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“Rafi’s day” – The Golden Voice, a gift of God to the human race….

This article is written by Mr. K.S Ramachandran (Chandan)

Mohammad Rafi, means the golden voice that the human race will never ever get to hear again, in the lifetime to come. But we are so much blessed to listen to his multi-various renditions – so soothing, human, emotional with that magical, mesmerizing vocal delivery, even after 29 years of his demise.

It is often said that Mohammad Rafi sang with a full force, delivering not only his golden voice but the much needed emotion, depth, feel, shruthi laya, range and a totally satisfying rendition, over and beyond the expectation of the music directors. He sang from his chest, entire body and soul and not merely from his throat. When there was song in a movie which meant challenge, the music directors often, invariably, fell back on Rafi Saab. One such song, which comes to my mind, is Sadpe Heer from Mera Naam Joker. Rafi Saab sang this song for Raj Kapoor in this movie, when most of the songs in the movie were obviously sung by Mukesh Saab for Raj Kapoor. There are many such songs of Rafi Saab and I am not here to list down the songs, which would only mean listing down the countless stars in the sky!

There are many singers, including the highly accomplished living (and even past) legends, trying to imitate his style and renditions, but no one is still able to conquer the unexplainable blend of the voice qualities and more importantly the “delivery” that Rafi Saab ensured in his renditions.  It would not be an exaggeration, if we say that there would be no one, in times to come, to even, in the least, match his quality of singing.

K.S.Ramchandran, the author of this article

K.S.Ramchandran, the author of this article

It is also often said that the goodness of a human being is shown in their act and behaviour and in our Rafi Saab’s case, it was shown, in no uncertain terms, in his singing. A singer par excellence and no one, I am sure, can explain, in its entirety, the goodness of the human being called “Rafi Saab”!! He was truly a “Son of God”.

After almost 29 years of his demise, our hunger and desire to unearth his unique renditions, maintains a rapid pace, year after year and this momentum and growing speed would never end, for a lifetime….

I kneel before GOD to salute this greatest legend the world would never see again and also pray the Almighty to give his soul the musical rest in peace for the commendable service that Rafi Saab has served the human race with his magical voice, during his lifetime….

I hereby offer my shraddhanjali to the legend, by singing the following songs on this day, the 31st July 2009:

Kaise Kate Ghi Zindagi Tere Begair (2)
Paaoonga Har She Me Kami Tere Begare, Tere Begair
Kaise Kate Ghi Zindagi Tere Begair Tere Begair

Phuul khileinto yuun lage phuul nahin ye daag hain – 2
taare falak pe yuun lagein jaise bujhe chiraag hain
aag lagaae chaandani tere bagair tere bagair
Kaise Kate Ghi Zindagi Tere Begair Tere Begare

Chand Ghata Me Chup Gaya,  Sara Jahaan Udaasu Hai (2)
Kehetihai Dilki Dadkane Tu Kahi Aas Paas Hai
Aanke Tadap Raha Hai Jhi, Tere Bagair
Paaoonga Har She Me Kami Tere Begare, Tere Bagaire
Kaise Kate Ghi Zindagi Tere Begair Tere Begair

Beethe Dino Ki Yaad Saatati Hai Aaj Bhi – 2
Kya Woh Zamaane Phir Kabi Wapas Na Aayenge
Kya Hum Tamaam Umrubar Yuheen Rohe Jaayenge
Beethe Dino Ki Yaad Saatati Hai Aaj Bhi

Jab Isqh Par bahaar Ki, Woh Din Kidar Gaye
Dil Tootne Se Pehle Hi, Hum Kue Na Margaye
Ab Kya Raha Hamare Liye, Is Dayar me
Aansoon Bi Khatm Hogaye Ro, Roke Pyarme
Aankon Se Dil Ka Khoon Kahan, Tak Bahanyege

Kya Hum Tamaam Umrubar Yuheen Rohe Jaayenge
Beethe Dino Ki Yaad Saatati Hai Aaj Bhi – 2
Kya Woh Zamaane Phir Kabi Wapas Na Aayenge
Kya Hum Tamaam Umrubar Yuheen Rohe Jaayenge
Beethe Dino Ki Yaad Saatati Hai Aaj Bhi

Nazdeek Tumse Jane Wafa Hum Hai Aaj Bhi
Hai Sirf, Darmeyaan Me,  Deeware Zindagi
Yeh Parda Utgaya to, Ghame Isqh Ki Kasm
Dil To Yakeen Hai Ke Tume Paahee Lenge Hum
Phir Apni Dastaan Ko Haqueet Banayenge

Beethe Dino Ki Yaad Saatati Hai Aaj Bhi – 2
Kya Woh Zamaane Phir Kabi Wapas Na Aayenge
Kya Hum Tamaam Umrubar Yuheen Rohe Jaayenge
Beethe Dino Ki Yaad Saatati Hai Aaj Bhi

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28 Blog Comments to ““Rafi’s day” – The Golden Voice, a gift of God to the human race….”

  1. mod rafi ji mere liye sangit ke bhagavan the

  2. ye aur bat ki insan banke aaya tha margar tu shaks zami par khuda ka saya tha-singer-vinod kumar,thana navi mumbai,vijay garden-mob no-9892406298

  3. jabhi ye dil udas hota hai lagata hai tu karib hota hai-rajesh ghayal,lyriciest & musice composer rajesh ghayal-mob-9892768417

  4. i love mohamad rafi songs(mob-9892768417)

  5. Sajjad Ali Khan says:

    Dear Ramachandranji,
    I am a big fan of Rafi Saheb. And a professional singer from India. Now in Dubai. Please watch my videos in Just type sajjadalikhan in youtube.

    Sajjad Ali Khan – UAE
    050 5235870

  6. tere aane ki aas hai ye dosat,sham phir kis liye udas hai dosat,mahaki mahaki phijan ye kahati hai,hu kahi aas pas hai dosat,

  7. Saifullah says:

    Chandan Saab,
    Thanks for your mail id
    I have sent you a mail there, pls check your inbox
    All the best, Sir

  8. Chandan says:

    Saifullah Saab
    Thanks for your mail. My email is
    Looking forward to your mails so that we may be connected..!
    With best regards

  9. Saifullah says:

    Hi Chandanji,
    How are you? Hope you are fine
    I am an ardent fan of Rafi Saab
    I am stationed at Dubai- professionally
    Basically from Kerala, I was born and brought up in Malaysia
    Chandan ji, can we communicate onour personal mail ids, if you dont mind?
    I am close to Binu Nair, and many members of the Rafi Foundation
    Pls let me know
    0097150 8891962

  10. kanji Patel of UK says:

    I agree with Biman Baruah that our Government must be forced to declare 31st July as Mohd. Rafi Day and we all Rafi fans- spread the world over -should send petition to Indian Govt.that this great soul should be honoured with BHARAT RATNA Award without any hesitation or delay.

    Rafisaab Amar Raho.

  11. Chandan says:

    Dear Murthy Saab
    I am sorry – I saw your response only just now as I had traveled out – many thanks for your encouraging words as always – Rafi Saab is in everyone’s heart – we all breath in and breath out Rafi Saab’s songs..
    Love to all

  12. biman baruah says:

    i think govt of india should declared 31st July as Rafi Day which will be also be great tribute to king of melody.

    biman, sivasagar, assam

  13. binu nair says:

    Post 15 : Anil Duggal saaheb : True & Rich words…. pls keep it up this way.

    binu nair, mumbai

  14. Anil Duggal says:

    RAFI never born never died, and only visited this planet earth between December 24,1924 – July 31, 1980 for 55 years, 7 months, 7 days, 7 hours, 7 minutes and probably 7 seconds. He is the only Ultimate Singer. Just like as Sun is one, Moon is one, Earth is one and Sky is one, similarly RAFI is one and only one. There are numerous persons but nobody is like him and none can sing like him. We may have substitute for every and all (& sundry) other singers, but as long as the world shall remain, we/you cannot find/get anyone like Mohd. RAFI. Even Music-World and this world is proud of RAFI.
    Rafi hai woh naam; jise lete{suntey} hi sangeet ke khazane khul jaayen.
    Rafi ke naam se [saath] hai duniyan me bahar; varana, is gam se bhari duniya me kya rakha hai..
    Maine poocha chand(sansaar) se – dekha hai kahin, hamare yaar {RAFI} sa hasin; Chand ne kaha Chandni ki kasam – nahin, nahin…nahin……
    With Thanks,
    Anil Duggal

  15. Rafi sahab mere liye bhagwan k bad wo shakshiyat hein jinko mein bhagwan ki tarah poojta hu. Kash mein unse kabhi mil pata. Shayad agle janam me unka deedar ho jaye.

    Sent on a phone using

  16. A S MURTY says:

    chandanji you have done us all a great service with your article. the title itself is embedded with conviction and feeling for rafi sahab that you have in your heart. it was very recently that i heard this song “kaise kategi zindagi” in your voice when we had met in chennai and for those who may not have met chandanji personally, let me inform that he is one of the few singers who is accurate in modulation and feel. a fitting tribute to rafi sahab. all I can say is … IS DIL SE TERI YAAD BHULAYI NAHI JATI…

  17. tasveeren says:

    Rafi Saheb amar hain.

  18. killer says:

    Tum Mujhe yun bhoola na paoge jab kabhi bhi suno ge geet mere sang sang tum bhi gun gunaoge…

  19. Hemant Naik says:

    Dear Mr. K.S.Ramchandran,

    You echoed our sentiments about Rafi Saab in such nice words. His voice will remain immortal. His voice touched our souls umpteenth time and we danced, rejoiced, sang and wept too hearing his unmatched renditions. His voice was also instrumental in strengthening national unity.

    I reproduce one of his love songs in his memory.

    Meri Mohabbat Jawan Rahegi,
    Sada Rahi Hai, Sada Rahegi
    Tadap Tadap Kar Yahi Kahegi
    Sada Rahi Hai, Sada Rahegi

    Na Tum Sa Koi Jamane Bhar Me,
    Tumhi Ko Chaha Meri Najar Ne
    Tumhi Ko Chaha Meri Najar Ne
    Temhe Chuna Hai, Tumhe Chunegi
    Sada Rahi Hai, Sada Rahegi

    Jo Aag Dil Me Lagi Hui Hai, Ho
    Yahi To Manzil Ki Roshni Hai
    Yahi To Manzil Ki Roshni Hai
    Na Ye Buzi Hai, Na Ye Buzegi
    Sada Rahi Hai, Sada Rahegi

    Tumhari Pehelu Me Gar Mare Ham,
    To Maut Kitni Hasin Hogi
    To Maut Kitni Hasin Hogi
    Chita Me Jalkar, Bhi Na Mitegi
    Sada Rahi Hai, Sada Rahegi

    Meri Mohabbat Jawan Rahegi,
    Sada Rahi Hai, Sada Rahegi

  20. Anmol Singh says:

    People you have worked with Rafi Sahab are the luckiest people on this earth. Individuals like us who never saw him, still have to desire to meet him in person.

    Long Live Rafi the great.

  21. sudhir dwivedi says:

    “dil chala gaya dilbar chala gaya sahir pukarta hai samandar chala gaya tere jane ke bad ai rafi aisa lagta hai sangeet ka paigamber chala gaya”truely said by naushad saheb rafi saheb is immortal, no one could be like him .in one word i would like to say he was the king of the singers.i would like to pay a tribute to rafi saheb by his one of the famous song “dil ka suna saz tarana dhunde ga mujhko mere bad zamana dhunde ga”.keep enjoying rafi saheb melodious songs which he left away 29 years back.

  22. KS Ramachandran says:

    Dear Hussein Sheikh Saab, Priya Sanyalji, Saifullah Saab, Anshul Bhola Saab, Sagnik Chatterjee ji,
    Many many thanks for responding to my article. Needless to mention, we all miss him so much that he is truly an exception to the dictum “Time is a healer”..!
    Love to all

  23. unknow says:

    Mohd Rafi we miss you a lot

  24. Sagnik Chatterjee says:

    Tum Mujhe Bhula Na Payoge…. The article is written with utmost emotion, not with letters and words.

  25. Anshul Bhola says:

    Rafi saab was /is/will be the greatest singer of the world. he ‘s like sun & you cant show him the light. his songs are so wonderful it make feels that he is still there.
    whichever song he sang made it extraordinary, no matter for whom he sang. He is truly unchallenged , undisputable, uncrowned king of singing. He is the superlative singer.
    I would like to say
    tere aaney ki aas hai dost
    sham fir kyu udaas hai dost
    mehki mehki fiza kehti hai
    tu kahi aas pass hai dost

  26. Saifullah says:

    A well written article, Mr Ramachandran.
    Rafi Saab may be physically away from us, but his voice, his songs, his legacy continue to be among us and will continue to be with all of us and future generations to come
    That is the strength of Rafi Saab – a truly God given gift to music lovers !!!
    The best tribute we can give him now is to ensure that future generations know who and what Rafi Saab was and is !!!!!
    May his soul rest in peace !!!!

  27. Priya Sanyal says:

    kaise kategi zindagi,,tere bagair tere bagair,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Very nice,,,Mr. K.S Ramachandran!!!very touching article!

  28. Hussein Sheikh says:

    Rafi Saheb ke baare mein jitna bhi likho kam hai. No one can replace him, it’s just impossible. He was a true and complete singer. He gave the same and exact feelings to the songs what music directors needed from him. May his soul rest in peace, Ameen.

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