this song. The lyrics, the music, the singing and of course the expressions. Not a sad song neither a devotional one.

7) Sun Le Tu Dil Ki Sadaa (Tere Ghar ke Saamne)

Another great song. The theme here is hero is calling his beloved. The way Rafisaab has expressed is just too good. The way he moves up and down on sadaaa has to be heard to be believed.

8) Woh Khushi Milli (Mere Huzoor)

One of the toughest songs expression wise. Not a sad song not a sentimental song either this is really a very different song. Once again Rafisaab excels.

9) Main Zindagi Ka Saath Nibhata (Hum Dono)

One of the best Dev Anand songs of all time. The theme is to live life as it comes. Expressions are matchless. A truly wonderful song.

I am sorry if I have missed on some songs and would urge people to include the songs, in their comments, which they consider to be different from the basic genres.

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31 Blog Comments to “Rare Expression Songs by Rafi Saab”


    I’m indeed short of words in praise of the King, the Supremo of Voice, worthy Md. Rafi Sahab who reigned over more than five decades.

    Certain Soul touching songs-

    1. Hum Tum Se Juda Ho Ke, Mar Jayenge Ro Ro Ke.
    2. Sau Baar Janam Lenge, Sau Baar Fana Honge.
    3. Aaj Puraani Rahon Se, Koi Mujhe Awaaz Na De.
    4. Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe.
    5. Badi Mastani Haisssss, Meri Mahbooba.
    6. Ye Parada Hata Do, Jara Mukhada Dikha Do & So….

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m indeed short of words in praise of the King, the Supremo of Voice, worthy Md. Rafi Sahab who reigned over more than five decades.

    Certain Soul touching songs-

    1. Hum Tum Se Juda Ho Ke, Mar Jayenge Ro Ro Ke.
    2. Sau Baar Janam Lenge, Sau Baar Fana Honge.
    3. Aaj Puraani Rahon Se, Koi Mujhe Awaaz Na De.
    4. Likhe Jo Khat Tujhe.
    5. Badi Mastani Haisssss, Meri Mahbooba.
    6. Ye Parada Hata Do, Jara Mukhada Dikha Do & So….

  3. Mohammed Aslam says:

    It is much excited me highlighting this web site with deep explanations about Rafisaab by many Rafians. a highly pure attachment with the diamond legend is God gifted for long years and forever for all Rafians I writtened articles on The King Rafisaab who is ruling our hearts, and wish you to make an event of our legend Shahenshah e Azam Rafisaab to somewhat fulfill the feelings of Rafisaab which resulting us in meeting all Rafians and make our Rafifeelings in each other and to give a huge tribute to the World’s Melody Minister Mohammed Rafisaab. I will be available at all time to deliver a combine mammoth effort and unbeatable job for the Kingdom of Rafians. Thanks and regards.

    Unreleased song of Rafisaab
    Ishq mein kya kya mere junoon ki ki na burai logon ne
    kuch tum ne badnaam kiya kuch aag lagayee logon ne

  4. Rajesh Jain says:

    I Want tolissten Songs From Sorry Madam

  5. ashwin says:

    just a small correction, post nr.1
    tirchhi nazar se yoon na dekh from Ek Phool Char Kaante is credited to Maestros Shankar Jaikishan, not OP Saheb.. anyway both were chip of the o’ block and yu do not make any more… well Rafi Saheb, there never will be another Rafi Saheb.

  6. raj says:

    hello sajad nice to know you got most of mohd rafi saabs songsiam looking only punjabi filmi &private can you help,

  7. udayavarma says:

    i am having a large collection of Rafi sabs songs.i am interested to have cassetes.please contact.i am eagerly waiting.

  8. Binu Nair says:

    Mr.zaka has a collection of 4000 rafi songs in cassettes – all in good condition. for personal reasons, he now wants to sell these to a group of rafi saaheb lovers.

    if someone is interested, please write to me at : and/or call : 09833 250 701 at mumbai.

    binu nair. rafi foundation.

  9. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    Dear Jagdish Bhagchandani Sahab,
    The song from Yuvaraaj is ” Tu husn hai tu jawani hai, ek aag hai ek paani hai” Nigahen na phero is from Black Prince. Sorry for the delayed response.
    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Long live Rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  10. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Re. Post 21: The said song is from the film “Apna Banake Dekho”. If you need this song, you can mail me.

  11. Sajjad says:

    I have got almost all the songs of Mohd Rafi in my collection , Please tell me the name of the movie and the link from where I can download this song of Rafi ” Pyaf ki aag kuch aisi bharki , aik shola bhi dabaya na gaya” , I will be very much thankful to you… Sajjad

  12. ZAKA says:

    Mr. Jagdish, Dr. Khaja Alliudin is right “Nigahen Na Phero” is from folm “Black Prince”

  13. Jagdish Bhagchandani says:

    Dear Dr. Khaja Aliuddin,
    The song ‘Nigaahen naa phero….” is from the film ‘Yuvraj’ not ‘Black Prince’.

  14. Dr. Khaja Aliuddin says:

    I am also a die-hard fan of Rafi saheb. I love to read anything on Rafi saheb. I have a large collection of his songs, but still I am missing lot of songs. I love all his songs. Few of them are my favourate: Ab woh karam karen-Marine Drive, Basti Basti Parbat Parbat-Railway Plateform, Khushboo Hoon Main Phool Nahin Hoon-Shayed, Kisi Aasman pe Sahil To Milega-Kashish, Nigahen Na Phero-Black Prince, Itna haseen Saathi-Aathma Parmathma, Saghar Nahi Hai to Kya Hai_Natak, Tera Aana Bhi Dhoka Tha_Mere Arman Mere Sapne, Tere Chehre Se Hate Aankh to Dekhoon-Pyar Ka Sapna etc, etc.
    With regards.

  15. yasminhos says:

    I am one one the greatest fan of mohm rafi and I love this song – tasweer banata houn teri khoon-e-jigar se .. among many others.

  16. zashakeel says:

    refering to post 14.

    Indeed he is vishwa ka ratna

    ‘ALAS, our Government is reluctant to confer him with BHARAT RATNA

  17. Abdul Bagha says:

    i just want to say there are many many songs that Rafi Saab has sung for Mehmood.If you look at the song in pyar hi pyar Hum agai phir dar ka hi ka.You see the style he has sung that song i.Also in Kajal Zarsi aur pilado bang mei aya.Sadhu aur shaitan.Mehbooba,Mehbooba banaliyo muje dulha jaldo mera chula.Aalso the song in Pyar muhabbat.Apnaraz khuda khai karen.Just too many too list.I will tell you one thing that i have been listening this voice since i was 5 yrs old.And never get bored listening to the songs sung by the best singer ever to live.

  18. Narayanan says:

    post 11 12 13

  19. If you are appreciating me for whatever I have written, thanks hell of a lot and if something wrong has been written in the message above, I cordially apologige. otherwise, one thing I must have to say that I am the ARDENT FAN of THE LEGENDARY FIGURE.

  20. I fail to understand as to what is written in my message which awaits moderation. Its just a clapping praise of Rafi Sahab that’s it !

  21. I indeed have no words in praise of THE LEGEND – RAFI SAHAB, he was just a Man of God, you can hear every word of every stanza of any song even after the midnight or in your sleep, it is so crystal clear. Indeed and undoubtedly, he was honestly a magician of Genuine Flawless, a Filtered voice. There are tens of hundreds of songs in the basket and every song has a different class and of course La-Jawaab……….

  22. suhail khan says:

    Mere mehboob thuje ….. Abhi na jao chodkar…., Kabhi khud pe kabhi halath pe rona ayaaaa… Thumhari sulf ke saye me sham… Akele hai chale ao jahan ho… tukde hai mere dil ka… Mohd. Rafi, the incomparable….

  23. ahamed kutty says:

    In 1980s from Trissur (Kerala) radio station every sunday at 1.30 pm hindi film songs used to play.almost all week the song from “baiju Bawra” “Hari Om” and duet song of rafi saab with lataji from “abhiman” ‘teri bindiyare’ used to play.also the song from “Laila Majnu” sung by rafi saab “tere dar pe
    aaya hum” used to play every week.As an ardant fan of Rafi saab I used to
    wait for the sundays to come.Some sundays it was “Rafi Saab Special”.That much people of kerala like him.rafi saab make people who do not know hindi or urdu to sing his songs.That is the greatness of rafi saab.

  24. RAMAKRISHNA says:

    ref post 7



    what a wonderful observation. please accept my congratulations. you are the real ‘ bhakt’ of rafi sahab.

  25. unknow1 says:

    it is easy to compare Mohd rafi with any singer in the world and that is easy to say that Mohd rafi is the best but when we compare mohd Rafi songs with Mohd Rafi songs there will no answer which song is the best ………….

  26. parveen says:

    phir tumhari yaad is a treat to listen.feel the natural sajjad also.

  27. Anmol Singh says:

    Every song sung by Rafi has a unique expression. It is a huge ocean of melodies, difficult to distinguish what is good, better & best.

  28. parveen says:

    i would like to add duet
    tere bin soone, very difficult song and just feel the expressions.
    kya sa kya hoo gaya, din dhal jaye lies in that category

  29. ashish kapoor says:

    hi all rafians, another beautiful song that comes to my mind is from the movie rustam-sohrab, phir tumhari yaad aayi aae sanam-aae sanam.i don’t know how many people have heard this song,but it starts with rafi saab rendering a very low note—-ooooooo,and it is so different,then we have talat mehmood and manna dey and rafi saab singing different para’ the end all three singers get together and sing.there is a marked difference in the sweetness of rafi saab’s voice over both talat and manna dey.the true emotions of the song are “visible”…… worth hearing.ashish kapoor,, tel-9810087414

  30. ahamed kutty says:

    In Jeene ki raah both the songs of Rafi saab “Ane se uske aaye bahaar” and “Ek Banjara gaye” should have been selected for either for National award or for “Filmfare” award.Another important song is “yeh duniya yeh
    mehfil” In everything this song is perfect.Rafi saabs voice is so sweet in
    this song.

  31. Prakash Shah says:

    Tirchhi nazar se yun dekh -MD-O.P.Nayyar-Filmed on johny walker.
    Much better than any other songs of JW.But not popular.
    Main sharabi nahin -MD-LP-Filmed on Jeetendra
    A real good drunken song gives feeling that hero jeetendra himself is singing.
    Yeh teri saadgi yeh tera bankpan-Usha khana-On Mehmmod
    A very popular and silent song mainly rare considering as it is picturised on mehmood.
    Dil bekarar sa hai-KA-Ishaara-JOY Mukherji
    A Ever green song one can say at any time any where.

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