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Rafisaab,The Mood Maker

This article is written by Mr.M.V.Devraj

Mohd Rafi

Mohd Rafi

In film music there has always been an endless and inconclusive discussion as to who contributes the most, the Music Director, the Lyricist or the Singer. A non-controversial surmise would be that it is the collective and combined efforts of all these participants that make or mar a song. Be that as it may, it is my submission that Rafisaab, by his voice modulations and immaculate diction has always elevated the songs sung by him to another level.

Not only that, in some of the songs, with his fantastic rendition of the pre-mukhda lines Rafisaab creates the mood of the song, he enhances the specific mood and elevates the mood to an altar which no other singer can ever match. It is again my humble submission that these creative contributions by Rafisaab were much beyond the effects envisaged by the Music Composers and have converted these compositions into everlasting diamonds.

I would like to take you all through a few examples of different mood-setter-songs to substantiate my submissions. Readers can add on many more such songs under this category and continue the discussion.

Romance by the riverside

Akele mat jayiyo ooooooo, radhe….., jamuna ke teer
O ji o oooo, tu ganga ki mauj mein…..

The initial alap and these lines by Rafisaab take one straight to the shores of Jamuna River and the romantic mood of the scene in the film is brought alive even before the actual song starts. The song, with Shakeel Badayuni’s excellent poetry and Naushadsaab’s classic Bhairavi composition, touches the ultimate pinnacle only due to this mesmerising mood enhancer by Rafisaab. Now listen to the song and experience this Rafi Effect:

Loss of the loved one

Chale aaj tum jahaanse
huyi zindagi paraayi
tumhein mil gaya thikana
humein maut bhi na aayi….

This is another classic from the stables of Naushadsaab and Shakeel Badayuni from the film Udan Khatola. The moment Rafisaab starts ‘chale aaj tum’ we are moved to solemn and tragic surroundings of the protagonist about to lose his beloved. The effect of Rafisaab singing these lines before the start of the song is just stunning. No human being can remain unmoved by the pathos in the song. If one listens to the song without these pre-song lines then the Rafi Impact will come through like a shot.

Saga of separation

Bikhr gaye bachpan ke sapne
Armanon ki sham dhale
Kahin saje baaraat kisikiiiiiiiiiiii
Kahin kisika pyar jale….

This song from film Goonj Uthi Sehnai with music by Vasant Desai and lyrics by Bharat Vyas reflects the condition of the hero who is separated from his lover. How beautifully Rafisaab captures this mental pathos of the hero when he starts with ‘bikhar gaye bachpan ke’…! The effect on the listener is instantaneous and incisive. Try it out at:

First love letter

Meherbaan likhoon, haseena likhoon, ya dilruba likhoon
Hairaan hoon ke aapko is khat mein kya likhoon

A very romantic set up from the film Sangam, where the hero is desirous of expressing his new found love to his heart-throb and he is trying his hand at putting down his thoughts on paper. The setting is a lovely lawn full of greenery around and this song is penned by Shailendra and composed by Shankar Jaikishan. Are we not simply transported to this kind of a romantic ambience and mood as soon as Rafisaab so mellifluously commences ‘meherbaan likhoon’? The song’s immortality is entirely due to the impact of these two pre-mukda lines.

Mohd Rafi with Madan Mohan

Mohd Rafi with Madan Mohan

Patriotic passion

Kar chale hum fidaa jaan-o-tan saathiyon
ab tumhaare havaale vatan saathiyon

This fantastic song by Kaifi Azmi and composed by Madan Mohan from the film Haqeeqat is picturised with a battlefield background. The hair raising impact on the listener when Rafisaab starts these lines in a slow and soft tempo can only be experienced and is beyond words. The entire gamut of patriotic passion is brought out by Rafisaab in these two lines and how! When the song actually starts, we are all in an emotionally charged environment. That is Rafi Impact for you!

The crescendo

Lastly I would like to take two examples where Rafisaab creates the mood, he enhances the mood and he reaches you to a crescendo and leaves you there from where it is tough to return to normalcy.

The first one is the famous ‘O duniya ke rakhwale’…. The devotional atmosphere is automatically created the moment Rafisaab says ‘bhagwaan…, bhagwaan’ in the beginning. The mood is elevated to the devotional platform and maintained and then he reaches the climax with ‘rakhwale, rakhwale’. These two aspects of this song are the most critical features which lingers on and on with the listener for ever. Sensational singing indeed!

The second one is the title song from Dil Ek Mandir.

Jaanewale kabhi nahin aate
Jaanewaleki yaad aati hai

Hasrat Jaipuri has written the beautiful lyrics and Shankar Jaikishan have breathtakingly composed the song in raag jogiya. But the core contribution for converting this into an unforgettable song comes from the one and only Rafisaab. The start is so sensitively sung that we are into a scene of death even before the actual song starts. And at the end Rafisaab with his high pitched aalap simply leaves us at the crescendo. Aren’t our eyes misty and moist? It will take a long time to come out of that summit point.

Friends, these are some gems with full Rafi Effect, the mood creator par excellence. It is not possible to list and discuss all songs of this genre, since that will be a long list.There can never be a doubt that Rafisaab is HIndi Film Music’s Pride.

“Goonjte hain tere naghmon se ameeron ke mahal
Jhopdon mein bhi gareebon ke teri awaaz hai
Apni mausikee pe sabko fakhr hota hai magar
Mere saathi, aaj mausikee ko tujh par naaz hai”

Lekin wo naaz kahaan hai? Wo tho ab phir aayenge nahin. Unhone hi gaaya tha na,

Jaanewale kabhi nahin aate,Jaanewaleki yaad aati hai?
Rafisaab ke yaadon mein khoye huye unka ek bhakth.

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31 Blog Comments to “Rafisaab,The Mood Maker”

  1. rithwickchatterjee says:

    “Kehta Hai Koi Ke Dil Gayaa……Ya Dilbar Chala Gaaya…….Saahil Pukarta Hai……Samundar Chala Gayaa!…….Magar Jo Sach Hai Wo Kehta Nahin Koi…..Ke Duniya Se Mausiqui Ka Paigambar Chala Gayaa”-Naushaad Sahab……On The Demise Of Rafi Sahab Enumerated The Very Poignant Couplet…..With Sense Of Disconsolation………Yes!!…..Rafi Sahab Is Truly A Messiah Of Music………Vande Mataram.

  2. A S MURTY says:

    devrajbhai, not just the opening lines before the mukhada, some of the songs have that very soothing and heavenly humming by rafi sahab which compels one to pay attention and immerse oneself into the song. for e.g. as i was listening to this all time beauty of a song : paas baitho tabiyat bahal jayegi maut bhi aa gayi to tal jayegi: the start that rafi sahab gives with a very mesmerizing humming is more than enough for anyone to pay attention to the song that is going to follow. this aspect of rafi sahab distinguishes him from the rest of the playback singers – while all others sang a song, most to a perfection too, rafi sahab enacted the mood of the scene with his adayigi and gayiki. the above one song that i heard today once again made me comeback to your article.

  3. Narayan says:

    Devraj saab,
    As usual you have put all the emotions in this article bringing tear of joy to all poojaris of the farishta….
    With ur profound knowledge and equally good voice as a singer you have touched the right chord…
    congrats and please keep writing all our favourite songs review of the one and only Rafi sahab

  4. Prakash shah says:

    devraj ji,

    The aalap of film Raajhath,ganga jamuna,gunj uthi sahnai,tere gar ke saamne,are marvelous.

  5. mvdevraj says:

    Dear Murty,many thanks for your concurring comments. As you say it is not mere hero worship but a fact that many MDs and lyricists must have been flattered with their songs having been elevated, beyond their own wildest dreams, by Rafisaab by his own creative inputs.
    Thanks Sanjeev Dixitji,I am glad I echoed your own feelings.
    Prakashji,you are right that all the songs by Rafisaab had that magic touch.But what I was trying to highlight was about the Rafi effect even before the actual commencement of the song by way of his alaps,pre-mukhda lines or humming etc.
    Mohan,Sukhjit Makkarji,Anwar-ul-Haquesaab, thanks a million for your complements.
    Pradeep Kumarsaab,many many thanks for your detailed comments with a wonderful list of songs.I appreciate and value your complements.
    Binuji,I am indeed grateful for your lovely words of appreciation.We will celebrate 24th Dec.
    Anmolji,thanks a ton for the nice complements.Will definitely attempt such out pourings once in a while.
    Best wishes to all
    M V Devraj

  6. Anmol Singh says:

    Hello M.V.Devraj Ji,

    Your writings have touch my heart. Every song sung by Rafi Sahab has it’s own mood. You think of the mood whether, sad, happy, romace, seduction, fear, devotion, anger, motivation, etc. one can find it.

    Great write up !!!! Please do keep writing !!!

  7. BINU NAIR says:






    CELL : 9833 250 701

  8. Pradeep S. Kumar says:

    Mr. M V Devraj has written a brilliant essay that brings together the song situations as envisioned by the writer and director, lyricist, music director, the picturisation and the mood that characterised the start of a classic everlasting Rafi Saab gem. Rafi Saab was way ahead of his times and miles ahead of many singers of that bygone era that could fuly grasp the requirements required to lay the foundation or structure of the song sequence to be recorded. Mr. Devraj has meticulously listed several of these songs in such a beautiful writing style. There are multiple instances (too numerous) – if you look at Rafi Saab entire singing career, where the lyricists, musicians, MDs were all floored by his singing and interpretation of a song. The lyricist asked “did I really write these words”; the MD asked “did I really create this tune”. It is said that MDs SD Burman, Madan Mohan, Roshan, OPN and others used to just weep after some of their “classic everlasting gem” recordings with Mohd Rafi. Some other senior MDs were more reserved and kept their emotions to themselves or burst out after reaching home. Nobody could figure out how Rafi Saab could pour the right sort of emotion to the required song. Many producers requested (more like cajoled) their directors and MDs with “Rafi ko abhi bulayo”, after hearing other singers record a particular song in poor style or could not create the correct mood required for picturisation.

    A few more gems to add to Mr. Devraj’s list:
    a) Ab Kya Misaal Doon (Aarti). Rafi fully hums the first two lines before the words (watch it on youtube). Added to the fine poetry and Roshan’s tune is a stunning looking Meena Kumari.
    b) Ek Haseen Sham Ko (Dulhan Ek Raat Ki). Recorded on a day when Rafi Saab had a 100+ degree fever (who can ever tell upon hearing this beautiful song). Madan Mohan insisted on canceling the recording. Mohd Rafi insisted on continuing standing barefoot in the recording studio for several hours.
    c) Tumse Kahoon Ek Baat (Dastak). Rafi Saab at his best giving hundred percent to what the MD (Madan Mohan) required of this song.
    d) Rukh Se Zara Naqaab and Gham Uthane Ko – two SJ gems from the film Mere Huzoor
    e) Mujhe Dard-E-Dil Ka Pata Na Tha (Akashdeep) – MD Chitragupta and Rafi Saab (listen to Jaag Dil-E-Diwana too). Beyond any description.
    f) Taqdeer Ka Fasana (Sehra) – one of the most moving songs in HFM by MD Ramlal; lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri. Nobody can ever again touch the stanza “Sanson Mein Aaj Mere, Toofan Ut Rahe Hein”. It is etched in all our memories forever.

    Mr. Devraj – congratulations on a wonderful and thoughtful article that we can cherish for many years.

  9. khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Sukhjit Makkar Sahib,
    I totally agree with you about the song, “zulf lehrai teri, aur meri taqdeer bani”. What a song, Rafi sahab ki gayeki, bus poochiye mat. Wonderful.
    With regards to all Rafi lovers,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  10. mvdevraj says:

    Dear Nasirsaab,thank you for your comments.
    Achalji,I sincerely am grateful for your complements.As you very aptly say ‘Rafisaab excelled in all moods’. ‘Tu kahan ye bata,is nashili raat mein’ simply captures the essence of a lonely and yet intoxicating night without one’s beloved-wah what singing!
    NRP,Rafisaab’s contribution in any song involving him was immense,without any doubt.Hence his share for the success of the song is bound to be very large.But this applies only to him and him alone.Thanks for your comments.
    Dear Bina,as usual you have floored me with your lovely comments-mood banthi hai aur sanwarthi bhi hai-bhai wah!The mood is made and permeates when Rafisaab sings!Thanks for your nice words.
    Bhagchandaniji,you have referred to some immortal songs–‘kabhi khud pe’,’tere bin sooni’.You are absolutely right that the moment Rafisaab’s voice comes over the different moods are instantly created.Many thanks for your excellent comments.
    Best wishes.
    M V Devraj

  11. mvdevraj says:

    Hello Fellow Rafi Devotees:
    It is really humbling to read so many wonderful comments from all of you.
    Siva ji,thank you. Many singers had come and many more will come.But the impact Rafisaab had left behind is something irreproduceable.
    Dear Ramesh,I do not think all the lofty words used by you are deserved although it was very nice to read them.See my friend,just start writing about Rafisaab from the bottom of your heart and then words just come automatically-that’s all I had done.But many thanks for making me feel that I had written something which you liked.
    Jawaid Naseembhai:Thank you for your nice comments about Rafisaab.
    Khaja Aliuddinsaab, thanks for your nice comments.Ji haan Rafisaab ke gaane ho tho akele kaisa?
    Guruji,in your very short comment you have said it all.Thank you.You are right when Rafisaab sings the diferent feelings swell up.When he says’sar kata sakte hain lekin sar jhuka sakte nahin’we become defiant,come what may.
    Saluji,thanks for your complements.Please let me know your id so that I can send you the translation.
    PVKS Rajuji,I appreciate your lovely words.Yes it is astonishing how Rafisaab could reproduce differing sentiments at different times and with so much ease.
    Krishnanbhai,thanks for your beautiful comments.I too thought about ‘meri kahani’ but since I wanted to restrict only to a few examples,else it could have gone on and on,I could not accommodate it.It is indeed amazing when you start thinking in terms of what I had written how Rafisaab just brings about these different mood changes.
    Best wishes.
    M V Devraj

  12. Anwar-ul-Haque says:

    Dear Devraj ji,

    Excellent! Too good! What a beautiful article. Hats off to you…

    Many congratulations for a fantastic article with a superb title: Rafisaab, The Mood Maker. You won our hearts through this article. What else I can say?

    Thanks and best regards.


  13. sukhjit makkar says:

    a wonderful piece.
    i woould like to add 3 more songs, which are beyond words.
    these are starting in almost a whisper but the impact is shattering !1. kabhi pahle dekha nahin ( yahan main ajnabi hoon) from jab jab phool khile2. mere dil se sitamgar ( mere dushmantu meri ) from aaye din bahar ke, these literally shake you.
    the third is probably one of the greatest ever songs of the film induatry, but thoroughly underrated and virtually unheard : zulf lehrayi teri, aur meri taqdeer bani, koi dekhe yahan kya pyaar ki tasveer bani from yeh raaste hain pyaar ke .it talks of love, separation, pathos and then— betrayel. the final accusation will leave you gasping for breath.
    listen to it and come back. you cant. you will go back and listen to this composition by ravi again and again.

  14. Mohan says:

    Devraj Saab,

    A very creative idea for an article, and executed to perfection! I loved the examples, chosen with so much care by you…and the descriptions were so to the point and apt. Rafi saab was a moodmaker indeed; thanks for a very intreresting and readable write-up.


  15. Prakash shah says:

    Dear Rafi,

    It is Hard to say abt.any perticular song is special render by rafi is best,as per my view each every song render byhim are best.
    some of the songs (films) he sang, have repeat value in 2009.
    Jee chahta hai,chhote nawab,humsaaya,waaris,dil ne pukara(OO EE Amma),

    sharaabi,teen deviya,robin hood,prince,teesri manzil,aarzoo,baharo ke sapne(Zamane ne maare..),bedaag,love in tokyo,humdono,tere gar ke saamne,
    asli naqli,guide,chhaliyaaao pyar kare,saawan bhado(4 new comer Navin),Gunhao ka devta(4 new comer Jeetu’s 1st comercial film-out of v.santaram camp with santaram’s daughter Rajshree),maa aur mamta,roop tera mastana,Aprilfool,bhramchari,Maaya(Zindagi he kya pyaar bhara dil mithi zabaan),mere hum dam mere dost,mere huzoor,jeneki raah,Barsaat ki raat,bhigi raat,dadimaa,aarti,raj hath,jaanwar,dil ne fir yaad kiya(with lata and mukesh),jab se tume dekhaa hai(Anil kapurs father production),last but not least AAp to aise na the,karz,and aasha.

  16. sanjeev kumar dixit says:

    Devraj jee, I am totally agree with you because only Rafi sahab was the singer who was able to sing the songs of all kind of moods so easily. He was able to change the mood of listener according to his song with the magic of his golden voice.Only RAFI SAHAB was able to do this.
    Thanks for such a nice article……

  17. A S MURTY says:

    as I re-read your article devrajbhai, your following lines
    “…were much beyond the effects envisaged by the Music Composers and have converted these compositions into everlasting diamonds.” complete my own theory that perhaps the lyricists and even the music directors would not have imagined that some of their compositions could go on to become some of the finest musical creations ever – thanks to rafi sahab.

  18. A S MURTY says:

    TUJHKO IS WAADIYE RANGEEN SI AQEEDAT HI SAHI” the opening lines of the song Meri Mehboob Kahin Aur Mila Kar Mujhse from the film Ghazal is a master stroke of setting the mood of a perfect ghazal (sahir ludhianvi). rafi sahab is simply incomparable here. Unfortunately, this fine ghazal did not get its due when compared to thousands of very famous songs of rafi sahab. But it occupies that celestial spot that is truly majestic. Then yet another great patriotic fervor generating opening lines are : JALTE BHI GAYE MARTE BHI GAYE AZADI KE PARVANE, JEENA TO USIKA JEENA HAI JO MARNA WATAN PE JAANE of the song Aye Watan Aye Watan Humko Teri Kasam from Shaheed (Manoj Kumar). Almost all the songs where Rafi Sahab sange a line or two before the Mukhada as the opening lines not only set the right mood for the song, but also leave a lasting impression on the listener. There are several others of such opening liners by other singers too, but the impact is not as lasting one as those rendered by rafi sahab in many of the songs. The ‘udan khatola’ song mentioned by devrajbhai too is simply by far one of the finest pieces of playback singing – raising this profession to such great heights that none could conquer again. Devrajbhai i am sure that each one of us feels we have ever so much to talk about rafi sahab and there is never a dearth of our thought process. this is not just ‘hero worship’ as fans of other legends sometimes tend to describe our feelings and writings. this is just the outpouring of our emotions that have accumulated in the last several decades. thanks for a great write up, as you always come up on several occasions.

  19. J.K. Bhagchandani says:

    Absolutely brilliant write-up. Mr. Devraj has picked a theme that is so close to the hearts of all Rafi and music lovers. This mood creation factor is very much a Rafi-specific attribute. Listen to the starting (the alaap) of song ‘Jaane walo zara mud ke dekho mujhe…. (Dosti)’ Oh it is just superb. That first one line immediately captures you. And there are innumerable such Rafi songs. Listen to the first three words of song ‘Kabhi khud pe … (Hum Dono), or of ‘Oh my love …. Nazar na lag jaaye (Night in London) or ‘Tere bin sune… (Meri Surat Teri Aankhen) etc. and instantly your mood gets synchronized with the song’s theme. That is Rafi magic.

  20. Bina says:

    Devraj Saab:

    Aapka title mujhe bahut hi zyaada achha laga..mood banti hai aur sanwarti hai bas Rafi Saab ke gaanon se..aur aapne toh itne badhiya examples diye hain ke sunkar sirf baat hi nahi, mood bhi ban jaati hai..

    Waise tho Rafi saab hazaar tarah ke mood ke gaanon ke badshah the…I often mull over how he could sing in varied moods and wide-ranging emotions…wouldnt he have had bad hair days, wouldnt he have experienced mood shifts like every other human being..aur phir aakar ek khushi ki ya ek bahut hi romancic kism ka gaana gaana ho, ya behad hi dukh bhara geet gaana ho toh kaise apne aap ko prepare karte honge…sochkar hi hairaan reh jaate hain..

    Hazaron rang badlega zamana…na badlega Rafi Saab ke gaanon ka nishaana..

    Excellent article Devraj Saab!


  21. Padmanabhan NR says:

    Devraj ji,

    Please accept my heartfelt thanks for this excellent write-up. Although I will always be open to contrarian views, I still feel that whenever rafi saahab sang a song, it was the singing alone which towered majestically over everything else.

    The first thing that impacts you when you listen to any song is how the singer is singing it. In case you come to like it, you start marvelling at the tune and the lyrics and your pleasure increases manifold when you realize after repeated hearings how synchronized the collective effort of each has been!

    And if there is somebody who immortalises chaahe koi mujhe janglee kahe….and man re tu kaahe na dhir dhare… the same vein how could that person be an ordinary mortal?

    Padmanabhan NR

    rafi foundation, hyderabad chapter and baar baar rafi, bangalore.

  22. achal rangaswamy says:

    devraj ji

    this was a wonderful write up. you perfectly picked up truly “select” songs that would have done rafi saab very proud.
    each of the songs represents the mood that rafi saab would convey so tellingly in his rendering.

    each of the songs has left an indelible mark on our mind and memory.

    i have, on numerous occasions, lost myself in any or many of these moods upon hearing the song.

    the thrill of hearing “masti mein chhedke taranna koi dil ka” from the optimistic and lively lover to the daunted and defeated youth candidate surrendering to”kaarvaan guzar gaya”.
    from the reclusive yet hopeful ex -flame singing “yaad na jaaye beete dinon ki” to the lovelorn young man singing into the night “tu kahaan yeh bata is nasheeli raat mein”.

    the modest singer saying “main kab gaata mere sware mein, pyaar kisika gaata hai” to the adoring father crying his heart out in “babul ki duvaaen leti jaa”…

    rafi saab excelled in all moods.

    every time i think he made dev anand sparkle with those great loverboy songs, there is a rajendra kumar pensive number. for every joy mukherjee romantic number there is a haunting pradeep kumar rendition.

    for every soothing “so jaa baba mere so jaa” there is a challenging and fiery “zindabaad ae mohabbat zindaabaad”.

    master of moods, rafi saab.
    aapko salaam

    achal rangaswamy

  23. Nasir says:

    Truly stated Mr. Devraj.
    Lyrics may be good, compositions may be good but in the absence of an excellent voice they would fall flat or at the most pass muster. Rafi Sahaab’s voice has elevated many lyrics and compositions in the history of filmy music.

  24. M V Krishnan says:

    Dear Bhaisaab,

    I totally agree with your thoughts about Rafisaab. The mood created by him remains with you for a long time after the song is over. When Rafisaab starts a song he brings forth the emotion and feeling associated with the song and you are totally immersed in that feeling. I would mention three such numbers Meri kahaani bhoolne wale, Chal Ud ja re panchi and Yaad na jaaye beete dinonki. In fact Rafisaab went to Naushadji’s house the next day after recording Meri Kahaani to find out from Naushadji whether he had done justice to the song by bringing the required passion and feeling into the song. That was our beloved Rafi Saab!

    M V Krishnan

  25. pvksraju mumbai says:

    Lovely write up. Rafi Saab Ka Kya Kehna.
    In gham bhare nagme, Rafi Saab simply wept his heart out and in songs highlighting bewafa by his lover he creates a mood wherein he simply pricks her with his words bringing repentence and regret in his lover. How Rafi Saab could do such marvel (s) behind a small microphone is unimaginable? The mood was just perfect for the occasion. I heard a private song by Rafi Saab ” Main Kaab Gaate Mere Swar Mein, Pyar kisika gaate hai mere swar mein”. A beautiful melody in the sweet voice of our Rafi Saab. Rafi Saab Tussi Great Hoji. Adab RafiSaab…… In which ever world you are in and in which ever form you adopted in subsequent birth…. recreate your magic again to us mortals. Alvida Rafi Saab.

  26. Salu says:

    Dear Devraj,

    I couldn’t have said anything more. Exactly like I feel about the legend.
    If possible please write the translation of every word in English so that non-urdu speaking fans like me get complete meaning. Thank you anyways and keep up the good work.
    I have many more to add to the list but nothing come to the mind. I know others will come up with more. One I remember: “nafratki duniyako chodkar’ from Hathi Mere Saathi”.

  27. H.V.GURU MURTHY says:

    Devraj Bhai,

    I fully agree with you. Whenever we listen to Rafi Saab’s romantic numbers, the face brightens, eyes sparkle and you feel elated, whenever you listen to his sad numbers, you mourn and when one listens to his patriotic numbers, ‘rongte khade ho jaate hain’ and when you listen to his peppy numbers, you feel like dancing.

    I would add two more songs to this list. “Ye Mehlo Ye Takhto” from ‘Pyaasa’, you start getting aversion towards this ‘matlabi’ society and “Apni aazadi ko hum hargis” from ‘Leader’ again a Shakeel – Naushad combination, when you get the josh to drive away any intruder.

    Nice article.

  28. Khaja Aliuddin,MD says:

    Janab Devraj Saheb,
    Bahut khoob,
    “Saath rakhta hoon hamesha teri yaadon ki dhanak
    Main kabhi khood ko akela nahi hone deta”
    Three cheers to Rafi Sahab.
    An ardent fan of Rafi sahab,
    Dr. Khaja Aliuddin

  29. JAWAID NASEEM says:

    kashish wohi hai geeton mein tumhaare aaj bhi lekin
    yeh pehle phool barsaate thay ab…daaman bhigotay hain.
    jitna kaha jaey
    jitna likha jaaey
    jitna yaad karen
    jitni faryaad karen
    bahut hi kumm hai
    us azeem insaan us bemisaal fankaar ke liye
    jiska naam
    mohammed rafi

  30. devbhai,

    i do an adaab to you sir, for a simple but stunning article on our dear rafi sahab and his amazing singing prowess.

    i will tell you an interesting that happened, somehow, i thought to myself that today one of the two articles to be published would be a mesmerising one and it would draw a lot of tears through me and all that would read it.

    the next thing, that happened was truly funny, even i felt it, though it was my own reaction, the moment i read your name next to Mohd rafi the mood maker – by Mr.M.V.Devraj – oh god, i frantically started scrolling down full zip , to the space provided for submitting my comments, then it dawned on me that, i had not read the article itself and just by your name – i wanted to be the first to post my comments.

    with a hearty laugh and a ” tappli ” on my head, i went back to the begining and then started a roller coaster of tears as i went trhough your superb article.

    devbhai, every word that you have used has brought out the true greatness of rafi sahab as a huge singer – more often than not – his voice – his renditon – his style has proved to be outbeating the song itself and all those responsible for the creation of a song its music were well aware what rafi sahab would do with the song and were also grateful to rafi sahab for their success.

    all the songs taken up by you are truly gems, but, the song for me that stands out is – Chale aaj tum jahaanse hui zindagi paraayi – yes, this song makes me cry in ” buckets “, boy i could never ever even think of humming this song, as i have to stop crying for doing that.

    devbhai, i am not an expert like you and neither do i have the masterly pen to write the way you write and express, but, i do wish to record that – your article is by far one of the best articles i have read on this dedicated web.

    you have done 5000% justice to the avataar – rafi sahab.

    one last thing – my personal choice – and i call it an all time great of rafi sahab, simply because of its simplicity but the impact it creates for its very essence and rafi sahab’s style of singing :-

    ” hum laayey jai toofan sey kashtee nikaalkey – iss desh ko rakhnaa mere bacchhon samhaal key…. ”

    since – i do not have the kind of vocab to truly write and praise your sincere article – i am signing off with a salute to my jolly good friend – devbhai.

    keep it up sir – among the rafi bhakts ( according to me ) you stand tall.

    ramesh narain kurpad

  31. Siva says:

    Devraj sahab,
    You have left us speechless with your emotional article on Rafi sahab and his mastery over creating the mood for a song . Each and every example given by you is simply superb. Yes there could have been many great singers and may be more in the future but there will not be anyone to match Rafi sahab when it comes to giving the right emotion to a song.
    Thanks for an excellent article.
    Few more examples:
    Abhi na jao chod kar…..
    Yeh mehlon yeh takhton, ye tajon ki duniya
    Maine pi sharab, tumne kya piya
    Aaja re aa zara, lehra ke aaa zara
    Tumse kahoon ek baat paron se halke
    the list goes on and on……

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